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    Keshav Jha

    Kaughty Knight

    I am a writer of erotic stories, interested in all things beautiful and erotic. Single by choice, I an Indian from Mumbai, currently living in the Cape Town, South Africa. I love cooking, traveling, painting, and writing.

    I love beautiful women regardless of whether they are thin or curvy, irrespective of their age, race, religion, and marital status. I believe in discretion and secret encounters turn me on -- whether they are erotic interactions with women, shared fantasies, or personal sexual experiences or desires.

    I am all for role-play. My stories are role-play in a way. I prefer my stories to be about real women and their lives, experiences, or fantasies. I take requests from both men and women, but most of my stories feature a strong female protagonist.

    I am a fan of Sex. Sex to me is personal. Though I feature group sex, Incest, Cuckold in my stories, I personally prefer it to be 1 on 1. I draw the line at beastality (won't write about it) or anything illegal in my stories.

    Personal weaknesses and sexual viewpoint:
    * Longhair
    * Expressive eyes and face/smile
    * Indian / sub-continental women of all ages
    * Redheads
    * Curves -- can be petite, slim or plus size, with curves in the right places
    * I am color blind so have no racial preference
    * I am also blind to religion -- sex itself is my religion
    * I am just as fascinated by beautiful curvy women as I am by skinny girls
    * Age is just a number, as long as the woman is an adult

    All my stories are published on my site “Get Kaughty ” I am always looking for beautiful women to feature in my stories. So, if you or someone you know would like to be a part of my stories. Message me. I am always looking to connect with women from around the world, so if you'd like to connect, don't hesitate to add me. I don't bite -- till you ask me to 😉



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