Swingers: More fun at and after the fest

Luke awoke a tiny bit sore the next morning—the event, the walking, the armor combat, and of course all of the sex had started to catch up with him. Laurel had definitely done a number on him too—he honestly couldn’t remember a wilder fuck in his life, or any girl that had ever wanted to get hammered so hard. He downed some ibuprofen, water, and food, and after waking Kiana, they both showered, then spent 5 bucks each to take advantage of a soaking tub booth that was set up on the near edge of the camp. It did wonders, and as they walked back to the tent, he felt much looser and more pliable. (Prev story Swinging couple enjoys a new playmate at the fair and The swinging adventures continue )

They packed up some of their clothes, his armor, and a few other things, though they decided to wait on the tent and bedding until later. It was only 9am still, and half the camp wasn’t up yet. At 6, there was a royal closing ceremony and address, and then camp officially had to be broken by 9 that night. Home was a 45 minute drive away, so they figured they would simply break down the tent right before, hit the closing ceremony, change into street clothes, and book out before the rush. In the meantime, they decided to simply lounge back and enjoy a little time doing nothing. Luke reclined on the bed, and, as she often did at home, Kiana laid next to him, her hand on his chest and her leg partially draped over him. She lightly trailed her fingertips over his torso, and he played with her hair in the way that always made her produce that little hum of satisfaction. They laid just like that for at least 15 minutes, with nothing said or needing to be said.

“So,” Kiana said finally, breaking the silence.

“So?” he responded, teasingly.

“I wanted to ask you if you’re okay with everything that happened this weekend.”


Luke paused for a second, reflecting. “Yeah, I think so. I don’t feel jealous or anything, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Yeah. But I was also wanting to make sure you weren’t uncomfortable with anything we did. We kind of opened up the scope of things we’re okay with way open this weekend.”

“I know. Does that bug you?”

“No. No, absolutely not at all. But I do have some questions I wonder about, that I think we should discuss.”

Luke sat up a bit, wanting to look at her face if they were going to have a serious talk. Kiana got up as well, sitting cross-legged. “Okay, shoot,” he said.

She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes for a second. “Alright. When we swung that first night with Roger and Corinne, we had a rule that everybody was to be there, present, and able to watch.”

“I know. And we discussed that we couldn’t do that here, possibly, and to not have guilt over it.”

“Of course. But I liked it. The lack of restrictions. Coming back and kissing each other with strange taste on each other’s faces. I found that so hot. So now that we’ve done that, do we go back to only same room play, except at these events? I have a feeling Tika’s going to want to have you all to herself for at least a time or two, possibly regularly. Or are we now completely open and free to play?”

“I don’t have a problem with being completely open. I kind of find it hot, too.”

“Okay, cool. Now, about the protection issue…”

“Way ahead of you there, babe. I’m not planning on breaking that rule again anytime soon. Laurel was a special exception. She hadn’t actually had sex since her husband passed several years ago, and she had herself fixed after her kid. The bareback thing happened by accident at first, but I did try to pull out and strap up until I found out for sure she was safe. I won’t make any kind of habit out of not using protection.”

“Okay, I kind of figured as much, but I had to bring it up. We need to be safe, after all. But, I will say, I don’t have a problem with you doing her without one, now or in the future. Also, with people we plan on perhaps having some long-term fun with, if we know they’re safe, I certainly don’t mind ditching the condoms. Are you okay with that?”


“Okay. Good…” she paused, and then gave him the beaming smile that always melted him. “I think that’s it. I love you.” And with that, they leaned in and kissed tenderly, with a bit of lingering touching, and eventually transitioned to holding each other.

They remained like that for a couple of minutes, but their reverie was interrupted by a figure at the door of their tent. “Knock knock,” a feminine voice said. Kiana unzipped, and Mina stepped into the door.

She was dressed magnificently in a light green Elizabethan number, that plunged dramatically to show off a ridiculous amount of cleavage. Luke hadn’t appreciated how cute she was when he first met her. Light red, slightly kinky hair down to a bit past her shoulders framed a rounder face and dramatically large, very pretty blue-green eyes, which complemented her pale skin and smattering of freckles. As his eyes roamed back down, he noticed how incredibly large her breasts were, which had to be at at least a DDD. She was a slightly bigger girl, to be sure, but her tummy was surprisingly without much pooch at all. Her hips flared out ridiculously, and her ass was quite large and rounded, and altogether enticing. He noticed she wore a bow in her hair, and a choker necklace that only enticed him to look at the smooth, pale, somewhat freckled skin of her throat and breasts more. She was only a few inches shorter than him, probably about 5’10 or 5’11”, so with that ridiculous thick curviness of hers, she probably was at least a size 16, maybe bigger. He had traditionally only been with girls that were either smaller or rather athletic, but as he looked her over, he couldn’t deny that he was attracted to her. Kiana got up, giving her a hug, and, he noticed, stealing a look at her breasts as well. Mina handed her a couple of papers together.

“What is that?” he asked her.

Mina piped up, ” Tika and Harold wanted me to give you one of their business cards, their address, and a note for Luke from Tika.”

“Ooh!” Kiana shot out with curiosity. “Is it private, or can I read it, too?”

“She said you both could read it.”

Kiana took it, and began aloud:


I’m sorry that you weren’t there for our first time. When we begin swinging with another couple, we like to generally have all at least present to begin, in order to make sure everyone’s comfortable before any sharing goes on. Our play with Kiana started unexpectedly, so that didn’t happen. I’m still very much looking forward to getting to know you better and having what I’m sure will be quite a lot of fun together. I feel chemistry with you and am counting the days until you can come up. I’m planning on spending all of the first night with you, making up for lost time. Truth be told, I’d love nothing more than to come over to your tent this morning and jump you, but sadly the closing day of the event means a lot of different things I need to attend, and the best I could manage is maybe a half hour to break away, at absolute best. I know this won’t cut it, I’ve got a feeling once I’ve sampled you I’m going to want to stay in bed with you for a very long time, until we are both worn out, and I can’t just bail on all my responsibilities today. So, I have a compromise gift for you to hold you over.

You’ve met Mina before. We mentioned that she is our roommate and friend outside of the game as well. Mina is a true submissive. She enjoys being told what to do, it is not just her fetish in the bedroom, but a lifestyle she has fully embraced. Harold and I are a bit dominant by nature, though not really into the more pain-oriented aspects of that particular lifestyle. So in our everyday life, while she does rent a room from us in our house, she has also gladly volunteered herself as our submissive slut. While she has right of refusal if she isn’t comfortable doing something (or someone), we use her as a slut when perhaps one of us is horny and the other is tired, etc. In this capacity, she is very accommodating and willing to do just about anything you tell her to. She enjoys being told what to do, every hole filled, spanking, light bondage, being called a slut or whore, etc. Simply tell her what to do, and she’ll gladly do it. I’d like you to use her today. She has a bag with toys, lube, and the like with her, use them all and have fun. One game we’ve done in the past, if you’re into it, is to use her and then grab a magic marker and write on her torso what you did to her in detail, so it’s on her for a couple of days. She only has two orders from me. The first is that she submit to whatever you want today, within reason. The second is that, when you’re ready for your last round with her, you cum in her mouth. She is to hold that in her mouth without swallowing, and come back to me and share it.

I hope you like your present. Please enjoy, and I look forward to shortly enjoying you myself.


Luke looked over at Kiana, and then at Mina, a bit taken aback. He had nothing against the dom/sub culture, and a few times he and Kiana had role played this way, taking turns tying each other up, some light torture, and some spanking, but they had never been particularly attracted to the true lifestyle or their events. However, here was a young, healthy, attractive girl basically being offered to him on a platter. He was at a loss for words, and hesitated, not knowing quite what to do, or how to handle all of this. Fortunately, Mina rescued him, starting things along, pulling her backpack off and beginning to unpack it, commenting on each item as she brought it out.

“I brought a few different types of lube. There’s an edible one, and this one I’ve found is great for anal. I’ve got a light riding crop here that stings but won’t cause major skin damage. I really like this dog collar,” she said, putting it on, “and it attaches well to this leash, if you want to use it later and lead me around either on my feet or on all fours. I’ve got several different dildos. This one I generally use on my pussy, and this other one has a vibrating attachment for my ass. There’s also this strap on if you want to double me later.” She grinned and blushed. “I really like that. Handcuffs, and some scarves and a blindfold. A ball gag. Also, I do have some nipple clamps if you’re into that, but work me up to that slowly please. Also, I do like it rough, so not a lot is off limits to me, but my safety word is lemon, just in case.” She smiled brightly. Kiana and Luke exchanged a knowing look, realizing simultaneously that she really wanted this.

“Mina,” Kiana spoke, as if troubled. Luke was worried—he was starting to get turned on by this whole idea, and was really hoping she wasn’t going to shut the whole thing down. “I have to ask you a question. Are you on birth control?”

She giggled. “Oh, yes, no worries, I’m on the pill and safe. One thing though—if you want to fuck my ass, I’m totally game, but I’d like you to use a condom this time. It’s harder to clean up here, and I really hate ass to mouth, plus it takes forever to get cum out of my ass. If you want to put a load in my backdoor when you come up to visit, I’m totally game, because I have a shower and all that nearby, but I really don’t want to waddle down to the showers with cum dripping out of by asshole. Is that okay?” He realized, she was actually asking, and offering him the right to veto. He shook his head to clear it.

“Of course, of course,” he volunteered. “Um, so, how do we get started here?”

“Well,” she offered, “what do you want me to start doing?”

“Take off your clothes,” he said reflexively.

“And put on the leash,” Kiana said. Luke glanced over, and noticed a slightly wicked look in her eye.

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Mina quickly undressed, and was before them in nothing but a dog collar and the leash shortly. Luke came up to her, inspecting her, and began to run his hands all over her body. Her breasts were literally larger than his head, heavy, soft, and seemed to be way less freckled than the rest of her upper body. They had a certain bit of firmness and ripeness that only youth could bring, with large, sand dollar sized nipples that were reddish and slightly textured areola. He lifted them each, slowly caressing her, playing with each nipple with his thumb, and then bending down to suck each one into his mouth. She moaned a little bit appreciatively. “You can bite them if you want.”


“Bite my nipples. I enjoy a little bit of pain.”

He bent down and took her left nipple lightly between his front teeth, and as she sucked in air quickly, he clamped down a bit more, which shortly had her softly cooing and throwing her head back. He repeated this on the other nipple, and she groaned in appreciation again.

“What’s this?” Kiana asked, holding up a small egg-shaped appliance with a cord and remote.

“Oh, I forgot I have that. It’s a vibrating egg. It’s made for my pussy, and you can control the speed of the vibrator with the remote.”

Kiana positively beamed. “Awesome. I think I just came up with a plan.” She came over in front of Mina with the egg in one hand, and grabbed the leash, pulling her down. “You’re going to be on your knees for the next hour or two. If you’re good, I’ll let you cum.”

“Yes mistress,” Mina obediently responded.

“You’re going to get it in every hole. From me and from him. We’re going to have you begging us to let you cum. But just remember, if you want to, you’ll need to ask first. If you do without our permission, you will be punished.”

“Yes mistress.”

Luke looked down. She looked impossibly hot with the dog collar on, and though he had never had any fantasies about degrading women or anything similar, he was definitely turned on by the idea that she wanted to be under their control. He reached down and caressed her beautiful, round ass, and noticed that her pussy lips looked a bit puffy. She was getting turned on by this, and they had barely touched her! She pushed back ever so slightly into his hand, and he brought his hand back. He pulled back, giving her left ass cheek a solid smack. The sound startled Kiana a bit, and Mina jumped slightly. “I didn’t tell you that you could push back into my hand!” he snapped at her.

“I’m sorry,” she replied.

“I’m sorry what?” He brought his hand down on her other ass cheek, just as hard. Her pale skin was starting to turn a little bit pink on the left side.

“I’m sorry master!”

“Better.” He looked down. He saw a small drop of dew like moisture seep out from between her labia. On a hunch, brought his hand down again on each ass cheek. She shrieked in what seemed to be a combination of pain, then pleasure. “Oh my god! You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“No master.” CRACK!

“Don’t lie to me slave.”

“I’m sorry master. Please don’t beat me again.” Kiana noticed the longing in her voice. She came back around, and smacked her hard again on the ass. It was starting to really pink up nicely. On a hunch, she spanked her clit with a bit less force. Mina cried out softly, but her pussy began to run a little bit. Kiana pushed her finger in to her pussy, giving her a few quick strokes, then indicated to Luke that he should replace her fingers. He quickly inserted one, then two fingers in, starting gently for a few seconds, then pushing in rougher and harder, and after a minute he was absolutely hammering her pussy with both fingers. She had started unconsciously humping backwards against his hand, and Luke was enjoying her response, but was brought out of it as Kiana came up behind him and hit her pink ass with the crop. She yelped and froze.

“I didn’t tell you that you could move.”

“Yes mistress.”

Kiana bent down, gently tracing Mina’s now soaking lips. She smoothy inserted the egg into her pussy, then turned it on to high. Mina cried out and her arms and legs buckled briefly, then Kiana quickly shut it off. “Ooh, look Luke, she likes that. You like that, don’t you slave?”

“Yes mistress.”

“You probably want me to turn it up and keep it going until you cum right here, don’t you?”

“Yes mistress.”

Kiana killed the egg. “Yes mistress what?”

“Please mistress, turn it back on and make me cum.”

Kiana quickly cranked it back on and turned it up, though only to medium. Mina jolted a bit, but wasn’t as abuzz. “Undress him,” she barked. Mina crawled over to Luke, carefully removing his shirt, sandals, and finally his kilt. His hard cock sprang free. “Grab his prick, and stroke it slowly as you lick his balls.” She took him in her hand, and began her attentions on his length as she gently tongue bathed his balls. “Now suck on his cock. Take it all.” Kiana quickly flicked it to high, and she buckled again, but quickly got back up and put her mouth around his length. Luke was both surprised and pleased that, even though she had a bit of trouble getting him completely into her mouth, she didn’t seem to want to stop trying. She was gobbling him greedily, and seemed to be loving it, her eyes radiated pure pleasure. “Stop!” Kiana yelled, abruptly flicking the egg off. “You’re loving this, aren’t you?”

“Yes mistress.”

“You’re enjoying being our little slut, our fucktoy.”

“I love being your slut and toy.”

Kiana picked up the smaller dildo, and grabbed a bottle of lube. She lubed it up, and then poured a little dollop on Mina’s puckered asshole. She pressed it against her rosebud, pushing in maybe a half and inch, and then blasted the egg up to high for a moment, then abruptly killed it. Luke watched, fascinated, as Mina’s anus clenched, then relaxed, allowing her to insert it easier. She repeated this same maneuver, feeding some more into her ass, until she hit the outer ring, then she pulled back, applied a bit more lube, and slowly pushed forward. Mina slowly relaxed, and Kiana took her time, gently working it in and back out, bit by bit, until she hit the inner ring as well and slowly guided past it. As soon as the entire dildo, which had to be at least 8″ before the flared base, was buried in her asshole Kiana began working it in and out of her ass slowly, then suddenly stopped. “Who told you that you could stop sucking?”

“Sorry mistress.” She moved back forward and readily took Luke’s shaft back into her mouth.

“If you slip up like that again, I won’t let you cum.”

Muffled words came out around Luke’s cock. “It’s not polite to talk with your mouth full, slut.”

“Sorry mistress,” she said, removing his cock. “I said please, please let me cum. I need to so bad.”

“Beg harder.”

“Mistress please! I’ll do anything if you just let me cum!”

“Okay,” Kiana said, resuming with the dildo as she turned the egg back up to a medium speed. “But here’s the deal. After you cum, I’m going to let Luke use you in whatever way he wants to. And I may have some fun with you too.”

“Oh god yes…”

Kiana quickly picked up the crop and cracked her with it, causing a yelp. “I didn’t ask if you wanted that, it wasn’t open for your critique!” Kiana began to get a bit rough with the dildo, turning the egg up full blast. Luke backed out of her mouth, wanting to just watch, plus the blow job was getting a bit intense and he didn’t want to raise his temperature that much yet. As Kiana worked her over, Mina’s arms buckled and her ass was on full display, pink and beautiful and getting fucked absolutely wide open. Finally, Mina let out an ear-piercing howl that lasted for about 20 seconds, as her body began spasming. Her pussy contracted and then gushed so hard that the egg popped out, hitting the floor of the tent with a wet splotchy sound, still vibrating away. Faint tears formed in the corner of her eyes, and she looked up at Kiana first, then at Luke.

“Thank you mistress. Thank you master. I needed that.”

Kiana broke character for a second, turning off the egg, then going over and stroking her face and hair. Luke reached down to attend to her as well, and she begged very softly “Please fuck me. I need to fuck. I’m here so that you can fuck me and use me. I need to get fucked by you. I begged to come here because I want to get fucked by you.”

“She’s right,” Kiana piped up, getting back into the spirit. “You’ve only opened up one of her holes. Which one do you want to use first?”

Luke thought for a second. Kiana didn’t really like anal play except on very rare occasions, so he said “Her ass.” He quickly positioned himself behind her, putting on a condom and lubing up. Slowly, he pulled the dildo out, and pushed in to her asshole. She gasped a bit upon first insertion, as he worked himself in gradually. He didn’t want to hurt her, since he was a fair bit thicker than the dildo she had just had up there, but as he felt her start to loosen up, he began to give just a bit more force at first.

“Are you enjoying that, slave?” Kiana asked.

“God yes, he feels so good up my shithole.”

“You like a big thick cock in your ass?”

“I love it, mistress. It’s amazing.”

“Tell him you love it.”

“I love your cock in my asshole, master. You can have my ass anytime you want, day or night, it’s yours!”

“What about your pussy?” Luke asked.

“All my holes are open to you, master!”

Luke plowed her ass steadily and solidly, enjoying every plunge. She was tight, but not to the painful point some girls get when they get assfucked, he thought. And, with the regular yelps she was giving off, as well as the lubrication from her pussy he could feel on his balls, it was clear she was loving this. He slowed for a second so that he could reach around and snake his thumb up her pussy, and as he did so, he pressed down on her g-spot, immediately feeling her pussy and ass clench with another cum as she again lost part of her equilibrium, crying out and clenching so hard on his thumb and cock he felt pain.

Kiana abruptly brought her hand down on Mina’s ass with a crack again. “You didn’t ask if you could cum!”

“I’m sorry mistress.”

“I told you to ask first, didn’t I?”

“I’m sorry mistress, I just got carried away and forgot.”

Luke could feel her ass contracting a bit and her pussy lubing more against his balls. This really seemed to be getting her off. “You’re right, Kiana. How should we punish her?”

Kiana came into view, slowly pulling on the strap-on. “I think we need to fill your other hole while master pounds your ass.”

“No mistress, don’t make me take it in both holes at once!”

“Quiet slut!” Kiana yelled as she pulled her hair, forcing the dildo down her throat. As she began fucking her mouth, Luke began to pump into her ass again. They continued in this rhythm for a minute, until Kiana forced her up a bit as she laid under her. Luke pulled out, helping to position Mina so that she could take the dildo in her pussy, adjusting her hips and legs a bit, and then re-lubed and slowly sunk back into her ass. He let Kiana start a little rhythm until he began to resume his force and former speed. By this point Mina was grunting hard in an almost staccato fashion, clearly enjoying the attention from both the real and fake cock filling her.

“You enjoying this?!” he barked, getting a bit into the game.

“Yes master! I love being stretched for you both.”

As he glanced down, he noticed Kiana attacking her breasts, which were moving around forcefully from the rough fucking she was getting. “You like being a double penetrated slut, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes master!”

“You like the feeling of your pussy and ass being opened up at the same time?”

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“I love being this full, master. It’s amazing!”

Luke could feel the dildo in her pussy through the wall between her pussy and ass, and the added stimulation was intensely interesting. Her regular groans and moans were intensifying the situation, but he wanted to get her to cum again before anything else happened.

“You want to cum again, don’t you?”

“Yes master, please!”

“If we keep fucking you like this, will you cum?”

“Soon master, I’m really close!”

“What will you do for me if I let you cum?”

“Absolutely anything, master!”

“And for me?” Kiana piped up.

“Anything mistress!”

“Okay slave,” she said, pounding up at Mina’s pussy with sudden force, “you can cum!”

Luke reached down and tweaked her nipples, and that did it, as Mina flooded them both with her pussy juice, clenching hard with both holes, and as she did, Luke rode the wave, grabbing on to her hips and pounding her hard. Unexpectedly, his own climax hit him suddenly, and he shot off abruptly with her, feeling a sudden head rush and having to steady himself against her ass as he tried not to pass out.

Slowly, they disengaged. Kiana crawled up to him, still wearing the slick strap-on, and kissed him, pulling off the condom. “Did you enjoy that?” he whispered to her.

“It was fun for a change. I didn’t cum or anything, but I enjoyed the role play.” She turned and spoke up. “Mina, you can break character for a bit. Was that good for you?”

“Oh god yes, I cum so hard when I’m getting it in both holes,” she said with a gigantic grin. “Tika and Harold DP me from time to time, though I’d really like to take two cocks at once some time, if you’re game.”

“That could be a lot of fun,” Luke mused, crashing back on the bed to take a breather.

They laid together and chatted for a bit, enjoying the afterglow, munching on a couple of snacks. After a few minutes, Kiana stretched, got up, and stood over Mina. “I think I need to see you suck cock again and get fucked like a good obedient whore.”

Mina looked back at her, beaming. “Yes mistress!” She almost sprang up and went right over to Luke. He sat up, and as she went to bent down to his somewhat recovering penis, he reached up, stopping her for a kiss. She didn’t hesitate at all, immediately opening her mouth and allowing his tongue entrance. It was weird to realize that he had just fucked her ass and had his way with her body, but not kissed her yet. As their tongues dueled, he reached down and played with her breasts again, enjoying her nipples and the little groans she was already emitting. “Are you going to pound my slutty pussy, master?” she asked, her eyes positively glowing.

“Yes. I’m going to fuck your pussy sore.”

She groaned, pushing her clit against his leg. He could feel her already lubing liberally, leaving a trail of her moisture along him. He reached down, pushing a finger into her, and began slowly but insistently fingering her. She threw her head back and moaned, and he responded by quickly pushing another finger inside her warm, velvety sex.

“You make too much noise, slut,” Kiana piped up. “Put something in your mouth and fix that.”

“Yes mistress!” In a flash, she was eagerly taking Luke’s fat cock into her mouth, working to put all of it in her throat. She wasted little time, going from the first suck to a full-on oral assault in about five seconds. Luckily for Luke, while she was able to handle his endowment with ease and eagerness, she wasn’t particularly articulate or skilled, so while he was enjoying the novel experience of almost no resistance during head, he wasn’t in any danger of blowing his load prematurely. He luxuriated back, letting her go to town for a couple of minutes before piping up.

“Enough. Climb up on top.”

“Yes master.” She quickly scooted up, lined up her opening, and sank onto him quickly. She gave herself a few strokes to get accustomed to him, then began bouncing on his cock.

“Do you like his cock, slave?” Kiana asked.

“Oh, it’s perfect mistress. It fills me so very full.”

Luke reached up, toying with her breasts a bit before pushing her off and placing her on her back. He grabbed her legs, placing her feet by his shoulders and entered her, plowing her hard. “Look at my cock entering you.”

“Oh god yes, it’s filling me so very full master.”

“You’re his toy now, too,” Kiana said.

“Anytime. I’m here and ready for your cock anytime.”

Luke looked up at Kiana and grinned as they shared a look. She knew he was going to enjoy having a personal fucktoy on occasions, since he tended to be a bit hornier than her somewhat regularly. She also was wondering how good the girl would be at licking her pussy, though she decided to test that later, as Luke was having fun fucking her now.

Luke kept at it, aided a bit by having already cum, but after a while, he started to feel that far off familiar feeling. He pulled out, as Mina whined disappointment, and he moved up to straddle her chest, commanding her to push her breasts together. He began fucking her tits, enjoying the sensation of her firm, youthful breasts completely enclosing his cock, as she and Kiana began with a stream of dirty talk.

“Is master enjoying my firm titties? Would you like to splash your spunk all over them, or on my mouth, or in my pussy?”

“You know I’m going to cum in your mouth this time,” he responded, “just not quite yet.”

“Cum in her mouth babe,” Kiana said, “fill it up so our little whore toy has to take a mouth full of cum back to Tika.”

“Mistress Tika is only doing that to punish me. She knows I love to taste and swallow cum, and that is torture to bring it back and spit it out.”

Suddenly, feeling inspired, Luke flipped her back over, plunged into her pussy doggystyle, gave her around a dozen thrusts as hard as he could manage, smacked each ass cheek hard repeatedly until they were red as she screamed a feral groan and had another mighty cum, gave her a few more firm thrusts, then pulled out, grabbing her hair firmly and forcing her onto his cock as he fucked her face with abandon, finally emptying his balls into her mouth. Her eyes went wide, as he gave her an extremely large amount of cum and she had to bring her hand up to her mouth in order to prevent it from leaking. As he pulled out, she struggled to breathe through her nose and not swallow, then went to her backpack and, still nude, took out a sharpie and grabbed a stray scrap of paper, on which she jotted “Thank you. Rematch when you come up please.” She put a little heart and smiley right beside it. He looked at her, smiled and nodded. Kiana smiled at her, gave her face a quick stroke, nodded, and took the sharpie. She then started writing on Mina’s torso, right below her breasts.

“This little slut obediently sucked a big cock, then took it in her ass while getting her pussy pounded with a strap-on. When she disobeyed, she got spanked, which she only seems to like. Afterward, she got her pussy pounded hard by cock again, then her tits fucked, then her pussy pounded again, and took a big load in her mouth, which she was dying to swallow, but we made her hold it in her mouth as she came back to her master. Thank you for letting us use your fucktoy as our own, we appreciate it and will be glad to borrow her again.”

Mina quickly dressed herself in silence, gathered her toys, and then, as she was about to leave, she bent down, and picked up the tied off condom from earlier out of the trash. She mimed to Kiana, asking if she could take it. Kiana arched her eyebrows in confusion, but seeing to reason she shouldn’t, she indicated yes. Mina smiled, made a kissing motion, and left.

Luke and Kiana kicked back, a bit sweaty and tired, lounging and holding each other in relative silence.

Finally, after a long pause, Luke spoke first. “Well, that was interesting.”

“Yeah, that’s one way to put it.”

“I think we made some oddball friends.”

“Yeah. But I like them, nonetheless.”

“Why do you suppose she wanted the old gross condom?”

“Souvenir? Drink the cum out of it? She’s a very kinky girl. Could be anything.”


“What was it like? Having complete control of a woman like that?”

“Odd. Fun. I don’t know that I’d want it as a full time feature in my life, but it was an experience I enjoyed.”

“Yeah. And just think, when we go up, you can hit that anytime you want. Literally.” Luke couldn’t think of a reply, and just smiled.

The rest of the day passed without much excitement. Kiana and Luke napped for about an hour, then got up, showered, finished packing up their tent and car, and hit the food vendors. They watched some closing day processionals, then took in an exit speech by the king. It was nice, he was a gracious, polished speaker, and had the crowd quite charmed. As he made a reference to “meeting new friends and strengthening old relationships, Kiana swore he glanced over at them. But shortly, the closing ceremony passed, and they made their way around camp, saying quick goodbyes and running to the car to beat the rush out of the grounds, not even bothering to change out of garb.

When they got back to their regular lives, much seemed different. It was only two weeks until they were due to see Harold and Tika again, and they found themselves in anticipation, talking about little else, it seemed. Though their sex life was normally fairly healthy, they were suddenly both incredibly horny, sometimes having sex 3-4 times a day. The days, normally filled with work, school, and the mundane, seemed to drag and drag. Finally, the weekend they were waiting for approached, and they sped up to Seattle, ready and excited. The normally three hour drive instead took about 2:15, so focused was Luke on making good time. As they pulled up, they noticed Tika tending to the flowers in front, and she dropped her tools and trotted up to them, giving them both big, enthusiastic hugs and inviting them inside.

The house Harold and Tika lived in was actually quite large, seven bedrooms in all. The home was historic, and they were busy trying to restore it themselves after buying it through a cheap program for landmark and vintage homes. So, as they got the quick tour, some rooms looked amazing, and other were still very much a work in progress. Harold and Mina were both home, greeting them heartily, and Mina whispered gently into Luke’s ear that she was hoping for him to visit her room any night they were there. Harold showed off his armor workstation where he made pieces, and Tika was happy to give them a tour of her workrooms, where she made dresses and large yurt-style tents. Finally, Luke and Kiana were showed to the half-finished guest room where they were meant to stay, and Harold began to throw dinner together.

It ended up being a rather grand affair, pasta and chicken, salad, veggies, and a couple of bottles of wine. Harold was entertaining and Tika charming as she worked on drawing out—or in, depending on your perspective—Luke and his interest. Harold and Kiana were bantering easily, and Mina sort of hopped easily around the conversation for a bit, then retired to her room for a bit to work on an assignment for one of her mid-terms.

“So,” Tika interjected. “Kiana tells me you’re working on a chiropractic degree?”

“Well, part time,” Luke responded. “I’m going half time and working full-time right now to try and pay back a few grand in private loans I took out my senior year of my undergrad.”

“That’s smart. So, do you have any talents around massage therapy?” she asked, batting her eyes at him. He grinned, sensing the opening.

“Oh, his hands are magic,” Kiana interjected. “He’s absolutely amazing.”

“Oooh,” Tika audibled, “That sounds fantastic. Any chance I could convince you to work on me, stud?”

“Absolutely,” Luke said, standing up and extending her his hand. “Show me where you want me.”

She led him upstairs to the spare bedroom they would occupy, then ran into her bathroom to grab a small bottle of a massage lotion. She stripped off her tee, quickly ditched her bra, and laid down on her stomach, exposing her lovely back. “Lay into me!” she cried out, and Luke shrugged and grabbed the bottle, going to work.

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She had a nice combination of flesh and tone, neither overly bulked or soft. Her muscles were tight, her skin taught, and she had a few small, lovely tattoos adorning her body. He began by trying to work out the kinks in her shoulders and upper back. She had a few knots by her shoulder blades which he had to give some muscle to, but eventually they melted under the pressure. As they slowly dissolved away, she would let out a little groan of appreciation. Slowly, he worked down her spine, unlocking her back bit by bit. As he worked along, the descending sun was right in the window, and the room got warmer and a bit muggy. “The vents don’t work very well in this room,” Tika said, “and we don’t like to open those windows because there’s flies. If you’d be more comfortable, you can take off your shirt.” Luke muttered his thanks and took off his shirt, grateful for the added comfort.

As he finally worked down to the sacrum area of her spine, she asked “Would you mind doing my butt and legs?”

“No problem,” he replied.

She quickly reached under her, unsnapping her jeans, and pulled them off of her butt, sliding them down and ditching them. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, and he could just barely see the outline of her pussy lips. Luke stopped to take in her ass, a beautiful, round bubble butt that sat there perky as could be, and tapered down into some muscular, sleek thighs and lovely tapered legs. He reached out, tentatively at first, and began to massage one of the globes of her ass, enjoying the sensation of it, meaty and fleshy, then moved to the right side, and slowly down to her thighs. She cooed appreciatively with just about every stroke of his hand, trace of his thumb, and slightly giggled at a little ticklish spot he accidentally discovered right below the cleft of her butt and thigh. As he worked down her thighs, she slowly spread her legs apart a bit more, and he got his first view of her pussy. Her lips were small, pinkish, and he noticed she seemed to have a drop of moisture slowly forming on one of them. As he leaned in toward the back of her thigh nearer the knee, he got his first smell of her arousal, sweet and enticing, and his cock involuntarily inflated a bit. The room seemed to get a bit warmer, and it was all he could do for a second not to dip his head right between her legs and begin lapping at her honey pot.

“It’s getting a bit muggy in here,” she observed.

“Yeah, I noticed that, too.”

“Hmm. Maybe you should ditch your jeans. It’ll be a lot cooler.”

“Sure,” he said, smiling a bit. He unzipped, shucked them off, and climbed up on the bed, intently now working on each calf. As he traced down to the ankle and foot, he could feel the tension in the air, an almost electric feeling of each of their respective needs longing to be fulfilled, each wanting each other desperately, but he didn’t want to force it. Tika, for her part, was loving the buildup, her entire body tingling not only from the massage but also from pure lust slowly driving her insane. Lazily, she turned over, and for a second, considered asking him to bury his mouth in her pussy right now. Instead, she decided to keep the game going, asking, “Would you mind doing my front, too?” giving him her best demure look of longing.

“Um, sure,” he responded, and began working the tops of her feet, sliding up to her shins and thighs. As he began advancing to her hips and ab muscles, she unconsciously started to move her core upward into his touch. He was starting to go crazy with lust, and she wasn’t far behind. His cock was like an iron bar, proudly poking out the top of his boxer briefs, and she kept stealing glances at it, licking her lips a couple of times as she anticipated it in her mouth and spreading her pussy. Finally, as he began working on her breasts and chest muscles, she decided she had teased them both enough, bringing her hands up and locking her fingers with his, she moved his hands up and out, forcing his leverage to where his body was now draped directly over hers, his turgid prick pressing into her stomach.

“Why don’t you lose the underwear and fuck me,” she whispered sexily.

His shorts were gone in less than a second, and as he went in to taste her pussy, she instead hooked him by the arm and pulled him up. “No. Later. Right now I need you to fuck me so bad I can barely stand it.” And with that, she opened her legs wide, using her left hand to guide him in to her incredibly molten, tight, sopping sheath. As he slowly pushed her open, she gasped with surprise and delight, enjoying the way he completely filled her, his slight curve and prominent head stimulating her extensively.

He pulled back to where only the head of his length was still inside, pushing in and immensely enjoying the feeling of her. Weeks of buildup, the flirting, the touching, and finally, here they were pushing their bodies together, her glorious snatch capturing him deeply, eagerly pulsing and flexing around his length. She grabbed his face, bringing his head down and crushing her mouth against his, their tongues invading each other’s mouths, and as their intensity increased, they lost each other in the textures and feelings of their bodies.

Luke went to pull back, and perhaps get her into a different position, but Tika instead wrapped her arms around him tightly, snaking a leg around him as she pulled him in even more intensely, trying to get as close to him as possible and pull in every single millimeter. She kissed him again, pulled her mouth off his, and whispered “Not yet. We have time later. Right now I need you like this.” She tilted her hips up slightly, to try and give him more access, and pulled him in harder as she pushed back up at him. “Give it to me just like this. Deep and hard with that beautiful cock of yours.”

They crashed into each other, falling into a rhythm that was insistent and powerful, but also passionate and full of need. Several hard strokes against each other would intuitively meld into several long, sensual ones, and despite the near vice grip Tika had him wrapped up in all areas, he was able to caress her, moving up her side, her hip, and slowly tracing around her breast, in smaller and smaller circles until he reached her nipple. As he did so, her breathing became more erratic, her kisses and tongue more longing, and as he just began to touch her areola, her body began spasming, her cavern contracting roughly around his tumescent member, and she threw her head back as far as she could manage in a high, unintelligible moaning yell. Luke stopped thrusting, holding her tightly, pulling her into his body as closely as he could. As her cum subsided, she reached up and caressed his face, working her fingers into the hair on the back of his head, then pulling him close. Her kiss invaded his mouth roughly, insistently, sweet and rewarding, and as she did so, she began moving her hips in a gear they hadn’t yet even glimpsed. Sweat was beginning to soak their bodies, especially his body and her hair. His face dripped on her forehead, and as he unintentionally slowed his thrusting in an attempt to wipe it away, she pushed his hand away, kissed him harder, deftly nibbled his earlobe, and whispered to him “I don’t care, just keep fucking me as hard as you can!”

Luke shrugged internally, completely giving her every bit of energy he could with abandon, and as they pushed on, they began to almost merge together, her wetness and cum soaking him and the combined stickiness of all of their secretions making them essentially glued together. Their skin almost seemed to melt together, and their breathing raggedy and sloppy, and as they continued to drive against each other, their eyes closed. Instinctively, Luke tilted his head, kissing the salty skin of Tika’s neck, and as he moved down, gently teasing her neck and the slope of her shoulder with her tongue, she slightly dug her fingernails into his back. He arched up a bit, swooping upward with his pelvis, and the pressure on her g-spot caused another, heavier series of contractions. She began to groan, grunt, and scream, as fireworks went off in her head and limbs and her body tensed, then went slack for a moment, and the sheer intensity of her climax pushed Luke over the edge, as he shot jet after mighty jet into her.

They both went slack, struggling to keep consciousness as their bodies each spasmed and shook against each other, Luke struggling to keep from crushing her with his weight and Tika increasing her grip on him as she tried to keep from going limp, taken somewhat aback by the intensity of the event and the sudden lack of air in her lungs. Luke pulled in a mighty breath, exhaled, and then dipped his head, softly brushing his lips against her ear, and Tika gulped air as he did so. They both said nothing, breathing in the manner of a person who has just sprinted 400 meters after not running fast for the better part of a decade. At least a minute passed before Tika was finally able to speak. “Wow,” she half whispered, laughing softly, then a bit louder.

“Yeah,” was all Luke could manage.


“Did you get the number of that train that just hit me?” he joked.

“No. It hit me first.”

They stayed connected exactly as they were, kissing softly, their tongues playing off each other, very little more needing to be said. For another couple of minutes, all they did was touch, kiss, and lightly caress each other. The bed was reduced to a pool of sweat and cum, and their flesh was still flushed and hot to the touch, drenched. Tika’s hair was a rat’s nest of moisture and tangles, his just drenched. As Luke was finally forced to withdraw and move to the side, he went to kiss her again, only to be interrupted by clapping and cheering. They turned with a start, spotting Kiana and Harold in the doorway.

“How long have you two been there?” Tika asked.

“Since around your first orgasm,” Kiana retorted.

“We heard the noise and couldn’t resist spying,” Harold interjected. “You two didn’t even notice when we pushed the door wide open. I was tempted to go get the camera, but this was so fucking hot I didn’t want to miss it.” Luke and Tika glanced at each other, grinning.

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“It was way hotter from over here,” Tika offered.

“No shit,” Kiana said.

“I take back what I said earlier,” Tika continued. “I’m keeping him for the night. All night,” she added, running her hand over Luke’s chest. “Although we’re definitely going to have to change these sheets.”

“Maybe a shower,” Luke added.

“I kinda like you dirty,” she bantered, going to tickle his side.

“I don’t care about that. But I wanted to taste you, and I have a feeling you’re a bit full after that.”

“Yeah, it’s probably about half the population of china down there,” she said, suddenly noticing the rather copious amount of cum Luke had deposited in her was slowly leaking out. “Okay, shower. Then we change these sheets and do this again. You two!” she shot out at Kiana and Harold. “If you want to watch, fine, but you better be naked and fucking. I know how good she is in bed, no excuses!” Harold mock saluted as Tika rose to her feet and reached behind her for Luke, pulling him in as he stood up and kissing him. “I hope you realize, I’m going to drain you dry this weekend,” she said low enough that only he could hear it.

“I was planning on leaving you walking bowlegged, so it sounds like a fair trade,” he replied.

“I knew you were going to be trouble,” she replied with a grin, kissing him. And with that, she led him by the hand toward the shower.

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