Swingers: More fun at and after the fest

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“Why don’t you lose the underwear and fuck me,” she whispered sexily.

His shorts were gone in less than a second, and as he went in to taste her pussy, she instead hooked him by the arm and pulled him up. “No. Later. Right now I need you to fuck me so bad I can barely stand it.” And with that, she opened her legs wide, using her left hand to guide him in to her incredibly molten, tight, sopping sheath. As he slowly pushed her open, she gasped with surprise and delight, enjoying the way he completely filled her, his slight curve and prominent head stimulating her extensively.


He pulled back to where only the head of his length was still inside, pushing in and immensely enjoying the feeling of her. Weeks of buildup, the flirting, the touching, and finally, here they were pushing their bodies together, her glorious snatch capturing him deeply, eagerly pulsing and flexing around his length. She grabbed his face, bringing his head down and crushing her mouth against his, their tongues invading each other’s mouths, and as their intensity increased, they lost each other in the textures and feelings of their bodies.

Luke went to pull back, and perhaps get her into a different position, but Tika instead wrapped her arms around him tightly, snaking a leg around him as she pulled him in even more intensely, trying to get as close to him as possible and pull in every single millimeter. She kissed him again, pulled her mouth off his, and whispered “Not yet. We have time later. Right now I need you like this.” She tilted her hips up slightly, to try and give him more access, and pulled him in harder as she pushed back up at him. “Give it to me just like this. Deep and hard with that beautiful cock of yours.”

They crashed into each other, falling into a rhythm that was insistent and powerful, but also passionate and full of need. Several hard strokes against each other would intuitively meld into several long, sensual ones, and despite the near vice grip Tika had him wrapped up in all areas, he was able to caress her, moving up her side, her hip, and slowly tracing around her breast, in smaller and smaller circles until he reached her nipple. As he did so, her breathing became more erratic, her kisses and tongue more longing, and as he just began to touch her areola, her body began spasming, her cavern contracting roughly around his tumescent member, and she threw her head back as far as she could manage in a high, unintelligible moaning yell. Luke stopped thrusting, holding her tightly, pulling her into his body as closely as he could. As her cum subsided, she reached up and caressed his face, working her fingers into the hair on the back of his head, then pulling him close. Her kiss invaded his mouth roughly, insistently, sweet and rewarding, and as she did so, she began moving her hips in a gear they hadn’t yet even glimpsed. Sweat was beginning to soak their bodies, especially his body and her hair. His face dripped on her forehead, and as he unintentionally slowed his thrusting in an attempt to wipe it away, she pushed his hand away, kissed him harder, deftly nibbled his earlobe, and whispered to him “I don’t care, just keep fucking me as hard as you can!”

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