Swingers: More fun at and after the fest

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“What’s this?” Kiana asked, holding up a small egg-shaped appliance with a cord and remote.

“Oh, I forgot I have that. It’s a vibrating egg. It’s made for my pussy, and you can control the speed of the vibrator with the remote.”


Kiana positively beamed. “Awesome. I think I just came up with a plan.” She came over in front of Mina with the egg in one hand, and grabbed the leash, pulling her down. “You’re going to be on your knees for the next hour or two. If you’re good, I’ll let you cum.”

“Yes mistress,” Mina obediently responded.

“You’re going to get it in every hole. From me and from him. We’re going to have you begging us to let you cum. But just remember, if you want to, you’ll need to ask first. If you do without our permission, you will be punished.”

“Yes mistress.”

Luke looked down. She looked impossibly hot with the dog collar on, and though he had never had any fantasies about degrading women or anything similar, he was definitely turned on by the idea that she wanted to be under their control. He reached down and caressed her beautiful, round ass, and noticed that her pussy lips looked a bit puffy. She was getting turned on by this, and they had barely touched her! She pushed back ever so slightly into his hand, and he brought his hand back. He pulled back, giving her left ass cheek a solid smack. The sound startled Kiana a bit, and Mina jumped slightly. “I didn’t tell you that you could push back into my hand!” he snapped at her.

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“I’m sorry,” she replied.

“I’m sorry what?” He brought his hand down on her other ass cheek, just as hard. Her pale skin was starting to turn a little bit pink on the left side.

“I’m sorry master!”

“Better.” He looked down. He saw a small drop of dew like moisture seep out from between her labia. On a hunch, brought his hand down again on each ass cheek. She shrieked in what seemed to be a combination of pain, then pleasure. “Oh my god! You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“No master.” CRACK!

“Don’t lie to me slave.”

“I’m sorry master. Please don’t beat me again.” Kiana noticed the longing in her voice. She came back around, and smacked her hard again on the ass. It was starting to really pink up nicely. On a hunch, she spanked her clit with a bit less force. Mina cried out softly, but her pussy began to run a little bit. Kiana pushed her finger in to her pussy, giving her a few quick strokes, then indicated to Luke that he should replace her fingers. He quickly inserted one, then two fingers in, starting gently for a few seconds, then pushing in rougher and harder, and after a minute he was absolutely hammering her pussy with both fingers. She had started unconsciously humping backwards against his hand, and Luke was enjoying her response, but was brought out of it as Kiana came up behind him and hit her pink ass with the crop. She yelped and froze.

“I didn’t tell you that you could move.”

“Yes mistress.”

Kiana bent down, gently tracing Mina’s now soaking lips. She smoothy inserted the egg into her pussy, then turned it on to high. Mina cried out and her arms and legs buckled briefly, then Kiana quickly shut it off. “Ooh, look Luke, she likes that. You like that, don’t you slave?”

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