My Wife Loves getting fucked by other men also

Hi everyone this is my first time writing here but l’ve read so many stories about family, friends, etc.
Well my is a true story about me and my wife her name is Friday we reside in Kenya.
We got married now for 17years and have three boys aged 15,10,5 years old well my wife is beautifull has a great body she was 34 28 34 and she’s 5’7 and me am 5’9 well we have been very close to each other and love each other so much.
So here’s the story of what changed our love life after had our 2nd born l had a fantasy of see my wife getting fucked by a stranger and without me knowing she also wanted to get fucked by some stranger to feel what it was as she had been getting stories from her friends, so oneday l asked her if we could spend some time alone so we gave my mother in law the kids and we went to a cottage for the weekend we left on Friday and we’re to be back on Sunday.

So when we got to the cottage it cool and not so many people around but was told that they had a disco on Saturday night so we were looking forward for that. So we had a good time that night so l was just watching some porn on my phone and my wife came and got hold of itand told what are you watching and when she saw that l was looking at Husband shares wife with friend on xvideo, she just smiled and we continued to watch then she asked me l have been seeing you watching these clips a lot are really ready to see me get fucked by someone else near you won’t you feel bad seeing your wife get fucked by some stranger or your friend and l asked her and are you willing to do that are you ready for that, and she told me if l was then she was ready for anything so we ended that story just there and continued to watch many more clips others were of exchange of partners and many more.
So the next day and we were ready for the weekend by night fall the cottage started getting crowded with many guests coming in and we had our dinner in our cottage after 10pm we heard sounds of music so l went to check it out and got back and told her that it was ready she changed into something more sexy and we left had a table ready there we sat and ordered some drinks (non alcoholic) and sat then my wife’s favourite song began and she told me to join her in a dance and we dancing and see her looking around maybe to checkout whom is fit to try our plan for having a third partner in bed so she was dancing and l went back to sit she was there dancing alone she met another lady with they were dancing togetheronly then did there come to African guys looks like they were drank or something and they joined then and dancing just then did one start touching my wife and she didn’t stop him but kept on dancing and she looked at me and l nodded to her to continue with him and the dance was really turning me on more to see that guy on the dance floor touching my wife and at times he could go behind her and rub his dick on her butts and she was making him go mad with that after some time she came back and sat.
She looked at me and asked me so how was that l told her it’s up to you to tell me and she just smiled and that means she was ready to try it out and as we sat there it time for some slow music and the guy just came over to our table and asked my wife if he could get the pleasure of dancing with her and she told him that l’m with my husband and asked me and l told she could go dance with him, so as they reached she was a bit shy at first and they were keeping a distance but as they continued to dance they got closer and soon she had her boobs on his chest and soon they were kissing on the dance floor so l quickly ordered some strong spirit and added it to her drink and she had invited him to our room by now after her taking the soda with the spirit she was abit unshy now as we were to our room.
As we entered she was holding me on one side and the stranger on the other she went to take a shower and when she came to the sitting room we were waiting to see her she was wearing a black short night dress and had nothing inside and she sat between us and told him to shower and me too. She got hold of him and started to kiss him infront of me and that really turned me even more and as she romances with him am watching them and she tell me to join them we wentto the bedroom and now she starts to undress the guy and when she sees his dick she smiles and get hold of it and starts to kiss it and she began sucking him and l just watch them do whatever they are doing so l join and start liking her pussy as she sucks him hard for this is her first time getting two guy at the same time soon she come within minutes of the game now she lies on her back and the stranger lick her and she sucks me now again that turned her even more and she came again and again to excitement of two guys on her so she asked him to fuck her as l watch and the guy started to make his way in and fucked the he’ll out of her for about 15 minutes then it was my turn to fuck her and l only made about 10 minutes as was too excited so we rested and again romancing started and now we were on each side of her so l turned her to face him as she wanted to enjoy more the other way and as she was suckling him l lifted her but up and began to pump her as she sucked him and she loved that even more and the guy fucked in her mouth and she liked everything clean after she turned to me and began suckling my dick he also began pumping her now even harder to get her to finish as she sucked me and also l came in her mouth and the guy also finished.
We all collapsed in bed and slept only to wake up when it was around 11am by that time she woke up the guy had long gone but he gave me his phone number in case we were to meet again he was willing to come over. So after that we have always had different guys come over to have fun me and my wife really enjoy it a lot.
Guys this is a true story. It’s only that l have changed names her. Hope you all like it a lot anyone interested to join us in mombasa use my email

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