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As you will all know well, it’s an extremely common fantasy amongst white women to have sex with black men, and that many white men (including myself) love watching our wives or girlfriends be fucked by African men.

The reason why I’m writing is that my wife and I returned to the States in 2017 after 4 years of living in Lagos (we had a villa off of Bishop Olunole Street on V.I., not far from the Villa Angelia hotel there). I worked for an oil industry logistics company.

For background, Emily is now 36. She’s 5’ 3”, curvy with 34H breasts, she’s a natural long haired redhead with green eyes, has very creamy white skin, and has always had a penchant for black men. I knew this before I married her (the first time I ever saw her she was making out with a black guy in a club), and that’s never been a problem for me. Indeed, interracial sex runs in her family – her sister has had two children by two different black men, and Emily’s first ever sexual experience was with a much older married black guy when she was 14 or so. I’ve always been very much into interracial sex involving black guys with white women, and we both enjoy watching IR porn (often together) and we commonly play out a shared bit of fun that involves me going down on Emily whilst she watches films on xhamster on her iPad, so that whilst I’m performing cunnilingus on her pussy she’s telling me how much she loves black men having sex with her. (This drives me wild as I know just how many black cocks have been inside her there whilst I’m tongung her). Both of us prefer amateur porn where normal white wives have sex with guys, rather than porn stars, and the whole ‘cuckold’ genre is our favourite. I’ve always made it absolutely crystal clear that I’m ok with Emily having fun with other men, and before we went to Nigeria we agreed that, if possible, she could hook up with a local guy for a very discreet arrangement. To be brutally honest, I accepted early on in my marriage with her that Emily was highly sexual and specifically needed sustained fucking to keep her satisfied and happy, so this and her entirely natural interest in (and desire) for sex with black men naturally led me to accept her gaining pleasure in bed from African men.


Thankfully my posting to Lagos was perfect for us, as it allowed us to both live out our fantasies for several years. Emily and I went to Naija thinking that, if we were very secretive and found the right man, we’d be able to quietly arrange something, but on day two of us being there we found that it was completely normal amongst expatriate women for them to take local men to service them sexually. Indeed, our designated driver (Yemi) from my company actually asked Emily in our first week of being in Lagos if he was required in her bed, as he’d been with his previous two bosses wives (!). He said this very politiely but also very normally, as if it was entirely normal for an African driver to ask a white wife if he should provide sex as well. Two weeks into us arriving in Lagos and the Gardener said the same to Emily, so clearly her predecessor (at least) spent her time in bed with both the driver and the gardener. All that was needed was for the men to receive an extra allowance to have sex with my wife, to financially reward them for their services. The result of this was that my wife had, on tap, the ultimate dream of every white woman: two black men to pleasure her sexually as and when needed, and she indulged in sex with both on a very regular basis (although she never had both Yemi and Ade at the same time, unfortunately). Emily was 30 at the time, and Yemi was at least 50 years old, whilst I guess Ade might have been slightly older. Both were, of course, ‘well hung’, and Emily told me that she could only accommodate them inside her by being mounted from behind for her first few fuckings. Thereafter, she could happily take them in any position. I’ve always wondered just how many demure white expat wives have happily enjoyed being fucked by both men – I suspect dozens over the years.

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Emily’s ‘normal’ routine was to be driven to the international school to drop off our daughter in the morning, return home, have a shower, and then ask Yemi for sex. In the afternoons, and if she was in the mood for it, she’d invite Ade into bed for a session too. It was also agreed with both men that they could ask her for sex if they wanted to, so Emily would normally dress in a negligee throughout the day so as to make herself readily available for either man. We had a small pool in the rear of the villa where we lived which was not overlooked by anyone, so Emily would often sunbathe there. Given that Ade would see my wife, more or less every day, fully naked with her large breasts and bare shaven pussy on show by our pool, I’m amazed that he wasn’t permanently fucking her on the sunbed. Rather, Emily used to complain that she’d sometines have to beg him for sex or completely take the lead (suck him to hardness then mount him and ride him cowgirl style to orgasm). I was at work whilst Emily was having fun, but she occasionally sent me WhatsApp photos of what she was up to with both men, and I greatly enjoyed the idea of my wife naked and having sex with her black lovers in our bed, by the pool, or just about anyway inside the villa. I was also able to watch her with Ade on several occasions, and I was always amazed at how much she loved fucking and sucking him. Seeing Emily being taken by Yemi from behind, her big boobs bouncing around whilst he fucked her hard and her pale skin contrasting so much with his black, was amazing for me. I’ve no idea how much cum both guys pumped her with over the 4 years we were on V.I. but I guess it must have amounted to an awful lot. Interestingly, we also employed Yemi’s sister as a maid in the villa, and she didn’t bat an eyelid over Emily being naked or fucking either men in front of her. Indeed, she’d often watch as Emily was being serviced and cum in by her brother or Ade by the pool and then bring over refreshments after they’d finished. Emily ensured, however, that our bedroom was sacrosanct from the maid and always had the door closed when she entertained either man on our bed as that was where she enacted her more hardcore fantasies. (Nothing kinky, but Emily likes light bondage (being tied to the bed lightly) and having black men fuck her before cumming on her face or tits and she didn’t want the maid seeing this).

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I should add that all four of Emily’s closest girlfriends also had similar arrangements with their drivers, and one of them also had her gardener available too, like Emily. They sometimes swapped around, so in any given week the five wives might get to be satisfied sexually by three or four different Nigerian men, so within their small expat circle there was a lot of adulterous interracial sex going on. All of them were in their early 30s, married with young children, and enjoyed the lifestyle very much. They were a mixture of natural blondes, brunettes, and one redhead (my wife) so the Nigerian guys got to experience the range of white women in bed. Emily and I often wonder if my successor and his wife (both Dutch) have continued the arrangement with Yemi and Ade.

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