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Thrilling Threesome The bell tinkled notifying that Amanda that she got some messages on her Whatsapp. Hoping that it’s not one of those innumerable forwarded videos, she very gingerly picked up the phone.
“Game for a threesome?” a message from Dan.
Threesome? Never tried, but who is it?
I’ve been talking to this girl for quite some time, she’s game for a threesome, will make a group and add you both.”

Then, “Hi Amanda meet Dolly and Dolly meet Amanda” thus started the group chat shyly ,proceeded to likes, dislikes and suddenly Amanda sees a pair of chocolate coloured boobs with dark chocolate peaks staring at her from the screen. Ooohhh that made Amanda hot and horny. By now all the three became quite comfortable with each other. Next comes the picture of Dan’s hard pink penis. All the three were getting comfortable with each other and into the mood. Dan wanted to know what would the ladies want to do. They both were unsure but knew that they wanted to suck each other’s boobs. Dan, the initiator wanted to know what they would do once the trio meets in a closed room. He suggested that he would kiss Amanda and undress her. Dolly said she would just watch them.
“I bet you can’t do that, the minute you’ll see us kissing, you would barge in tear us apart and get into action”, declared Amanda.
“No way I just want to see you both in action”, replied Dolly, which made Amanda roll her eyes and say “let’s see”.

Here I need to give you a slight background about Dan & Amanda, they have funny relationship where they, in this Mega polis support each other in their physical needs but with a twist they do everything with only their hands and mouths, no coitus. In simple language, no fucking. (I’ll tell you later about their escapades). Dan assured Amanda that everything would go well, she just needs to relax, chill and get whatever she wants done. If she is uncomfortable, she can just back off and watch the other two.

So the day and time they had planned arrived Amanda Dan and Dolly, were excited, nervous and all curious, met at a designated place. Introductions made, shook hands formally and while walking to the room Amanda and Dan checked out their new partner and exchanged glances showing approval. So did Dolly. Dolly was excited seeing the two big well-endowed bodies. Amanda was happy to see a good piece of arse and boobs. Dan was thrilled to have women on either side.
On entering the room, Amanda removed her jacket and shoes, stretched her arms to the all familiar dear Dan and started Kissing. Next minute she realized that another pair of arms were trying to wrench her away from Dan and another mouth trying to break in and kiss. She realized that it was Dolly and started to laugh saying, didn’t I tell. But she couldn’t complete these three words as she was totally engulfed by two pairs of arms and lips. Before she could realise, her top, bra, jeans and panties were yanked away and all the three naked bodies were on the bed.
Kissing, groping, fingering, loud moaning and groaning three naked bodies were on the bed. Dolly was too horny and had difficulty in choosing between Amanda’s full lips or the full boobs. Both Dolly and Dan started to suck Amanda’s boobs on either side. Amanda was excited with the chocolaty boobs, both the women became busy. Dan took this opportunity left the boob and started fingering both these women driving them completely crazy. Dolly was alternating between Amanda’s mouth and boobs, not able to stay away from either of them for more than few seconds. Amanda, who was sucking Dolly’s boobs and kissing her mouth, groped for Dan’s pink cock and started pumping him.
What a frenzy! Within no time the women were loudly moaning and throbbing as they had their orgasm. But that couldn’t separate them, on the contrary Amanda become hornier, now she let Dolly loose and mounted Dan, with her swollen clit touching the tip of Dan’s hard cock and started riding him. Dan encouraging her to cum, by kissing her, fondling and sucking her boobs. Not wanting to be left alone Dolly started to hold Amanda’s butt cheeks and peep to see whether the pussy engulfed the cock or not. (Because they told her that only penetration is prohibited). Amanda started to throb and yell “I’m cuming, I’m cuming” Dan held her tightly kissing and petting her. Slowly she calmed and fell limp on to his chest. That was a huge orgasm. Slowly she rolled off. Now Dolly took the center stage lying down with her legs spread, Dan laid down facing her and started to eat her pussy. Dolly was enjoying but couldn’t keep her hands away from Amanda’s boobs, who was lying besides her relishing the aftermath of her intense orgasm.

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Dolly couldn’t resist Dan’s tongue licking, flicking and teasing her clit and pussy came in a big way. Amanda rolled off the bed saying she need to go and pee. That’s it! Dan jumped out of the bed and said “wait, I too will come to the washroom with you, pee on me, Hey Dolly what about you?”


Ha ha ha! The infamous golden showers! Dolly said “I can’t pee my bladder is not full, but wait I want to watch you guys”. So the trio moved to washroom, Dan sat down in the bathtub stretching his legs and exposing his cock. Amanda too got into the bath tub stood facing Dan and asked , “Are you sure, do you want me to pee on you?” Getting an affirmative response started to pee on to Dan’s cock. Dolly perched herself on the counter and was watching intently. Amanda voiced her reluctance to Dan many times, he being the sweetheart he is, asked her to try only if she want to and now she is actually excited. It was very erotic, Dan bathed his cock in the warm golden shower and started jacking. Both the girls were mesmerized by the sight. Then…… Voila the pink cock spewed the cream out bringing forth the ooohhs, aahhs and wows! Once it stopped and became limp it was time for a quick shower for both Dan and Amanda. Dolly handed the towels as they stepped out of the bathtub.

Now all the three back on the bed relaxed feeling fully satisfied, but Dolly still had her hands on Amanda’s boobs, she’s completely enamoured by the milky 38D sized boobs. It’s time to go so all the three get up and search the whole place for their respective clothes, dress up, brush their hairs wear the shoes and transformed into officials who met for a business purpose. Hugging, kissing, telling how much they enjoyed and promising to meet again all the three went away on their different paths. No one in outside world would have imagined what transpired among these three respectable looking people behind the closed doors.

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