Mummy’s Boy

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I was 14 at the time that my Dad called me over to him and said ”John, your Mum has asked me to ask you not to masturbate onto the side of your bed sheet. It is rather hard to wash out after it has dried so much.” I was somewhat red faced but I said “Ok Dad.”

I denied myself a wank that night and it took longer than normal for me to fall asleep; and I still had a hard on. I woke up the next morning with a raging boner and couldn’t stop my hand from stroking up and down my 8 inch cock. It didn’t take long before I was desperate to blow my load. I couldn’t think of where to shoot it, so in my desperate hazy mind I ran into Mum’s bedroom, Dad was already at work, woke Mum up with the head of my cock swelling ready to burst forth in front of her face. She opened her eyes to see my cock staring her in the eye. “Mum, where do I cum, I’m desperate and the pressure is killing me?”

She could plainly see that I was gripping my cock stopping the flow of cum and I was in distress. She obviously didn’t want about a quarter of a pint of cum spraying all over her bedding so she brought her head forward and took my cock into her mouth. This was far too much for me and I let go of my cock, immediately flooding her mouth with my cum and I could see and hear her swallowing it. After I had finished shooting my wad my cock deflated slowly and I pulled it out of her mouth. “John, you should have used a tissue, mind you with that much cum it would have to be a huge tissue, it tasted nice too. If you get desperate again come to me,” she told me “now get dressed for school.”.

I got home from school and Mum was at the table in the kitchen rolling pastry. I called hello, put my school bag away and hung my jacket up. I walked up behind my Mum and put my arms around her in greeting. I was feeling very daring due to mum swallowing my cum that morning so I slid my hands up until I could feel the bottom of her breasts encased in her bra. “Mum, can I, please?” She took stock of the position of my hands and asked, “You want to feel my breasts? Why?” “Yes Mum, I am curious as to what they feel like as I am beginning to notice girls, so I would like some pointers on how to treat them.” I replied.

Mum thought for a few minutes and then nodded, “Ok then, go ahead.” So I slid my hands up onto her breasts and was disappointed, “Mum, they are so hard, it’s not what I expected.” “Oh,” she said, “that is because of my bra.” “But how can I get to know what they are like if you are wearing armour?” I exclaimed. “Clank, Clank.” I said as I tapped her breast with my knuckles. “Very funny,” she smiled.

Mum went quiet and I could see that she was debating with herself what to do, what to allow. “Ok,” she said, “Unzip my dress.” I did that, exposing her back and a rather wide bra strap. “Now, see where my bra is fastened?” “Here?” I asked pressing my finger onto what I thought the fastener was. “Yes, that’s it. Now, grip the strap both sides of the fastener and push your hands towards each other unhooking the fastener.” she instructed. I gripped the strap and pushed my hands towards each other. The elastic was stronger than I had thought it would be and I grunted a little at the effort. I found that there were three hooks and looked at them closely. “Are all bras fastened like this Mum?” “Yes John some only have one hook and for the very large and heavy breasted women, four.”

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