Dad is tricked by his ex-wife and daughter

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My wife and I divorced when our daughter was 14. I maintained a close relationship with my wife due our daughter and also because we both knew our marriage was a mistake, we had a wonderful sex life but that wasn’t enough. We lived in the country so when I moved out I found a home a couple miles away, close enough to still be a part in my daughter’s life, but far enough to say out of my wife’s life.

After 4 years of the single life, trying to find someone for myself I ran into my wife one night at a local tavern. Betty was out with some mutual friends of ours and she was downing mixed drinks quickly. We started to talk and soon we were reminiscing about old times when we were married. She actually had me blushing when she told her friend loudly what a wonderful lover I was and how long it had been since she was satisfied orally. I tried to downplay her comments, but found myself getting turned on, I always loved going down on her. The look she had in her eyes told me how horny she was and her light touch on my arm let me know she wanted my tongue again. I finished my drink and leaned in and whispered to my ex that I was leaving but would leave the door unlocked. She laughed and said she would be right over.

I left the bar and headed home, leaving the lights off as I walked into my house; I waited quietly in the dark front room I thought about what I had gotten myself into. My thoughts were broken when car lights flashed into the room and my ex-wife pulled into the drive by the house. My cock began to lengthen when I heard the front door open and be pushed shut again. My now drunk ex-wife walked into the room and turned on the lights, momentarily blinding me.

“Why are you sitting in the dark? Are you trying to hide something?” She slurred.

I immediately began to wonder what I had done inviting her into my house again.

“No, I’m not hiding I’m just thinking.” I told her.

“Well then think about this.” She said pulling her skirt up and sliding her panties down her legs.

I just sat there staring at her shaved pussy and saw moisture begin to appear on her pussy lips. She then lowered her skirt, unhooked it and let it fall to her feet, finally stepping out of it. She then pulled her top over her head and removed her bra leaving her standing there wearing nothing more then a smile, her bare pussy wet with desire and her ample tits swaying in rhythm to her hips. She then walked over to the couch and sat down spreading her legs.

“See anything you like or do I have to begin myself?” Betty said pulling at her nipple with one hand.

I said nothing but got up and moved toward the light switch.

“Leave the lights on, I’ve wanted to fuck you here your front room with that big picture window open and the lights on since you moved in here.” She hissed, smiling.

I just smiled bigger and walked over to her, stopping in front of her. She knew what I wanted and pulled my pants and shorts down in one quick motion. My cock sprang free and brushed her cheek. She immediately took my cock into her wet, warm mouth and began to deep throat me. She had her hands on my hips pulling my cock deeper into her, giving me an awesome blowjob and driving me wild.

“Damn woman, you’ve learned something new since we were together.” I grunted between moans.

She stopped sucking my cock long enough to reply, “You didn’t think that I stayed at home alone all these years did you?”

I grabbed her hair and slid my cock back into her mouth, “Enough talking, more sucking.” I said, laughing.

She began to moan around my cock as I face fucked her, sliding my cock in and out of her mouth I knew she wanted my load. She got her wish a few strokes later when I tensed and tried to pull out of her mouth, she responded by grabbing at my hips and taking my cock deeper into her mouth. My knees weakened as the cum shot out on my cock into her mouth and throat. Finally I pulled my cock free and shot the final squirts on her face and tits. I continued to hold her hair as my cock began to wilt and watched in wonder as she licked her lips clean and took a finger and brought my cum from her tit to her mouth.

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