Mother’s Day – Son pumps 68-year-old mom on her special day

My family and I spent last Mothers’ Day at my sister Barbara’s house, out in the country. Mothers Day always had a special significance to my mom, Beth, and I, ever since we had become occasional lovers, some 25 years ago, and carried on an incestuous affair for over a quarter century without anyone finding out. Now that Beth was in her late 60’s, mind you, the frequency and intensity of our physical encounters had dropped off dramatically. We were nowhere near as brave or as adventurous as we had been when my then 42-year old mother first came into my bedroom and, well, raped me, following a mutual teasing routine that had gone on for months. Her stifling marriage played a big part in her seeking satisfaction from someone other than her husband. The fact that we lived in the middle of nowhere severely limited her choices of lovers, though, and I had simply been the only cock available to her. Of course I had been a more than willing “victim”, as you might imagine.

We had once been a desperately sexual couple, enjoying afternoon trysts in every room in the house, although most often in the bed she shared with my father, or in cheap hotels we would rent for an hour or two on the odd afternoon or evening when we couldn’t find privacy at the house, but when one or both of our libidos needed relief with such urgency that we simply couldn’t wait. So we would tell dad or anyone else who was around that we were going shopping, then we would share our bodies with one another, briefly but passionately. A few daring times, we had even fucked like teenagers in the back seat of her minivan, parked in a secluded lot or deep in an underground carpark, rutting like animals to sate our frantic urges. All told, it was a satisfying if bizarre relationship.

But, as she grew older, her capacity for sex declined, and since I had moved away to go to work, we simply did not get together all that much anymore, and many if not most of our time together was sexless. This trip, it was a full house at Barb’s, and I had no expectations of sex with my mother. It was going to be a standard family get-together.

My parents stayed in separate rooms now, both at home and on the road, unless there simply wasn’t enough space, in which case they could still share a bed, albeit a sexless bed. So Beth had the downstairs bedroom to herself, along with her own bathroom, while the rest of us fell in on the empty bedrooms on the main floor.

Beth was 68 years old now, but although her short hair was naturally grey, her pretty face and thin body were smooth and only barely wrinkled, so she looked quite a bit younger than she really was. Of course, that simply means that she only looked 60! Her narrow shoulders were now speckled with faint freckles or liver spots, her pasty white b-cups were small enough that they were still somewhat pert, but they now hung low and pointed outwards when they were left free from clothing. But they were delightful mounds that I still loved to bury my face between, soaking up the scent of her body as I licked her breasts and her belly.

Beth still had an hourglass frame, but it had widened somewhat over the years. She wasn’t fat, but was thicker, I guess, than her younger self had been. Her arms weren’t as taught as they used to be, and they flopped around just a bit underneath, as her muscles softened and separated, but she didn’t have fat floppy old-woman arms, thank god. Her tummy had a bit of a pot too it now, but again, not too much; she had delightful folds of baby fat on her belly when she bent over or sat forward though, I guess she was a normal 60-something woman in that sense. Her hips flared nicely to provide a delightful contrast to her waist, and the bump of her wide ass was still flat enough to let her wear jeans or polyester pants without looking ridiculous. I especially loved her legs, thicker on top but still shapely, with nice wide thighs that flattened and spread when she sat down, but held their own when she stood upright. Shapely calves finished the tour, now lined in some spots with thin burst veins, but still presentable. All told, she was a lovely woman who still maintained a recognizably feminine figure that I loved to plunder whenever the chance presented itself.

I had hoped that we’d be able to spend some quality time alone during this trip, quality time meaning time spent with her on her back as I hovered over top of her, but I doubted anything would happen, since there were so many people around this weekend. Maybe we would try to get a room for a couple hours, but I imagined she was probably fed up with my advances by now and just wanted to be left alone for once. At her age, maybe she even wanted this to end. Who knew? It was harder for her to physically engage in sex now. It was painful for her to spend too much time on her back these days, whether someone was on top of her or not, and it surely must be painful for so old a woman to be penetrated by a rough and vicious lover. When we did get together, we didn’t get up to nearly as many tricks as we used to, as she is too weak and breakable to accommodate many different positions or the rough pounding I enjoy administering her.

But still, I had to try, didn’t I? She looked wonderful this weekend, energetic and happy, and the warm weather kept her in shorts and t-shirts or in sun dresses that showed off a lot of her pasty skin and accentuated her womanly curves. Yip, I wanted a piece of my mother this weekend, no question.

Saturday afternoon before we went out for dinner, I needed to use the laundry room downstairs. Everyone else was upstairs, and my mother was in her bedroom re-unpacking the two large suitcases she had brought with her for the long weekend. Only half innocently, I walked in to her room to chat with her, and although I wasn’t planning anything erotic, I was very cheeky and up front with her as she shuffled through her clothes, and I gave her a bit of a swat on her wide bum, then left my hand there and rubbed it roughly, letting her know that I was still interested in what she had to offer a man. When she didn’t react adversely, I leant into her and kissed her earlobe and the side of her neck. Stopping to look for a negative reaction and expecting a light slap or a lecture on how we had to stop this nonsense for once and for all, I was pleasantly surprised to see that she simply accepted my caresses and smiled softly. This implied consent from the old woman spurred me on a little bit further.

I closed the door to her room part way. We would hear anyone coming down the stairs so I wasn’t worried about any unexpected discoveries. Walking back towards her, I spooned her from behind, pressing my groin into her soft wide ass while reaching around with one hand to roughly maul one of her tits through her clothes. Surprisingly, she ground her ass against me, showing she was still a playful slut. My other hand was gently stroking her cheek, and she was rubbing her head against my hand like a kitten. Gosh she was soft and supple, I wanted to lift her dress up and fuck her right there and then. Instead, I decided to give her a treat, and still embracing her from behind, I lifted the front of her dress and stuffed my hand down the front of her panties, cupping her dry pussy.

I started to finger her labia, swirling around and around until I felt some dampness seep out of her old cunt. I tapped her button, then plunged a finger inside her. She drew her breath in sharply and pressed hard against my hand, humping the air in front of her as I kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear. She normally preferred hours of foreplay before we did anything, so I felt a little weird by heading straight for her pussy like this, but she was still a horny old whore, and I knew that if I could get her alone somewhere safe for a couple hours, I would be able to fuck her.

There in her room though, standing up, I merely fingered her to orgasm, her biting her right hand to stifle the sounds of her pleasure. Still daring and oh so horny myself, I slipped around in front of her, got on my knees, put my head under the front of her dress and plunged my face into her crotch. Her pussy was grey and sloppy, and I really didn’t enjoy eating her anymore, but I knew it turned her on, so I tongued her gently for a few minutes, lapping up the small quantity of juices she produced, and putting a huge smile on her face. It was always a pleasure to smell her dank womanhood, at the very least.

I knew I couldn’t resist any longer, but that there was no way we could pull anything off this afternoon, so I had to get out of there. I stood up and kissed her gently, then left her to straighten herself out. She smiled and thanked me as she kissed me back, our eyes staying open and locking on each other as we shared that knowing kiss.

It was painful to have teased myself so much though, and I really needed to release inside her. Jerking off simply wasn’t good enough. I needed the emotional and erotic stimulus of pumping my sperm into my own mother’s body. Ideally into her cunt. There were too many social activities planned for the weekend, though, and I couldn’t really see an opening for us to get a room to be truly alone, so I would have to take a bit of a risk. That evening, after dinner, I would fuck my mother right in my sister’s house, surrounded by family.

The Saturday evening we had gone out for a big family dinner, and the evening had ended relatively early, from my perspective, due mostly to the age of my parents. They simply didn’t stay out as late as they used to. My sister’s husband went out for a long walk to burn off the dinner, while my dad sat down in front of the upstairs TV to watch some nature shows. Barbara wanted to take a long bath, so she puttered around getting ready for that, while I sat in the kitchen leafing through some magazines. Mom announced that she was going downstairs to do some laundry, and that was our Saturday night all planned out. I went into my room and changed out of my dinner clothes, then sat back down in the kitchen to read.

But when I heard the water running for my sister’s bath, I simply walked into the basement, entered my mother’s bedroom and pulled the door closed behind me.

Beth was sitting in the arm chair in the room, reading a mindless entertainment magazine, and looked up at me as I closed the door.

“Hurry up”, I said, “I need to be inside you.”

“Not a chance”, she came back to me “you’re insane if you think anything can happen here”.

But I would have none of it. I walked over to her and took her by the hand, lifting her out of the chair. She stood and gawked at me and, looking around the room, asked me where I thought I was going to fuck her.

“Well, certainly in the cunt, and quite possibly in the ass if the urge takes me there”, I answered.

“Kidder”, she said, “you know full well I mean where in this room do you think you can do me? My back is too weak for us to do it on the bed, and it would squeak too loudly anyways. And my legs couldn’t handle an upright fuck, not after you made me cum on my feet this afternoon. Goodness my knees would tremble when I came and we could both tumble to the floor. Think of the racket that would make.”

I assured her not to be worried about it, and I stepped into her waiting arms and embraced her. We kissed. It was always weird to kiss my mother. We were so used to innocent public family kisses, that a truly loving open mouth kiss like the one we were sharing now, took some time to get warmed up to. It was nice to hold her in my arms though, and I was happy to feel her softness as I groped her, squeezing her wide bum again, tracing the back of my hand across her pretty face and her soft throat. I wanted to watch that throat swallow a load of my semen, as I knew the pleasure it brought her to taste her son’s sperm, but I had other plans for my load this weekend.

This time I didn’t simply lift up her dress, I had her raise her arms and I pulled it over her head, leaving her standing there in her plain white bra and white cotton panties. Her soft body looked dumpy and enticing at the same time, it was hard to rationalize my desire for her.

I asked her if she had yet figured out how I was going to enter her this time, and she said of course she knew, she just didn’t like the position that much, as she much preferred looking at my face as we made love. But I played the card that we both now knew I was going to play, and I said that I had given her a good solid orgasm earlier in the day, so it was my turn now to enjoy her body as I saw fit, and it didn’t really matter if she came this time. This round of sex was going to be all about me.

I took her hand and directed her to the armchair she had been reading in. She knew what she had to do, and she bent forward at the waist and lay her stomach across the chair, using the arm of the lounger to support her weight. I kissed the small of her back, up to her shoulders, and nuzzled my nose into the back of her neck, tickling her and causing her to shrug and shudder. I stepped back and soaked up the view of her backside, her wide, pasty white bum, soft and droopy but free of pock marks or cellulite. I lifted the elastic on her panties and I kissed that beautiful bum, actually biting it gently before I stood up again and pulled her knickers down. She wriggled her hips to help them off, and lifted her tiny feet one at a time to complete the removal.

I lifted her panties to my face and inhaled deeply, absorbing the fragrance of her sweat and her snatch. She told my I was sick, and reached back to grab them out of my hand. Instead, I raised them over my head so she couldn’t reach them, then put them around my neck and I wore my mother’s moist panties like a necklace, enjoying the softness of the silk against my skin.

I reached forward and unsnapped her bra, and she removed it herself, one arm at a time. Now, my pretty mother was completely naked in front of me, bent over an armchair, her white bum pointing directly at me. I quickly stripped myself completely naked. I didn’t need to have all my clothes off, for the quick and selfish sex I was about to have with her, but I wanted to feel my skin on hers as much as possible, she was so soft and warm.

I spit on my finger and stuffed it into her pussy from behind, rubbing her clit until I didn’t think it would get any wetter. I spread her legs just a little wider apart, to allow me better access to my mother’s now glistening pussy without my having to bend my knees too much. Swifly and smoothly I pushed myself into her big snatch, not getting much resistance at all from her sloppy old cunt. I put my hands on her backside and started to slide the length of my cock into and out of my mother’s pussy, my balls slapping back and forth as I gently rocked her.

In this position, I knew I could fuck her pretty hard without hurting her, but it was dangerous if I lost control, so I held back as much as I could. I rubbed one hand up and down her spine as I rode her, trying to stimulate her as much as I could. Fuck it felt good to be inside my mom, and the view from behind was a delight.

I leaned forward and covered her with my body, enjoying the soft warmth of her back against my stomach. I rubbed my hands down her arms, bracing herself against the cushion of the chair, and I kissed her face from behind. She turned her head to look at me, and out mouths met, lovingly sharing our spit as our genitals shared some tastier fluids.

I raised myself up again and grabbed her hips from the sides. It was time for me to come, before someone wondered where we both were and came looking for us. I fixed my eyes on the small of her back and rolled my hips back and forth as I continued to plunder her hole. There wasn’t much friction from her walls, so I had to fuck her at a slight angle to get my cock rubbing against her pussy wall on one side anyways, and to have some pressure on my pistoning shaft. Soon, I felt my semen boiling over, and working its way up the length of my rod. That wonderful tingly feeling sparked in the small of my back and quickly spread up to the base of my neck and down to my toes. I was pumping my mom’s pussy full of my sperm. I was coming in my mother.

I rode my orgasm for all it was worth, and thought evil thoughts about the illicit act we were committing together. It was fun though. I slammed my length into her hard, and held it against her cervix, my cock sputtering and jerking as it splashed white hot come into her barren womb. I knew she loved to have me spill my seed inside her. Somehow it turned her on to be a vessel for my life juices. I owned her, in a sense, when I used her as a cum dumpster, and she enjoyed the feeling of submission. I guess she had a mild self-esteem problem, as her fantasy was to be used, to be a toy, to be a servant to her son’s carnal pleasures. I was happy to oblige.

Finished, I pulled out of her, her pussy farting a vile burp of air as I disengaged. I bent over and kissed her red pussy full on, sticking my tongue a little ways inside her puffy snatch before lightly biting her ass and then helping her stand up. She turned around and we embraced, both of us naked, the warmth of our bodies and the softness of our skin making the both of us feel loved.

“Now you get to carry my seed inside you for a couple days, mom. I love knowing that when I look at you, a part of me will be living inside you, at least for 48 hours until my sperm dies a fruitless death. Don’t you love that I’m going to be inside you until Monday morning?”

“Gosh do I ever. I love you and I love carrying a piece of you inside me, the way I carried you inside me for nine months.”

I kissed her softly and pinched her bum one more time, then got dressed and walked out the door, leaving her naked and alone, rubbing her tummy, the tummy in which her son’s sperm was happily swimming. It was the one Mothers’ day present that could make her content, and I couldn’t be happier to have provided it.

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