Surprise early arrival.

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I had been away on business and wasn’t due back until late Friday. Having been away for most of the week I was as horny as anything. My cock had been at semi hard all the time for the last 36 hours and was now aching.

The business ended more than a day early and I arrived home late afternoon on the Thursday. I decided to be as silent as I could to surprise my wife. Wherever she was, I was going to jump on her, rip her clothes off and fuck the living daylights out of her.

I pulled up and parked a few houses away so that my wife would have no warning that I was home. My cock was now rampant hard in anticipation of the action to come. I got out of the car and walked quietly to the house. Taking great care not to make a noise I opened the front door and crept in, trying to hear whereabouts she was in the house. Standing in the hall at the bottom of the stairs I listened hard for any clue. I heard a faint rhythmic sound from upstairs, so I crept up the stairs and as I got to the landing I could tell the noise was coming from our bedroom. I began to be somewhat suspicious as the noises were now recognisable as sex noises.

I silently got up to the door which was open a crack, just enough to peer through and identify who was making the noise. I could see my wife’s feet on either side of our friends head. I could also see his arse jerking back and forth as he fucked my wife. The sight actually made me hornier, which I would have thought impossible earlier on. I stood there for about five minutes with my brain flashing all over the place from horny to rage to Oh shit, divorce. However something else occurred to me, his wife was just as attractive as mine and I wondered if she knew about this.

So I crept out of the house, got in the car and drove the one and a half miles to their house. I knocked on the door and Janet answered, “Dave,” she exclaimed, “you aren’t due home till tomorrow according to Kate.”

“The business finished early so I thought I would come and surprise her. Is Bill about?” I asked.

“No,” Janet said, “he had to work over and he will probably be away until tomorrow.”

“Get your coat and come with me,” I said, “I can guarantee a surprise.”

“Ok,” she said , “I have nothing else to do at the moment, let’s go.”

So we got in the car and drove back to my place and as before I parked a few houses away. “Dave,” Janet said, “what are we doing at your house and why are we parked a few houses away?”

“For the surprise we need to get into my house as quietly as we can and I need you to promise me that whatever you see or hear, you will not react or make a sound please.” I pleaded with her to be really quiet and not to make any noise. She eventually agreed, and I could see that she was starting to get a suspicion of what this was all about.

We got out of the car, silently entered my house and crept up the stairs. We both peeked through the gap in the doorway to see Kate on top of Bill, slowly sliding up and down. Janet’s hand went to her mouth. She made a little hitch noise in her throat but Bill and Kate were totally unaware of their audience. I put my arms around Janet and gently pulled her away toward the back bedroom, which had a fully made up bed. I shut the door silently and turned Janet around to face me. There were unshed tears in her eyes and her face showed how much she had been hurt. I hugged her close and I knew she could feel my erection. She looked up at me and whispered “Dave, what are we going to do?” in answer, I unzipped her dress.

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