A tale of two couples and Mum.

It all began about a year after I met my future wife, Linda, and my mate John met his, Jan, my wife’s best friend. We nearly always went out together and often had evenings in at my parents house. One evening we were in the front room on the couch kissing and feeling etc. when I suggested that we swap for a bit of fun. I was then kissing and feeling Jan and even had her bra open to her nipple when we had to stop.

Some time later my parents were away for a few days and we all settled down to an evening together with a few drinks and a pack of cards. I suggested a game of strip poker and we commenced taking our clothes off. The girls were somewhat shy about it but with some encouragement their tits were soon on display. I couldn’t help myself and bent down to suck Linda’s tit, she didn’t want me to but I insisted and persuaded until my lips were caressing her pink nipple. I noticed that John was doing the same to Jan so I pushed my luck a little further and started to slide my hand up between Lin’s legs. My dick was by now stuck out like a flag pole and I desperately wanted it inside her, but she wouldn’t let me get any further than stroking her soft hairy soaking wet mound in front of our friends so the evening came to an end and we went to bed. My dick was so big and hard with the excitement that I nearly carried her to bed on it. John and Jan were close behind, they were using the spare room. When we got to my bedroom I found that she was just as excited as I was and we were all over each other. I threw her on her back onto the bed and shoved my enormous cock up her pussy with absolutely no resistance, she was so wet, I buried my dick so far in I thought I’d be able to suck myself off when it stuck out of her mouth. After a minute or so of savage shafting I pulled out and dove down to slurp greedily on her pussy juices and sucking on her clit until she came with a shuddering gasp. I shoved my cock into her again for a minute or two of shagging then took it out for Linda to get her mouth round the head of my cock. She slurped and sucked and wanked me until I felt I was going to burst, but this come was going to be high up inside her pussy, so I pulled my dick out of her mouth and impaled her with it again. I shagged her unmercifully for several minutes before I shot my load, I thought I was never going to stop pumping but eventually it subsided. I pulled my cock out and it was still mostly hard so Linda dived on it with her mouth and sucked it in along with all the spunk and pussy juices on it, she couldn’t get enough. This, and the noises coming from the other room, made me rock hard all over again so I laid Linda down on the bed and slowly screwed her until we both came again. While I was shagging her and sucking her tits I kept thinking about Jan’s tits, they were smaller than Lin’s but had bigger nipples, I wanted to suck them nipples.

Some time after this we planned to go on a camping holiday together, so we took the tent to the beach to see if it was still ok after many years of disuse. After erecting the tent and having a snack Linda said that she had not noticed how late it was and she needed to get back home to study for exams, so John, being the only driver, took her home. It would take him about an hour to get back so I decided to try for Jan. We fooled around for a bit and then went inside the tent where I slid my arm around her waist to pull her to me, she didn’t resist and we kissed. The kiss grew heated and I slid my hand up her front to caress a tit. Again there was no protest so I eased her jumper up and took it off. My lips immediately dropped to the curve of her tit above her bra and whilst I was kissing her there my hands went round her back and undid her bra. Those tits were mine; well, for now they were, the nipples soft and delectable were all I had thought they would be. My shirt came off and I pulled her jeans and panties down. She lifted her feet out of the legs as I was nuzzling her silky pussy hair and undoing my jeans. I laid her down and really got to work on her pussy with my tongue, she was sopping wet and tasted lovely. My cock felt enormous so I slid up her body to savour her tits for a while and arched my back to get my cock into position. Then she said “now Don, fuck me hard” so I did until we both came in a deep shuddering explosion.

Over an hour and a half later John arrived back and we packed up to go home. I thought he looked a bit flustered and to my estimation some 30 to 40 minutes past when he should have been back but kept my thoughts to myself. Later that week we were alone again in the house and naturally started a game of strip poker and this time the girls were not so shy about removal of clothing. We all were almost naked when I reached over to Lin and caressed her tit, her nipples were already hard and excited so I slid my hand down to her pussy hairs, her legs parted and she turned her mouth to me for a kiss as I inserted my finger up her pussy. I then sucked her tit whilst shafting her with my fingers. I managed a glance across and saw that John and Jan were also at it, I then slid down in-between Lin’s legs and started to lick and suck at her pussy and the noises from nearby told me that John and Jan were doing the same. I knelt up and positioned my dick to slide into Lin’s pussy and John did the same with Jan. We both slid in at the same time feeling our girl’s tits, so I leaned forward to suck at Lin’s tit and after a short while leaned sideways to suck at Jan’s tit. John moved to her other tit to give me room and then we moved over to suck at Lin’s tits all the while banging away at their pussy’s. About five minutes of this later I pulled my dick out of Lin and motioned for John to swap, which he did and I noticed that his dick had enlarged like mine so we both felt like our dicks were like telephone poles. John slid into Lin and I slid into Jan both at the same time and the girls moaned with appreciation at the increased size of our dicks. We banged away until both girls came almost together and then John and I shot a huge load of spunk up into the girls’ pussy’s. What an experience, and the timing of orgasms was astounding.

We pulled our cocks out of the girl’s pussies and they sucked and licked us dry, then after wiping up most of the huge amount of spunk dribbling out of their pussies, John and I bent down to lick out and clean up our girl’s pussies. By the end of this I was rock hard again and I saw that John was as well so I said lets have a sucking contest, the girls suck our cocks until we shoot our load but who gets the load? The girls will suck us for one minute then we swap then back after another minute and so on the first to shoot his load loses. The girls readily agreed to this providing we did the same for them, so my cock went into Lin’s mouth and John’s into Jan’s and we started shafting our girl’s mouths. It took about twenty minutes before I lost and shot my load just were I wanted to, into Jan’s succulent mouth and John shot his some twenty seconds later into Lin’s while Jan and I watched her struggle to swallow it all. John and I then started our turn burying our tongues into their pussies, licking and sucking their clits. Some 15 minutes later Lin came whilst I was buried into her and Jan came soon after for John. Lin and Jan whispered to each other for a few seconds and the turned to John and I. “Now” they said “we want you to know what it feels and tastes like to do what we do for you, you are going to suck each other off and swallow the cum, after all we have been licking each other out for a long time, since we were fourteen”. John and I looked at each other and after a minute or so we both nodded and deciding to go first I knelt down in front of john and sucked his cock into my mouth. Pulling his foreskin back I felt and tasted the end of his cock. The skin was so silky that I concentrated on it for a time knowing that that was what I liked Lin to do. Then I started to bob my head back and forth and sooner than I expected John’s cock tightened up and he groaned suddenly shooting a load of spunk into my mouth. I automatically swallowed without even thinking and the taste of his cum was a bit salty but quite pleasant. I sucked him completely dry whilst realising that my cock was so rigid it was a bit painful. I got up and John knelt sliding my cock into his mouth and almost copying what I did for him. Sure enough, I didn’t last any longer than he did and shot my load into his mouth.

A few days later Mum and Dad were out and Lin and I were in bed shagging like there was no tomorrow when mum arrived back alone and came into the bedroom saying things like ‘how dare you’ etc. I was suddenly up on my knees with my dick jutting out all wet and shiny with Lin’s juices. I saw mum’s eyes widen and seemed riveted on my cock, she then turned and left the room. Lin and I got dressed and Lin went home whilst I went to see if I could calm mum down and get her to accept that Lin and I were shagging regularly. After talking to her a while, she was sitting and I was standing , she said she was sorry she had blown up but she was overcome by a wave of jealousy as she had not had sex for a long time as dad was often away and even when he came back he never made any attempt to shag her. I noticed that her gaze kept dropping to my cock area, so I took a chance and unzipped my trousers, her eyes widened and she licked her lips so I pushed my pants down revealing my already swelling cock and said “you could use this if you want”. Mum scooted forward grabbed my cock and stuffed it in her mouth, sucking and shagging my cock with her mouth for all she was worth. I reached down and slid my hand down inside her top to cradle one of her tits, tweaking her quite large nipple. She moaned, taking my now massively hard cock out of her mouth and started to undress. In seconds I was sucking on her nipples and fingering her sopping wet pussy and then I slid down to attack her clit with my tongue and lips. I couldn’t wait any longer so I knelt up and rammed my cock deep inside her pussy and started to shag her ferociously. “Oooh, wow” said mum “That’s the biggest cock I’ve had and it feels wonderful”. Mum came in a few seconds and again soon after, and then I buried my cock and shot a huge load of cum deep inside her whilst savagely sucking on her nipples. “Ooh, I have needed that for so long” she said and we both watched as I slid my cock out of her pussy followed by a stream of my white sticky cum. I gave her nipples another tender suck and told her that she could have it whenever she wanted. Mum had kept her figure very trim and was extremely attractive. I realised that at times in the past when I had accidentally seen her in her underwear I had felt a reaction in my cock and balls which I now recognised as the urge to fuck her stupid so I had no trouble getting a hard on for her.

Later that week I realised that Dad had not been home for a while and on being asked Mum said he had left and they were getting a divorce. I thought Dad was a right dickhead leaving this gorgeous woman so I wrapped her in a hug kissed her and started stripping her. We were both very quickly naked and I was shagging her like there was no tomorrow. The transition over the divorce was much easier for Mum as I kept her spirits up by injecting her with copious amounts of cum.

Lin and I soon started going up to my bedroom anytime Lin came to the house when she was assured my mum was OK with it and they soon became great friends although Lin didn’t know that mum had started listening outside my bedroom door when we were in the full throws of shagging. Mum told me that she particularly liked hearing Lin sucking me off and would really like to watch, it would get her so hot. I took to cuddling Lin and stroking her tits at odd times while mum was there and sliding my hand up her skirt while kissing her. It took some time but eventually Lin let me lift her tit out and suck the nipple while I had my fingers up her pussy and she started stroking my cock through my pants so I unzipped and she then had my bare cock in her hand sliding up and down the 9” length. I whispered to Lin “suck me off” so she glanced across to my mum who was watching wide eyed with her hand rubbing her pussy. Realising that this was what was wanted, Lin undid my belt and pulled my pants down while I lifted my shirt up, she then knelt between my legs and performed a masterpiece of sucking and licking until I rather noisily shot my load. I seemed to pump forever and Lin had a job to keep it all in her mouth whilst swallowing it, some dribbles down her chin proved that she was not quite successful. She lifted her head and we both looked at mum who had removed her panties a while back and rubbed herself to two climaxes during the time Lin had sucked me off. Lin and I stood up and I undressed Lin before sitting her on the edge of the couch. I sucked her tits and slid my kisses down her belly into her forest of silky hair to taste her pussy juices, she was soaking and it only took a minute or two for her to come and again a short while later.

Lin was looking closely at my mum and she recognised the look in mum’s eyes that she was desperate for cock and told me “to go and give her a shagging”. This surprised me but I moved over and while Lin watched closely, pulled my foreskin back and slid the bare end of my cock up and down mum’s saturated slit, then her pussy simply sucked my cock in and I started shagging her whilst sucking on her tit. I felt a tickling sensation on my ear and glanced to see Lin sucking mum’s other tit, she also had her hand down in-between us rubbing at mum’s clit. All this attention caused mum to have a massive orgasm, her muscles went into spasm, her pussy gripped my cock like I had never felt before and she had her hand on the back of my head and Lin’s head pulling us onto her tits. I shot my load but kept sliding in and out until I started to get soft and mum relaxed enough to let us go. I pulled my cock out and backed off a bit and Lin came to get in-between mum’s legs, she dropped her head down to mum’s pussy which was just starting to ooze my spunk. Lin licked up my spunk and did a thorough job all over mum’s pussy and clit until mum came yet again. During and because of this performance my cock was up again so I offered it to mum who eagerly took as much as she could into her mouth and I shagged her mouth whilst Lin attended to her pussy until soon after mum’s orgasm I shot my load into her mouth and down her throat.

We all then collapsed back into our seats naked, sweaty and somewhat tired. Mum said “thank you both for that, it was so good, I hope we can do it again” we both assured her that we would be very happy to. Then mum came over knelt in-between Lin’s legs and licked her pussy until Lin came, looked at my stiff cock and said that Lin’s pussy hadn’t had the benefit of a cock yet and she wanted to watch very closely. So I knelt between Lin’s legs and aimed my cock at her very pretty pussy with its slightly darker blonde hair than her head has and as mum peered closely I started to slip my cock into Lin very slowly as I felt the head go past the first muscle I drew back out and then pushed back in, the movement only being about 1” long, one that I knew Lin loved. After about two minutes I lengthened the strokes slightly whilst managing to caress mum’s nipple. Both mum and Lin were breathing rather heavily now and I transferred my fingers to mum’s pussy whilst shoving my cock in and out of Lin at full stroke giving her an orgasm. Due to previous activity and the closeness of mum watching me shag Lin I couldn’t hold on very long and shot my load. I pulled my cock out of Lin and mum took it into her mouth, sucking and slurping at our juices, then when my cock was clean mum transferred to Lin’s oozing pussy and cleaned that up as well.

John and I often went to the pub to have a quick pint and during one of these times I found out that indeed John had shagged Linda on the way home that day on the beach. I gently sounded him out regarding how he felt about my mum and was gratified to hear that he thought she was rather hot and would obviously like to shag her. I also discovered that he had no hang-ups about me shagging her. I then asked mum if she fancied a threesome with John and after some thought said yes she would. So, one day when both girls were having their periods John came to my house without knowing what was going to happen. We were sitting in the lounge when mum came in wearing very sexy clothing. A short but tasteful skirt and an almost see through blouse with a half cup bra underneath plainly visible and her nipples sticking out. After feasting my own eyes on her I looked at John to see a rather pole-axed expression on his face and a huge mound poking out the front of his trousers. Mum sauntered over to him placed her hand on his cock and said “are you that glad to see me John?” John could only nod his head with his eyes glued to her nipples which were only a foot away from him. Mum started to unzip his pants and he started to unbutton her blouse and he just got his hands on her tits when she got his 9” cock in her hand.

Their clothes fell to the floor very quickly and mum’s mouth found John’s cock with a huge slurping noise. I was slowly sliding my hand up and down my own length but would not slide it into that luscious pussy that was visibly presenting itself to me. I felt that John should have the first shag today. John pulled his cock out of her mouth and pushed her gently to the floor on her back then dived down to lick and slurp at her obviously soaking wet pussy. After a few minutes of this he slid up her body to take a nipple into his mouth whilst sliding his cock into her pussy. They both groaned with pleasure and he started to shag mum with long unhurried strokes until she came a few minutes later. Then his strokes got faster and about five minutes later mum came again and John followed suit, shooting a load of spunk deep into her pussy. A short while later John pulled his semi hard cock out of her pussy and I could hardly wait to replace it with my own extremely hard cock which was hurting from the pressure. I asked mum if she was ready for more, she looked at my cock and eagerly said yes, so I got between her legs and used my cock to scoop John’s spunk back up into her pussy and pushed my cock in full length. I was so worked up that I shagged her hard and almost savagely until she came and I shot my load at the same time. When I got my breath back I pulled my cock out and John and I watched as our spunk slowly oozed out of her pussy. We cleaned her up with tissues and then our tongues and we had a break for coffee.

John had his coffee sitting next to mum with his arm around her neck and his hand hanging down playing with her nipple. She was obviously enjoying this and was fondling John’s hardening cock and balls. John finished his coffee, put his cup down and slid his hand down mum’s belly into her mound and her legs opened to let his fingers delve into her pussy while his mouth sucked in her nipple. Mum managed to put her cup down with one hand while stroking up and down John’s hard cock with the other. With watching this my cock had grown and was very ready for more action, so I went over to stand next to mum offering my cock for her mouth which she accepted with a moan of pleasure. Mum and John rearranged themselves on the couch without my cock leaving mum’s mouth until she was kneeling and John was right behind her with a massive hard on which he drove into her pussy. He shagged her with long steady strokes causing mum to jerk back and forth onto my cock and I was soon struggling not to shoot my load too soon. I watched John until I could tell he was about to cum and we nodded to each other shooting our loads both at the same time. We pulled our cocks out and mum almost collapsed with a groaning sigh saying “That was fabulous, I came twice and then you both filled me up simultaneously which made me cum again. When we’re rested you can change places and we’ll do it again, which looks like it won’t be long” looking at our still semi hard cocks. Mum then moved round and took John’s cock still dripping into her mouth and slurped and licked him clean and dry then put both hands on his bum cheeks pulling his cock deeper into her mouth until her nose was nestling in his pubic hair and her chin against his ball sack, his cock was down her throat and as a result my cock was rock hard again. Mum was bent down whilst attending to John’s cock so I got behind her and lined my cock up for rapid insertion into her pussy, got hold of her hips and rammed my cock in as hard as I could. Mum groaned with pleasure whilst I shagged her and a short while later both John and I came within seconds of each other. Our cocks went down then and we both realised that they were done for the night. Mum said that the evening had been wonderful and she was happier than she had been for a long time.

Some days later I realised John had been sounding Jan out about mixing it with mum because we started planning an ambush on mum and in a few days we would meet and go to my house. The day came and the four of us arrived at my house and mum offered to make dinner for us all. We arrived and did the usual chit chat before dinner with a few drinks. Mum served dinner, which was great, and because I knew what was going to happen, my cock was hugely rigid so I pulled Lin’s hand over so she could feel it. She was trying to unobtrusively stroke me up and down but I saw that mum had noticed and her eyes were riveted on Lin’s arm and she seemed to be squirming on her chair. We had finished dinner and mum said “what would you all like for desert?” John was behind her by then and leaned over her shoulder sliding his hands down into the front of her blouse to cup her full breasts and he said “we want you”. “What?” she said, and Jan said “we are going to shag and lick you till you cum so much that you’ll be exhausted”. With that, Jan undid mum’s skirt and slipped it off with her panties then pushed mum’s legs apart and dove onto her pussy. John had his cock out and slipped it into mum’s mouth. Lin and I pulled mum’s blouse and bra off and we each sucked on a tit. I was watching Jan’s arse and decided that it was time to sink my cock into something juicy, so I knelt down behind Jan and slid my cock into her pussy shagging her hard until I felt the familiar surges of my cum so I said “mind out I’m cumming” so Jan moved over and I slid my cock into mum just in time to shoot my load deep inside her. Just then John grunted “I’m cumming now” so I moved over and he slid into mum and groaned through his orgasm which made mum have her first orgasm.

Lin knelt in-between mum’s legs and started to lick up all the cum that had started seeping out of mum’s pussy, my cock was still hard so I slid it up into Lin’s pussy and started to slowly shag her. Mum laid down on the floor and John dived on top ramming his cock deep inside her. The two girls moved to mum’s nipples and I thought I was getting close again so I moved my cock to mum’s mouth and I shagged her mouth until I shot a load down her throat. A short time later while I still had my semi hard cock in mum’s mouth being sucked dry John shot his load into her and when he pulled his cock out Jan sucked it dry and then licked mum’s pussy dry of his cum, continuing until mum had another orgasm (her fifth in about 20 minutes). John and I needed a break for our cocks to revive so we all took a break, except mum who I sat on my knee with her feet up on the table while I slipped my fingers of one hand in and out of her pussy and massaged her clit with the other and the two girls and John took turns sucking her nipples. After ten minutes of this mum came again and despite, or because of, mum being on my knee my cock was starting to revive and reared itself up between her legs. I eased mum forwards so she lifted up and my cock slipped into her, she was definitely enjoying herself as her pussy was dripping wet. Mum then told the girls to lie down so she could service them whilst I shagged her from behind. So they laid side by side with their hips touching and lifted their legs up so mum had easy access and started to lick out both girls in turn.

We took turns in keeping mum occupied and she seemed to be on the verge of an orgasm nearly all the time. After about three hours we were extremely tired and mum looked like a limp wet rag, totally exhausted but with a great big grin on her face and seeming to glow with happiness. We had to help her up to the shower and we washed her down then took her to bed. She was asleep before her head touched the pillow. We noticed that even deeply asleep she had a huge grin on her face.

It was at this time that I realised mum had changed, she seemed to look younger, was visibly happier and friends and neighbours commented on it to me. She was not beyond ambushing me in the middle of the night with her mouth around my cock. I would get home feeling a bit randy and would come up behind her to cradle her lovely firm 36DD tits in my hands and within a minute I would be inside her shagging like fury. I was very lucky that I had a very high sex drive and seemed to be able to keep getting consecutive hardons with plenty of spunk to match.

We did that many more times over the years, John, Jan, Lin and I got a big house between us and were very happy, no-one needed to stray. Lin and I had three children and John and Jan had four. No need for baby sitters and each couple could go on holiday away from the kids. Of course the holidays with all twelve, including mum, were great, incredible fun. With a minimum of two salaries coming in there were no financial worries.

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