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I learned all about sex from my mum and sister May. My first was my sister when I was a young teenager I occasionally used to sleep with her in her double bed especially in winter to keep each other warm. When I was 14½ and she was a very attractive, golden honey blonde, curvy 15 (almost 16) one night I was dozing off when I felt her lightly touching my cock through my pyjamas. I lifted my bottom off the bed slightly so that she knew that I was awake and her hand encircled my cock but stayed still. I pulled my pyjamas aside so that she then had hold of my bare cock which was, as usual, big and hard, a good 8½ inches long and already quite thick after some years of wanking three or four times a day. I closed her hand more tightly onto my cock, got hold of her wrist and moved her hand up and down. May continued the action whilst I reached over to cup her tit in my hand. I could feel that her nipple was hard and I was curious to see and feel how big it was so I pulled her top up to caress her tit naked. Her nipple was the size of a smallish cherry and I had the urge to suck it so I wriggled down and closed my lips round it. She let out a little gasp and her hand tightened slightly around my cock carrying on wanking me. I was getting close to cumming and I said to wait whilst I got her torch and a tissue from her bedside table and switching the torch on I held the tissue in place telling her to carry on. Her hand moved a little faster than before and I soon shot my load whilst she watched with great interest.

“Wow” she said and inspected my cock and balls minutely then she laid back so I reclaimed her nipples with my mouth and slid my hand down her stomach into her bush. My middle finger slid into her crack as though it belonged there and I felt her slickness get suddenly creamier just as the tip of my finger found her pussy hole, which seemed to suck my finger in. I worked my finger in and out whilst still sucking on her tits and my cock was already rampant hard. May had her legs wide open so I got myself in-between them without stopping sucking or fingering. My cock was now alongside my hand at the gates of pleasure so I took my finger out and slowly pushed my cock into her tight hole. Part way in I felt a slight resistance so I pushed harder and suddenly May gasped and whispered “Oww, go on, keep going” so I pushed my cock in right up to my balls. The sensation was incredible so I pulled almost all the way out and back in, then out, in, out, in . . . For some reason I knew I mustn’t cum inside her so I pulled out and shot all over her belly. After we cleaned up using a lot of tissues I inspected her pussy very minutely, it was very pretty, with slightly darker blonde hair and had an intoxicating musty smell to it, we whispered to each other how good it had been and that we should do it again.

The next day we both arrived home from school and the house was empty and knowing mum wasn’t due back for some time I put my arms round May and cupped her tits. “Ooh yes” she said reaching behind her to feel my already hard cock. She pulled my zip down as I was undoing her bra, got my cock out and stroked it up and down. I turned her round and started sucking on her lovely nipples while I reached under her skirt to push her panties down and slide my hand between her thighs; she was already very wet and eager for shagging. We moved over to the armchair and I had her sit on the edge so I could kneel down and slide my perfectly aimed cock into her pussy hole. I went in all the way up to my balls and started shafting in and out full length. After a couple of minutes May started to moan and clutch at me with her hands and I felt her pussy tighten onto my cock. I felt myself getting close and slowed down to pull out but she said, “Don’t stop” so I pushed the getting close feeling down and kept going. I was in serious danger of shooting my load inside her when her back arched, she moaned and the door opened with our mum walking in on us. I pulled my cock out of May and shot my load all over her belly.

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