Spending time with my girl and her sister home alone

I was having a pleasant lunch with my girlfriend Sharon, when she mentioned that her folks were going away soon for a few weeks holiday and asked me if I wanted to stay with her full time while they were gone.

“That would be awesome, would love too. What about Lynn?” I asked.

“She’ll be around, it’s her house too.” she replied a bit tersely.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that, she’s super cool, I just being curious as to how wild we can be.” I reassured her.

She gave me a naughty smile and quietly said, “It’ll be you needing a holiday after my folks come back.”

We enjoyed the rest of our food as we chatted about other things then made plans for the weekend, when we were off to a concert. I gave her a kiss and a squeeze as we said our goodbyes and went back to work.

I spent the rest of my day thinking about our chat, getting worked up at just the possibilities. We had been seeing each other on and off for a few years and although we both stayed with our parents, we had some great times together. Sharon was a beauty, a brilliant but fiery girl to be with and had a guy’s attitude to fucking, with a sex drive to match. I feel lucky but so is she. I’m a good bit over six foot, with thick, short dark hair and packing decent muscle on my large frame but she matches up, a good half a head shorter but was well toned and tanned with perfect medium sized breasts and athletic legs, almost a swimmer’s physique. With her straight blond hair and green eyes, we make a handsome couple and are both up for anything most of the time. Although this meant a lot of car sex and on friend’s couches, we had been on a couple of holidays and trips where it had been just us full on for the whole time. I knew what I was in store for and the reason for my awkward work hard on. I thought back to the first time we went away, when we both discovered the joys finding out what we had been missing, having fun filling the gaps in out sexual experience.

My thoughts drifted to Sharon’s sister Lynn. I wasn’t afraid that she would spoil it for us, she was as pretty as her sister and a top girl herself, great fun to be around. Sharon and I were both in our early twenties, Lynn a few years behind. Even though she was a similar height to her sister, she had a much softer build and was a little curvier with noticeably larger breasts. Sometimes it was hard to tell they were related until you studied their little gestures. I wasn’t worried about being with Sharon in her house with Lynn. She had even caught us at it a few times, bringing us some breakfast one time when she heard we were done. I often wondered what she thought about seeing us in action. As far as I knew, she had her own boyfriend so would probably be thinking the same about her sister and I being around. I parked my train of thought and got on with the rest of the day.

When the weekend rolled around I drove over to pick Sharon up at her house. She was still upstairs getting ready so I said hello to her folks and sat next to Lynn, who was sitting on the couch watching TV. She seemed a bit out of sorts so I asked her what was up.

“Another failed relationship, Alan dumped me a couple of nights ago. I really should know better by now.” she mused.

I had met Alan a couple of times, a prize arsehole. She was totally out of his league and she was right, her choice of boyfriend had been terrible since I’d known her and had met the few she had hooked up with.

“Even if he comes back tell him to beat it, he’s and idiot and you deserve someone much better.” I consoled her.

“Thanks Steve.” she leaned over and put her head on my shoulder and patted my arm.

I changed the subject, “I hear we are going to be roommates for a few weeks.” I said to her and smiled.

She brightened up, “Can’t wait to spend a bit more time with you guys,” then quietly, “As long as you two aren’t shagging all the time, that is.” She said, laughing.

It was great to see her smiling again. If the concert we were going to hadn’t been sold out months ago, I would have taken her with us in an instant. I don’t know why, but I leaned over an gave her a hug and kissed her on the top of her head. She seemed surprised but her smile returned. “We won’t make it weird for you, the three of us will have a great time hanging out, I’ve even managed to get some time off.” I told her.

“I take it Sharon isn’t off?” She asked.

“Sadly no.” I replied, “She loves that place too much, even if she wasn’t working, I have the feeling she’d still be there.” I said to her.

The ‘place’ was the local Gym where Sharon worked as a coach/attendant. Her varying early and late shifts were one of the few sticking points in our relationship and about the only thing that had caused us any serious rows. I also suspected that she had gotten a bit too close to some of the clientele in the past with a more ‘personal’ service experience. I didn’t ask and wasn’t told, which was fine by me.

“I know what you mean,” she said, “I’ve been there a few times, I don’t like it. Too many people in love with themselves. I’d rather just go for a walk.” She concluded.

I was about to agree with her but then thought to myself that a happy Sharon was a horny Sharon. That and the fact she was in super fit shape. It took me all my time to keep up, which I loved. I still did a couple of team sports and a bit running, so I was in pretty good shape myself.

“I might take you up of that, about time I explored around here a bit more, maybe you can show me the secret spots.” I said to her.

She smiled and nodded. “Some of the old horse trails in the valley where the mills used to be are amazing to have a wander around, you would love it down there.” She explained.

“Sounds great, it’s a date.” I replied, both of us laughing.

Just then Sharon appeared, she had put on a cropped t-shirt with a logo from the band we were going to see. It showed off her tanned belly and was framed with a faded blue pair of jeans that hugged her hips snugly. I could just see her burgundy underwear set poking out here and there, a favourite of mine. She had her blond hair down and some light makeup with red eyeshadow. Just then I felt a rush of both lust and pride in being with her.

“Hey you too.” She said.

Lynn turned round, “Looking great sis, you both do.” Looking back at me with a wink.

Sharon smiled at her, “Don’t wait up, you know the drill,” and to me, “Ready honey?”

I gave Lynn and pat on the leg and stood up then said to her, “See you later.”

“You guys have a great time, wish I could go with you,” She replied a little sadly.

“Us too, just a shame it’s a super-hot gig. Next time for sure.” Sharon tried consoling her with then headed for the door.

Outside I gave her a big hug and a kiss but she broke it off before her makeup got ruined so soon after spending time on it. “Whoa big boy, plenty to go around later,” she chided me, “What did Lynn do to you to get you started off?” She playfully quizzed me.

“Nothing, you just look super sexy tonight and I’ve been looking forward to this all week.” I replied. She smiled and we headed for the car. Chatting as we drove, the subject swung round to Lynn and her recent boyfriend woes. “What happened this time?” I asked her.

“Usual expectation issues. Her wanting the good things and her useless boyfriend wanting only one thing,” she continued, “That’s not always bad but she isn’t that confident yet in letting them know what she needs and ends up getting the piss taking out of her. Did you know she got ready to go out, then sat the whole evening waiting while the wanker got stoned with his mates and forgot about meeting her?” She was starting to get more annoyed and I tried to pacify her.

“She’s still young, she will probably cycle through a few wasters before finding her way.” I countered and patted her knee, “Her big sister will look out for her.”

“Of course,” she said quietly, “It’s just that she isn’t as hard edged as me at cutting the deadwood, she just needs to know how a normal relationship is supposed to be balanced out.” She left at that as we parked and headed in the venue.

After the gig we were still buzzing and raving about how great the band were. Wanting to keep the party going, we stopped for a drink at a pub on the outskirts. I was driving so I had a beer, then switched to juice while Sharon hit the vodka and soda. She was starting to mellow into it and I snuggled, kissing her neck and said to her, “Do you want to head home or do you fancy parking up somewhere for a bit?”

She replied conspiratorially, “Why would I want to do that Mr Steve?”

Rubbing the top of her leg, “Well Miss Sharon, it’s about time you got a full after gig debrief.”

She moved her hand over and started to rub my hardening crotch under the table, “I agree,” she replied kissing me, “Lead the way before we start bothering people here.”

We had a couple of ‘spots’ out the way and I headed for an old forestry track behind the estate where she lived. I parked and switched off the car, it was still a warm evening but was wet as it had been raining earlier so we were stuck inside this time round. “Front or back?” I asked her.

She looked at me then, “Let’s sit in the back.”

I grabbed a blanket I had and put it over the rear seat. We rolled down the windows, pushed the front seats forward and hopped in. I kicked off my shoes and stretched out across the seat, she did the same and lay across me facing away so I could hold her from behind. I moved her hair from one side and kissed the side of her neck, whispering, ‘I really enjoyed tonight, love you baby.’

She murmured, “Love you too honey, it’s not quite finished yet.’

I unfastened the top two buttons from her jeans and rubbed her toned but soft tummy, making circles lower and lower and until I reached the top of her knickers, dipping a couple of fingers just under the waistband. She wriggled and reached down to undo the rest of her buttons. I moved my hands up her sides and under the front of her t-shirt, cupping her breasts. I could feel her hardening nipples through the thin bra, rubbing them with the inside of my thumbs.

She turned round to kiss me then reached down to pull my shirt up and over my head, tossing it somewhere into the front seats. I did the same to her, adding her shirt to mine. She looked at me as she reached down to unbutton then pull down the zip on my jeans, only breaking eye contact to tug them down. She shuffled to the side and pulled each leg off, followed by the socks, and put them in growing pile. She gave my cock at tug through my boxer shorts, smiling when she felt it’s returning stiffness. She was on top again and we continued kissing, I ran my hands through her long blond hair as our tongues danced. I slid my hands down the back of her jeans cupping her tight bum, when I moved her cheeks apart in growing circles, she squirmed to get more contact. I slid her jeans down then sat up and pulled them off her lovely legs, kissing her ankles then moving up to her thighs eventually sitting back up again. Taking in the view, she looked magnificent in just her see through underwear, her erect nipples and bush clearly visible.

“You look fucking amazing.” I said to her.

“So do you honey, shift up.” She replied and smiled.

Both of us sitting straight up now, she swung over and put her arms around my neck, kissing my forehead, shoulders then mouth again. I could feel the heat from her pussy though the cloth as she started to rub herself against my covered cock.

I reached around and unclipped her bra, she moved her arms enough for me to slide the straps off and let it fall onto the seat. She squealed a little in disappointment as I lifted her up so I could suck on her nipple, pinching the other side in sync with my action. She moaned and rubbed the back of my head and neck, her tightening grip and change of breathing letting me know how things were progressing. I lay her down then switched to the other side. She lifted her legs and put her feet on my back, pulling me in to her. She moved her feet to my sides and pushed my shorts down my thighs. I reached down and tugged them, then kicked them off. Her nipples were fully hard now, dark brown and thick, shiny with saliva. I kissed and nibbled each in turn, then worked my way down to her belly button which I stuck my tongue in cheekily as I gripped the band of her knickers, she lifted her hips to help me scoot them off. I tossed them over my shoulder, forgetting about the open window, which they flew out of.

“Fuck!” I cried, then we both cracked up.

“Well, go and grab them before they get ruined. I really like those ones.” She semi scolded me but was still laughing.

I spun around and cracked open the door and reached down for the now soaked garment.

“Sorry.” I said as I held them up.

“No harm, just wet is all. Commando for the rest of the night then,” pointing to her pussy.

I took the hint, kissing her belly button and continued my journey down. I rubbed my nose in her thick bush, which was trimmed with a shaved gap on each side. I kissed each bald strip in turn and worked down to her completely hairless lips. I started with a long lick then poked my tongue into her moistening hole, drinking in the smell and the slightly acid taste of arousal. I kissed, then licked her clit before slipping a finger into her wet hole. Her hips were starting to move in rhythm now and she urged me, “Another finger baby!” I slipped a second in and started to rub her vaginal walls to match my now sucking motion on her clit. I could tell she was getting closer so I stopped sucking as I rubbed her clit faster with my other thumb. She was really starting to rub her legs down my sides and I leaned in to suck the nearest nipple. She started shaking and I felt her tighten up as her first orgasm hit, half moaning, half grunting through it. I waited until it had subsided and we kissed gently.

“Ahh honey, I really needed that one,” she sighed. I knew she liked a quick follow up so I quickly started the action on her clit again, “Nooooo!” she cried as she came again, “I was just getting over the first one,” she giggled as she got her breath back. “Lay back, honey.” she said, now focused on me.

“Why is that?” I jokingly quizzed her.

“You’re about to find out.” She said naughtily as I half sat, half lay across the seat. A car is not the optimal place for this, especially when you are a big guy, but you do the best with what you have. She gripped my cock and stroked me as we kissed, rubbing her pussy on my thigh, I thought she was building up again but she shifted downwards. I could feel her hair moving across my cock before I felt her kiss the head. “My nice big cock,” she declared as she showered it in loving mini kisses then engulfed it with her mouth. I moaned involuntarily and relaxed as I felt her tongue at work, masterfully working it as she gripped the shaft and softly caressed my balls with her other hand. She looked up at me and winked as she kept eye contact then kept on quickening her actions. I was started to feel a twinge in my balls so I gently rubbed her hair, a sign for her to slow down a bit.

“You’re going to make me cum.” I let her know.

“Uh-huh.” She encouraged me with a mouth full of cock.

“You’re not getting off that easy,” I said softly to her, “Especially not with a bum looking like that.” Nodding to hers sticking up and swaying in the air.

She stopped and spun around, showing me, then leaned half out the window, her magnificent tits on show for anyone that happened to be out here on a late evening. She surprised me by shouting “Steve’s about to fuck me!” Into the wilderness, addressing god knows who. We were both laughing as I gripped her hips and lined up and pushed into her wet, loose hole in one stroke. “Ooof,” she gasped at the initial penetration.

“Not laughing now, are we?” I asked her as I started to lightly stroke into her.

“That thing is no joke. Harder you big cocked bastard, I fucking love it!” she half cried, half moaned.

I started to lengthen my strokes and picked up the pace when I saw her grip the window frame a bit tighter. I got a hold of her bum as I pounded another cum from her. She shook and screamed into the night as it hit.

I pulled out and she clambered back into the car. I had almost shoved her out of the window, I hoped I hadn’t left any bruises that might get people talking.

“Sorry baby, got a bit carried away.” I said to her.

She waved it away, “I’m a big girl honey, my turn.”

I sat in the middle as she straddled me and sat on my cock, sliding down the hilt and stopping there. I caressed her tits as we kissed as she started a slow motion up and down, feeling her grip me inside her. I had almost cum just before after a while I whispered to her, “Going to cum soon.”

“Hmm,good.” She moaned.

“Where do you want it?” I asked her, a bit more urgently.

“Inside me, it’s a safe time,” she assured me, “I don’t want you messing up what’s left of my make up” she giggled.

I roared as I filled her up, and simply held on, feeling her grip on my shaft as her pussy milked my cum from me.

“Jeez.” I moaned as everything slowed down, “That was so good honey, love you so much,” kissing her neck.

“Hmm”, she murmured, “Love you my big bear.”

Checking on her to see if she needed any more attention I asked her, “You good?”

“Great honey, had another little mini cum at the end. Must have been good for you, it feels like you dumped a big load in me.” she said. “Pass me your shorts.” She motioned to me. I reached over and handed them to her, she slipped then on quickly before she leaked onto the blanket.

“What?” I began to ask before she cut me off.

“I’m not ruining my jeans, you can wear mine if you like,” laughing.

“No thanks, I’ll just rough it.” I said in reply. She balled up her bra with her wet knickers as we both got dressed. Her braless jiggling tits and still hard nipples distracting me on the way to drop her off. It was late when got back, her folks long ago retired for the evening. I popped in to use the toilet and say a quick goodbye before heading home myself. When we got to the living room, we saw Lynn had fallen asleep on the couch, a half empty glass of wine on the floor next to her.

The cover she had been sleeping with had fallen off exposing her bottom half. She was wearing panties but they had ridden up, exposing almost all of her lovely bum to us. Paler, rounder and much softer than her sisters, another of the contrasts they had, with her wavy brown hair against Sharon’s straight blond locks. Both stunning, just in different ways. I picked up the sheet to cover her, taking the chance to look a bit closer at her bum, seeing some hairs sticking out the sides of her pantie’s crotch, the faint stirrings of another hard on somewhere in the distance.

Sharon whispered to me, “I saw you looking, you dirty dog.” Playing with me.

I quietly replied, “Hard not to, she’s almost as pretty as you.”

She looked at me and raised an eyebrow then gently shook her sister, softly saying, “Lynn dear, time for bed.”

I suspected she had already been half awake as she seemed to come to quickly and sat up, giving us a sleepy smile, “Hey you two, how was the gig?”

We both replied that it had been a wonderful evening, she regarded us quizzically, trying to place something then teased, “Sharon, did they take your underwear at the door, I was sure you were wearing your own when you left and your tits weren’t flapping about.”

I nipped to the toilet and as I headed back, I paused as I heard Sharon admonish her about the wine and general malaise. “He was a fucking waster that was never, ever going to be good enough for you.” I heard her say to Lynn, her weakly replying that she would get herself sorted out. Then some quieter chat as they obviously were hugging then Lynn saying goodnight.

She rounded the corner as I waited, surprising me a little. “Hi,” she brightened then standing up, kissed me on the cheek. “Night,” she said, then whispered, “I knew you were looking at my bum”, then grabbed a handful of mine and scooted off giggling.

I turned and went back into the room, finding Sharon standing with her arms folded, “I don’t know,” she sounded mildly exasperated, “Sometimes I think all she needs someone like you to give her a good fucking to reset her benchmark on what a real man is supposed to be like. It’s just loser after loser.”

“Lynn will find someone to give her what she needs, she’s cut from the same cloth as you. It just takes time, eventually it rewards you with the experience you need to progress.” I consoled, “Besides, it takes me all my time to keep up with you.” She smiled and gave me a big hug, kissing me. I left her and headed home, many different thoughts swirling around.

The week followed the usual pattern. Sharon asked if I wanted to have lunch with Lynn and her, a thing we sometimes did. I headed out and met Sharon at work and we walked over to meet Lynn at the little Italian place we liked in town. On the way Sharon hinted that she though Lynn might be getting crush on me, and gently teased me about it. I asked her why she thought that.

“I was still wearing your boxers the morning after the gig,” she started, “I was in the kitchen grabbing breakfast and Lynn came down and joked about the size of them on me and I told her all that mattered was that you filled them.” She paused and bit her lip, “Don’t be mad but we were talking about cock sizes and yours in particular. Just the way it went, it was pretty odd chat but she seemed overly interested. I think she was just horny.” She concluded.

I said half jokingly, “Well, that’s not going to make this lunch or staying two weeks with you pair awkward at all.”

She just laughed, “What can I say, we’re sisters. We overshare, on a lot of things.”

“More than just the clothes?” I quizzed her.

“Everything except boys,” she replied then nudged me, giggling, “So far.” Both of us laughing as we left it at that.

We arrived and Lynn was already seated at a table, she looked different. I finally noticed what it was, she had put on some makeup and was wearing a little more colour than usual. I sat down and leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, “You look lovely,” I told her, Sharon pretending to scowl then smiled.

“You do honey,” she said to her, asking, “Any special occasion?”

“Just wanted to cheer myself up a bit and looking forward to seeing my two favourite people.” Lynn replied.

We ate and chatted and made some half plans for when their folks were away, Lynn had taken the first week off, same as me, but Sharon was struggling to get any time away. She had managed to get switched to early shifts, so at least we’d have days and evenings. Sharon had to get back so I offered to walk Lynn home as I was still free for the next hour. As we parted Sharon said to me within earshot of Lynn, “Don’t forget to ask her about the all the cocks,” which had the required effect as she turned beet red. Result achieved, she kissed me and Lynn and headed back to work at the gym.

Initially quiet as we started heading back, Lynn surprised me by taking my arm as we walked and I asked her how she was doing. “Oh, fine now.” She replied, “I had a good chat with Sharon over a bottle of wine, put everything to rights.”

I decided to delve a little deeper, “She seems to think you maybe jump in a bit too quick when dating. Can I be nosy and ask how many boyfriends have you had? I’ve only met a few.” I enquired.

“It’s not like I’m churning them over, I’m not that kind of girl.” Giving me an accusing look, “Honesty. Only five or six,” she mused, “Only a couple of serious ones that went into months.”

“What’s the ‘or six’?” I asked her.

“Holiday fling in Greece, the usual,” she said.

“You should know all about the cocks then.” I teased her.

She stopped and punched me on the arm, then took it again as we continued walking again, laughing, “I knew I shouldn’t have said anything to her. Your underwear looked huge on her was I said.”

“I can give you a pair if you like,” continuing the wind up.

Still laughing, “Maybe one day, I don’t think your girlfriend would approve though.” She looked up at me, “She’s right though, you are a big guy, maybe that’s where I’m going wrong. I always seem to end up with the little boys with shit attitudes.” Lynn concluded.

I regarded her as we eased along the road, “Is that what your chat was about?”

She thought and replied, “She just caught me off guard with the cock chat, I guess it’s been on my mind lately.” She tailed off then asked me, “Did she tell you what she did?”

“No,” I replied, “Just that you guys share a lot.”

She laughed, “We do indeed. When we were talking about the different shapes and sizes, she went away and came back with one of her toys hanging out the fly of your boxers shorts, waving it around saying Stevie time baby!”

These two are just like each other I thought, then asked, “Which one, hopefully not the bullet one.”

She giggled, “No, the big purple one. She said it’s just like you.” Looking up at me. I thought about the purple dildo she got a while back, we had even compared to my cock at full mast one time.

“Fair enough,” I conceded, then jokingly,”I hope she gave you a loan of it.”

Still laughing, quietly replying, “Actually, she did,” then teasingly, “I was using it before I came out.” She blew me a kiss and gigled as we walked. It got me thinking again and I was starting to harden now, trying to walk and adjust without her noticing. I subtly changed the subject and we soon reached the house. I gave her a big hug and she kissed me on the lips this time, grabbing me bum again. The kiss lingered a little longer than it should have and I said to her, “Thanks for a lovely lunch and even more interesting chat.” I regarded her standing there, “You do look really nice today, I’ll see you soon.”

“Thanks Steve,” she said, “Later.” Then waved as she headed inside.

I headed back, deep in thought. The next time Sharon and I were together, our post session chat drifted to my conversation with Lynn. She laughed, “She is a horny little minx.” I asked her about sharing the toys, curious as to how far that went. “Oh yeah,” she freely admitted, “Sometimes we watch each other.”

“What?” I replied, she immediately had my full attention. “Do tell me more.”

She naughtily said, “She used to come into my room, where it’s further from our folks’ bedroom, less noise,” continuing, “One time I interrupted her mid-session and instead of embarrassing her, I stripped off and joined in. We didn’t touch each other but the constant eye contact was one the most erotic things I’ve experienced, which is saying something.”

“That sounds super horny, is that as far as you guys have went?” I quizzed her, engrossed now.

“You are an animal!” She scolded me, “No. We’ve done a bit naked cuddling, sharing the same bed but nothing further.” Drifting into her own thoughts.

“Interesting, maybe I will have to get you two to give me a show.” I teased her.

She burst out laughing, “Keep dreaming son.”

The week leading up to Sharon’s folks heading off on holiday were pretty uneventful, but the sexual tension with her was definitely ramping up. A few glances here, casual touches in passing, closeness in conversation, I wasn’t sure where it was all leading. I asked Sharon about it, all she said was, “Get some rest, you’ll need it.” Winking. When her folks left for the airport, her Dad just gave me a pat on the shoulder and told me to look after his girls.

The first night, Lynn was out with her friends, Sharon and I watched some TV then retired to bed for a gentle session before we turned it in for the night. Sharon was sleeping and I got up to go to the toilet. Lynn still wasn’t back and, on a whim, I left a pair of my shorts on her bed to see what she would do, then headed back to bed and sleep.

In the morning, Sharon had already left when I came to and I had a shower then got dressed. I was sitting on the couch when Lynn came down and I asked her how her night went.

“Great,’ she said, “Really nice to catch up with a few people I hadn’t seen in a while. I thought I better give you two some peace as well.”

“I told you that wasn’t necessary, but thanks anyway. We had a quiet one.” I said to her. It was then that I noticed what she was wearing under her long t-shirt she had worn to sleep. “I see you got my present.” I pointed out, laughing.

She sheepishly replied,”I was a bit drunk last night and I put them on when I came in. I forgot I was wearing them, sorry.” As she was leaving she slid them quickly down and off, then picked them up and handed them to me before heading off for a shower. I held them up to my face to inhale her scent.

A little embarrassed, I headed out without saying my goodbyes and did some errands. When I returned both girls were home and we arranged a food delivery. We watched a movie and chatted into the early evening before retiring for the night. Sharon was a little bit more fired up than the night before and was noisier too. After we were done, I was catching my breath and I heard some gentle moaning next door. “We must have set Lynn off.” I whispered to her.

“She was watching us earlier, I saw her at the door.” Sharon whispered back.

“Shit,” I quietly uttered, “I didn’t want her to be the gooseberry while I was here.”

She rubbed my chest, “She doesn’t sound like she’s having a bad time, I’m wondering if she’s imagining you fucking her.” She whispered, grabbing my hardening cock, “Seems you like that idea.”

“Maybe it’s you she’s thinking about,” I said quietly back, “I could be getting tuned on thinking about that.” She moaned gently and starting sucking my cock. I started rubbing her pussy in time with the moaning next door and soon all three of us were making noise again.

Sharon left early again in the morning and I headed downstairs to grab some coffee and toast. I was lost in my own thoughts when I heard Lynn coming down the stairs, she saw me an did a little jump. “Oh, didn’t think you were still here.” She said. I saw she was wearing her nightshirt again, this time with her own shorts. I just had on my shorts and caught her having a quick look to check me out, it was then I caught a glimpse of what she was holding. When she saw me looking she tried to hide it then held up the two dildos for me to see. “Caught!” Lynn sighed.

“Do you want me to leave?” I asked her.

“No,no. I was just heading to the kitchen to wash up before putting them back in Sharon’s drawer.” She explained.

“Want some toast?” I asked her pointing to the plate.

She sat down beside me and grabbed a slice and started to bite into it. “Thanks,” she said in between bites. I got up and made some more, and some tea for her. I sat back down we ate and drank, enjoying the quiet.

“Sorry if we made too much noise last night.” I said to her, “I really meant it when I said I didn’t want you to feel awkward with me staying here.”

She put her head on my shoulder and her arm over her chest, “I love you being here, it makes me feel safe.” Quickly following it up with, “The shagging is something else entirely, it’s doesn’t help with my horniness. At all.” She giggled.

I put my arm around her and pulled her into me a bit more. I could feel her soft braless tits and her hard nipples pushing into my side through her shirt, I was starting to harden again. I kissed the side of her head saying, “It sounded like you did alright yourself last night.” She started rubbing my chest, working lower until I grabbed her hand and held it. “Lynn,” I whispered, “I would love to help you out, but your sister says you share everything except that.” She moaned a little disappointment and looked up at me, our eyes met as we kissed gently, breaking it off and moving slightly apart.

I saw her looking at the bulge in my shorts as she reached over for the one of the toys, the purple dildo. She held it near my cock and said “Jeez, Sharon wasn’t kidding,” then, “Is that as big as it gets?”

“Not quite, I need more stimulation for that.” Making a show of looking at her legs and covered tits.

She laughed and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and got up to head for the kitchen. I shouted through to ask her if she wanted to go for a walk and she replied yes. I headed upstairs to calm down as well as get showered and dressed.

We headed down to the old railway path, into the back of town I hadn’t been too. She showed me Sharon and her old schools and we chatted easily. As we headed back she took my hand as we walked and said, “I hope this morning wasn’t too weird, I just got a bit of a shock seeing you there half dressed.”

“Not at all, I’m beginning to enjoy our mornings together. I was thinking about it earlier and I’m sorry if I presumed you wanted sex and made it strange.” I replied.

She looked at me and gripped my hand a bit tighter then replied, “I did!” then sighed, “But you are right, it’s not fair on Sharon,” then sadly, “I think I’m missing the idea of it more than the actual thing.”

“She said you were watching us.” I gently probed her.

“I had a quick peek but couldn’t see much, a real shame. You guys aren’t exactly subtle. I was heading back from the loo, you can’t blame me.” She thought about the admitted, “She looks like she has a much better time with you than I ever had with my guys.” Looking a little sheepish.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” She nodded and I said to her, “How many guys have you slept with?”

She bumped me in the side then said, “Only 3 believe it or not and one of them was the two night stand on holiday I told you about.” She looked at me and asked, “What about you?”

“A gentleman never tells,” I said winding her up then, “More than 3”.

“I’ll bet,” she said suspiciously, then laughing as she said to me, “I can see why my sister keeps you around.”

We changed tack and chatted about her plans for the day as we headed back, both of us seeing friends later and I was heading out to the cinema with Sharon. Lynn was sitting in the living room as I left and I said to her, “Bye. If I don’t see you later, see you in the morning.” Nodding to the couch, she just smiled and gave a little nod.

I relayed my day to Sharon later, she wasn’t surprised but said she would have a word with Lynn tomorrow as they were meeting for lunch. I explained that I didn’t want to cause trouble and she assured me it wasn’t an issue, she just needed to remind her of the rules again. I quickly changed subject and asked her to tell her that I had managed to get a reservation for the three of us at the weekend at our favourite bistro. She squealed in delight and kissed me. Lynn wasn’t home when we returned so it gave us the chance for some alone time.

I woke up with Sharon in the morning, she kissed me left for work and I drifted off for another couple of hours before getting up. I half thought about the morning before and slipped on the smaller briefs I had with me and headed downstairs. I made some coffee then ate some fruit and read a bit from the latest book I was into. I heard Lynn upstairs pottering about for a while so I made her some breakfast while waiting for her to come down. I thought I was clever wearing what little I had on until I saw her.

“Morning” she said softly when she came in the door. She was wearing a little pink see though bra with lace flowers that covered the nipples but hardly contained her large breasts that were bouncing about as she walked, and a matching G-string that had a satin panel to cover the front.

I just about choked as I coughed out, “Morning,” then pointed to the food I had made her. She smiled and padded barefoot before sitting down in the same spot at yesterday, kissing me on the cheek. I looked her over at her milky white tits bulging as she ate breakfast.

“Shit!” She exclaimed and quickly jumped up, then headed off upstairs. As she turned and left I got half a glance of something wedged in the little, single back strap of her tiny knickers. She returned a few minutes later with the purple dildo that was obviously a favourite of both of them. She stood there waving it, giggling, “I forgot this.” She laid it on the table in front of us and resumed her position beside me. She snuggled into my side and said quietly, “I used it again this morning.”

I started to harden as she was rubbing my chest as I said to her, “Thinking about our morning routine?”

She purred, “Yes, getting that big cock hard to see how it compared,” nodding at the dildo.

I whispered to her, “I want to let you try. We discussed this, I can’t.”

“I know,” she softly replied, “We can still have our little play tho,” now rubbing my stomach.

I looked into her eyes and kissed her, a deep kiss and she softened and hugged me in tighter. I pulled her over to me more and felt her tits push into my chest. I ran my hands down her back to her lovely curvy bum and cupped a cheek and squeezed, then reached around with my finger and found what I was looking for. She moaned and I broke off the kiss and said to quietly to her “You are a very naughty girl,” pushing the top of the plug she had put in her bumhole.

She sat around and looked at my cock, now rock hard in my briefs, you could see the head and veins clearly through the thin material. She picked up the dildo and laid it on my thigh. “A little bit bigger that purple Steve, but I reckon I could still manage it.” She said, almost to herself.

“No doubt,” I said to her as I took her hand and laid it on top of my covered cock. She licked her lips as she ran her fingers up and down it, squeezing and exploring.

Mesmerised, she continued her exploration and declared, “I’ve never had even one close to that,” she said, “It’s so thick.”

I kissed her as she rubbed my cock through the cloth and asked her,”Tell me about the plug.”

She smiled and replied softly, “It was Sharon that got me thinking about it a while back, I’ve started to like toys, there but never tried it for real.”

I got her to spin round so I could see. I ran my finger under the string between her cheeks. I wiggled the plug head with my thumb, then over her covered pussy, feeling the heat and dampness. She moaned and pushed back. I was running my finger over the curly hairs poking out the side when she asked, “Do you think I should shave it down there?”

“No way.” I told her, “I love the natural look you have,” running my hands down the inside of her thighs the back up to her bum. I sat her down and pointed to my tented out cock, laughing at it. “So much for a quiet breakfast.”

“So, was that enough stimulation for you?” She quizzed me.

“It appears so. I need to let this go down now before I fuck you and things up with your sister.” I honestly told her.

She pouted and laughed, rubbing he pussy through her knickers before declaring, “Purple Steve to the rescue again then,” then kissed me and headed upstairs. I heard not so gentle moaning as I headed past her room to get shower, almost stopping but thought better of it. I got dressed then cleaned up downstairs and was getting ready to head out when Lynn reappeared, wearing jeans and a scooped purple top that showed off her generous cleavage. She reached up and put her arms around my neck and I kissed the top of her head.

“Say hello to your sister for me and enjoy your lunch.” I said to her.

“We will, where are you off to?” She replied.

“I need to check in with my folks, then I’m heading to grab food with one my mates. I’ll be back a bit later.” I told her.

“Enjoy, see you,” she said cheerily then headed off in the direction of the kitchen.

When I got back in later, Sharon was sitting in her nightie watching the TV as I plumped down beside her and kissed her.

“Hey,” I greeted her with, “How was your day?”

She smiled and replied, “Work was quiet, so I got to use the Spa. I needed it,” then, “How did you go, everyone alright?” She asked.

“They are fine, Mum was complaining about you stealing me away but that’s what Mum’s do. How was your lunch?” I asked her.

She shifted a little and blushed, saying quietly, “Fine.”

“Don’t tell me you two had a fight.” I said to her.

“No, it got a little heated at lunch but it was what happened later.” She said.

“What, where is Lynn?” I asked her.

“She is upstairs, in her room. Don’t worry, it’s all good.” She patted my arm.

“What’s the story then.” I asked her.

She clicked off the TV. “I’ll tell you in bed,” and headed upstairs.

I sat puzzled for a moment then followed her, wondering what sort of trouble I had caused between them, silently cursing myself.

We got into the room and she slipped off her nightie and slid under the covers, then turned to watch me undress. I slipped in beside her, feeling her warmth as she cuddled in a lay her head on my chest. I played with her hair and asked her, “What happened baby?”

She lay up beside me and we kissed and then began, “Well, she told me about your little morning get togethers, which I wasn’t best pleased about, but I trust you and you didn’t let me down. I reminded her about our rules about keeping boys to ourselves and she flat out asked me if you could fuck her.”

“What did you say to that?” I replied cautiously.

“I told her no of course, and she went into a little rant about how we were lucky we had each other and how lonely and frustrated she was just now. When I told her to cool her heels when she was alone with you, she took the huff and fucked off home. I went back to work and decided to smooth it over when I got back.” She explained. She thought a little and asked me, “Do you want to sleep with my sister?”

I wondered if it was a trap but decided honesty was probably the best policy. I answered, “Of course I do, and she is almost as beautiful as you are. I not a fucking idiot though, I’m definitely not trading one for the other.”

“Good,” she smiled and hugged me a little tighter.

“What happened when you got back?” I asked. Again she shifted a little, “Well? I think there is a lot more to this.” I pressed.

“There is,” she replied, “When I was getting changed in here she came in and asked if she could talk to me. I had cooled off by then and gave her a hug and we both apologised for going off on one earlier.” She started rubbing my chest, “We sat on the bed and chatted about things for a while before I asked her what was on her mind. I had joked about you asking to watch us and she asked about us all doing something together.”

“Did you tell her we are going out on Saturday?” I asked.

She nodded then explained, “She didn’t mean that you dope.”

“Oh!” I replied feeling a little stupid, “How did that conversation go?”

She continued, “I asked her if she was up for crossing that many boundaries, which she said she was. I wasn’t so sure but my pussy was. I told her to lie beside me, right where you are now.” Her hand moved down to my stiffening cock and she kissed me, “Are you enjoying my story?” she asked.

“I am, tell me what happened?” I asked a little more urgently, needing to know more.

Relishing telling the story now, she continued stroking me at now full stiffness. “I played with her hair while we chatted then gently kissed her on the head, neck and lips. She did the same to me, I told her she needed to strip to her knickers like me which she did, a lovely little pink pair I believe you approved of.” I moaned a little as she gripped me tighter, “Naughty boy.” she admonished me. She quietly continued, “As we held each other and I asked her if she had been with a girl before and she replied only really with me. I told her that I had, but I have been drunk but remembered to it being very different to men, and that I hadn’t really done the threesome thing properly.” Still relaying her tale.

I was too into it to pull her up on more details of this revelation, but made a mental note to pursue some details later. I was scared to interrupt her flow, “Keep going.” I gently pleaded with her. She said nothing but moved down to suck my cock and I spun her into a 69 to return the favour. I could taste her arousal already and I gently probed her with my tongue and finger.

She stopped sucking. “Gently,” she said quietly, “I’m still sensitive from earlier.”

“Earlier?” I asked her again.

She turned around and sat on my lap, her wet pussy lips splitting and sliding along my shaft. She leaned over to kiss me and continued to grind. She paused to tell me, “I asked her if she wanted to play with some toys and she got up and grabbed the same ones we used last time. I told her to use the black one you got me and asked her to take my knickers off. She was a little hesitant and I had to ask her again. She slipped them off and I spread my legs. She seemed unsure and I told her to fuck me with it.” She revealed.

“Wow.” I softly exclaimed, “I wish I had been here.” I felt her grinding get a little faster then she reached back and put my cock into her, she was so slick the full length went right in. “I think you’re enjoying telling me.” I said to her.

She gently rocked on my cock, then gasped, “It was so fucking horny, once she got started she was right into it. I was rubbing my clit but she got made me cum quick enough. She didn’t stop and I soon was cumming again. I had to stop before I got carried away. She lay down and we held each other again. I was kissing her asked if she wanted me to do the same to her.” She uttered. I was rubbing her clit while she spoke, getting progressively more ragged and she suddenly came, triggered by the recent memory.

I kissed her then whispered, “Love you baby,” as she got her breath back. I was still solid inside her and was desperate to find out what had happened, I said to her, “You need to tell me the rest.”

She smiled and looked naughtily and me, I felt her squeezing me. “I bet you would, you dirty boy. I bet you are wondering about me naked, here with my little sister. I don’t know if I should keep telling you our secrets.” She giggled as I pulled her down and rolled her over. Now on top, I held her arms and started to stroke in and out of her, she moaned, and I sped up, getting her close to cumming. I slowed down and stopped. She gave a little agonised cry of frustration.

“Spill.” I said, “Or no more cums.” She wriggled for a bit, playing the game.

“Okay, okay. I’ll tell,” she laughed. I released her arms and she reached for my hips, pulling me into her. “Lynn just looked at me, then lay where I had been and slipped off her knickers.” She paused then asked, “Did you see her pussy?” she asked me.

“Sadly no.” I replied, “So you will have to tell me about it.”

“It’s a lot bushier than mine, hairier than I remember her being last time. She was wide open, so wet. She smelt more aroused too, probably being around you.” She gasped as I picked up the pace again then slowed to let her focus, determined not to cum myself, although I could feel it brewing. “I picked the purple one that both of us like and asked her if she was ready for ‘Steve’. She nodded and it slid right in, she was soaking.” She continued before tailing off. I told her to rub her clit and really started to pound her. She got progressively louder until she reached another orgasm again, really strong this time, almost forcing me out but I pushed in to prolong her cum. She recovered and I asked her if she wanted me to stop, “No,no. Go slow for a bit, my pussy is throbbing.”

I was gently rocking my hips as I quietly asked her, “Tell me about fucking your sister.”

She closed her eyes and started, “I told her to touch her tits, I was turned on by how hard her nipples were. I wanted to kiss and suck them but I didn’t want to freak her out. I used the dildo on her and was stroking it full length when she came, a big one.” She opened her eyes as she felt how hard I was getting then said, “Don’t cum in me, I’m not sure it’s safe. Let me stroke you while I tell you the rest.”

I slid out, slightly bummed but still solid. Sharon uses the rhythm method as she doesn’t want any hormones messing her up. It sucks but hasn’t let us down, although we’ve enjoyed a few risky calls along the way. We held each other and kissed gently and before she started tugging me again. “My big boy not happy?” Dhe asked.

“Are you kidding me, this is amazing. Keep going baby, you are going to make a mess soon.” I signalled to her.

“Just give me a little warning.” She quietly asked me.

“How did it end up with you guys?” I urgently asked her.

“Oh that,” she giggled as she slowed down the action on my cock, edging me. “We kissed and held each other and she asked again about the three of us.” She teased as sped up the action again.

“Well?” I demanded.

“I told her I would think about it”. She whispered to me.

“I’m cumming!” I shouted to her, but she had anticipated it, she quickly covered my cock with her mouth as I started to convulse and fill her with my spunk. She gently massaged my balls as my eruptions become less strong. She smiled and opened her mouth to show me my cum then closed it and quickly swallowed then stuck her tongue out cheekily. I got my breath back and held her with me. Once the sex fog had cleared, I was able to process her story a bit more clearly. “What’s to think about?” I asked her.

“Well, I’ve got the most to lose here. I could fuck things up with my boyfriend and sister if it goes arse over tit.” She explained.

“I suppose you are right” I reasoned to her, “It’s entirely up to you, I love you both and I would never do anything to hurt either of you.” I said to her.

“I know honey, I love you both too and I think it would be amazing experience to have.” She replied.

“What does Lynn think?” I asked her.

“She was a little frustrated I didn’t want to jump right in. We discussed the various consequences and she said that I was right and would be happy with what I decided.” She replied.

“Consequences, like what?” I asked.

“Oh, the whole incest thing, little things like birth control and I told her you would probably want her arsehole, since it’s virgin territory.” She teased me.

“You know me so well, how did that do down?” I replied.

“All Lynn said was wait and see. Anyway we have a couple of days, I’ll weigh it out and let you know before we go for our meal. In the meantime you better behave yourself. She’s been warned too.” She said. We talked for little while longer then tiredness overtook us and we drifted off. I didn’t even hear her go in the morning and hadn’t really thought about Lynn until she appeared downstairs at breakfast.

“Morning” she said cheerily the asking, “None for me?” pointing to the food. She was dressed a bit more normally this morning in a longer nightie and still had a sleepy look. I told her to sit down and headed to the kitchen. I made her some tea and cereal then gave her it and sat down next to her. We chatted as she ate and I finished mine.

“No show and tell this morning?” I teased her.

She smiled shyly “Not this time, my sister had words yesterday.” She said quietly.

“I heard you guys had quite the time,” I said to her, “I really enjoyed hearing all about it”.

Her eyes widened a little. “Is that was all the noise was about last night?” She asked.

I got a little more serious asking her, “How are you feeling about things now?”

She thought and answered, “I see her point and I guess I let the hormones run a bit riot, Sharon and I are lucky that you had the willpower not to just jump in first chance.”

I nodded in agreement and said to her, “Not that I didn’t want to of course, it was touch and go yesterday morning.”

She laughed and cuddled in to me, replying, “For sure. What do you think she will decide?”

I answered, “Honestly I don’t know. It all depends if slutty Sharon overcomes her guilty angel. Could go either way. If she says yes, we are all in for a hell of a night.”

She squirmed a little and snuggled in a bit closer. “I hope she says yes,” she whispered, “I really need some cock.” giggling.

I rubbed her thigh, going under her nightie as I told her, “I would love giving you it. I want to see you getting some pussy too.” Teasing her again, as she went quiet.

“I wasn’t sure until yesterday, but now I really want to be with you and Sharon.” She said.

I kissed her and said, “Let’s just see what happens baby.” We lay like that for a while before getting organised for the day and heading out for a walk. We held hands as before, a lot more relaxed but with less chat, enjoying the quietness of the park. Sharon came home and nothing was mentioned about the past few days. All three of us went out to the cinema and had a few drinks before heading home. All very relaxed, no pushing the issue and I was glad for the lack of tension.

She knew what I was thinking as we lay touching in bed saying only, “Tomorrow baby,” and left it at that as we enjoying some gentle lovemaking before sleep overtook us. I woke in the morning as she was getting ready to go. She kissed me and asked, “Are you sure you want to fuck me and Lynn?”

“Only if I have to.” I replied, trying for nonchalant but sounding over eager.

She laughed, “Good, get some rest today you horny bastard.” She was still laughing as she headed in to say goodbye to Lynn before she left. I lay there in thought for a little while then looked over when I heard Lynn enter the room. She sat on the side of bed and reached under to rub my arms and chest.

“I’m so excited, she just told me.” she said and slipped under the covers. She lay with her head on my chest and I played with her hair.

“Me too, but we need to wait for her.” I said.

“I know,” she sighed, then lay of her side to talk to me, “I was just try to sneak a preview,” and smiled.

I reached over and touch her tits through her nightie for the first time, cupping one and feeling her nipple harden. “Two can play that game,” I told her. We held and I kissed then I flipped her onto to her back and lay between her legs, our underwear as a barrier. She moaned and moved her hips as we dry humped for a little while then stopped. I gently kissed her neck and whispered, “Those knickers better not be here later.” She looked at me with hungry eyes and smiled a gentle nod. We slowed things down and held each other the got up to get ready. We both had errands to run otherwise things might have progressed differently. As we chatted, preparing to leave, I jokingly asked her if she wanted me to wear anything special later. She laughed and replied, “Those little white pants from the other day.” I chuckled as I remembered.

Half serious, she asked, “What about you?”

“Oh, I like Blue. I think it would suit you,” partially caught off guard. She looked thoughtful and nodded. We hugged a goodbye and I left.

I caught up with my friends and had lunch with my parents before spending an hour in the gym. I was feeling pumped and while I was standing in the shower, my thoughts drifted to the evening. What if anything would happen? A few doubts crept in about all the various scenarios could play out, I shook myself out of it and resolved to go with the flow. I stopped by the store on my way home to pick up some champagne for the ladies that my budget allowed for, it was still the good stuff. I parked and headed in. When I opened the door I heard chatter and laughing then saw Sharon and Lynn sitting together on the couch, obviously enjoying the bottle of wine that they were sharing.

“Hey honey,” said Sharon, brightening up when she saw me.

“Hi Steve,” said Lynn with a cheeky smile.

“Ladies. I bring gifts.” I said and held up the bottles.

“Ohh,” Sharon said, taking them, “Good choice, you are welcome back anytime.”

I sat down and asked them how there day had been, Sharon said she had been busy so that had burned up the day. Lynn had been with friends and seemed a bit more chilled for it. I nodded to the bottle. “Don’t worry,” said Sharon, “It’s only the first, we won’t be getting sloshed before we head out.” It was a few hours until we had to grab our table so, knowing Sharon, I suggested they get a move on. “In that case I’m taking one of these,” she said as she grabbed one of the bottles I’d brought and headed upstairs, followed by Lynn who looked at me as she left, strangely quiet. I watched a game that was live on the television, reckoning that it would give me enough time to get ready after. Once it was finished, I got changed into clean underwear, the one that had been requested plus black shirt and trousers. I combed my hair in the mirror, listening to the music and laughter next door, wondering what I had got myself in to.

As I was sitting on the couch, things quietened down upstairs. I stood up just as Sharon came in. She came over and slipped her hand around my waist, then kissed me on the cheek. “Looking good honey,” she said approvingly as she checked me out.

“Stunning.” I replied, seeing her properly, “You look gorgeous baby.” She looked like a fucking goddess. She had straightened her blond hair which was down just past her shoulders, her green eyes were perfectly framed by the burnt orange eyeshadow she had applied and her trademark dark red lipstick. She had complimented it with a red topaz necklace and matching earrings. Her black sleeveless cat suit perfectly displayed her toned and tanned shoulders and arms and the high cut waist that perfectly shaped her rear. She had on high black heels to get her nearer my height and I presumed, black stockings, I ran my hand over her bum then down to her side to check. Hold ups I discovered, which meant she had her black sheer underwear on. Perfect.

I looked up to see Lynn standing there and held out my other arm to welcome her into our embrace. She stepped nervously over, then into our arms. “You look absolutely killer Lynn.” I said to her as she smiled and followed her sisters lead and kissed me on the cheek, gripping me a bit tighter. She had brushed out her wavy brown hair that framed her face and was wearing smoky blue eyeshadow and a light pink lipstick with subtle blusher. She had on some sapphire earrings and a chain with a blue stone in it that sat perfectly between her large breasts. She had on a marine blue midi dress and black boots with a mid-heel. At second glance her breasts did looked a lot bigger than normal and I saw the strap to what I recognised as Sharon’s blue Basque. Maybe a little too small for her, but it amplified the effect of giving her a killer hourglass shape. I knew then that it was blue stockings she had on, she looked electric. I could smell the two different brands of perfume fighting for space with my aftershave. I didn’t think we were going to be popular with the cab driver.

“I’m pretty speechless with how you guys look, honestly, amazing.” I told then still stunned.

“Well, you did bring us champagne, so we thought we make the effort.” Lynn replied.

“Yeah, you are handy to have around so you can hang with us for a bit.” added Sharon nudging me in the ribs.

We were still laughing and joking as we piled into the taxi, I sat in the middle, holding each of their hands as we made the short trip to the bistro. I had booked a booth in the corner so we could have relative peace as I knew the place would be busy. I followed Lynn as she slipped in, then Sharon completed our C shaped collective. We ordered drinks and our first two courses then chatted about things we had coming up and Lynn relayed the gossip from her time with friends in the afternoon. In between courses Lynn headed to the toilet, giving me a chance to chat alone with Sharon.

“Hey sexy girl,” I said to her, “Enjoying your evening?”

“I’d forgotten how much I loved this place. The company is okay too, I suppose.” She replied, smiling.

I snuggled in, mindful of not making a scene and quietly asked her, “Is Lynn alright, she seems a bit quiet.” Looking over to the toilet.

“She’s fine,” she replied, “Maybe a bit nervous, as we probably all are.” She reached under the table and moved her hand up my thighs to my cock asking, “Are you ready?” I looked at her and gave a gentle nod as she said, “Relax honey, let’s have a perfect evening.”

Before I could reply, Lynn returned and we continued our meal, the girls returning to wine as I stuck to vodka. I was getting a warm buzz on as we ordered dessert. I got up to use the toilet and when I returned, Sharon got up to head there, leaving me with Lynn. She looked a look more relaxed as I slid back in beside her. I asked her how she was enjoying herself and she admitted that she was worried about being the odd one out but had been nervous about it for no reason. I put my hand on her knee and asked her, “I had wondered where the horny girl from all this week had gone.”

She laughed as she replied, “I’m keeping a lid on it until later, you’ll see.”

I moved my hand up under her skirt as we looked as each other feeling her stocking tops and rubbing the bare skin above them. She moved and held my hand from going any further. “The blue is perfect, I love those stockings.” I told her. She blushed a little and moved her hand over to my thigh. She kept going and placed it over my cock, making it start to stiffen a little. She still was gently rubbing it when Sharon returned.

“I clocked you pair from over there, calm it down for fuck sake. I like it here.” Feigning mock annoyance then looking at me, “And you, get rid of that goofy grin, you look like a dog with two cocks.” She said, laughing.

“I feel like it.” I said to them both, setting us all off as our desserts arrived. We enjoyed the rest of the meal and travelled back to the house in a relatively strange but relaxed silence. I rested my hands on each of their knees, both of them covering it with theirs. We arrived and merrily piled into the living room. I kissed each of them, thanking them for a brilliant evening.

“It’s not over yet by any means,” said Sharon, “We still have another bottle of champagne.” Then went to fetch it.

We grabbed some glasses and I opened the bottle, pouring out three drinks. We clinked them in celebration and Sharon said, “To us,” then, “I think we should take this party upstairs.” We raised our glasses in affirmation then she whispered in my ear, “Give me ten minutes with Lynn, then head up.” I nodded and watched them go. As I sipped my drink I was still buzzing but unsure of whether this was all still going to happen. I listened and never heard anything from upstairs then glanced at the clock. I thought fuck it, drained my drink then stripped off to my underwear and slowly headed up the stairs. As I approached the room, I saw a little light and heard gentle noises. I opened the door and stepped in.

Sharon was sitting with her eyes closed on the edge of the bed, her cat suit and bra gone. Lynn was kneeling behind her kissing her neck while reaching round to gently massage her tits. She had taken off her dress and I could see her tits bulging out the front of the Basque. I could also see a selection of toys and lotion bottles lying around the bed area, fast work I thought. They both looked up when I entered the room.

“There’s our boy!” Sharon opened her eyes and exclaimed as they both gave a little cheer. She motioned me over and Lynn moved round to sit beside her, I saw she was missing her knickers, perhaps she never had them on to start with. Her dark bush flashed in and out of my vision she whipped round, I could see the curls poking out as she sat. Both them smiling, waiting for the next move.

“Right, you two.” I said, smiling as I stood in front of them and took each of their hands then pulled them up to be standing with me. Putting my hand around Sharon’s neck I pulled her in to kissed me deeply, our tongues dancing. I reached around to the back of Lynn’s bum and pulled her in towards us, massaging her cheeks, spreading them. She put her arms around us both and kissed my chest. I stopped kissing Sharon and switched to Lynn, kissing her with tongues for the first time, with a lot more urgency than before.

Sharon reached down to massage my cock to full hardness then said to Lynn, “Time you got these pants off him.”

“At last.” She sighed. They both sat back of the edge of the bed, and she motioned me over. I stood in front of her as she reached up and gripped the sides and tugged them down. My cock popped out and she gave out a little squeal. I stepped out of them and stood between the sisters. Lynn reached out and gripped the middle of the shaft, feeling it’s girth then gently began pulling and brought up her other hand to weigh the balls. She said to Sharon, “I want to watch you suck it.”

I knew she didn’t need a second invitation and I swung round to face her, she leaned forward and ran her tongue from the bottom of the shaft to the top of the head before engulfing it with her mouth and began working the head with her tongue. I momentarily dipped my knees and closed my eyes before opening them again and gave a gentle moan of approval. I looked at Lynn, watching her sister at work, then she looked up at me and we made eye contact. Sharon motioned her over and I watched her as she reached out to caress my balls before leaning in to lick the shaft. Sharon pulled back and held my cock for Lynn. She kissed her sister, then licked around the head of my cock before engulfing it. I could feel her working her tongue as she sucked, getting faster. Sharon joined back and the two of them alternating between kissing each other and licking and sucking my cock. I could feel the cum starting to rise and I gentle stopped them. They lay down and kissed, holding each other. I slipped off Sharon’s knickers and ran my hands up and down her stockinged legs, I was in heaven. Sharon moved her hand and I saw her gently rubbing Lynn’s clit while her pulled on Sharon’s nipples. I knelt to lick Sharon’s pussy, which was already soaked. I easily slipped in two fingers and heard her gasp through the kissing, Lynn gently moaning too. I switched tonging Sharon’s clit and nibbling on her lips while rubbing the inside of her vagina and soon started to feel the walls tighten on my fingers as she started to shake.

“That’s it honey, cumming.” She cried out as she shook and let out a huge moan. She recovered and breathlessly said to me, “Now give me that big cock.” I shuffled up and easily slid home. She looked to me, then to Lynn, who was leaning over and sucking her nipples. I was sliding in with slow deep strokes and I reached down and gently massaged the inside of Lynn’s stockinged thighs before working my way up to run my finger along her pussy lips for the first time. She moaned as I rubbed her clit then inserted a finger into her. She shifted and I lost my reach, so I concentrated on her sister. She said to Lynn, “Rub my clit.” I felt her fingers as she stroked her sister to another orgasm while I held my cock still deep inside. She screamed louder this time as she came.

I pulled out and stood up then pulled Lynn up by the hands. I told her, “Time to get you out of this.” As I spun her round and unclipped the fasteners to her Basque. I opened the whole length then pulled it down with the stockings still attached and rolled then off either leg. I stood behind her, my cock jammed into her back and cupped her tits. I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, “You want it baby?” She just moaned a yes and turned round to kiss me. I laid her back down on the bed beside her sister.

Kneeling between her legs, I ran my hands up her naked body from her knees to the side of her thighs then traced my way up to rounded tits, her nipples solid with arousal. I kissed her gently on the lips then moved to her ear, neck and onto the top of her chest. I looked over to Sharon who was watching mesmerised, idly playing with her clit. I locked eyes with her as I moved to take one of Lynn’s nipples in my mouth sucking gently before switching to the other. I motioned her to take over and she kissed Lynn before moving down. I moved down to her pussy and smelt her arousal as I ran my nose through her bushy curls. Licking around her hole I worked my way up her lips to her clit. As I put one finger in, I heard her moan as her hips shifted and she squirmed for more. I slipped in another then curled them up to gently rub her inside of her vaginal roof. I felt Sharon move and soon felt her mouth on my cock again. This caused my actions to become a bit more urgent and Lynn uttered gently, “Yeah Steve, going to make me cum.” I looked up just in time to see her scream out as she orgasmed, her pussy clamped down on my fingers. I was gently rubbing the outside when I felt Sharon stop and shift then looked down to watch her put a condom on me. I gave a little disappointed sigh.

“I know honey, we’re not sure she’s safe and I’m not ready to be an auntie yet.” She said, which broke the ice and the three of us laughed, but she had planted a little seed. She rubbed my balls and bum then kissed my covered cock and lay back down to see what would happen next. I shifted up and grabbed my shaft and rubbed my cock up and down Lynn’s opening, her hips rising to try and get more contact. I locked eyes with her, and she nodded and I started to push in. She gasped as I started to open her up, wetter but way tighter than her sister. I gave a couple of shallow strokes then pushed in full length.

She cried out, “Fuck! That’s so deep.” As I pulled in and out a couple of times. She got her breath back and I started to pick up the pace. I was glad for the condom now as it dulled the sensation, but I would have loved to have dumped a load in her right then. I continued until I felt she was getting close again the pulled out. She gave a little disappointed cry and asked if she was good, “You bastard, I was almost there.” She laughed. I told her to switch and lay in her place. She climbed on top and dropped down onto my length, riding me hard. I pulled on her tits, a little rougher than before and she seemed to like it, I couldn’t get enough of them. Sharon had gotten up and grabbed a few things I couldn’t see but I saw her working a dildo in and out of her pussy and moved to the back of Lynn. I pulled her toward me and kissed her. She whispered to me, “She’s playing with my bumhole.” She moaned as I felt her grind a bit harder, then cried out in orgasm again. “Making me cum,” she repeated and her pussy gripped my cock so hard when she came I thought I was going over the edge myself. I was glad when she leaned over to kiss me. I felt Sharon play with my balls and Lynn shivered as Sharon put a plug into her bumhole, then looked round to her with a naughty smile and said to both of us, “I love having both my holes filled.”

Sharon moaned, “Me too honey.” I could see her sitting, rocking on the black dildo. I told Lynn to switch again and moved Sharon onto all fours. I rubbed around her pussy and found she was soaking down there. She had also lubed up her own bumhole in readiness, so I knew the next move. I removed the condom and tossed it into the bin then returned to see Sharon was tonging her sister’s pussy whilst reaching back to finger her own. I watched for a minute, observing her technique of little licks compared to my long tongue strokes, useful knowledge for the future. I grabbed the lube and covered my cock then stood behind Sharon. She tensed a little as she felt the contact of my cockhead against her opening, then relaxed as I pushed eased slowly past her ring. I pushed in deep, enjoying the tightness gripping me, feeling her nails bouncing off my shaft as she worked her pussy harder. I was stroking a bit faster and beginning to wonder who would cum first. Sharon cried out, “Harder honey, almost there,” then gasped and relaxed as another wave washed over her. I could see now that she was now working the black dildo hard in Lynn’s pussy while licking her clit and she soon came again too. I was still impaled in Sharon’s hole when Lynn slid out from underneath to watch, fascinated. Sharon moaned and I reached out play with Lynn’s hair and ran my hand down her side. I turned her round and as I wiggled the plug in her hole, she moaned.

She was still watching as I asked her, “You want a turn?” Nodding to my cock in her sister’s hole. She swallowed and gave a little nod, and I pulled out. She lay beside Sharon, and they held each and gently touched as I gave myself a quick clean. Sharon reassuring her that it’ll be fine, just go nice and slow and that Steve knows what he is doing. She took in a deep breath as I put her into the same position as Sharon, who was now getting tongued by her sister in a full roll reversal. As I gently but firmly pulled out the plug of her, she gasped. I watched as Sharon rubbed her hair and told her to relax. I lubed her hole up and inserted a couple of fingers. I reached over and grabbed her hand, moving it back to rub her own pussy. She wiggled and I lubed up my cock again and held it near her bumhole. I said to her, “This first bit is the worst, just try and relax, I’ll go slow.” I pushed into her tight hole, I felt her virgin ring try and resist then felt her tense a little, I paused and rubbed her back and said, “Almost there.” As she relaxed my cockhead popped past, I pushed and was halfway in.

“Fucking hell!” She cried out as I waited stock still for her to get used to the size. When I felt her rubbing her pussy again, I pulled out a little bit then pushed back in further. I asked her if she was ok and she half groaned. “It feels like I’ve got a log in there but the soreness is going, keep fucking my arse.” She urged. I put a little more lube and started to stroke into her loosening hole. She had lost focus on Sharon who was now fucking herself with the dildo, urging us on.

I could feel the cum rising at let them know I would be cumming soon. Sharon urged, “Cum in her hole, fill her.”

I asked Lynn if she wanted it and she just cried, “Yes! In my arse”. I bellowed out a huge cry and filled her bowels with my cum. I could feel her pulsing as she came at the same time. The sweat was dripping off us and we lay with each other. Lynn said, “I can feel it running out,” then dashed to the toilet.

I held Sharon and said to her, “Love you baby, was that okay?”

She replied, “Fucking amazing, are you up for another round?” I nodded and told her to give me a minute. She said, “Take your time, Lynn still owes me a cum,” nodding to the bathroom. When she returned I went through to give myself a quick wash. I came back to Lynn on all fours, tonging her sister and fingering her. I could tell Sharon was close and decide to quietly watch, feeling myself harden again already. Sharon cried out again, gripping her sister’s hair as she came on her tongue then gasped and release. They both relaxed and looked round to look at me, now back at full mast.

“Fucking hell Steve, does that thing ever quit?” Lynn asked laughing. I lay beside Sharon and Lynn turned her attention to me licking and sucking my cock whilst wanking it firmly. I kissed Sharon and tugged on her nipples, she moved round to let me suck on them. After a while she swung over and faced away from me as she sat on my cock. I gently spread her bum cheeks as she rocked down on me. I could see her kissing Lynn with playing with her tits and pussy. We fucked like that for a bit until I moved her back to lying down and start to hammer her on top. Lynn was crouched on top of her face and I could see Sharon working her lips and clit, alternating between using her nose and tongue.

It was Sharon’s stockinged feet rubbing on my hips that eventually set me off and I knew I was going to cum again. I wasn’t sure whether to pull out and Sharon sensed me getting close and said, “It’s ok honey, give it to me.” I picked up the pace and eventually exploded, her cries imploring me to fill up her pussy with my cum. I lay there for bit, watching while she got Lynn off again and pulled out, watching my load drip out of her gaping hole.

I lay in the middle and kissed them both then said, “Love you guys, that was incredible,” finally feeling how knackered I was, “I think you’ve done me in.” Lynn rubbed me chest as Sharon got up to take off her hold ups and clean herself.

“Thanks baby,” Lynn softly said, “That was some fucking you gave me. I loved having your big cock in me,” giving it cheeky squeeze. I asked her how her bum felt. “A bit tender but I loved that. Not sure if I could go for it all the time.” Lynn said. She thought and asked quietly, “Want to know a secret?”

“Always, you can tell me.” I answered conspiratorially.

“That’s the first time I’ve had a man’s spunk in me.” She revealed.

“Really?” I replied a little surprised, “I thought you had boyfriends, no drunken slip ups?” querying her back.

“Nope,” she replied “Always with a condom. Not that I didn’t want to, but I either shat out of it or the guy was normally useless.”

“I’m honoured.” I told her, “Two firsts in one evening.”

“A lot more than two,” she said nodding to the bathroom where her sister was.

“You cool with that?” I asked her.

“Yeah, the only surprise was I didn’t know horny Sharon was, although I should have known.” She replied.

Sharon came back and we chatted about our evening before I drifted off. I woke up as Sharon was switching off the alarm.

“Fuck.” She said, “I could really do without an early Sunday shift today.”

I kissed her, “Morning baby, you ok?”

She sighed, “Tummy muscles are sore, maybe overdid it, but glad we were all together. Something magically about bring that close to two other people. I’m just so glad it wasn’t weird.” She had wakened up a bit more and asked how I was.

“Pretty tired, nervous energy done me in more than anything. That was some evening, I still can’t believe it happened with you two cuties.” I explained.

“Believe.” She said getting up and kissed me, then half seriously, “You owe me two cocks next time.”

I looked at her and smiled, “Next time eh? I’ll think about that.” She winked then headed to get showered and dressed. I drifted back off to sleep with horny thoughts.

I was still dozing when I felt a movement on the bed and Lynn climb in beside me and snuggle up to my back. I felt her soft tits press into my back and her bush tickle my bum.

“Morning.” I mumbled to her still trying to waken up.

“Hey.” She said kissing the back of my neck. We lay cuddled up for a while and I asked her where she went last night. “I couldn’t get settled, you two went out light a light so I decided my own bed was best for sleep.” She said as I turned round to face her. She gave me a half smile and pecked me on the lips. “I had the best time last night,” she said, rubbing my chest, “Thank you.”

I smiled as I replied softly, “I had the most incredible time, really mind blowing. This whole week has been really special for me.” I put my hand on her hip and kissed her.

“Me too.” She said as we broke the kiss and she hugged me. She reached down and stroked my hip then reached down and held my cock. She looked at me and said, “You were so good, I loved it. My bum might regret it later, but I really like that too. She was giving my cock a squeeze, then she started to massage it and I could feel it harden.

I saw the horny look in her eye again and smiled as I said to her, “Didn’t you get enough last night?” She nodded then looked puzzled, “What is it?” I asked her.

“Can I tell you another secret?” She asked as I nodded then she was quiet as she bit her lip then continued, “My pussy is still humming from last night. I’ve been horny since I woke up from what little sleep I got. I need you again.” she said kissing me. I didn’t have any issue with this as our relationship had changed forever. I leaned over the suck on one of nipples, as I moved her legs opened to give better access. I could feel how wet she was and could smell her scent wafting up to me. I gently worked her as I asked her what she what her secret was. She bit her lip and shyly said “I want another first.”

“Tell me?” I asked again, warming up to the coming task.

“I need you in my pussy. I want it natural, no condom.” She whispered as I rubbed on her clit.

“Are you sure?” I said as I positioned myself between her legs. She nodded and I said to her “Put me in.” She reached for my cock and aimed it at her slick hole. I pushed in and she gasped, I felt the grip on my cock inside her.

“Oooh,” She murmured, “That feels so much better.” I started to gently thrust into her, wanting to make her first bare fuck special. I kissed and sucked on each of her nipples, tonguing them a lot gentler than last time then kissed her as we enjoyed some very gentle lovemaking. I felt her lifting her legs up, giving me a bit more depth, so I started stroking into her deep. She softly moaned and gasped “So big, deep, love it, little faster, little faster.” I knew she was going to come soon and I kept up the pace. She tightened and flung out her arms then cried out as she came. She got her breath back and I held myself in her. She looked at me as we kissed again. “Love you.” she said quietly.

“Love you too baby, that looked a big one.” I said in reply, stroking her face.

“Just the best.” She sighed. I asked her if she wanted to change position and she replied she was enjoying it like this. I felt a little twinge as I started my action again. She rubbed her feet on my bum as I gentle pumped her pussy, now feeling slick and relaxed after her orgasm.

It was starting to build again and I quietly warned her “Baby, I’m going to cum soon.”

“Good.” She sighed.

We held eye contact and I asked her, “Where do you want me to cum?” She was quiet and I felt her squeeze my cock, I leaned down to kiss her again and said, “Where, baby? It won’t be long,” building, feeling her move with me.

She quietly replied, “Hmm, I really want another first.” Looking down at where we were joined.

I groaned as I thought about dumping a load in her pussy unprotected, “Baby, that’s risky, you know what it could mean,” enjoying the tease.

“What, what would it mean?” She moaned in reply.

“It means I could put a baby in you?” pumping harder and feeling her building as well. I teased her more asking gently, “Would you like that?”

“Hmm,yes.” She moaned, then looked at me. I was feeling her milking me, “Do it in me, keep going. Don’t stop!” Gripping my arms as she came again. That set me off and I could feel my cock starting to pulse as I started to release my spunk into her. “I can feel it!” she cried. She was gripping onto me as I continued to pump her full of my cum. I stopped and we held each other, both spent for the time being.

“That maybe wasn’t a good idea.” I said to her quietly, my senses returning.

She kissed me on the chest and said, “It should be okay,” caressing my arms and said, “Nobody I would have rather have had as my first, or rather firsts. I feel like a real woman now. The fact that I really could get pregnant, scary but such a turn on!” I leaned back and pulled out, watching our fluids run out her. “I can’t believe I’ve got your spunk in both my holes now, I was practically a virgin yesterday.” both of us laughing.

“I don’t know about that,” I said to her, “You are as horny as your sister, you just need to find the right dance partner.”

“I know,” she said, dipping a finger into her pussy then bringing up her finger as I watched her taste it, “Hmm, I’ll have to find my own Steve, in the meantime can you help a girl out?” raising an eyebrow at me.

“Fucking hell, you pair are going to be the end of me.” I said as I grabbed her, and we headed to the shower.

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