Spending time with my girl and her sister home alone

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I was having a pleasant lunch with my girlfriend Sharon, when she mentioned that her folks were going away soon for a few weeks holiday and asked me if I wanted to stay with her full time while they were gone.

“That would be awesome, would love too. What about Lynn?” I asked.

“She’ll be around, it’s her house too.” she replied a bit tersely.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that, she’s super cool, I just being curious as to how wild we can be.” I reassured her.

She gave me a naughty smile and quietly said, “It’ll be you needing a holiday after my folks come back.”

We enjoyed the rest of our food as we chatted about other things then made plans for the weekend, when we were off to a concert. I gave her a kiss and a squeeze as we said our goodbyes and went back to work.

I spent the rest of my day thinking about our chat, getting worked up at just the possibilities. We had been seeing each other on and off for a few years and although we both stayed with our parents, we had some great times together. Sharon was a beauty, a brilliant but fiery girl to be with and had a guy’s attitude to fucking, with a sex drive to match. I feel lucky but so is she. I’m a good bit over six foot, with thick, short dark hair and packing decent muscle on my large frame but she matches up, a good half a head shorter but was well toned and tanned with perfect medium sized breasts and athletic legs, almost a swimmer’s physique. With her straight blond hair and green eyes, we make a handsome couple and are both up for anything most of the time. Although this meant a lot of car sex and on friend’s couches, we had been on a couple of holidays and trips where it had been just us full on for the whole time. I knew what I was in store for and the reason for my awkward work hard on. I thought back to the first time we went away, when we both discovered the joys finding out what we had been missing, having fun filling the gaps in out sexual experience.

My thoughts drifted to Sharon’s sister Lynn. I wasn’t afraid that she would spoil it for us, she was as pretty as her sister and a top girl herself, great fun to be around. Sharon and I were both in our early twenties, Lynn a few years behind. Even though she was a similar height to her sister, she had a much softer build and was a little curvier with noticeably larger breasts. Sometimes it was hard to tell they were related until you studied their little gestures. I wasn’t worried about being with Sharon in her house with Lynn. She had even caught us at it a few times, bringing us some breakfast one time when she heard we were done. I often wondered what she thought about seeing us in action. As far as I knew, she had her own boyfriend so would probably be thinking the same about her sister and I being around. I parked my train of thought and got on with the rest of the day.

When the weekend rolled around I drove over to pick Sharon up at her house. She was still upstairs getting ready so I said hello to her folks and sat next to Lynn, who was sitting on the couch watching TV. She seemed a bit out of sorts so I asked her what was up.

“Another failed relationship, Alan dumped me a couple of nights ago. I really should know better by now.” she mused.

I had met Alan a couple of times, a prize arsehole. She was totally out of his league and she was right, her choice of boyfriend had been terrible since I’d known her and had met the few she had hooked up with.

“Even if he comes back tell him to beat it, he’s and idiot and you deserve someone much better.” I consoled her.

“Thanks Steve.” she leaned over and put her head on my shoulder and patted my arm.

I changed the subject, “I hear we are going to be roommates for a few weeks.” I said to her and smiled.

She brightened up, “Can’t wait to spend a bit more time with you guys,” then quietly, “As long as you two aren’t shagging all the time, that is.” She said, laughing.

It was great to see her smiling again. If the concert we were going to hadn’t been sold out months ago, I would have taken her with us in an instant. I don’t know why, but I leaned over an gave her a hug and kissed her on the top of her head. She seemed surprised but her smile returned. “We won’t make it weird for you, the three of us will have a great time hanging out, I’ve even managed to get some time off.” I told her.

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