A Mother in Heat

This story is not true but a work of dirty imagination. I am a man of 33 and happily married to an attractive wife. I love my wife, but I can not overcome my lustful desire for my own mother Anna. It has nothing to do with looks – my mom is not very attractive

Mom’s birthday party gone wrong

Hey guys I am Aryan and I’m back with another story of my hot and busty mom. Her figure stats are 36-35-38. Just heavenly body. She likes to be admired by everyone. My dad Is a hotelier in the north east so most of the time he has to be there. Here is a small

Drunk mom: Son’s sexual desires

Hello friends, It’s a monsoon season as clouds are hovering in sky and I am alone in home as my two sisters are in their college trips.Vaishali and Varsha are my elder and younger sister as Vaishali is of 20 years ,my younger sister is of 17 years and they both are out of town

Sons friends

Hi every i am prabha .Iam here with new story .My father lives in Dubai and me , my mom live in India .I thought my mom is a innocent but when I was studying 12 cls i found my mom fucking one of my neighbors.i was shocked to see and I wanted to tell

Slow seduction of Revathi, my mother – Part One

Revathi! I called my mom waking up from my bed for my morning coffee. I used to call her by her name since when dad eloped from us with our maid 2 years back. I, being their only son, she had just me after that, so she didn’t really mind me calling her by her

Fucking Mom, Sister and Neighbor – Part 2

For the full beginning of this story, read part of story Fucking Mom, Sister and Neighbor – Part 1. A quick synopsis is that I’m Max and I have a twin sister Mini. As I stated before, my parents had an evil sense of humor when we were born eighteen years ago. Mom is only

Son and his mom make some lasting memories

Son and his mom make some lasting memories… “Just one more? Pleaaaase?” Arms folded, Helen Cleaver attempted to resist the puppy-dog-eye routine in front of her, but as had been the norm for 18 years, she couldn’t help but acquiesce. “Ok… but this is really the last one,” she sighed, fishing in her handbag and

Mother, Landlord and me

When the harvesting season starts, I was 15 then. It is excited for me because I could spend time with mother and the children could play different games once the fields are harvested. This season I find sadness on my mother face. It was quite visible. I asked but she replied that landlord isn’t offering

I Love My Mother, A son explains his relationship with his mother

I Love My Mother, A son explains his relationship with his mother… Shaun and I have been friends for a few weeks. Not dating, he lives in the building I just moved into, and we became friends right away, despite my being almost twice his age. Our friendship has that easy, comfortable feel to it

The Nurse! A loving son helps his over-worked mom relax

The Nurse! A loving son helps his over-worked mom relax Jocelyn Jones came home after a grueling twelve hour shift at the hospital, completely and thoroughly wore out. “Robert, are you home?” she called out, as a wonderful aroma filled her nose. “Oh how sweet!” Jocelyn said with a smile, taking off her jacket and