Mom & Sister visits – Jacob’s ‘niece’ visits – Part 8

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I spent the rest of the day reading and napping before I put on my bathing suit and went for a swim. It had been a while since I had worked out. I had a Bow-Flex machine in the basement and I had used it regularly until several weeks ago when all the sex started. I just couldn’t muster the energy since then. I was feeling great today for whatever reason and I decided to swim across the lake and back. I pulled on my neon-orange swim cap so boaters would see me.

I got halfway across and I decided that was a stupid idea. Speed-boats with tubers on towlines were the problem. Every time one would come into my part of the lake, I had no confidence that the driver was looking forward and not back at his tube passengers. I had to stop every time and tread water as I waved my hands in the air and the boat would veer away. I gave up that plan and headed back to my dock as fast as I could. I was breathing hard when I stepped up on the dock and I grabbed the boat rail as I bent over at the waist gasping for air.


I opened the gate on the boat and stepped on and sat down. As I sucked in oxygen, I notice a plastic bag jammed into the seat across from me. I stood up and pulled the bag out from between the seat cushion and back rest. It was a bag of pot with rolling papers and a Bic lighter. It must have been left behind by one of Ashley’s friends. There was a lot of pot in the bag. Whoever lost it would be disappointed. I didn’t use it as a general rule but on rare occasions I would take a drag or two.

I got my breathing back to normal and carried the baggy up to the deck and set it down on the glass top table. I toweled off and dropped into my chair. I looked at the baggy and decided against rolling myself a joint. I would take it to Jacob’s house and leave it on the kitchen counter.

It seemed that no one locked their doors around here. I didn’t and neither did Jacob. He made it a point to tell me if there was a tool or something that I needed, just go in his garage. He was sure he had every tool known to man and since he’s a contractor, I was sure he was correct.

I turned the front door knob and walked right in. Jacob’s house was really just a camp. The furniture was old and worn. It had a fireplace for heat but no central heating system. I had been here before when Jacob’s Aunt and Uncle owned it. I was curious to see what, if anything, he had done to the place. It looked exactly the same as the last time I was here, except for a desk in the living room covered with electronics. I checked it out and was surprised that it was the latest technology. I’d figured that Jacob was a hammer-slammer and wouldn’t know dick from wallpaper paste about computers.

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