Mom & Sister visits – Jacob’s ‘niece’ visits – Part 8

I spent the rest of the day reading and napping before I put on my bathing suit and went for a swim. It had been a while since I had worked out. I had a Bow-Flex machine in the basement and I had used it regularly until several weeks ago when all the sex started. I just couldn’t muster the energy since then. I was feeling great today for whatever reason and I decided to swim across the lake and back. I pulled on my neon-orange swim cap so boaters would see me.

I got halfway across and I decided that was a stupid idea. Speed-boats with tubers on towlines were the problem. Every time one would come into my part of the lake, I had no confidence that the driver was looking forward and not back at his tube passengers. I had to stop every time and tread water as I waved my hands in the air and the boat would veer away. I gave up that plan and headed back to my dock as fast as I could. I was breathing hard when I stepped up on the dock and I grabbed the boat rail as I bent over at the waist gasping for air.

I opened the gate on the boat and stepped on and sat down. As I sucked in oxygen, I notice a plastic bag jammed into the seat across from me. I stood up and pulled the bag out from between the seat cushion and back rest. It was a bag of pot with rolling papers and a Bic lighter. It must have been left behind by one of Ashley’s friends. There was a lot of pot in the bag. Whoever lost it would be disappointed. I didn’t use it as a general rule but on rare occasions I would take a drag or two.

I got my breathing back to normal and carried the baggy up to the deck and set it down on the glass top table. I toweled off and dropped into my chair. I looked at the baggy and decided against rolling myself a joint. I would take it to Jacob’s house and leave it on the kitchen counter.

It seemed that no one locked their doors around here. I didn’t and neither did Jacob. He made it a point to tell me if there was a tool or something that I needed, just go in his garage. He was sure he had every tool known to man and since he’s a contractor, I was sure he was correct.

I turned the front door knob and walked right in. Jacob’s house was really just a camp. The furniture was old and worn. It had a fireplace for heat but no central heating system. I had been here before when Jacob’s Aunt and Uncle owned it. I was curious to see what, if anything, he had done to the place. It looked exactly the same as the last time I was here, except for a desk in the living room covered with electronics. I checked it out and was surprised that it was the latest technology. I’d figured that Jacob was a hammer-slammer and wouldn’t know dick from wallpaper paste about computers.

I touched the space bar and the twenty-seven-inch monitor sprang to life. It displayed four separate rectangles with three displaying still views from separate cameras. The fourth was a live image of me standing in front of the computer. I looked to where the view was coming from and zeroed in on a tiny black plastic item on a bookshelf across the room behind me. I picked it up and examined it. The view on the monitor changed to a closeup of my face. I couldn’t belief they made cameras that small. I examined the other three views and was shocked that the top left one was of my bedroom looking down from the ceiling fan. I picked up the mouse and clicked the box and rewind, play, pause and fast-forward icons appeared. I hit rewind and the view changed too rapidly to make it out. I hit the play icon and was stunned to see a view of me, back to the camera, fucking Mandy doggy style as she clung to the headboard with Sam lying tits-up sucking on my balls. Mandy was slamming her hips back at me until she screamed into her orgasm. ‘Fuck,’ I thought. ‘The camera included sound.’ I didn’t bother returning the recording back to where I found it. Jacob would already know that I had watched it when he checked the live recording of me watching it.

I clicked on one of the other two boxes and replayed Jacob getting a blow job here in the living room from Ashley with full audio. ‘She must know he is recording everything,’ I thought. There was no security password to get in. My cock went hard as I watched Jacob launching his jizz into Ashley’s cleavage as she held her tits together to her obvious delight. If I had any doubt about whether Ashley knew about the cameras, that was put to bed when she got off her knees and pushed her cum covered tits right up to the camera. Then she pulled back and scooped cum up with her fingers and pushed them into her mouth. She licked them clean and the pursed her lips and gave an air-kiss to the camera.

I had to figure out a way to turn Jacob’s voyeurism against him. I minimized the screen and left the baggy on the kitchen counter with a note. I couldn’t be too hard on Jacob. I was doing the same thing with binoculars instead of high-tech cameras. I wrote down the name of the company that had made the surveillance equipment and stuffed it in my pocket. ‘I guess I have to up my game,’ I thought.

Back in my chair on the deck, I read for another hour and got up to get ready for Mom’s dinner party. I would have dressed in Jeans and a tee shirt but since Mom and Janet were now high-society newbies and they dressed that way, I decided I’d better dress a little better tonight. Since I was dating again, my dress clothes were closer to the front of my closet and I had no trouble finding a pair of dress slacks, a button-down shirt and dress shoes. As usual, I went commando.

I was a little late leaving the dock. The sun had just set and the sky was beautiful. I set the speed just above idle and slowly made my way across the lake into the channel that led to a larger part of the lake. I was particularly familiar with this part of the lake. The secret cove wasn’t far and I slowly cruised by Frank and Rita’s house to port. I looked to see if they were home but I didn’t see anyone. The camp that Mom and Janet had rented was only three camps further up the lake.

I eased up to the dock, which was pretty rickety. One corner was underwater. I tested it with my weight and decided it was okay. I tied up and walked up the slope to the camp. Mom greeted me on the deck with a kiss on the lips. She was dressed elegantly with a long apron draped from her neck to protect her clothes. Her hair and makeup were perfect. You’d have thought she was going to the theatre or something. I told her she looked amazing and she was thrilled by the compliment. We stood together on the deck and watched the last of the colors fade from the sky and then Mom said, “Come inside and I’ll introduce you to a cousin that you haven’t seen since you were three or four.”

She led the way through the sliding glass door to the living room. I was stunned when Frank and Rita turned around on the sofa. They were obviously just as stunned. Our mouths opened and closed like guppies in a fish tank. Mom noted the expressions and said, “Do you know each other already?”

Rita didn’t wait for an explanation from me and said, “We just recently met at a house party.” She gave me a look that said, ‘Don’t say anymore.

Mom continued with the introductions anyway. “Jack. Rita is your first cousin on your dad’s side. His older sister, your Aunt Judy, is Rita’s mother.” She looked to Rita and said, “How is your mother, Rita? I don’t think I’ve seen her in thirty plus years.”

Rita replied, “She fine. She retired from teaching a few years ago. Dad died ten years ago from liver cancer. She’s lonely without work to take up her time.” Mom expressed her condolences and then asked Rita if she’d ever heard from my Dad, John. Rita’s expression turned somber and she said, “When John left you and the kids, he just disappeared. To my knowledge, no one in the family ever heard from him again. Rumors were that he was in with some bad people doing some bad stuff. Grammy and Grampa think he was killed. We don’t know, but it makes sense.” Mom’s face turned somber with this news. I didn’t know the guy so I just listened without emotion. Everyone was quiet as the conversation petered out. Mom got herself back together and asked what everyone wanted to drink. I asked for a beer and asked Mom, “Where’s Janet?”

Mom laughed and said, “She’s next door at a party. We were bringing in our luggage and a young guy came through the woods and helped us. He was a very nice young man and he invited us both to a party he was having at his house next door. I obviously couldn’t go but you know Janet; she wanted to.”

Rita and Frank looked at each other and Frank muttered under his breath, “AHH-OHHH.” Mom picked up on the expressions on their faces and said, “What’s wrong?” I wanted to know too.

Rita explained that my grandparents had owned all the land on this point. They had the land subdivided into four lots, which were gifted to daughter, Judy and son, James, Sr. Aunt Judy had no intention of living out here in the boonies so she gave her share of the lots to Rita and Frank. James, Sr. and his wife Mary were killed in a car accident and their shares was willed to their son James, Jr. Rita, Frank and James, Jr. decided to sell two of the four lots, this one and the still vacant lot next door. They split the money and each built a home on their remaining two lots. Then the bombshell went off.

Rita said, “Jack. You met James Jr., or Jimmy and Rachel at the party at our house before we knew we were related. He’s my nephew.” The color must have drained from my face because Mom looked at me with a quizzical expression.

Mom said, “So what’s the problem? The young man who helped us with our bags is a first cousin. What’s the problem? Janet doesn’t even know. Does he?”

Rita responded, “I doubt it. It’s unlikely that they’ve ever met before today.” The conversation was getting difficult to continue without laying out the potential problem for Mom and that would mean that we would have to clue Mom in on how Rita and I had met. Rita stood up and asked to speak to me on the deck. Now Mom was really confused and got angry that we weren’t telling her everything. Rita and I went out on the deck.

Right away Rita said, “James likes to hurt people sexually. He can be brutal and we’ve had to ban him from our get-togethers. He’s furious with me right now. He’s been trying to get in my pants for years and as much as I’d love to strap that young cock on for a couple of rounds, I’ve kept him at bay.” She was quiet for a moment as she was obviously working on something in her mind and then she giggled as she continued, “Now that I’ve fucked my first cousin’s big cock, I’ll have to reassess my position on fucking relatives.”

I said, “What should we do about Janet? I’m sure that Jimmy’s “party” has morphed into an orgy by now.” Rita was about to respond when we heard something crashing through the wooded lot. As the sound came closer, we could hear someone crying as they stumbled onto the lawn.

Then we heard cursing, “That fucking asshole.” The motion sensing spotlight came on revealing a naked Janet, carrying her clothes. She stopped and squinted up at the light and then continued on her path to the deck. She continued her cursing too. Rita and I hurried down the steps to meet her. When she saw me, she burst out crying and threw her arms around my neck pressing her naked tits to me. Rita stayed back. She and Janet hadn’t met yet.

“Are you okay?” I said. Then the cursing really started.

“I was really getting into him; Jimmy. The party turned into an orgy which suited me fine. He was a perfect gentleman. I was getting it on with him and his wife at the same time and then she started blowing some other guy and Jimmy flipped me over on my stomach and raped my ass. He was an animal. I’d never been fucked in the ass before. I tried to go with it, but he didn’t give me a chance. He was slamming his cock into me and I couldn’t take the pain anymore so I screamed. His wife, Rachel, I think, pulled him off me and I got my clothes and left. The last I saw of Jimmy, he was yelling at his wife.”

In the spotlight I could see scrapes and bruises on her legs and stomach. I asked her if Jimmy had done that? She looked down and was completely unaware that the contusions were there. “No. I don’t think so. I fell down in the woods. It’s fucking dark, with a capital ‘D’ and a capital ‘ARK’ out here.”

I pulled her into my arms and hugged her. I said, “Jimmy likes to hurt people during sex. Your cousin Rita and I were just discussing what we should do. I was just about to go over there and bring you home. Incidentally, Jimmy is a cousin too.”

Janet groaned and said, “Well little brother, I guess I just like to keep it in the family.” I hoped that Rita didn’t pick up on the full meaning of Janet’s words. The look on Rita’s face told me that she got every word. I helped Janet up the steps to the deck and when Mom saw her she burst out through the slider and grabbed and hugged Janet. Janet said, “It’s okay, Mom. I’m okay.” She turned to me and continued, “My ass-hole hurts though.” She hugged Mom and said, “Can we go inside. I’m getting kind of cold.”

We went inside and Frank was standing there watching us with an obvious boner pressing against his pants. He was mostly watching Janet, who was totally unconcerned about standing there in the dining room completely naked while Mom examined Janet’s scrapes and bruises in the light. Mom ushered Janet down the hall to the bathroom. I made another round of drinks and checked in the oven to see what smelled so good. I smiled to myself because Mom had always been a terrible cook when Janet and I were kids.

When I returned to the living room with the tray of drinks, Rita and Frank were both working on getting his erection under control. Rita was only trying to help but Frank pushed her hands away and reached inside his fly and pushed his hard cock to a more comfortable position. When he zipped back up, Rita stood back and looked to see how successful he had been. She scrunched up one side of her lips as her look indicated that she considered his efforts to be partially successful. She was correct.

I set the tray on the coffee table and Frank turned to me and said, “Jesus Jack. Your sister is fucking hot. What a body?” Rita playfully punched him on the arm for his inappropriate remark, but I could see that his statement had opened the door for Rita to resolve Janet’s earlier off-hand comment when we were on the deck.

I ignored the inquisitive expression on Rita’s face and responded to Franks comment, “She is, isn’t she?”

Frank grinned and walked past me heading for the kitchen. He was adjusting his erection further as he whispered to me on the way by, “So’s your Mom.” He shook his hand like he’d been burned as he continued, “Smoking hot.” He chuckled. I looked back at Rita. I could tell by her expression that a light had come on. She walked over to me with a slight grin on her face that morphed into a sultry smile as she reached out and put her hand on my crotch.

Rita looked down from my face as she felt me harden to her touch. She looked back up at my face with an all-knowing expression and said, “You and Janet are getting it on, aren’t you?” She examined my reaction to her question. It was more of a statement with a question at the end that demanded a response. Rita pressed her fingers harder on my erection as she examined my face for a hint of confirmation.

My confirmation came in the form of the ‘guppy in the fish tank’ look as my mouth opened and shut several times attempting to respond with a reasonable sounding denial but nothing came out.

Rita grinned and unzipped my fly. My cock pushed out into her hand. She grinned up at me and then looked down to her hand as she started stroking my cock in that ‘Hi. How are you. Nice to meet you’ hand shaking grip. I was frozen in place and groaned hard. Rita’s Q&A wasn’t over as she stroked my cock and said, “Your Mom too, I expect.” I was an open book and I just nodded as my hips began rocking to aid Rita’s hand job.

Rita’s face was getting redder by the moment as a blank look washed across her eyes. I could only imagine that she was visualizing me fucking my sister and mother. Rita tightened her grip as the pace of her stroking hand increased. My hips automatically adjusted to the new rhythm. I heard the bathroom door open and the sound of my mother’s heels clicking on the tile floor leading into the kitchen. I was disappointed that Rita’s hand job had to stop before my mother caught her with her hand in the proverbial cookie-jar, so to speak.

Mom’s arrival was delayed as she asked Frank what she could get for him. He was fumbling around in the refrigerator and Mom said, “Dinner will be on soon.” Rita was looking up at me with a devious grin on her face and instead of releasing my cock and pushing it back in my pants, she dropped to her knees and shoved her lips down my shaft. I was stunned and I groaned out, “Fuck Rita. Jesus Christ. What are you doing?”

Rita was grinning around my cock as she looked up at me when Mom walked around the corner from the kitchen. Mom was in mid-sentence as she arrived. My back was to her so she wasn’t immediately aware of the situation. Rita was playing this to the hilt and she gently bit down on my glans and my head rocked back on my shoulders as my hands went to the sides of her head. When Mom noticed Rita on her knees in front of me, she said, “What the fuck?… Rita?”

Mom stood there with the ‘guppy in the fish tank’ look on her face as she took in the scene before her. I was groaning hard as Rita was literally sucking my orgasm out of me. I wasn’t far off and Rita knew it. Rita moved her body around so I was facing Mom. Her right hand was already manipulating her right nipple through her dress. Mom’s shocked face changed to a sultry expression. Her lips closed around a probing tongue as she licked her upper lip. She was staring down at my cock appearing and disappearing in Rita’s mouth.

Frank appeared in this surreal scene and ramped it up even more as he took Mom’s free hand, that was in the process of slowly pulling up the hem of her dress, and placed it on his exposed erection. She immediately pulled her hand away and then broke her gaze from my cock and looked down at Frank’s. He took her hand again and placed his erection in her palm. She looked up at Frank’s face for a moment and then her eyes returned to his cock in her hand. She began stroking it. She was already breathing erratically. Her hand pushed in around her sleeveless dress and continued her tit manipulation skin to skin. Mom’s knees buckled a little and when Frank pulled the zipper of her dress down her back, every ounce of air exploded from her lungs. Frank smiled at me when Mom’s trembling voice said, “Fuck. I’m hot.” She released Frank’s cock for a moment as her dress dropped down her body to the floor. She stepped out of it. She was stunning standing there in her black lace bra and matching thong.

Frank stared at her for a moment and said, “You sure are,” and Mom quickly dropped to her knees and sucked Frank’s cock into her throat. Frank groaned hard until her tongue flicked on his balls and his eyes went wide. I looked down at Rita as she pulled back to the ridge and began a two-fisted hand job as she rolled her lips on and off my firm, velvet crown. The sensation was too much for me and I groaned out, “YYYUUUNNGGGG,” as I blew my load into Rita’s mouth. She gagged a couple times at the sheer volume of cum. She swallowed often until she had collected it all and then she drilled her tongue into the ‘eye’ and lashed my cock with her tongue until she had cleaned any taste of cum.

Mom ramped up her pace when she heard me going over the top and Frank groaned hard too. Mom’s hands were on the front of his thighs and then she gripped the back of his thighs when his knees buckled a couple times. I helped Rita up to her feet as she was using her tongue to wipe escaped cum from her lips and then wiped her chin and pushed her fingers into her mouth. Frank and Rita’s eyes met and the look between them was precious. Frank’s look disappeared instantly as he groaned and exploded his load into Mom’s mouth. She handled it all with the expertise she’d acquired over the years as she swallowed a couple times without the fanfare of loud gulps or displays of cum on her tongue.

The sound of clapping hands came from the kitchen. It was Janet. I couldn’t see her from where I was standing. Frank helped Mom to her feet and she turned toward the clapping sound as she wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

Before Mom could say anything, Janet said, “Yep. I guess we all like to keep it in the family.” Rita burst out laughing and we all joined her. The immediate sexual tension was over but I knew we weren’t done by a long shot. Mom stepped into her dress and pulled it up over her shoulders. She turned her back to Frank and he ran his hand inside her dress and around her body and fondled her tits through her bra. She trembled from his touch. Then he zipped her dress up and she headed for the kitchen. Frank pushed his flaccid cock back in his pants. He had finally resolved his tenting problem. Rita pushed my cock back in my pants and zipped me up. She looked up and said, “I love your cock and I’m going to have it in me before we go home tonight.” I smiled down at her. I had no doubt that she was correct.

The dining room table was set with the mismatched plates, glassware and silverware that came with the rented camp. I was seated at one end and Rita and Frank sat with their backs to the windows that face the deck and the lake beyond. Rita was kitty-cornered to me. Mom sat on the other side of the table closest to the kitchen and Janet sat beside her, kitty-cornered to me on the other side. Sexual heat permeated the room. Conversations were minimal. It was as though we were all shoveling the food, which was delicious, by the way, into our mouths so that we could get back to what we all wanted to be doing.

I complimented Mom on the dinner. It was the first time I’d ever complimented her cooking. She giggled at my compliment and said, “I guess the cooking classes have paid off.” The proverb, ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach‘ invaded my mind. I had to hand it to Mom. She had obviously taken etiquette and elocution classes. She no longer spoke or dressed like the ‘low-class gutter rat’ that I’d heard one of her men-friends refer to her as when I was a young teenager. She was systematically improving herself to attract a higher class of men and it had apparently worked.

Janet finished her meal and she made no bones about her intentions. She picked up her fork and made a big show of dropping it on the floor. We all looked at her knowing full well what would happen next. The only question was whether she was going to go to the floor to “collect her fork” and thengo after Frank or me. She grinned at Mom, who was giving her a look of disapproval, and then disappeared under the tablecloth. We didn’t have to wait long to find out who her intended target was. Frank suddenly surged forward in his chair and his fork fell from his hand to the table as he gripped the edge. Then his eyes went wide and then he let out a loud groan. We were all smiling at each other as we watched Frank’s facial contortions as Janet slurped and sucked his cock.

The sounds of Janet’s blow job were causing my cock to grow and I had to reach down and reposition it in my pants. Rita saw my hands move down off the table into my lap and she reached under the table and grabbed my erection through my pants. Her face was flushed with sexual heat.

Mom’s hand dropped off the table into her lap. Moments later her mouth opened to form an “O” and her head fell back. She was obviously fingering herself. The scene at the table was the most surreal I had ever witnessed.

Frank suddenly sat back against his chair and groaned, “Oh fuck. YES.” His hips launched forward several times and then he slumped forward to his elbows again. Rita pulled my zipper down and my cock leaped up against her hand. She grinned at me and stood up from her chair. Mom and Frank noticed her movement and we watched to see what she was going to do. She moved around behind me and pulled my chair away from the table with a screech from my chair legs on the wide pine floor boards. Then she came around to my side and threw her right leg across my lap and pulled up her skirt as she held my cock in her right hand. I looked down at her panty-less, soaking wet pussy as she slipped onto my cock. She put her forehead on mine and her hands on my shoulders as she started driving her hips forward and back. I gripped her hips and assisted her motion. We both groaned as I pushed my lips onto hers and we kissed with passion. Rita was already gasping for air and I was rapidly catching up with her.

Janet must have moved from Frank to Mom because she suddenly pitched forward with a groan, “Oh my God, Janet.”

Frank had the formidable task of getting his fifty-eight-year-old cock back up again. He was frantically jerking his soft cock as he watched his wife feverishly thrusting her hips forward and back on my cock. I could feel my orgasm building but I could tell that Rita was building to hers too. Consistent with my personal code, I held mine back, waiting for Rita.

I didn’t have to wait long. I felt her body tense and a groan seemingly started in her toes and moved upward. Her head pulled back away from me and her groan erupted from her lungs along with the first clenches of her pussy. Her groan turned into a scream, “JEEESSSUSSSS. GIVE IT TO MEEEEE. FUCCCKKK,” just as I launched my first salvo. I involuntarily thrust my hips upward with each eruption of cum. I yelled out, “UUNNNGGGGG,” with the first shot and then burst into a series of “AAAHHHH… AAAHHH… AAAHHH,” in synch with the remaining shots. Frank was smiling. He was glad that his wife had got off so hard. It didn’t seem to matter that she did so on my cock.

Mom was the next to erupt in her orgasm. She was holding Janet’s head in place and chanting, “Oh fuck… Oh fuck… Oh fuck.” Her face was pointed directly at me, but I knew she wasn’t ‘seeing’ anything. She was completely unaware of anything except Janet’s tongue working her clitoris and pussy. Her chanting suddenly stopped and she rolled her torso forward and then launched her hips forward as her torso snapped back against the chair. “OH MY GAAAWWDDD,” exploded from her throat. Rita turned her torso around to watch Mom go over the top.

Rita turned back to me and smiled as she said, “Wow. She’s having a big one.” Frank’s attention was pulled from his wife to Mom as he continued jerking on his flaccid cock. From where I sat, it didn’t look like he was making much progress. A fleeting thought raced through my mind, ‘That problem comes to all of us guys at some point in our lives.’ I was glad it wasn’t my problem yet. In fact, Rita continued to gently rock her pussy on my cock and it never went soft.

I watched Mom roll through her orgasm and then my attention was pulled back to Rita, who was taking advantage of my erection. She muttered, “You’re still hard. Fuck, do I ever miss that.” Her eyes were open but they had that blank look. She was sucking in air again through her open mouth. I was miles away from an orgasm but Rita wasn’t. She increased her pace from her lazy hip rolls to an urgent thrusting and moments later, she screamed into another orgasm. She shoved her fingers to her sex and began furiously fingering her clitoris with all four outstretched fingers. Her pussy clenched hard over and over again on my rock-hard cock and then her eyes cleared and she looked at my face and smiled. A wave of tremors rolled through her and she muttered, “AAAAHHHHH Fuck.” She threw her arms around my neck and we kissed each other hard. Another wave of tremors followed and she sat up and rolled her hips around on my lap. She knew I was still hard but she was fucked out for the moment and she pulled her body up high by standing on the chair-rails and pulled off my cock, which slapped back on my shirt. She stood and pulled the hem of her skirt down and sat down in her chair and looked around at everyone looking at her. She giggled and said, “Amazing cock.” Janet had moved back to her seat and she and Mom burst out laughing and nodded at Rita. Frank had apparently given up on his cock, but he didn’t put it back in his pants. He had resolved to give it another try after a time-out.

I gripped my gooey, hard cock and was about to push it back in my pants when Janet yelled, “Don’t you dare put that away. Everyone has gotten off here but me. Fuck me right here on this table little brother, right now.” She stood up and started clearing a spot on the table by pushing glasses and plates and dinnerware. Mom and Rita helped by moving things to the kitchen counter. Janet stripped naked again and Frank must have felt a surge in his cock because he started jerking on it again.

Janet’s sex was sopping wet. She pinched her tits and nipples and lifted her ass onto the table and scooched herself back so only her lower legs draped over the edge. I got up and moved between her spread knees which she lifted up to place her ankles on my shoulders. I gripped her hips and pulled her closer to the edge of the table and dragged my cock through her sex from clitoris to anus. She let out a loud groan. Frank leaned forward and suckled on her right nipple. Rita did the same on Janet’s left nipple. She reached up and held them both in place and groaned hard again. She whimpered, “Oh Jesus Jack. Give me that cock. I need it bad.”

I teased her some more as I dragged my cock all around her sex. Then she dropped her legs off my shoulder and let them fall to my waist and then she wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me to her as hard as she could. In an instant I was slamming up against her cervix and she screamed hard. I knew why but the others just thought she was getting royally fucked and was loving it. She eased off with her legs and I pulled back. “Fuck, that hurt,” she whined.

From there, I fucked Janet with every change of pace in my repertoire and like usual, the piston tip-fuck raised her loudest reaction and I kept it up until she was about to explode into her orgasm and then I switched to full depth fucking and Janet screamed her way through her climax as her head thrashed from side to side as she gasped for oxygen. I wondered if I would get off again, but I didn’t and I eased my hard cock from Janet’s pussy as the last vestiges of her orgasm dwindled. Janet was disappointed that I hadn’t cum in her. She dragged her fingers through her sex and frowned when she came out with only her own juices.

I expected Mom to be demanding her share but she didn’t. She started clearing the table and Rita helped her load the dishwasher. Frank put his cock away and I did the same. Janet had moved off the table and collapsed in a ratty old camouflage material rocking chair. Her legs were splayed wide over the chair arms as she lazily dragged her index finger through her sex. Frank sat down across from her and stared at her neatly trimmed pussy. She was amused by his attentive gaze.

I was still expecting Mom to get things going again as soon as she returned to the living room to join the conversations. Rita, Frank and I were talking about how we had lived on the lake all these years and had never met. Mom knew but had never mentioned it. She said that she didn’t know it was the same lake.

I made the first move to get up to go and Frank and Rita gave each other the sign that it was time to go too. Mom and Janet didn’t object. After kisses and hugs all around, Frank and Rita walked down the road to their house and I headed to my boat. As I slowly cruised home, I thought about the bizarre evening. Mom had made no mention about us getting together again this week. It would be perfectly in character for her to just show up with renewed interest in sucking and fucking my cock.

At home, I showered and fell into bed. I was tired. I drifted off to sleep thinking about Rita getting herself a double orgasm at the dinner table. I woke in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom. When I crawled back in bed and pulled the covers up, I was thinking about how Mom was confusing me. First, she’s desperately after my cock and then she’s indifferent. Maybe she was still wrestling with the right and wrong. I must admit that I still was. I drifted off to sleep again.

The sun was streaming in when I awoke again. I rarely slept that late. I had my usual morning woody and I squeezed it to gauge the hardness. It was hard. I checked on my balls and they felt fine. I grabbed several tissues from the box on the nightstand and proceeded to jerk myself off. My mind locked on fucking Janet on the table last night while everyone watched. It didn’t take long before I was blowing my wad into the tissues.

I made a cup of coffee and pulled on some shorts and a tee shirt, in that order and went to the deck. It was a gorgeous day. Not too hot or humid. I stood at the railing sipping my coffee. The screech from an eagle got my attention and I spotted it flying about ten feet above the water. Then it pulled up to a stall and plummeted into the water and came back out with a pretty good size fish in it’s talons. It flew right toward me into a high pine tree to the right of Priya’s dock. I watched the graceful flight until it was out of sight. One lone pontoon boat slowly moved past Jacob’s dock to my left. As far as I knew, they weren’t here.

My date with Donna was still a couple days off. I found myself looking forward to it. I heard a lawn mower start and because of the acoustics on the lake, I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I swiveled my head to listen and determined that it was coming from Priya’s driveway. When it got louder, Priya appeared pushing the mower in her bikini. I watched as she mowed the lakeside grass. I expected that she would ignore me but she didn’t. She waved and smiled when she noticed me standing at the railing of my deck. I waved and smiled back. She finished that side of the house without further acknowledgment and then mowed the street side lawn, which was out of my sight because of the wall of arborvitae.

My thoughts drifted back to Donna and I decided to dress and have breakfast at the diner. It was much later than I usually go to breakfast but I was thinking that maybe it was late for everyone else too and she would have some down-time to chat. I was still working on how to tell her that I was interested in helping with her goal to get pregnant. It seemed crass to just say it that way.

When I pulled into the parking lot at the diner, it was nearly empty. When I walked into the diner, Donna was sitting alone on a stool at the counter drinking a cup of coffee and working on a game of Sudoku in the newspaper. She turned when she heard the bell above the door jingle and the grin on her face was priceless. She practically hurled herself off the stool and ran into my arms. She stretched up and kissed me. I kissed her back as I looked toward the kitchen to see if her boss was looking. I didn’t want her to get in trouble so I truncated the kiss a little quicker than she wanted. She led me to my usual table and sat across from me looking toward the window.

She looked great. There was a glow about her, like a beam of light was shining down from the heavens. I was happy to see her and she was happy to see me. She clutched my hand on the table and squeezed. I returned the pressure. We both spoke at the same time and she giggled and said, “You go.”

I ‘ummmed’ and ‘aahhed’ as I looked down at our conjoined hands and said, “About your goal to get pregnant.” I stopped right there and thought, ‘I’m a fucking idiot. I’m an educated man and I can’t find a better way to start this? Jesus.‘ I glanced up at Donna’s face. She was grinning as she was obviously enjoying my discomfort. From the way I had started, she couldn’t tell which way I was going to go, but she continued to grin like it didn’t matter what I said. I mumbled another ‘Ummm’ and then said, “I was going to tell you on Thursday but now is good too.” She squeezed my hand as if to urged me to get on with it. “I would be glad to help you in any way I can.” ‘Jesus,’ I thought. ‘I was a disaster. I sounded like I was offering to paint her house or something.‘ I was afraid to look up at her.

She solved that problem by pulling her hand from mine and lifted my chin to force me to look at her. She had the biggest grin on her face. Her entire face was grinning at me. I couldn’t help but grin back. She grabbed my hands again and squeezed them. She said, “Jack. I’m pretty sure that I’m already pregnant. I’ve memorized the early symptoms and I have several of them. I haven’t done a test yet. I planned to do that Thursday so I could tell you for sure. I keep track of my ovulation and period on a calendar at home. My last ovulation was that day we had sex in the bathroom at the Inn. That was almost two weeks ago. My period is due Friday and pregnancy tests are ninety-nine percent accurate as early as three or four days before that. I decided to wait until one day before. I should have waited before I told you but when I saw you, I had to tell someone. I’m so glad that you’re on board. It makes me feel far less guilty.”

I found myself grinning as hard as she was. I said, “Don’t feel any guilt at all. Intellectually, I had already decided that I wanted this; that I wanted to have a child with you. Now, the emotions are overwhelming. I’m thrilled. I’m flying five feet off the ground. I moved from my seat and sat beside her and kissed her passionately. I put my hand on her tummy and she giggled. “There’s nothing there to feel yet. But, my boobs are hyper sensitive.” I looked around the diner again and cupped her left breast in my hand. There was no outward indication of anything new there either.

The bell above the door jingled and a lone older man came in. He caught me with my hand on Donna’s breast and he said, “I hope I’m not disturbing anything, Sonny.” I could feel the heat in my face from the embarrassment. I moved back to my side of the booth and Donna slid out to get back to work.

I said, “The usual please.” Donna grinned and headed off to wait on the old guy. Her face was red from embarrassment as she took out her pad.

The old guy noted her embarrassment and said, “Don’t be embarrassed on my account. You two are a beautiful couple.” She glanced quickly at me and smiled as she took his order and then disappeared into the kitchen. The old guy turned to face me and said, “Donna’s a beautiful woman, inside and out. You could do much worse.” I smiled and nodded at him.

Donna sat across from me while I ate. She kept an eye on the old guy in case he needed something and then she got up to give him his check and he paid. He glanced at me on his way out and gave me a thumbs-up sign and then he was gone. Donna cleared his table and returned to sit across from me. The grin on her face never left the whole time I was there.

I asked her if her sister knew yet and she responded that she hadn’t told her anything yet but Sylvia knew all the early signs too and Donna was suspicious that she suspected.

I was on cloud nine for the next two days as I thought about the implications of being a father. With so little together time between Donna and me, I still couldn’t tell if I’d be a full-time father or a part-time one or an uncle figure. There was plenty of time to sort that all out. The longer Priya stayed away, the less I thought about her. I knew that she could have first dibs on my heart if she wanted. I was a little surprised that Divi hadn’t appeared in my bed in the middle of the night. Priya must have really put the clamps down on her.

Mom called and wanted to get together on Thursday night but I told her I had a date. She seemed disappointed but was thrilled that I was going on a date. I hadn’t told her about Donna or my pending fatherhood. I would later find out that Mom and Janet had been getting it on with Rita and Frank every day since the ‘dinner party’. Mom had invited me on Rita’s and Janet’s insistence. They had wanted cock and there wasn’t enough of Frank for three women.

I prepared for my date with Donna. She had invited me to dinner at her house/mansion. She had indicated that she would get Sylvia out of the house so we would have privacy. She giggled when she said ‘privacy’. When I pulled into the driveway, both the Jaguar and the BMW were there. I hadn’t seen Sylvia since she accosted me at the diner. It was Sylvia who answered the door when I rang the doorbell and she seemed to be in the same frame of mind as she was then. I greeted her with a kiss on the cheek and a fake hug that was really only a bump against her. I couldn’t tell what was troubling her about me. After all, I was the solution to her money problems. If Donna didn’t have a child to pass on the family fortune then they would both lose the money and keep a house they couldn’t afford to pay the taxes or upkeep on. It was all on Donna because Sylvia was sterile from her hysterectomy.

I heard Donna thundering down the circular staircase as I stepped into the huge foyer. She was still in her dressing gown as she pushed past Sylvia and threw herself into my arms with a screech. She kissed me all over my face and then settled down on my lips and kissed me hard. I watched Sylvia glare at us. When Donna came up for air, she blurted out, “The test came back positive. Oh my God, I’m really pregnant.” Sylvia scanned my face searching for my reaction. Donna had apparently told her already.

When I grinned back at Donna and said, “That’s wonderful Donna. You’ll be an amazing mother, and I’ll be whatever you want me to be,” Sylvia’s glare turned to a smile as tears filled her eyes. She mouthed the words, ‘Thank you.‘ Donna ran back upstairs to finish dressing and Sylvia led me to the study and fixed us drinks. She handed me my drink and pressed herself close to me and stretched up and kissed me on the lips.

She didn’t linger and there was no passion in her kiss. She pulled back and said, “Thank you Jack for wanting to be a part of the baby’s life. I’ve treated you badly because I was afraid that you’d break Donna’s heart using her for sex and then head for the exit when she became pregnant.” The irony of her words didn’t escape me. Donna had confessed that she was using me for sex so she could get pregnant and Sylvia knew that was true. I had to decide whether I was okay with that and I was. The double irony was that Donna was already pregnant before any of this came out. Things had worked out for all of us.

When Donna appeared in the Study doorway, my jaw nearly fell on the floor; she was stunning. She wore a semi-transparent, cobalt-blue, v-cut silk blouse that perfectly contrasted her dark brown wavy hair. I could see the darker circles of her aureoles. She didn’t wear a bra. Her emerald green eyes flashed. Her makeup was perfect. Her skirt was pleated and flowing as she moved. A wide black leather belt accented the transition between her blouse and skirt and the gentle curve of her hips from her slender waist. She wore stilettos which raised her height to nearly six feet. I have a particular fondness for stilettos. My dick hardened and pressed against my zipper. Sylvia saw me make a subtle adjustment and grinned at me. With Donna’s arrival, Sylvia disappeared without a word. Donna started to make herself a drink and then said, “What am I doing. I can’t drink.” She came over and sat down beside me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She noted my erection and giggled as she said, “I see you’re glad to see me.” Her nipples hardened and pushed against her silk blouse. I knew what she meant and I made another adjustment as I blushed from embarrassment.

I asked about the ‘test’. She responded that it was a home pregnancy test. She had done all the research to find the best, most accurate one and then had to settle for what she considered to be the second best one because that’s what the pharmacy in a neighboring town carried. She didn’t want to buy it at the local pharmacy because then everyone in town would know before she did. I chuckled. She was absolutely right about small-town gossip and the local pharmacist always had the juiciest info.

Donna leaned in and pushed her glossy lips forward and I gently kissed them. She sat back and looked at me. “Are you really as happy as you seem about this?” She examined my face.

I said, “I wasn’t sure at first. I’ve thought about it over the past week and I’m more than happy about it. I’m excited about it.” I leaned toward her and kissed her grinning lips. Tears formed in her eyes. They were happy tears. I felt I had to clarify one thing though and I continued, “I’m all in on the baby. We haven’t had much time together for me to say the same about us as a couple. You know my history. You know about Anna. I’m making progress and then I feel guilty about it.” I left out my feelings for Priya. I analyzed that situation every day. One thing I couldn’t shake was, ‘Am I invested in Priya simply because she was the person who pulled me out of my asexual funk after years of abstinence? That wouldn’t be a very good basis for a long-term relationship.’

Donna smiled at me and said, “I know. For me, this started out as a search for a sperm donor for reasons you already know. I liked you ever since you started coming to the diner. I never dared hope that my search would lead me to a man I could love. Especially in this po-dunk town; but it has.” Tears reformed in her eyes and she took my hand and placed it on her left breast. Her heart was hammering away at warp speed. “It’s only been a couple weeks, but the heart knows what the heart knows.”

Donna released my hand and smiled. Then she said, “I’d better check on dinner.” She stood up and bent down and kissed me again. I watched her until she was gone. I took the opportunity to make a bigger adjustment in my pants and I unzipped my fly and reached inside and manipulated my cock into a more comfortable position. As my luck goes, Sylvia walked in at that moment. She was equally stunning and my cock burgeoned in my fingers as I quickly withdrew my hand. Her long blonde hair was woven together in a long pig-tail that draped down over her right shoulder. Her aqua-blue eyes were accented by perfectly applied makeup. She wore a half-sleeve gauzy blouse and a tight knee length skirt.

Sylvia stopped at the doorway and stared at me for a moment until I was zipped back up again. My face was ablaze with embarrassment. She went to the bar and made herself a drink and then came over and sat down in a chair across from me and promptly said, “She’s very happy you know.” I smiled and nodded as I sipped my drink. “I know you know about our family situation and yet you seem genuinely happy about it too. Is tonight the last we see of you or are you in for the long haul?” The Sylvia that I’d met at the diner was back.

I examined her for several moments and she examined me back with a quizzical smile on her face. I said, “I totally understand your attitude. You love your sister. I get it. She and I have had our conversation about this. She understands my history. I will say this to you because of who you are. I’m all in on the baby and I want to be a father or an uncle or whatever Donna wants from me. I don’t know yet where she and I are going as far as love and marriage. It’s too early to tell.”

Sylvia smiled and took a sip from her drink. “She’s falling in love with you. You know that right?” I hesitated for a moment considering whether or not to continue this discussion with her. Then I nodded and took another sip. She took a sip and continued, “I just don’t want her to get hurt.”

I said, “I have a lot of baggage and she and I have discussed all that. The last thing I want to do is hurt ….” Donna walked in mid-sentence and I stopped talking. Sylvia was smiling at me and Donna looked disapprovingly at Sylvia.

“Sylvi, please stop haranguing Jack. Dinner is almost ready.” She motioned for us to follow her. Sylvia refreshed our drinks, poured a Perrier for her sister and we went to the dining room. This was an old house and there was no such thing as open concept in its design. Many separate doors lined the hallway as we followed Donna. The dining room was a separate room segregated even from the kitchen. The mahogany furniture was old and stately. The table was easily twelve feet long. The dinnerware was fine china and the glassware was Waterford Crystal. There was a full spread of silverware and upon closer inspection, it was real sterling silver.

Donna asked if I could slice the pork roast in the kitchen. She pushed open a swinging door and I followed her. The kitchen was ultra-modern and completely out of character with the rest of the house. It was beautiful with granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances, two sinks and a ten-foot center island with barstools on one side. The roast sat in a china platter with a carving knife beside it. I picked up the knife and Donna pushed her body against my back and wrapped her arms around my chest and said, “I’m sorry for Sylvi’s attitude. She’s just looking out for me.” She stretched up and kissed me on the back of the neck. I set the knife down and turned around and held her tight to me. I bent down and kissed her firmly on the lips and she responded with a lot more passion. My dick blossomed again and pushed against her. Her hand went to my crotch and pushed back. I wondered if we were going to get out of the kitchen. We were both breathing very heavily when she suddenly pulled back and began waving her hand like a fan at her red flushed face. I could feel the heat in mine too.

Donna turned away from me and took a step toward the dining room and then stopped and turned back. She pushed her breasts against my ribs and said, “Can you stay the night? I’m so horny right now I could explode.” I kissed her and nodded. She grinned broadly and turned around and carried a bowl of baked potatoes to the dining room. She was just about to push back through the swing-door when she turned back to face me and lifted the hem of her dress to show me that she was going commando too. Her sex glistened with moisture as proof of her sexual arousal. My dick pushed harder on my zipper and Donna giggled before backing through the door. I went back to the roast and when Donna returned, I had the slices all laid out in a neat row. Donna pressed her hand to my obvious erection and told me to get out of her kitchen. She squeezed my cock and grinned. I went back to the dining room and sat down across from Sylvia.

She noted the tent in my pants and said, “You still have a boner? I figured you two were taking so long in there that you must be having sex. Just the thought was making me horny.” She raised one hand to her right breast and lazily dragged her finger tips around the nipple, which was already erect and pressing on her gauzy blouse. She had a sultry expression on her flushed face as she pushed her lower lip between her teeth. She pushed herself forward in her chair and then I felt her shoeless foot push into my crotch. I was already aroused by my encounter with Donna in the kitchen. My cock surged harder and pushed back against Sylvia’s toes. She just smiled at my reaction.

The swinging-door from the kitchen burst open and Donna backed into the dining room with the platter and a gravy boat. Sylvia pulled her foot out of my crotch and sat up straight in her chair. When Donna turned around and saw the heat in Sylvia’s face, she gave her a withering stare and said simply, “Sylvi. Not now.” Donna looked at me and saw the same flushed face that I had left the kitchen with. She said, “I hope everyone is hungry.” She set the platter and gravy boat on the table and returned to the kitchen. She came right back with a bowls of steaming hot carrots and green beans.

The food was so good that conversation was sparse. My boner didn’t go away as I kept thinking about Donna’s bare pussy under her dress and Sylvia’s nipples continued to press against her blouse as she kept staring at me like I was on the menu. Donna noticed her sister’s attention and she turn to me and smiled.

When we finished, Donna said, “I think we should have dessert later. I ate too much.” Sylvia looked at me and I had that feeling that I was the dessert. We all assisted Donna on clearing the table as we carried stacks of plates, etc. to the kitchen. Donna asked me to go back to the study and she and Sylvia would join me when they had loaded the dishwasher. Before I got through the swinging-door, Donna lit into Sylvia. I didn’t linger to find out what they were bickering about. I was sure it was me. The only distinct thing I heard was, “He’s staying the night so just wait. Jesus, you can be insatiable. You always were. Chill out.”

We chatted about the town history and their family’s part in it. They both were enthusiastic and they talked over one another as each was anxious to tell a particular story about their grandparent or parents or themselves. Donna had already told me the summary but the details were interesting and I listened attentively.

Sylvia broached the subject of sex when they were both teenagers. She started to tell a story about ‘Timmy’ and Donna laughed and said, “Come on Sylvi, don’t tell that. That was so embarrassing.” Sylvia told it anyway. Timmy was a friend of Sylvia’s. He was younger than Sylvia and older than Donna. Donna really liked Timmy. He lived in the neighborhood and they had all been life-long friends. They were all in Sylvia’s bedroom and she suddenly lifted her shirt and showed Timmy her boobs, which were pretty big even then. Donna was as shocked as Timmy was. Sylvia explained that her goal was to get Timmy to show them his dick because she had shown him her boobs. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, kind of thing.

Donna laughed and asked that Sylvia not continue, but Sylvia was on a roll. She delighted in telling the story and she continued. “Timmy’s pants bulged and Donna gasped. She didn’t know anything about erections or what they were used for. I was older and had a little experience, but not much more. I pulled my shirt off and cupped my breasts for Timmy to see my erect nipples. Donna was aghast and asked me to put my shirt back on. I ignored her and asked Timmy to show us his dick. I thought he might burst into flames his face was so red. I moved closer to him and whispered, “show us your dick or I’m gonna put my shirt back on”. He was staring at my tits and I squeezed both nipples. He jumped up to his feet and unzipped his fly and fumbled around in his pants and with some difficulty pulled his erection and balls free from his jeans. Donna covered her eyes with her hand but she was peeking between her fingers. Timmy had a pretty good size dick. It was bobbing up and down. It was really hard. He pushed his hips toward me and I moved back. I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to touch it so I asked Donna to do it. She looked at me like I had ten heads. She shook her head but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from it.”

Donna interjected, “I was scared to death.”

Sylvia continued, “In a quavering voice, Timmy said, “Someone has to touch it. Jesus Christ. It hurts, it’s so hard.”” Donna giggled and nodded. Sylvia continued, “He moved toward me and I moved back again. I couldn’t take my eyes off his dick but I couldn’t bring myself to touch it. I turned to Donna and told her that she had to help Timmy; that he was in pain. I wanted to see what his dick would do if we touched it like he asked and I was just about to relent when Donna moved forward and stuck out her hand. Timmy moved toward her and her index finger touched his knob. It was a knob too. Timmy groaned hard and blew his load all over Donna’s face. She screamed, instinctively closed her eyes and froze in place and took every shot. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’d seen a dick or two but I’d never seen that. Donna finally broke out of her trance and quickly moved back away from him. She was spitting cum that had landed in her open mouth when she screamed. When she could move, other than to just react, she launched herself out of my room. Timmy grabbed my discarded shirt and wiped his dick on it and ran from my room as he was stuffing his dick back in his pants. When he was gone I realized that I had wanted to feel the texture of his cum and even smell and taste it but he was gone like he was shot from a cannon. I grabbed up my soiled shirt and satisfied my curiosity as best as I could. The smell was a bit pungent and the taste was bitter and salty. I didn’t see Donna for the rest of the day.”

Donna spoke up and said, “I ran to the bathroom to clean my face. I was covered. I wasn’t expecting that. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t that.” Donna grinned and continued, “I scooped a glob from my cheek and rubbed it with my fingers. It was gooey and sticky and not pleasant at all. The smell and taste were anything but agreeable. I guess it’s an acquired taste.” She giggled again.

Sylvia got up and said, “Well, it’s getting late. I’ll leave you two. Good night.”

Donna came over and sat beside me and whispered, “We’ll give her some time to get to sleep and then we can go up.” We talked and made-out for an hour before we hurried up the circular staircase to Donna’s bedroom. Our blood was boiling by the time we got in bed. We were both breathing heavily as our lips searched everywhere. Mine found her naked firm tits and she pulled her head back and moaned. “Oh my God. My boobs are so sensitive. Be gentle with them.” I flicked my tongue around one nipple and checked to see if that was okay. The moan I received said, “Yes.”

We moved into a sixty-nine position and I groaned when she took my rock-hard cock between her lips. She groaned around my cock when I dragged my tongue along her clitoris on my way to her pussy. She groaned again when I pushed my tongue in. Her hips pulsed several times in response. I tongue-fucked her through an orgasm and she was trying hard to get me off. I had other ideas about where my load of cum was going and I held back.

As I drove my tongue in and out of her pussy, she was grinding her clitoris on my chin. What little beard stubble I had was driving her crazy and she screamed hard as she burst into another orgasm. She had to pull off my cock so she could breathe. She was gasping for air. When she could, she went back to her blow job. She definitely had skills and she was pulling my load from me in spite of my efforts to delay. I was busy lapping up her juices and I started counting backward by threes in my mind to hold off my climax. It was a tried and true method that had worked countless times before but I knew right away that it wouldn’t work this time if she kept doing what she was doing.

Donna seemed to be reading my mind and she pulled her lips off and gasped for more air. I got the reprieve just in time and my orgasm eased into the background. At that moment, I wasn’t sure if I was glad or disappointed. There was a mixture of both I guess. Donna rolled off me and spun her body around and threw her right leg across my thighs and moved into position. Her feet were beside my knees and she leaned forward with her hands on my chest and came up on her knees, dragging her tits along my chest and kissed me. She pulled back a few inches and said, “I hope you’re ready because I’m going to fuck you to death.” She giggled and reached down between us and gripped my cock that was already pushing against her sex.

I chuckled and said, “I hope you don’t go that far.” She giggled and pushed herself down on my knob. Her giggles stopped abruptly as she groaned hard all the way down my shaft. I gritted my teeth and rolled my hips up to meet her descent.

When she found her depth, she stopped and giggled again as she said, “Your cock is much better than Timmy’s.” I laughed and was caught off-guard when she started fucking me as her hips rolled forward and back as her torso writhed like a snake to follow the motion. I gently caressed her breasts being cautious of her new sensitivity.

I quickly realized that Donna wasn’t going to get the chance to fuck me to death because my climax was coming at me like a freight train and I gritted me teeth again and burst into a seething groan as I lifted my hips with enough power to lift her with them. She planted her feet by my hips and continued her fucking motion as she lifted herself with her legs. My eyes flashed open and Donna was grinning down at me. She knew I was close and she was working hard to pull it from me. I released her breasts and grabbed the bedding in my clenched fist and dropped my hips and fired them back up to launch the first salvo of my climax into her. She stopped grinning then and she suddenly but in slow-motion rolled into her own. She dropped her torso to mine and screamed, “Oh my God. I’m CUUUMMMINNGGG AGGGAAAINNN.” Her hips pulsed in a grinding motion driven by her clenching pussy which gripped me tightly as I drained the rest of my load in her pussy. I finished first and then had random hip flinches that lifted my torso and her with a quick grunt and then was gone to be randomly repeated several times.

Her orgasm diminished and the clenches became random. My flinches continued and she giggled into my chest every time. We gasped for oxygen for a long time as I ran my hands over her back and shoulders. She trembled from my touch. When she started to breath normally, she pushed her feet down the outside of my legs and the lifted them and they took a position between my legs as she pushed her hips down hard pushing her squishy pussy down my softening cock. Without looking up at me, she muttered, “It’s still pretty big. I could get used to this.”

When all was quiet and we were both breathing normally again, Donna rolled off to my side pulling my flaccid cock from her pussy. She scrambled up my body and put her head on my shoulder and I turned to kiss her. We kissed passionately for a long time. Her fingers found my soft gooey cock and she broke our embrace and turned to place her breasts on my thighs and sucked my soft cock into her mouth and lashed it from balls to tip with her tongue until she was satisfied that I was clean. She pulled off and ran her fingers down my shaft. She pushed herself up again and snuggled her body against mine. She kissed my neck as I pulled her half way onto my body with her top leg between mine and kissed her forehead.

Donna said, “Should we get under the covers before we fall asleep?”

I said, “I don’t think I have the energy to move.” That was the last thing I remembered before drifting away in a deep sleep.

I woke to the gray gloom of early dawn and I notice that Donna had slid down my body. I could feel her tits resting on my hip. She was stoking my cock back up to full size. Then I could feel her lips push down over my glans. A groan formed in my throat but I didn’t want her to know I was awake yet. I wanted to see what she’d do. Her blow job was amazing and I involuntarily pushed my hips up as her lips descended. The breast on my hip lifted and I felt it drag upward to my stomach. Something didn’t feel right and I opened my eyes to see Donna’s face looking down at me from above my chest. The lips on my cock descended and it was apparent that Donna wasn’t sucking my cock. It had to be Sylvia. I lifted my head off the pillow and looked down and sure enough a naked Sylvia was perched on her knees and elbows between my legs driving her lips down my shaft. Even in the dim light I could see Sylvia grin around me cock.

I dropped my head back to the pillow and groaned out, “Jesus Christ.” Donna pulled herself up off my body and maneuvered her body so her pussy was on my lips facing toward Sylvia. I flicked my tongue on her clitoris and Donna groaned, “Oh fuck. Yes. Do that. Oh my gawwddd.” I adjusted her hips and drove my tongue as deep in her pussy as I could. She trembled and moaned, “Oh my God.”

Sylvia pulled her lips up my shaft and rolled her lips around the glans and then kissed her way down to my balls and sucked each one into her mouth. I muttered, “Jesus,” into Donna’s vagina and my hips pulsed. Sylvia gripped my cock tight and I felt her throw her leg over my waist and then maneuver herself down over my hips and there was no mistaking the sensation of my stiff cock sliding into her pussy. She groaned hard as she pushed down. She stopped sooner than I was expecting and then I remembered that Sylvia had had a hysterectomy years ago. I had no idea how that would change her approach to vaginal intercourse so I let her take full control. She eased down again and stopped. She muttered, “Oh my gawwddd. So big.” I wanted to get into the action but I held myself back for fear of hurting her.

Sylvia’s pace was faster than usual and she was moaning and groaning. I wasn’t hurting her. That was a relief. I felt Sylvia and Donna lean toward each other and groped each other’s tits and then they kissed. It wasn’t a passionless kiss between siblings. With Donna leaning toward Sylvia, I got a better angle of attack on her sex and Donna groaned into Sylvia’s mouth. Donna broke their embrace and she went rigid before she flooded my face with vaginal juices as she eased into her orgasm. It wasn’t a crushing orgasm like before. She sat back up and muttered, “OOOOOHHHHH MMMMYYYY GGGAAAWDDD.” She trembled again. “That’s amazing.”

Sylvia sat back up and increased the pace of her rocking hips. I found Sylvia’s tits and they were bigger than Donna’s. She grabbed my hand to hold them in place and to steady herself as she pummeled her pussy on my cock. I could feel my orgasm approaching and my cock surged harder and Sylvia groaned loud, “Oh my God, Donna. I’m gonna cum. YES. Oh fuck, YES.” I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock so hard that she was pushing my cock out of her. She pushed back down each time. She began muttering, “OOOHHH… OHHHH.. OHHHH,” with each clench. She was milking my cock with her pussy and I groaned hard into Donna’s pussy as I blasted Sylvia with at least eight long powerful streams of cum. Sylvia groaned through each one and then she started crying. I don’t know why this happens but it wasn’t the first time.

Donna came up off my face and slid onto my chest and cradled Sylvia’s face to her chest to sooth her. She quietly ‘ssshhh’d’ her many times. Sylvia’s pussy clamped on my cock for a long time after I had finished depositing my load. I was pinned under the both of them so there wasn’t anything I could do to help. Frankly, I didn’t know what I could do anyway. My cock softened and Sylvia’s continuing clenches finally pushed me out of her. Sylvia was getting control of herself as Donna continued to sooth her. The crying changed to sulking and then she spoke excitedly, “Holy Shit. That was the first cock induced orgasm since my operation. I was told that I might never have one again. Fuck. That was so intense. Thank you, Donna, for letting me try.” They kissed again for what seemed a long time.

The first rays of sunlight lanced across the ceiling and then down the wall. Donna and Sylvia cuddled up to each side of me. Donna kissed my shoulder and Sylvia did the same. I ran my hands down their backs to the slopes of their hips. They were both fondling my spent cock. It was only a few minutes before Donna raised her head to look at me. She said, “I have to get ready for work. You two stay as long as you like.” She rolled off the bed to her feet and clamped one hand to her crotch as she hurried to the bathroom. I heard the shower come on. Sylvia’s hand was still but she held my cock in her hand. The rhythm of her breathing revealed that she was sound asleep.

When Donna was done in the bathroom; she came into her bedroom and I motioned to her that Sylvia was asleep. She grinned at me when she saw that Sylvia was drooling on my shoulder. She collected her clothes for work and leaned in and kissed me and then she whispered, “I’ll get dressed downstairs. Come for breakfast later?” I smiled and nodded as Sylvia cuddled in closer. Donna smiled and creeped out of the bedroom. I heard her car rumble to life a few minutes later.

I didn’t want to disturb Sylvia so I just laid there on my back and fell back asleep. When I woke again, Sylvia was sucking on my cock again. I lifted my head to look down at her. She grinned around my shaft and pulled off and said, “Good morning sleepyhead. I hope you don’t mind. I wanted a protein drink for breakfast.” She giggled at her own joke. I dropped my head in my pillow and groaned as Sylvia pulled another load of cum into her mouth. She swallowed when she needed to and she took it all before lashing her tongue around my shaft and glans. She pulled her lips off and drilled her tongue into the ‘eye’ and then smacked her lips and grinned at me.

Sylvia went back to her room and I got in Donna’s shower. I was lathered from head to toe when the glass door popped open and Sylvia stepped in and ran her hands over my soapy body. I took the opportunity to examine her gorgeous body. She paid particular attention to my cock by stroking the sudsy shaft at frantic speed. She looked me right in the eye and when I gave her the signal, she dropped to her knees and accepted another load as I leaned against the wall when my knees buckled. I dressed and Sylvia walked me to the front door. She stood in the open door with only a towel wrapped around her as I drove out of the driveway. I waved as she was closing the door.

I drove directly to the diner and sat in my regular booth. Donna was busy and we didn’t get much of chance to talk. I asked her out again for next Thursday and she grinned and accepted. She thanked me for accepting her inclusion of Sylvia last night. She explained that Sylvia had been so depressed lately. I felt like I should be thanking her. I paid the check and left a decent tip but not too big. I didn’t want to make it seem like I was paying her for sex.

I drove home in kind of a daze as I relived last night’s multiple sexual encounters with both Donna and Sylvia. Sylvia’s inclusion was a huge surprise. They made an incredible tag-team. When I rounded the last corner, I saw Jacob’s truck and Ashley’s car in their driveway along with a third car. I pulled my car into my driveway and left it there. I wanted to wash it. It was filthy from the dust on our dirt road. I had always liked my car clean and shiny when I lived in the city. I washed it every weekend. It’s an exercise in futility when you live on a dirt road.

I put on my bathing suit and some rubber, waterproof sandals and carried the water and suds filled bucket out to the driveway. I uncoiled the hose and sprayed down the car. I was washing the drivers side door when I heard voices in Jacob’s driveway. I turned to say hello and Ashley, dressed in one of her ever-present bikinis, saw me. She was talking with a bikini clad beauty of no more than twenty years old. She was blonde, probably bleached. Her hair was straight and hung down to the small of her back. Her curves were perfectly proportioned. Ashley waved for the young woman to follow her and she walked across the two driveways and right up to me and pushed her huge bumpers against my bare chest and kissed me. My dick began to harden and I had to make a quick adjustment in my bathing suit. The blonde watched every move.

Ashley broke our embrace and stepped back to introduce Brieanne. She stepped in and shook my hand as she stared at my crotch. Up close, I could see that her perfect proportions were actually a little more balanced to the top half. She had big tits and a tiny waist with slim hips and thighs. She was facing me so I couldn’t check out her ass in her thong bikini bottom, but I was certain that it was awesome. She was taller than average at around five feet-eight. She stood taller than that in her high heeled cork wedges that they both wore.

Ashley went on to explain that Brie was Jacob’s niece. She presently worked in the office of Jacob’s construction business but she was interested in getting into Ashley’s line of work. Brie smiled at Ashley’s delicate description of ‘her line of work’.

Brie did a three-sixty and threw her hair as she turned. I was right. Her ass was awesome. She cocked her hips and struck a pose as she pursed her plumped up lips and said, “Do you think I have the necessary attributes for the job?” I scanned her posed body from head to toe to make sure I gave her a proper assessment. I took my time and Ashley giggled and playfully punched my arm. I scanned Ashley too as if I was doing a comparison. Ashley couldn’t resist posing too as she lifted and pushed her huge tits together to create even more cleavage. While Brie had struck a model’s pose, Ashley’s was a stripper’s pose. Brie noted the differences and looked at me and said, “I don’t have those fun-bags but mine are real.” Ashley wasn’t offended at all by Brie’s remark. She even peeled back her bikini top, exposing her nipples and then lifted one and then the other to her lips and kissed each one as she watched my reaction. Brie laughed and said, “I can’t do that either.”

Ashley pushed her fun-bags back in her bikini top and it was a struggle. When she was satisfied that they were positioned properly, she said, “We’re going to the corner store for some steaks. Can you come over for dinner? I’ll get an extra.”

I didn’t immediately answer her question. My mind flashed forward to these two gorgeous, bikini-clad women walking into the corner store to buy food. I could envision the teenage boy who worked the cash register and the old guy who worked behind the butcher counter. Ashley knew full well the effect they would have on the poor kid and the old guy might just die of a heart attack.

Ashley pulled me back from my reverie with the same question, “Can you come to dinner tonight?”

I mentally assessed my calendar, which never had anything on it, and nodded and said, “I’d be glad to. Thank you.” They jumped in Ashley’s car and I returned to washing my car. I started to bend down but I had to make another adjustment in my bathing suit before I could.

I was just finishing up drying my car with a micro-fiber towel when Ashley and Brie returned. They were laughing as they exited her car. I heard Brie say, “We really should go back and help that kid lift his chin off the floor.”

Ashley laughed and said, “I think the boob shake got us an extra ten percent off on the steaks.” She vigorously shook her boobs from side to side and her bikini top did nothing to contain them. They were both laughing as they disappeared through the front door.

I chuckled to myself as I thought, ‘Ashley and Brie go to town and wreak havoc on the indigenous population.‘ I cleaned up and put the car in the garage. Then I stood at the deck railing with a beer in hand and watched the forming parade of boats. I had no clue how the word got around so fast.

The doorbell rang and I turned to see Jacob standing at the front door looking through the open French-door on the Breezeway at me. He opened the screen door and leaned to his left and carried a stepladder inside. He leaned it against the door to the garage and then came out on the deck. We shook hands and he said, “I see that you saw my surveillance equipment. I apologize for the camera in your bedroom. I’m here to remove it. I couldn’t help myself. Ashley wants me to invest in a porn film company. She wants to be a star. I’m trying different techniques and camera locations. I bet you could be a star too.”

I was a bit pissed that Jacob had invaded my home at some point to install the camera but his last statement about me being a porno star got me laughing and I ushered him and his ladder into my bedroom. Just to be sure, I watched as he removed the camera. It was so small. I hadn’t been able to see it even after I knew it was there. He pocketed the camera and took the ladder outside. I handed him a beer and we took seats on the deck. Jacob chuckled as he commented on the boat parade. We could hear Brie and Ashley laughing in his kitchen. He commented on how well we could hear them. I told him that there aren’t many secrets on the lake.

We drank the afternoon away. He talked about his construction projects. His business was a huge success. He couldn’t keep up with it all. He hated to hire project managers, but he couldn’t do it all anymore. I was happy for his success. As Jacob became more inebriated, he started talking about Ashley. He wasn’t talking quietly either, so I suggested we move back into the alcove between the house, breezeway and garage. He stood up and staggered a little and then grabbed his chair and dragged it back away from the railing. I did the same.

Jacob was slurring his words when he said, “Brie isn’t my niece. I just told Ashley that. Brie lives in one of my apartment buildings. She practically raped me. Fuck she’s hot. I’ve been seeing her for a while. Ashley doesn’t know. Brie really does want to be a stripper. I introduced Brie to Ashley and they’ve become really close. Weird huh. Ashley insisted that I bring Brie up here for a couple days. Knowing Ashley, she’ll insist on including Brie in bed. Won’t that be a hoot.” He laughed.

I said, “I’d love to see that video.”

He chuckled and said, “I’ll make you a copy.”

This was getting on the edge of weird. I finished my beer and got a couple more. I asked Jacob if he had anymore cameras installed. He said, “No, but I want to put one in your other neighbors house. That Divi is wicked hot and her mother? Fuck, she’s some kind of MILF.”

I looked at him for a moment and then said, “Jacob? Please don’t do that to them. I care for both of them. Okay?”

He looked at me with an odd expression and said, “Okay. Cool.” He tapped his beer can on mine as if to seal our agreement and then he guzzled the rest. He stood up and staggered to the left and then back to the right. I steadied him as he came to equilibrium. He stated that he was fine. Yeah right. I helped him back to his house and Ashley took possession of him with a disgusted look on her face.

She thanked me for getting him home and told me to come over at seven o’clock for dinner. The disgusted expression returned as she said, “It’ll probably be just the three of us.” Behind Ashley, I heard a loud and gross belch and Jacob staggered to the kitchen sink and puked. Ashley paid little attention and turned back to me and said, “Fuck. I ain’t cleaning that up. Brie can do it. She’s fucking him; she may as well clean up after him too.” I chuckled to myself thinking, ‘I guess Jacob isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, and Ashley isn’t as dumb as he thinks she is either.’ In my foggy minded condition, I wondered if I’d got all the ‘smarts’ and ‘dumbs’ and ‘he’s’ and ‘she’s’ in the right place in that thought.

I excused myself and staggered across the driveway and returned to my deck. I sprawled out in my chair and quickly fell asleep, or passed out. Whatever.

I woke to a far-off voice calling my name, “Jack. Jack. I know you’re there. I can see you. Dinner is almost ready.” I came to enough to recognize Ashley’s voice. I waved to her and sat forward to assess my condition. The nap had helped a lot. I was thirsty and I went to the kitchen and guzzled a half-liter bottle of water. I splashed water on my face to revive myself from the nap. I had no idea what Ashley and Brie would be wearing for dinner so I just pulled on a pair of cargo shorts and a short-sleeve shirt and sandals. It turned out that I was overdressed. Both Ashley and Brie were still wearing their bikinis that they had tortured the teenage boy in, at the store.

I was curious to see if Jacob made it to dinner but I wasn’t surprised that he hadn’t. I didn’t ask any questions and neither of the women raised the subject. The steaks were amazing. I made a mental note to buy my meat at the corner-store from now on. Who would have thought. I don’t know which of the women did the cooking but everything was great. Frankly, I couldn’t picture either of them being very domestic.

After dinner, Ashley pulled down a bottle with the distinctive shape of a robed monk with a thin rope sash and poured three half-ponies of Frangelico. I was stuffed and the Hazelnut flavored liqueur instantly settled my stomach. We retired to the living room. Brie was anxious about something and she finally got Ashley to go with her to the bathroom. Is there a law that says a woman can’t go the bathroom alone? Ashley came back to the living room alone and said, “Brie wants to practice her routine on you. It was supposed to be Jacob but he’s kind of incapacitated. She has her début at my club tomorrow night. She leaned in close and whispered, “She’s pretty hot.” I smiled and made myself comfortable. Ashley grabbed her cell phone and worked her fingers on the screen for a moment and music started playing from a Bose radio across the room. The music wasn’t my taste but it was typical of what I’d heard in strip club’s when I was in college. It was music to grind by and moments later, Brie appeared in the doorway from the bedroom in a transparent bright red short negligée. She was already dancing. I could see her bare tits through the flimsy but teasingly opaque material and she wore a neon thong. Her body was in perfect synch with the music as she rolled her hips and then twerked at just the right moment. She was pressing her tits together as she pursed her lips and the sultry expression on her face made my dick harden in my pants.

Ashley came over and sat in a chair beside me to watch Brie work her routine. Ashley stopped her once and turned off the music. She offered some advice on legal ways to spice it up a little. Ashley started the song again and Brie continued. Ashley was right. Brie was pretty hot. Then, as the song came to an end and a new song started, Brie teasingly peeled off her negligée revealing her breasts in all their glory. They were real and they were beautiful. Brie came over to me and bent over and pushed her tits together and blew me an air-kiss. My cock hardened further. I had to reach down to make an adjustment and Ashley reached over to help.

Brie gyrated her hips in a gesture that would be considered obscene anywhere else but on a burlesque stage. She pushed her index finger between her lips and sucked on it in an obvious simulation of sucking a cock. Her facial expression morphed into that of a little innocent girl sucking on a lolly-pop as her hips continued in synch with the song. She turned her back to me and flexed her butt-cheeks. What an ass. With her legs spread and locked at the knees standing in her stilettos, she bent down and looked at me between her legs. She grabbed her calves and pulled her face between her knees as she traced her hands up the back of her thighs to her sex. I could plainly see the shape of her pussy through her thong. The descriptive, ‘Camel Toe’ came to my mind. I caught Ashley watching my reaction. Brie was good.

Brie’s routine ended with the end of the second song. She stood back up and faced me as she spread her arms wide and said, “Ta-Daaa. What do you think? She was all grins waiting for my answer.

I was dumbstruck. Ashley reached over again and put her hand on my lap and before I could say anything, Ashley said, “Judging by the size of this bulge, I’d say he liked it. Do your lap-dance routine for him.” I grinned at the prospect that there was more. Ashley was working her cell phone again and said, “Lead him around the room like you were taking him to the Champagne Room. Practice your cat-walk.”

The music started again and Brie bent over me and offered me her hand. I took it and she pulled me to my feet. I had to make another adjustment before I could fully stand. Brie looked at Ashley and giggled at my obvious discomfort. She led me around the room as she did her cross-over steps like a model on the cat-walk. The way her ass moved in synch with those steps was incredible. I didn’t think my cock could get any harder but I swear it did. She led me back to the same chair beside Ashley. Ashley’s face was flushed with sexual heat. She just stared at my crotch as I sat down. The tension on my cock was better sitting down.

Brie was really working her tits and hips as she pushed my knees together and sat down on them with her ass to me. She rubbed her ass all over and then got up and turned around and slid her legs along the outside of my thighs and pulled herself up to me. She was grinding her pussy forward and back like she was riding me cowgirl style. She pressed her tits to my face and I instinctively reached for them. Ashley said, “No touching the girls.” I reluctantly dropped my hands to the arms of the chair. Brie leaned in to kiss me but stopped millimeters from my lips. Fuck the rules, I leaned forward and kissed her lips. She grinned and pulled back and wagged her index finger at me. Ashley spoke again, “Very good. There will always be guys who will break the rules. You can’t let them but you have to act like you want to break the rules as much as they do.”

By the time the lap-dance was over, I was ready to explode. I could feel the heat in my face and I was breathing erratically. Brie was perched on my thighs grinning at my obvious reaction to her lap-dance. Ashley and Brie high-fived each other and then Brie bent forward and kissed me passionately. Her hands were working on my belt and then my zipper. My hands went to Brie’s gorgeous tits and she groaned when I palmed her nipples. We were still kissing when my cock pushed out of my pants into her hand. She pulled back from our embrace and her eyes were wide and she muttered, “Holy Shit,” as she looked down at my cock. Then she turned, slack-jawed and looked at Ashley who grinned at her and just nodded her head.

Brie started stroking my cock from balls to glans and ran her finger tips around the velvet crown with her left hand while she unbuttoned my shirt with her right. I looked at Ashley to see if she was planning on getting in on this. She was breathing erratically and her face was flushed red with sexual heat. There wasn’t much she could do at the moment, or so I thought.

Brie scooched herself forward as she pulled her thong to the side and dragged my knob through her sex. I had to lean forward because my cock was so hard, it didn’t want to bend back like that. Brie pushed herself on my cock and slid forward and started fucking me. Ashley had taken all she could stand and she stood up and stripped off her bikini bottom and put her feet in my chair on either side of me and pushed her pussy to my face. I breathed her in. She’d put perfume on her pussy. She was obviously anticipating this would happen. I gripped her ass-cheeks and pulled her against my lips and drilled her pussy with my tongue. She grabbed the back of my head to steady herself and she let out a loud groan as her tits came down on the top of my forehead. Then her bikini top disappeared.

Brie was busy fucking herself on my cock in a vigorous pace when Ashley’s ass presented itself to her. She stopped her motion and pushed her face to Ashley’s ass and drilled her tongue into Ashley’s anus. Ashley reacted instantly by pushing her ass back against the invading tongue and let out a loud screech as her tits dropped on either side of my face. I pulled my head back as best I could with her clutching my hair and sucked on her right nipple and then her left. Ashley screeched again. Brie figured out a way to continue fucking my cock and tongue-fuck Ashley’s anus.

Ashley slowly adjusted her position so Brie could continue and I could resume my attack on her pussy. It wasn’t long before Ashley’s body tensed and throbbed into her orgasm. It felt like it was just a vaginal orgasm but she was violently thrashing her body and I had to grab her hips to hold her so she wouldn’t fall to the floor.

I was so intensely engaged in Ashley’s pussy that I had lost my mental connection with my dick. With Ashley’s climax, Brie resumed her pace on my cock and I groaned out, “Jesus Christ, Brie.” My orgasm didn’t move in on me from a distance like sometimes happens. It was suddenly just there. Brie screamed hard, “OH MY GAAWWDDD. YES. YES. YESSSSS.” She grabbed Ashley’s hips and began thrusting her hips violently against my cock. I groaned, “OH FUCK. I’MMM CUMMINNNGGG.” Brie went over the top of her orgasm just as cum rocketed up my shaft into her pussy. I peered around Ashley’s body to see Brie and her mouth hung open and her eyes were blank. She gave every indication that she was screaming but there was no sound. Her body went spastic and throbbed. Her pussy clenched hard on my cock like she was milking the many long steams of cum that followed the first one. She was trying hard to drive her hips in a fluid motion but pulsing reactions from her orgasm prevented her from doing so.

Ashley had recovered enough to step off my chair to the floor. She immediately collapsed into her seat with leg splayed as she feverishly massaged her pussy with all four fingers. When she moved, Brie came back from wherever she had gone and with her hips erratically gyrating, watched Ashley masturbate. I was long done before Brie’s pussy stopped clenching. She collapsed forward and I caught her and held her to my chest until she pulled back and climbed off my cock. She let a long exhalation in the form of “PHHHEEEEWWWWW” escape from her lung, “That was a fuck.” Ashley giggled and pulled her fingers from her sex. She followed suit with a long “PPPHHEEEWWW” too.

Ashley giggled and said, “Well. What do you think of Brie’s routines?” I was stuffing my cock back in my pants. It was messy and no one had offered to suck me clean. I’d shower when I got home. Ashley watched me putting my cock away and she was looking from my crotch to my face over and over again. I wondered what was on her mind. Clearly it was something. Then she came out with it. She said, “Umm. Jack? I know I’m asking a lot of you but, ummm.” She looked at Brie and then back at my crotch. Brie was as confused as I was. After a while, Ashley said, “Since Jacob is cheating on me with Brie, I want to say fuck my rules and I want you to fuck me.”

Brie had a horrified expression on her face. She started to object but Ashley put her index finger on Brie’s lips and said, “Don’t deny it Brie. I’m not as stupid as you two think I am. I’ve known for a while now. We’re not married, so it’s his choice, but I’m not going to be monogamous with him if he wants both of us.” Brie’s open lips closed and the expression on her face said that she knew she was busted.

All Brie said was, “I’m sorry Ashley. You’ve been a good friend.”

Ashley smiled at Brie and then looked back at me and said, “Well. Do you think you can get it back up again?”

I knew that it wouldn’t take all that much to get me up again but I decided to play it up a bit. I said, “Probably, with both of you working on it.” Brie’s eyes went wide. She was obviously in. Ashley walked over to Brie and kissed her passionately and caressed her tits. Brie returned the affection and hefted Ashley’s tits. My cock was already responding. By the time they went to the floor in a sixty-nine to a dual chorus of moans and groans, I was fully erect. No one had even touched it yet. I watched as they brought each other to an orgasm and then I couldn’t stand it anymore and I had to pull my cock out and start masturbating.

It looked like they were going to go for two and then Ashley saw me jerking myself off and she suddenly yelled, “NO. Don’t do that.” She scrambled out of Brie’s entwining arms and nearly dove into my lap. She pulled me off my chair to the floor and she sprawled out on her back and spread her lifted knees. Her massive tits rolled toward her armpits but since they were enhanced, they didn’t go far and she pushed her tits back together with her hands. She looked up at me and said, “Fuck me Jack.”

My big head was saying, ‘You’re a shit Jack for participating in Ashley’s pay-back on Jacob.’ My little head was screaming, ‘what the fuck are you waiting for.’ As usual, my little head won and I knelt down between Ashley’s legs. I glanced over at Brie to see what she was going to do and she was already on the move to sit down on Ashley’s face. Ashley hands went to Brie’s tits and seconds later Brie screamed hard from Ashley’s attack on her sex. I noticed the bookcase that held the mini-camera. Ashley knew it was there. She wanted Jacob to see this when he was sober.

I touched my glans to Ashley’s clitoris and she humped up her hips and abandoned Brie’s tits and used both hands to spread her labia in anticipation of my insertion. She was gushing juices as I guided my cock into her pussy. She groaned hard into Brie’s pussy and her hands went back to Brie’s tits. I pushed in and slowed at what I expected was her depth. She wanted it hard and she humped up her hips again. She felt the pressure and she groaned. She found the depth that she wanted and I began fucking her in long strokes at a normal fucking pace. She was rocking her hips up as I pushed down. Brie leaned way out over Ashley’s head and began thrusting her pussy into Ashley’s lips. I took the opportunity of pushing my thumb into Brie’s anus and she initially pulled away and groaned hard. I planted my knees under Ashley’s thighs and sat back on my feet as I pulled her up onto my cock. She screamed into Brie’s pussy as the new angle of attack was obviously agreeable. This position freed up my hands and I went back to Brie’s anus. Brie found a way to drive herself onto Brie’s lips and back on my thumb. I was rocking my hips to drive my cock in and out of Ashley’s pussy. She was going nuts as she was crushed by an orgasm. She had to abandon Brie’s pussy until she got some body control back and was able to breathe again.

I wasn’t close to cumming and I knew it would take a while. I kept driving my cock in and out as she clenched hard on it. She muttered into Brie’s pussy, “Jesus Christ Jack. You’re killing me. Oh fuck.”

I casually said, “I can stop, if you want.”

Ashley screamed out, “FUCK. NO. DON’T YOU DARE.” I kept going and it didn’t take long before she exploded into another one. She was whimpering, “Oh my God. Oh my God.” I kept going but I was feeling the growing pressure in my balls. When Ashley could, she kept drilling Brie’s pussy and the Brie’s went rigid and let out a loud groan as she throbbed through her own orgasm. I could hear Ashley lapping her tongue on Brie’s squishing pussy.

Ashley became aware of my hardening cock and she knew I was going to blow. She struggled to rock her hips in this position and when my balls boiled over and cum rocketed up my shaft, Ashley burst into another orgasm. I blew shot after shot of cum into her throbbing pussy. Brie rolled off Ashley’s face and lay sprawled on her back. I could see her pussy continuing to sporadically pulse. Ashley didn’t have the energy to even look up at me. She said, “Fuck Jack. If you aren’t done; I am. You fucked me out. Jesus Christ.”

I chuckled and bent forward and kissed her hard and pulled back and said, “I’m done too. I’m fucked out.” My cock was softening fast and in moments it plopped out of Ashley’s pussy. She groaned as she felt it coming out of her. Globs of cum followed me out and ran down the crack of her ass to the hard-wood floor beneath. She didn’t even try to stop it. I moved back into my chair and Brie rolled onto her hands and knees and moved between my knees and sucked my gooey cock all the way in to my balls. She lashed my shaft with her tongue and then popped off and smacked her lips with a huge grin on her face. She wiped her lips on the back of her hand.

Brie pulled back from me and maneuvered herself to line her lips up with Ashley. Brie kissed. Ashley didn’t have the energy. Then Brie said to Ashley, “Are we Okay? I value your friendship more than Jacob’s cock.” Ashley rolled her head to look at Brie and smiled and pursed her lips for an air-kiss. Brie accepted that as a message that they were good.

I waited in the chair and when I could, I stuffed my flaccid cock back in my pants. Ashley finally got herself up off the floor with Brie’s help. I stood up and pulled Ashley into my arms and I kissed her. I bent down and kissed each nipple as she giggled. Then I kissed Brie and then kissed each of her nipples. She groaned. I wished Brie good luck tomorrow night and asked Ashley to let me know how it went.

The two of them walked naked with me into the driveway. We kissed again and I said good-night as I headed across my driveway. I stopped at my mailbox. There was nothing but junk mail in it. I looked back and Ashley’s front door was closing. I thought, ‘Holy shit. These dinner parties are gonna kill me.’ I could practically hear my little head say, ‘What a way to go‘.

I showered, half-assed dried myself off and crawled into bed in the dark. As I settled down on my back a hand fell onto my chest. “Jesus,” I yelled as I grabbed the hand. It was a female hand. My night-vision hadn’t settled in as much as whoever was lying there in my bed in the dark. A familiar voice said, “You’re hurting my hand.” It was Divi. I relaxed my grip and released hers as I rolled toward her. Her released hand went immediately for my flaccid cock.

I said, “Divi. I’m fucked out. If that’s what you want, I can’t. I just can’t.” She pulled her hand back and moved closer and kissed me.

“I’ve missed you. I’ve missed that,” as she gripped my cock again. It didn’t react in the slightest. She continued, “That’s okay. I’ll wait until morning.” I exhaled a groan and rolled on my side away from her. She wasn’t deterred as she spooned up behind me and draped her arm over my side and lazily ran her fingernails across my nipple. I could feel her naked tits press against my back. I was curious about how Divi had escaped the clutches of her mother, but I was exhausted and I was asleep in minutes.

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