Ashley’s work-friends on a Sunset cruise – Part 7

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Priya was waiting for my answer to her question, “Is there any left for me?” So far, I had only confessed to having sex with Divi this morning before she arrived home from her trip to Boston to iron out the financial details of her divorce from Naveen. To suggest that ‘there wasn’t any left for her’ because my balls ached would mean that I’d had a lot more recent sex than that, which of course, I had. There was only one answer that I could give.

I could only imagine the conversation if I’d said, ‘Sorry. My balls are killing me. I lost track of how many times I ejaculated at an orgy that I went to last night.’ Priya would ask, ‘Where was Divi when you were at the Orgy?‘ ‘She was home. I went alone.‘ ‘You left her home alone and went to an orgy. Seriously?‘ ‘Okay. Okay. I took her with me to the orgy.’ ‘You took my teenage daughter to an orgy?‘ That kind of a conversation wasn’t going to happen.

“Of course there is. I’m always available to you,” I said. Divi looked at me as I avoided her gaze.

Priya pushed her body against mine and stretched up and kissed me. She cradled my balls in her right hand through my shorts. My dick hardened instantly and my balls were screaming. Priya released my balls and pulled back from me and said, “Good answer. Now keep that thought. I have some things I need to take care of before I forget. I’ll be back in an hour or two.” She turned to Divi and flexed her index finger indicating that she was to go too. Priya said nothing more and headed for the stairs. Divi cupped my balls in her hand, like her mother had, as she brushed past me and blew me an air-kiss.

I mouthed the words, ‘what just happened?‘ to Divi and she just shrugged her shoulders and followed her mother down the stairs and across the yard, hurrying to catch up. Neither of them looked back. Things had looked so promising that Priya and I would get back on track. Now, I had no clue; again. I went back to my chair and sat down as I lifted my coffee cup to my lips. It was stone cold. I struggled my way out of the chair and went inside to make another cup. While I waited, I fondled my balls to further assess their condition. I decided that they would do just fine when Priya came back. If both Priya and Divi came back, I wasn’t so sure.

The doorbell rang and two seconds later I heard the front screen door open and then shut. A voice said, “Hello. Is anyone home?” It was Ashley. I headed for the breezeway and nearly collided with her coming down the hall as I rounded the corner. She was still wearing her spandex yoga outfit and her huge boobs collided against my chest like bumpers as I recoiled and instinctively pushed my hands out in front, as my head pulled back. We were both startled and we pulled back from each other. She laughed and said, “Sorry Jack. I walked right in to you.”

“No problem. What’s up?” Her spandex outfit had her tits mashed together and the display of cleavage was incredible. I couldn’t take my eyes from her chest. Ashley saw where I was looking and she bent down so I was looking at her face. Then she stood back up and my eyes followed hers.

Ashley said, “I wonder if you could do me a big favor?”

“Sure. Anything.”

“I have a few of my friends from work coming over and a sunset cruise would be a perfect way to end the day. Our little dingy wouldn’t work very well. I wondered if you could take us out on your Party Boat?” She crossed her arms under her boobs and lifted them a little exposing more of the ample flesh in the v-cut front of her outfit.

Her move caused my attention to drop to her boobs again as all rational thought was evacuated in an instant. “Sure. I’d love to.” She jumped up and down a couple times causing her tits to bounce and one of her nipples came free. She nonchalantly tucked it back in and clapped her fingers together.

“Thank you, thank you. Would seven o’clock be good. That would give us some time before sunset.” I nodded as I watched her tits roll around like Jell-O in a bowl.

I watched her amazing body until she was around the corner of her house. I stood there for a while after that. ‘What the fuck am I thinking. Priya’s back and giving positive signals and I agree to take Ashley and a bunch of her work friends on a cruise. Jesus,‘ I thought, as I headed back to the kitchen. My coffee was luke-warm.

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