Time stop watch get my desire complete – Part 1

My height is 175 cm (5’9″) with adequate size. My weight is 73kg with less amount of hair in the body, except pubic area. My cock size is average with dark color.

Let’s just drive in the story world . My name is abhi and i was living with my family (stepfamily) . In my family there was total 6 members counting me . Let me just quick introduce you to . My dad name was rajesh and he works in Mumbai away from the home . His age was 50 . Very busy person he visit home very rare. And the next one is my stepmother suman who is just 40 . Very beautiful lady her hight is 5’8″ With 34B bra size . Very thin lady she take care like I am her own son never let me feel like I am not there family member.And the next one is my grandmother sima who is 65 years old but don’t go on her age she is next level her body this still mature like she is in her 40s she always pray she is also widow (grandpa and my mother died in a road accident 3 year back)and the next one is my elder sister monika she is 28 years old with awesome body her big boobs and beautiful Buttchicks . She work in IT company but because of covid she has to do work from home.Let me just quick Introduce the last person .my stepsister anisha she is 19 years old goes in college . Has a boyfriend always use phone. I was virgin boy never had sex because I am very shy type person. I always had a dream to have incest sex (having sex with my family). Like every horny boy does I also use my family member undergarments and masturbate some times I just peep on my stepmother when she was bathing or changing clothes. Same on other members also. It was sunday and on Sunday we help mother to clean home .

I get up and just quick brush and went in living room were mother and my grandma was cleaning suddenly my mother told to take that news paper to store room

Me – ok mom

I took all newspaper to store room i turn on the light and just keeping the newspaper suddenly a box fall from upper shelf.i keep the newspaper and open the box I was very old box means some sides were cracked just open the box I saw a watch in it. I was confused and thinking. on the watch was only 2 button written stop start and light indicater i wear the watch and click on stop and suddenly a voice came out from the watch stop I was still confused so just I keept the box and went in living room calling mommy I done the work. No reply I saw my mother was just standing

Me – mom i done the work you told me

No reply no movement…??

Me – mom…

She was just standing like a Statue
I touched her on shoulder trying to call her

Me – mom..!are you ok…?

No reply I was scared.. And thinking what to do now…then sudden I remember that the watch I wear was written stop start nd I click on stop I suddenly click on start and mother start to move asking me

Mom – are you done with your work.

Me – yes ( with wide smile)
(I can stop the time and do everything that I am dreaming)

I clicked on stop button and see mom she was freeze I was very happy then I just touch moms butt just calling mom are you hearing no reply then I just left her and took her to sofa then watching her for 2 min observing her body she was wearing skirt and a top then I just start to kiss her neck I was hard just by thinking now I can fuck her… Slowly kissing her checks hear and with my hands pressing her boobs I open her mouth with my hand and took her tongue out and started to lick her lips her soft lips wear tasting like strawberry because of her lipstick
I remove her top she was wearing black bra slowly I kissing her stomach her belly was awesome smell of her sweat was awesome

I lick her boobs her white skin was making me ever hard I never had sex but I watch porn more so I know how to do I was doing same has I know I remove her bra her nipples wear pink and hard.I started to lick her one boob and with other hand pressing her left boob the feeling in my heart was next level slowly I pinch her nipples and making her rest on the sofa I slowly started to remove her skirt.her white underwear was wet .smell her underwear it was hard smell of her pussy juiceI suddenly remove her underwear and open her legs wide I took my phone out start taking photos. Suddenly I start licking her pussy lips I can feel how wet was she. Saying mom I love you I took off her mangel sutra and removing her hair bow her juice was flowing out from pussy… I lick her ass hole it kissing her legs after I make her on the side of sofa and open her mouth suddenly I remove my clothes and started to masturbate infront of her

I catch her hairs with one hand with other I take my dick near her mouth trying to put In her mouth her mouth feel so good I was speaking I start moving my dick in and out my half dick was only in her mouth after some stokes I try to gag her sitting top of her having full dick in her mouth I was near to come in her mouth suddenly holding her tight I came in her mouth

Part 1 end…Next part will release soon give your feedback on email – [email protected]

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