Romance on roof top: step-mom’s sexy figure

Nothing is more pleasurable than getting love with your opposite sex ;as Garry have been in illicit relationship with her own little sister Lili as well as her step-mom Cathy,as she is a lady with great assets,it’s too hot as i loiters behind her sexy buttocks to see it’s shape and she have never shown her resistance as we two have intercourse sex session several times;but god knows why lust or hunger for dying sexy body never meets it demands after getting it for hours to our parents came back from their 3 days trip and as they arrived in late evening,my dad as well as sister have left home for their office and school in the morning as i am still sleeping on bed,so i was too exhausted after losing my cum for 7-8 times in last three days,my hot sister Lili never said ”it’s enough”and than our physical affairs reached the height of orgasm each and every time but she [Lili] is still virgin and she have assured me of losing virginity with me i am sleeping soundly,my eyes opened after some one touched my face with his/her hand and so while opening my eyes,i can see step-mom Cathy standing there as she is looking sexy in her bath-robes and it’s a knees length ,so looking at him i wake up on bed a she said…………

”come after a while,waiting for a nice coffee with you.”as she left my room and i walked inside washroom as i took refreshment and walked out as i have put a black bermuda on my waist,so as i move inside dinning space,she is sitting there as she is still in her bath-robes and now i sit on sofa as she said………….”have our coffee soon
[Looking at me] so you are too tired,after three days of rest
[Garry] actually i was not in mood to attend classes,so i thought it will be better inside home with my mom
[Cathy laughed as maid put cups of coffee on table and walked back] i know it my son,you both have made yours romance in last three days ,isn’t it
[Garry bit shy] you can ask to him if i have ever touched him in your absence
[while drinking coffee,cathy] will she accept her crimes she committed ,so don’t try to make me fool
[Garry bit outspoken] oh mom ,now explain about your trip with my dad
[Cathy] fine,i am well satisfied with him on and off bed as both have made a sex video also
[Garry] mom ,i want to see it.’

But she denied as she put cup on table and now inched closer to me as her hand is on my thigh,it’s going inside my bermuda from its corner and as she starts rubbing her palm on my thigh,i felt bit hot and in retaliation my hand hold her boobs on robes,but it’s a cotton bath robes with thick clothes ,so not feeling it’s touch as i can feel her hand on my cock and as she touched it with her soft hand and now i left her breast as i put my hand on her thigh,trying to push it in her robes and as it moved inside,my hand reached to it’s hole as i can feel her soft vagina nude and she is in bath-robes only ,so she have hold my cock and as i starts rubbing my finger on her cunt,she is bit horny as she hold my wrist and took away my hand from her robes and she took out her hand also from my bermuda,so she smiled…………

”let maid move out of home and than i will punish you bastard.”

And my cock got some erection as i walked inside with empty cup to put it there and maid have already cleaned the utensils but she took cups as she is cleaning it and i now it’s her last work and so she will move as i walked inside dinning space,i can’t see mom there and so i sit there as i took newspaper to read and after a while,maid came as she smiled and walked out of home,now i locked the door as i walked towards mom’s bedroom and as i put my legs inside room,my eyes stuck on her round dome shaped ass as she is standing in front a large mirror,she have put a full transparent red robes as it’s a honeymoon dress for love and i walked out of feeling too hot as her sexy ass have shown it’s size and shape,i am sitting on sofa and after a while,Cathy walks inside as she have put a red robes with it’s transparent nature and i can see her sexy body inside it,so i wake up on sofa as i walked to him and now as we two are close,she hold me in her arms as i starts kissing her neck and her hand is on my back,so feeling cathy’s boobs on my chest is giving me a hot touch and now as i am kissing her with my lips,she have hold me tightly and her nude legs are rubbing on my as i hold her hairs and put my lips on her lips,she turned her face an now she starts kissing my neck and as my hand is on her soft bum,i am pressing her soft fleshy parts hard and she is kissing me wildly as i am standing with him on ground and as our faces are straight,she kissed my lips and now opened her mouth to suck it,but like a novice lover i pushed my long tongue in her mouth and she is sucking it hard but as our body are slight distant,i hold her silky strings of robes and opened it,so i got her front portion nude as my hand is feeling her soft body’s touches and as she is sucking my tongue ,she is too horny as her hand pulled down my bermuda and so my cock is nude and her hand have hold it,it’s semi erected as she is jerking it slowly and now as she is not leaving my tongue from her mouth,i pushed her face back and freed my looking down to earth,i can see her nude sexy body as her vagina is covered in a small piece of clothes,so her honeymoon dress have their ends on her shoulder as she is standing like a hot lady.
Cathy is jerking my penis as i hold her breast and starts squeezing it hard and as things were going peacefully,door bell starts ringing and looking at me,cathy said…………….”look who is there.”

And she walked towards her bedroom as i put my bermuda on waist and walked to door as i opened it and there i can see newspaper hawker standing with bills on his hand and so i ask him to stand,as i walked inside and than to cathy’s room and she is on bed as i opened her purse and took money out of it,so walked to him and paid i locked the door as i am well back in step-mom’s room as she is sitting on bed with her back on it’s corner and a pillow is behind her back,so looking at me,she hold her strings of robes and opened it as she smiled and now put her robes on shoulders,so inviting me for love as i am standing there and now i pulled down my bermuda as i am nude,hold my penis in hand and showed it’s both are inviting each other but cathy moved towards bed’s corner as she is sitting and now my cock is in front of her face as she hold it and looking at me,she starts rubbing it’s soft round glans on her face as her face is becoming reddish with her eyes being closed,she is screaming”uh ah it’s hot and hard,love you my son”and as glans starts running on her rossy lips,she is a horny lady right now and now she opened her eyes as she looks at me,just opened her full mouth and took my tool in it as she closed it hard and now sucking it while her arms have hold my waist,she have pushed my whole cock in her mouth and her face is on hold as i am feeling it’s growing harder and bigger but i am too hot as her mouth have hold my cock for last 2-3 minutes and she is not giving it a fast jerk in it,so my hand moved on her hairs and i hold it tightly as i starts fucking her mouth fast and now her closed mouth opened as i think she have given me her mouth with throat like a vagina to fuck and as i am fucking her mouth hard,it seems pre-cum ejaculating from my penis and so i took out my cock ,now walked to washroom as i urinate there,washed it with water,so making it little cool to fuck her for at least 4-5 i came back,she stands there and now make me sit on bed’s corner as her waist is in front of my face,she put her one leg on bed and stretched it up to the fullest,so i got her cunt to love and now i put my face on her vagina as it have little hairs also but it’s glittering surface with reddish hole are making me too hot and so i kissed its surface frequently as i put my crossed finger on it to widened its hole and now my long tongue is licking her glory hole,a lady of 28 years with tall figure of 5’7 feet is nude as her small piece of cloth have been removed from vagina,she have done it in my absence and as my tongue is licking her glory hole fast,she have hold my hairs as she is screaming”oh ah um garry lick it lick fast,i will get your cock inside it after some time”and as my tongue is licking her cunt fast,now it starts ejaculating cum and i tastes it as my cock is also too hot,so she knelt down and hold my cock as she swallow it in her mouth to suck but this time,her mouth is giving my cock a hard and fast jerk and after a while,i shouted………..

”drink my cum you bitch aah it’s cumming”and i hold her hairs tightly as my penis poured cum in her mouth,she drink it as i can see cum on her lips also as she took it out to lick it’s glans,she is really a step-mom cathy…………….

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