Road journey to home

Hello friends,
It’s in continuation to earlier story of ”Road journey to native village”,as younger brother MOHIT with her elder sister TONY have enjoyed some nice time inside bus and their journey ends in the early morning as they visited their village and than live there for two days and one night and there also,in night mohit’s hunger for sex with tony mounts and as a result,two have enjoyed fuck next day ,we wake up in the morning as both have a nice day with family members and aunty as well as cousins are making my sister bit shy as her marriage is on card as our days passed,we have to leave our village at 05:30 pm as we have to reach main town of Sonbhadra and so i took rest after lunch and than in the evening,as our cousin have hired an auto rickshaw for town ,we both left home as tony have put a long skirts with tops on her sexy body again and than we both are in auto rickshaw as auto starts,we too are cool and looking at me,she said………..

aunty have put meals also
[Mohit] we can have it in a line hotel ,where bus will stop.”


And as our village is 14-15 km from main town,we both are sitting while maintaining the distance and my elder sister tony,a 22 years gal with a slim figure as her glowing complexion with bust of 34 inches,waist of 28 inches and butt of 36 inches are sexy,she have kept her sexual organs glittering as i know she always bought some creams on on line shopping mart as she use it to keep her boobs as well as vagina in shape and so as her legs are hitting on my legs due to some holes or divider on road,it’s nice to feel we reached the bus stand of town at 06:20 pm as our bus is not there and so i paid money to auto driver as i hold our luggage and now walks towards a shed made for passenger as it’s too small with some cemented bench,she sits there and i am thinking to buy some beer as i want to have it for energy but as town is small with bus stop , a place having less passengers,i am feeling bit afraid of leaving her alone and i am still sitting as looking at me,she said………….

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mohit,i want to have some items,will you buy
[Mohit] sure,so say your items.”and i got the chance to move as i walk out of bus stand in hurry,i am looking for a wine shop and lastly ,i moved to a shop as i bought a cigarette there and starts smoking it as i asked the shop-keeper” uncle ,is there any wine shop
[shopkeeper] yes,go to left and walk for 100 meters as you will see there.”

And so i bought a packet of cigarette as well as sister’s items,now walked towards left and so i can see a wine shop as i bought two canes of looking for an isolated place to drink one cane of beer and there i walked towards bus stop as i have seen deserted place also,so as i am near stop gate,i walked straight towards its corner as a high wall of stop have been put and near wall,as place is too dark,i opened a cane of beer as i lit a cigarette and starts smoking it while drinking beer but my mind is thinking of sister’s items as she have asked me for a magazine and a packet of condoms,so if she have shown her desires to me for fuck inside bus and want safe sex,so as i have my drink i put empty cane near roadside as i walked towards bus stop and there as i moved inside,i bought two bottles of water with two ice-cream of vanilla flavour and now i walked to while i sit near him ,she took one ice-cream and starts licking it with her tongue as i am looking at her and my eyes are in imagination as her ice-cream lick seems to be lick of my dick,but like an innocent gal she is smiling and as i have my ice-cream,she said…………..

mohit,have you got some thing tasty
[Mohit] yes,it’s an ice-cream as i have it,why?
[Tony laughed] you have drunk either beer or wine,isn’t it?
[Mohit bit serious] sorry,i was too tired so i thought to have it.”and as it’s 07:00 pm our bus came inside bus stop and now both wake up as i hold luggage and now walked towards bus,so a staff is standing near gate door as he is checking tickets and so i showed him our tickets in mobile as we both frisked inside as our seats are in second row from last,we are there as tony sit on seat on the windows side as i put luggage on upper case of bus,so while sitting near him as she have pushed her seat back,we both have turned their face and as our body is in same position,my eyes are going on her boobs,as her round boobs are sexy,its a full circle as upper and bottom parts of it have been equal and looking at me,tony said………

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”where are my items?
[Me] oh i have given you magazine and now[as i took out packet of condom from packet] have it.”and she is bit shy as she put it in her purse and after 10 minutes,bus moved out of bus stop as we both have put our heads on back of seat and closed our as bus is moving at a high speed,i opened my eyes to see it on sonbhadra-varanasi highway and looking towards others,i can see curtains have been put there,so i stand as i hold the curtain and now pulled it to make us safe and comfortable.

I have kept my arm on tony’s seat back as my eyes are closed and after a while,i felt her hand on my shoulder as i have seen her face turning towards me and as my eyes are closed,i can feel only and so i felt her hand on my face as she is rubbing it with her palm and as i have kept my eyes closed,she is now more dominant as she have put seat’s divider up and now her lips kissed my face and now my eyes opened…………”oh i thought you are sleeping
[Me] yes baby.”

And i put my hand on her back as i hold it and now i put her on my lap but her face is in opposite direction and as my hand have hold her boobs,i am squeezing it hard and my both hand is pressing it as her sexy bum is on my lap,it’s her ass who is pressing hard on my bulge but i am still cool and my one hand starts lifting her tops up,so my lips are kissing her neck as she turned her face and while kissing it,my hand is getting soft touch of her breast and i can feel her sexy bum on my bulge but as my one hand moves inside to hold her breast,i can see him lifting her tops to neck and so i got the look of her brassier as it have back strings only with no strips on shoulder.she have put it to easily open it and so i opened the strings of her brassier and took out as her nude breast is giving me lot of pleasure,so she is sounding sexy”uh ah hard hard and hard”and as i am feeling her heavy ass pressure on my bulge,i just hold her waist and now she is on my cock is slamming under my briefs as well as jeans and now tony is too hot as she inched closer and now put her arms in my shoulder as she put her lips on my lips,kissing it hard as my hand is on her back and i have pushed my hand under her tops to rub her sexy she is kissing my lips to face but as i felt horny,i hold her hairs and now took out my tongue from my mouth as she did it and now both are licking each other’s tongue as it’s a nice feel for both of us and so as she hold my neck while having my tongue in her mouth,tony is sucking it hard and we both are getting horny as bus is moving fastly.

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