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Spear had it set up but I was unable to attend, sadly. I was to arrive and Spear’s associate would be waiting in the basement. In the room next to the basement stairs I was to be blindfolded. Spear would then lead me down the curving staircase to the basement. Once in the basement he would lead me to the room. (The room was about 12 x 12, carpeted and elevated a few inches off the floor. A single light bulb in the ceilng lit the room.) Once in the room, Spear, the other and me, I would slowly strip off my clothing as they watched. I would take off everything getting completely naked, my rock hard cock sticking straight out. Then I would stand there as they caressed and felt me up and down, eventually moving to my ass, balls, and cock. They would do as they pleased teasing me and finally making me cum. I had no idea would they want me standing, laying on my back, or on all fours, the milking position Spear called it. He liked to get me in the milking position, which I also grew to love. He’d caress and play with me as I was on my hands and knees and eventually would reach in and lightly grip my cock with his thumb and forefinger around the base, firm, the rest of the fingers loosely around the shaft. He would then slowly stroke downward towards the heads, increasing his grip as he went until he was gripping my cock tight with his thumb and forefinger tightly around the head pulling my cock hard away from my body. He’d then release his grip and start all over aging with his finger and thumb around the base up against my abdomen. He’d caress and play with me with his other hand and continue to milk me until I came.

Next I would have my hands placed on someone’s shirt and would remove their shirt. Next I would caress my way slowly down to their belt, undoing it, and undoing the button on his pants. I would then drop to my knees and unzip the fly, opening his pants and slowly pulling them down allowing him to step out of them. Next I would caress my way up his legs, slowly, and avoid contact with his cock and balls. I would then lean in and grip the waistband of his tightly whites with my teeth and pull them slowly down allowing his hard cock and balls to brush across my face as I pulled them all the way to the floor, where he would seep out of them. I would then caress and lick my way slowly up his legs, one at a time covering both before being able to proceed higher. Licking up the second leg I was to stay to the side and lick my was up higher , to his shoulder and then to lick his chest, his nipples, stomach, as I slowly made my way back to his balls. I was to lick and suck his balls until told to go to licking and sucking his cock. I was only allowed to touch his cock with my mouth, no hands. Hands could be used on his ass, balls, legs, etc., just not his cock that was only touched with my mouth. I was then to slide his cock in and out of my mouth sucking on it, following directions, to slide his cock in and out of my mouth until he came, shooting his hot yummy gooey cum in my mouth. Next I would do the same to the other, not knowing who I was sucking, nor who the other was.

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