My Gay Experience in Class Room

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Hi Friends this is my own experience which happened in my school days. I was studying 12th Standard at that time and we we’re explored to porn videos through internet, but at that time we don’t have any mobile phones or personal internet sources. We have internet cafe around our school.
It was a normal day after the school and I was ready to go to a internet cafe near our school with all my friends as usual (We will go to internet cafe in groups and we will take one computer for two people) but every one at that day was not interested and some haven’t had enough money for there share instead of one and his name is Jayanth(Name Changed).
We both went to the internet center and he choose a corner system which had a wall at one side and an unworking computer at the other side.
We are just seeing some straight porn videos at that time and our pennies are erected (usually we will look at each other’s pennies and troll each other later) and at some point I felt something moving softly on my thighs and I looked down I saw his hands moving on my thighs and I feelt horny and I left him to do what he wants to. He reached my pennies and started rubbing it and I was enjoying it and I started to rub his pennies. The time was over and that day eanded.
After this incident he came and sat with me in class room it was a middle bench and I was in the wall side and he will sit at my right. Everyday we will used to play with our pennies I’ll masturbate him over his pant and he will do the same over my pants we will keep our bags on our laps to prevent getting caught this continued for a week or so we just got boared and went further and he just lower my zip and go into my pants and from the sides of my v shapped inners he will go into my inner and touch my bare pennies and he will lay down on the desk once he grabs my pennies that will make me to touch his cheast (I was actually like a breast he is a chubby guy). I’ll do the same to him we enjoyed this for a month till we shifted to the last bench for our convenience at last bench we became four me a thin guy he a chubby guy there will be a mascular build guy and another chubby guy. All four of us started enjoying each other’s pennies when ever we got a chance (A free hour or a skipped PT hour) Jayanth has a good sized pennies but not that hard, the mascular guys pennies is hard and a big sized one like mine so we both stayed dominant for them the other chubby guys pennies is just a toy in front of our three pennieses.
One fine day me and Jayanth were playing with our pennies before lunch hour we were to horny and we are decided not to cum this time (usually we will cum safely if he is doing I’ll signal him to take off his hands before I get a cum once he takes his hands out I’ll he will do it over my pant vice versa I’ll do for him) we hadn’t cumed and he asked me to stay back near the bathroom after the lunch.
As he said I was waiting for him after the lunch near the bathroom bell for the next hour rang and all are going to the classes but he came to the bathroom and signaled to follow him I just followed him to a corner toilet he just ensured that only we where there and he pulled me into the toilet and locked the door. He was turned on and he was quick in removing my pant and inner. My pennies got erected by his act at no time after removing my pant and inner he took my pennies into his mouth he gave me a blow job and I cumed within 5 minutes into his mouth I was in fear that what would he think. But he just spitted it and stood up to remove his pant and inner. He just pulled me towards his pennies and made me suck his pennies he just signaled me before coming and he cumed into the toilet.
I needed more of fun we forgot where we are we forgot everything what we had in our minds is just lust. I went further and turned him around and tried to insert my reerected pennies into his ass but it didn’t worked so I just inserted my pennies between his bumps and pumped till I got a cum. He wanted the same and I bent for him now and he just pumped me. We dressed up and we ensured no one is outside we came one by one outside the toilet. There was only five minutes for the next hour we just roamed arround the ground and reached the class next hour.
We haven’t had any chances after this we just had that usual classroom fun we got caught to our friends but no one asked about this to us eye to eye School ended but my experience hasn’t I had one partner during my UG and one during my PG hostel stay I’ll reveal everything one by one from now.
And about me I am bi sexual men interested in both men and women. If u just want to talk to me don’t hesitate to contact me at hotandsweetfun at

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