Goddess Sister treating her brother – Part 10

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Hi, this is Kamesvarar. This part is in continuation with my earlier part. This is my experience with my anunt’s daughter Suganya.

Both our parents were out on a causal visit to our native village. I had been to railway station to drop them. By then Ganga had picked Suganya from her place and come home. It was almost eight in the night. As usual, I opened the door with my set of keys and entered in. I called out for Ganga, but there was no response. I got into shower to fresh up and came out. As I stepped out I was shocked to see Ganga sleeping nude with just her panty on. She asked me ‘you like being this way right’. I knew Suganya has given her hint. She came close to me and took my towel off the waist and slowly slid down my brief and took my cock into her mouth without touching. As Suganya does. Ganga started to suck my dick and stroke my balls. Then she told me to lay on the bed on my back. As I lay naked, she invited Suganya and said now you have two pussy to play. And Suganya was also standing nude with just her panty on. They had worn similar panties and similar colour. I never knew this could happen so soon. Ganga and Suganya started to get on to my cock and suck. They were playing with my shaft and balls. It was feel top of my world with two sexy mouth sucking and licking. After some time Ganga told Suganya to lay on the bed. As she laid, Ganga slipped Suganya’s panty and spread her legs apart and started to lick her pussy. Meanwhile she wanted me to let Suganya suck my cock. As Suganya’s pussy was filled with juice, Ganga told me to lay and Suganya to mount on my face and let Suganya’s pussy into my mouth. I started to lick Suganya’s juice filled pussy. Her precum was flowing like honey dripping from hive. I sucked her every drop of precum. She was coming I knew. I sucked her more harder. She put her whole body weight on my face and jerked harder to come. My face was almost pressed fully into the cussion. But I did not stop to lick and suck her pussy. Suganya lifeted my head and pressed more hard and came into my mouth with full force. i could feel her cum sperting out into my mouth. Within few seconds she had finished.

Mean while Ganga was sucking my cock. Now Suganya wanted Ganga to lay and she slowly slipped Ganga’s panty through her lets. Suganya spread Ganga’s legs apart and started to lick her pussy. Ganga wanted to suck my cock. Now Ganga was getting ready. Her pussy was filled with juice. Now Suganya laid on her back and wanted Ganga to mount onto Suganya’s mouth to let her drink pussy juice. Ganga was thrusting her pussy into Sugany’s mouth while she was licking from inside. I went down on Suganya’s pussy and started to lick again. Suganaya’s pussy was also leaking with juice. After some time I took over. Ganga wanted me to lay and mount onto my mouth. I started to lick and suck Ganga’s pussy. Very soon Ganga was getting ready. She started to thrust harder. She rubbed her pussy more harder than before to get full pleasure. And full force she came into my mouth squirting her juice. As Ganga was squirting into my mouth, Suganya was sucking my cock and getting me ready. Now Ganga joined her and they both started to take my cock and balls into their mouth playing with tounge. Ganga and Suganya both started to play vigorously and jetted my sperm out. They both were licking eating and drinking my sperm. They both were almost tired and laid nude for almost more than three hours. It was amaizing.

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