Goddess Sister treating her brother – Part 9

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Hi, this is Kamesvarar. This part is in continuation with my earlier part. This is my experience with my anunt's Suganya.

For past a year now my parents were looking out for a proposal for my marriage. I was not able to decide. One day my gave me a photograph and said this is the girl you will be marrying. I asked her some time to think about it. She said it was Suganya who selected and said she would be the right person for me. I was surprised. I met Suganya and had a talk with her. She said if you want to be more closer to me, marry her. I could not get what she was saying. She said just do what I say and trust my words. I just accepted it and I was married. The girl I married was from a simple . Had no . Her name was Ganga. She was fair, average and good looking. She was adjustable, loving and caring towards me.

I had promotion and was transfered to nearby town, about hundred and fifty kms away from my home. I had to leave early and return late. Some times I had to even stay back for a day or two, or even a week, to complete my commitments. After about two years I requested for a transfer back to my city. As there was no option, they offered me to be as freelance in my own city with all same benefits. I liked it and accepted it. Now I can go to office as I wish.
And spend more time with my wife Ganga. But it never happened. She was more often visiting Suganya's place. And even stayed there some times. I tried to ask her the reason, but she would never tell. I expressed my concern to Suganya. She said not to worry, and Ganga was now her baby. And they both were enjoying. I was shocked. I asked her how? She said, Ganga wanted and I gave. Now I understood why Suganya wanted me to get married to Ganga. Suganya was aware that Ganga also was very interested in game.

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Now I wanted Ganga to confess all what had happen Suganya. So I had to plan. The same night I sat with Ganga and told her that my office wanted me to shift to next city about three fifty kms away and she has to join me. And as well she was not spending time with me. She refused and said she was comfotable here. I said she had no alternate but to join. She asked me for two days time. Meanwhile I had to talk a lot to get gain her confidence. Then after she asked if we can take even Suganya along with us. I said yes, but I need to know why. I said be open and ask me what ever you want I will give you. She asked me are you sure? I said yes I promise. She asked if I will not change later. I again said yes. Then she said she loves Suganya and she wants her. I said tell me every thing what happen and I will not stop you from any thing you do. Ganga then confessed how she got attracted and got close with Suganya.

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When every time I was not at home, Suganya used to call Ganga to her place and make her stay with her. They both were in a seperate room on first floor. Suganya's parents usually never go up. Gang said when she went to Suganya's place the to stay, Suganya was sleeping in her panty. So Ganga got embarrassed would not turn to her side. It was after about two or three days she became comfotrable. It all began when Suganya wanted Ganga to massage her breast to relieve pain. Ganga said the first time she massaged Suganya's breast she was aroused. She ejaculated within and her panty was wet. She said Suganya knew it but did not say anything. This continued for some time. Once Suganya has asked Ganga also to be with her in panty and she wanted to see her that way. Suganya said that she was aware that Ganga was wet in her panty many times. Ganga was hesitant. But she convinced and they both were in panty comfortable. Suganya has massaged Ganga's bare breast, nipples and her over the panty many times. And Ganga has also done it to her. There after Suganya has once offerd Ganga to play with her pussy taking off her panty. Ganga said she was very eagerly waiting for a chance to be offered. She atonce started to lick and suck Suganya's pussy. From then she started to love Suganya. Ganga has also offered her pussy to Suganya. They both have been having climax very often.

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