FAMILY TABOO: Parents get after-dinner delight from daughter

FAMILY TABOO,Incest stories,  Parents get after-dinner delight from daughter, It’s those unexpected moments that bring the memories that last a lifetime. My wife, Julie and I (Mike) had been married for nine years. Julie had two children by a previous marriage. The children, Jason (21) and Mandy (19), although they were my step-children, accepted me like their own dad. Jason and Mandy lived with us. Their “father” a military man, lived across the state. They loved their father, which I’m glad to say. We went through all the normal life adventures of raising children through adolescence, and had a close and comfortable relationship with the kids.

Being their step-dad allowed me to be a parent and also a friend at times. I was very close to both Jason and Mandy, but they did not take advantage of my friendship and respected me as a head of the household. As I mentioned, their father was a military man, an officer, and very good at being the commander. Unfortunately, not very good at being a person, which caused an uncomfortable distancing between him and the kids. I knew my role as a parent, but had more of an involved approach to keep the house in order. This created a relaxed atmosphere around the house, but things always seemed to get done. Perhaps this is why Julie left him and found the attraction to me, which is another story.

Hugs, touches and kind word were normal, and became commonplace even as the kids went through their teen years. It was always an appropriate action, and seemed to be enjoyed by all. Humor and even silliness were encouraged and laughter was music that filled our home. And it was almost uncommon to see a teen boy or girl hugging a parent, so Julie and I felt pleased whenever either Jason or Mandy would throw an arm around our shoulder or give us a peck on the cheek for no reason. Life gets too heavy, too often and too fast as I knew from my own childhood.


Mealtime was always an event. I enjoyed cooking as my form of relaxation after a hard day at the office, and the various delicacies was often anticipated by the Julie and the kids. But mealtime was more than food. They all knew it, and in fact gave me a gourmet apron on Fathers Day last year as a way to celebrate future meals on a regular basis. It was normally 7 or 8PM before I could unwind a little, throw on my apron and get to business in the kitchen. Julie would often take care of the bills during this time, and the kids would finish their homework and catch a shower before dinner. Quite often as it was late in the evening, we would eat dinner dressed in our pajamas, robes, or for the girls, their nightgowns. Nobody thought anything of it, nor made mention. This became our leisure time to talk and share the day’s events and emotions. It was a safe place and discussion on just about any topic was encouraged.

Personally, I enjoyed the camaraderie, and simple times at the table. This event often extending into the evening with dinner, dessert and on weekends, the occasional table game. As the kids matured, the dinners continued, but took on a different dimension as conversation was more often along an adult context. We still often had pajamas or loungewear, and Jason would wear his boxer which in this day and age is perfectly acceptable. Julie and I still wore pajamas or a robe and Mandy would wear a youthful gown or printed nightshirt that extended beyond her panties. It was fun and sexy in an innocent sort of way.

Julie and I noticed that for the past couple of years, that Jason and Mandy had been trying out their new expressions of emotions on each of us. Jason would playfully flirt openly with Julie, and Mandy would seek my attention and approval. Conversations became more personal for each of us as well. Jason would talk to me about “guy stuff” but when it came to intimate feelings on how a woman felt or what she expected from a guy, Julie shared that he would turn to her for advice. Mandy on the other hand was not as verbal about her emotions but sought from me more of a physical approval of her attractiveness as a young woman. Occasionally, I had the feeling that she was in competition with her mother for my time and attention. I suppose this in normal development for a woman and daughter. She would ask me to do small favors for her that I knew she had the time and ability to do, and stand by attentively as I completed the task. Each time rewarding me with a hug or nuzzle and kiss, then off she would go.

Friday nights were “Date Nights” for Julie and me. This became a weekly ritual that the kids expected and respected. Our dates were at home and involved a romantic dinner alone by candlelight. The kids would eat first then go downstairs to the family room to watch TV, or to their respective bedroom which was also conveniently situated downstairs. Julie at the time was, and still is, a very attractive petite 40 something year old, with long dark brown hair and pert breasts. She exercised regularly to keep in shape. I enjoyed the view as much as the meal.

Our dinners would often be followed by a sexy soft-porn “R” movie in our bedroom or the occasional XXX movie. But our evenings would always lead to very satisfying lovemaking. Sometimes we would have raging hot passionate sex, in several different positions including toys and anal. Or a long slow screw leading up to a sweaty and exhausting orgasm.

As the years passed and the kids became more accustomed to our “dates” and we often dressed in loungewear that we normally would not have on when the kids were around. Julie would wear a sexy (oftentimes sheer) negligee to the table and I would wear silk pajamas. In the summer, the attire became even less as I would wear only the bottoms or silk boxers, and Julie would wear a short sexy nightgown or silk short wrap. Although the kids were not there for the dinner, something would inevitably come up requiring our attention and they would come in to the dining room to talk with us, and then leave shortly thereafter. Julie, being their mom, was comfortable with her body around the kids and knew that the room was dimly lit, so if she was wearing something sheer or open, she would not cover when Mandy came in. If it was Jason, and she was wearing something sheer she would discretely position her body or hold a hand across her breast until he left. On occasion, or depending on how much wine was had consumed, she was even less concerned about Jason seeing her body. Although his conversations were short and to the point, I saw Jason’s curious gaze moving down from her face on occasion, momentarily appreciating the view of Julie’s breasts covered only by sheer fabric, or the rise and roundness of her cleavage open to the waist and barely concealed by the silk wrap. . Thinking back, I think she felt a certain thrill of confidence being admired at by a young man; even it was her handsome son.

Mandy on occasion came up in her nightgown or robe, freshly showered with her long brushed honey blonde hair laying loose over her shoulders, simply needing only to interrupt long enough to give a goodnight kiss to each of us. I enjoyed her smell of soap and perfume filling my senses, and soft silky hair brushing my face and shoulder as she leaned in to kiss me on the cheek before lightly prancing off to bed.

Early one recent Friday evening, Jason was working at his part time job at a local restaurant, and Mandy downstairs preparing to go out with friends. Julie was taking a leisurely bath and I had already showered and changed into silk pajama bottoms for the balmy summer evening. I went downstairs to tell Mandy goodnight and that we were about to start preparations for our meal, which is commonly known in our house as the secret signal that Julie and I want to be alone upstairs. As I turned from the base of the stairs toward the family room, I called out Mandy s name to see where she was. Hearing her reply, I followed the sound of her voice and began my conversation even before I saw her. I was surprised to see Mandy standing casually in the family room facing the full length mirror brushing her hair. She was wearing only a loose fabric skirt, completely naked from the waist up. As a family, we were comfortable in nightwear or minimal attire, but nudity was not normal except for the unexpected surprise encounter. On those occasions, it was brief and hands came up to modestly cover what they could before a calm departure could be made.

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