Hunky Gogo Boy And Stripper Derek Tyson

I was greeted at the door by a very hot nude male stripper for a birthday party I was invited to over Memorial Day weekend. I found out that his name was Derek Tyson and that he entertained for different private parties and events along with dancing at some regional strip clubs. I was also told that he had done several porn shoots. There were at least fifty or sixty people at the party, and the host had the evening well planned out. Since it was a pool party, Derek actually was totally naked for nearly the entire time. Although he is totally straight (I was told he had two sons), he was very obliging to the crowd and allowed a lot of interaction from those guests who wanted to do more than just look.

He left nothing to our imagination and gladly exposed every square inch of his beautiful muscular physique to us. In addition to his perfectly sculpted tanned body, Derek sported a raging hardon for much of the time. His massive boner was probably around nine-ten inches long and he was as thick as fuck.

He confidently seemed to enjoy the attention, as he was very accommodating to the group for various party games that involved toys and food. We could all tell he was horny, as his massive boner leaked and dripped precum down his swollen head and veiny shaft. When it was time for cake, Derek was rock hard and fucked the cake, so that his huge cock was covered with chocolate frosting. He gave the birthday boy a lap dance and let him lick the frosting off his massive boner until it was all cleaned off. Derek then gave him the biggest and best birthday present any gay guy could want.

He began jerking his cock, and allowed the birthday boy to play with him. Derek knew exactly how to use his enormous tool, as the entire party was totally into it and cheering him on. One of the guys next to me whispered to me and confessed that Derek was a cum machine, but I wasn’t expecting to see what happened next. The Adonis got his weapon ready to shoot and the birthday boy eagerly waited for his present. Derek’s muscles tightened, and his pierced nipples hardened as he shot a massive load, and I mean massive. The first few spurts of cum flew over the birthday boy’s head, and the next several landed in his hair as Derek aimed for the dude’s hungry mouth.

I counted at least ten or eleven blasts of creamy jizz explode out of his ten-inch cannon. Since Derek’s engorged pecker was so big, the birthday boy couldn’t swallow it, so he just licked the tip of Derek’s juicy dick and finished him off, squeezing his cock for the last drop of his milky beverage. The party continued for a few more hours and Derek stayed on. Towards the end of the night, the party host had Derek do a sounding gig with tootsie roll lollipops. I had never seen anything like it, but Derek smiled as he willingly slid the sucker sticks down the piss hole of his rock-hard pecker, until the lollipop itself rested on top of his massive cockhead.

The guests came up and licked the suckers, sometimes pulling them out with their teeth; and if the lollipop was removed Derek gladly slid another one down for the next guest. It was hot as hell. After several minutes, Derek got prepared to do a second cum shot show. This time he laid down on the pool table and nearly everyone surrounded him, in anticipation of another lascivious performance. We all caressed his smooth, shredded abs along with his hard pecs, pinching his small, erect nipples. As he enticedly stroked himself for the eager and awaiting crowd, several guests took occasional tugs of his huge dick and a few guys even fingered his shaved hole. It wasn’t long before Derek was ready to shoot another load, and this one was just as impressive.

Another geyser erupted and the first few blasts of cum flew over his head, while the next several landed on his face, chest, and abs. Several people took their fingers and rubbed Derek’s massive creamy load all over his body, and some even ate it off their fingers. It was definitely a Memorial Day I will never forget. I went home and looked Derek up online and found all sorts of stories and reviews. He is definitely the best male stripper I had ever seen.

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