Train molestation turns into enjoyment

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I was taking a train ride to one of the south Indian cities. It was for my school holidays, I was doing my +1 at that time. It was a night train, with the final destination expected to be arrived at in the morning. My destination station was not the last stop.

I had caught fever a day before the journey. Though I was asked not to go, I wanted to make the trip because I could enjoy my holidays instead of staying at home, which would be a bore.

I boarded the train, and we whistled off. I took my berth and slept. My fever had gone up by early morning. It was the wee hours like 5 AM when I got up and got down from the berth. I was expecting my destination station to be reached at 6:30 AM or so.

There was a middle-aged guy, probably in his 40s, who was also sitting in the lower berth. He saw me and asked what the problem was. I said I had fever. He came close and checked my forehead. He said yes, you have high fever.

He then gave me a blanket and asked me to put it around my shirt. I did so. Then he started checking my fever again. This time, he went for my chest. And he pressed. I am fat and have a bulky, drooping chest. As he pressed, it felt so good. He then moved his hand from one chest to another. On the way, his finger nails hit my nipple. I was starled. It felt amazing.

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He now moved really close to me. Everyone else seemed to be sleeping and the light was dim from the windows it being so early in the morning.

He said, I will try to reduce your fever. I said, “Ok”. He started unbuttoning my shirt, only the first three buttons. I inquired why, and he said “I must check your back also”.

Then he put back the blanket on top of me and said “I don’t want you to feel cold”.

Then he guided his hand from behind me and through the blanket. And he caught my chest.

Now he was fully in control. He slowly started massaging my chest. It felt like heaven. I closed my eyes and put my head back, right by the side of his shoulder.

He started moving from one boob to another. I discovered that his fingernail hitting my nipples was no accident, because he hit them every time. I was on cloud nine.

He kept massaging my boobs continuously. Then he went down to my hip and caught the layers of fat dangling there with his hands. He massaged them. I was loving it. For once, I felt so nice for being fat.

He came back up to my boobs. He was now moving fast between one boob and the other. I was getting a hard on and I could feel my dick trying to explode out of my underwear.

He then started using only one finger. Running from one boob to another and going straight for my nipples, pressing them with that one finger. Man, what pleasure it was. I had submitted to him then and there. I would have done anything he would have asked for.

But I don’t think he wanted more. He just wanted my fat, hanging boobs. I just wanted his thin, majestic fingers.

He kept going like mad, boob to boob, nipple to nipple. What a man! What a man, I thought. I just moved closer into his arms. I just rested one side of my back fully on him. I wanted to let him know I am yours to fuck however you want. You are my man!

And I closed my eyes.

And I enjoyed it as he raped my boobs and nipples like mad. At one point, he stopped. Then he caught one boob with a full hand. And he crushed my boob hard. It pained a little and i left out a small painful groan. He took out his hand. And that was it.

What happened? I looked around. People were still sleeping. The express train was whistling along, no one would have heard me.

He didn’t come back for me. Oh my god, what have I done? I turned to him and said, “Please”. Just the one word. He understood because I could see his white teeth in the darkness of the coach.

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He put his hand back. Aww, heaven again! He fondled, crushed and fucked my boobs and nipples. At one point, I started coming, and he sensed it. He fastened his moves. He kept going faster, boob to boob and nipple to nipple. Then it happened, I lunged my body back on him and tightened and my cum sprayed into my underwear. He sensed the exact moment and stopped and just caught the boob tight and crushed And helped me cum out. Helped me enjoy till I was done. Then he removed his hand from my chest and held my shoulders tightly for support as I relaxed. What a man! What a man! What a man! I literally laid back on him and closed my eyes. What an awesome man, his wife must be so lucky I thought. If he could crush her boob and hold them there when she cummed, and then hold her tight when she relaxed!

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