Fucked my office Colleague in Bangalore

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Hi all. I am Achyuth from Bangalore and working at a software company. Anyone interested in secret relationship in Bangalore contact me..

I am a regular reader of Indian sex stories. Let me now come to my experience. When I joined the company I saw two more girls joining on the same day. One of those two was really attractive and I kept eyeing on her often. Her name is Swathi (name changed). Let me describe her. She is 28 years old. She is about 5’5″ tall. Plump lips always in dark red lipstick. Very busty must be at least 36 and stiff. Awesome huge and perfect ass. She was wearing a white shirt tucked in and black pants. Her boobs and ass looked like they wanted to rip her clothes off and come out. One will definitely want to grab them and spank immediately. We both were eyeing each other and smiled twice. After getting introduced to the team I came to know that all three were on the same team. So we were asked to take training sessions together.

We started talking normal things and became good friends. We used to go to lunch together. The other girl was almost invisible to us. A few months later I was asked to go to Hyderabad for a project meeting. This is when all started. After I finished my meeting I went to a nearby bar and had a couple of drinks and went to my hotel room and laid on my bed. And now the message beeps. It was her asking about how my meeting went and where I was staying and what I was doing. I said I was lying down all alone on the bed. She replied saying can I join? With a wink emoji. I was interested to carry in with that conversation and I said why not? But I will definitely be naughty. She replied saying I myself am a very naughty girl you don’t need to do anything I will show you what I can do.

Then we both chatted for few mins about sex and she sent me pics of her in her underwear. We had a nice sex chat and we both came and went to sleep. We both wanted to fuck each other. The next day I returned to Bangalore office. I went a bit late to office and it was a busy day with meetings and work. I was working late that day. She usually leaves early at 7. But that day she surprisingly came to my place at 10.30 pm. We talked a bit and She stood at my back and slowly brushed my hair with her fingers and rubbed my ears and slowly massaged my shoulders and came down to my chest and she grabbed my chest and bit my ear. That was an electric shock over my body. I pulled her in front of me and she gave me a lusty look. She usually wears sari to office. It was really tempting me I rubbed her belly softly and moved the sari aside and kissed her belly softly which she liked very much as she held my head and pushed it in her belly. I then pulled her and made her sit on my lap and hugged her from behind and squeezed her boobs and bit her neck.

We both were very much turned on for sex but I didn’t want to do it in office as it was a proper software company where it might become a problem. So I gave her my car key and asked her to wait in the car since I had an important report to be sent. She immediately left. I couldn’t focus on my work. I kept imagining things which kept my cock hard and erect. After a few mins, I finished my work quickly and went down to the car parking. The parking space was in one dark corner of the building with all trees around. When I reached my car it was running and she kept the Ac on. I opened the door and there came her perfume smell which she put before I came. And she redid her usual red lipstick. I immediately went in and pulled her and kissed her Plump lips and was literally eating them.

She completely explored my mouth with her tongue. I kept squeezing her huge and stiff boobs all the while. She immediately tried to put her hand inside my pants. But as I perfectly dressed in formals and it was difficult for her to get to my dick. I helped her by removing my belt and pants. She then started stroking my dick and kissed my lips very passionately with continuous moaning. My hands were squeezing her boobs which were very easy and comfortable since she was wearing a sari. She stopped for a second and looked at me with all lust in her eyes. She tried to bend down to take my dick in her mouth but I stopped her and asked her to apply more lipstick on her lips and then suck my cock. I like it that way.

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