With my new client in Bangalore

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Hi S4S readers, I am vicky basically from Hyderabad but recently moved to bangalore this is my first story. I work in a gigolo agency in Bangalore. This story is about how I satisfied my client. Coming to the story. One day I got a call from a client in sarjapur .

She asked me for the service details and I said to her. Later she said to me to come near starbucks in sarjapur . By 11:30 am I reached there. I called her she said she will be there in 30 minutes. As I have time I went on for window shopping.

I drank coffee at Starbucks. She called me and asked where are you I said I am having coffee in Starbucks. She asked for my shirt color and she came to me. I said ‘Hello’. She too replied. We both had coffee and we were talking about our personal life.

She said that her husband is a businessman. So he is busy with his work and doesn’t satisfy her on the bed. So I said, “Don’t worry, I am here to satisfy you, babe.” Later she took me to her place in her BMW x1. Her house was beautiful and the interior was outstanding.

I sat on the sofa and she went to the kitchen and offered me soft drinks. Sorry guys, I didn’t tell you about me. I am 24 years old and 5.7 height with a 7-inch tool. Her name is Shruti. Her age is 33 her assets are 36-24-36. She is a hot sex bomb I think her hubby is not lucky.

She went into the bedroom and wore a mini pink nighty without bra inside. She opened the bedroom door and I was seeing her without blinking my eyes. She was like a sex goddess. She came near me and sat beside me. I kept my hands on her thighs and pressing.

Loving the girls

I planted a kiss on her neck and slowly went to her ear lobe and kissed and started eating her ears. She was moaning. Slowly by kissing her full face, I went to her lips. I gave a liplock we exchanged our saliva for 20 minutes. While kissing I was pressing her boobs over the nighty.

I lifted her and took into the bedroom and placed her on the bed. I removed her nighty. As she was fair her body is glowing and her nipples are pink in color. I removed my dress. And now we both were naked. I went and fell on top of her gave a liplock.

I was fingering her pussy with my right hand and pressing her boobs with the left hand. Slowly I came to her neck. Now I poured Hershey’s on her body, boobs, pussy. Now I started licking her boobs with Hershey’s. She was moaning. I was biting her nipples with my teeth.

She was moaning loudly and I cleaned all the Hershey’s on her body with my tongue. Slowly I came down near her love hole. I poured more Hershey’s and started licking her pussy. She was moaning, “I am all yours, babe. You can do whatever you want.”

I was pressing her boobs and licking her pussy. After 5 minutes her love juice came out. I drank full juice without leaving a single drop. Hershey’s and her juice combination was awesome. I inserted my finger and started doing fingering and kissing her.

Later, she said now it’s my turn babe. She caught my dick in her hand and started stroking it. She bent down and she poured Hershey’s on my dick and started giving me a blowjob. She is pro in blowing. While she was giving me a blow job I was on cloud nine.

Any client of mine did not give me such a blowjob. I cummed in her mouth she drank all the juice and giving me a blowjob again. After 2-3 minutes, it came into the position again. I placed her in the missionary position and caught my dick in my hand. I teased her by rubbing my dick on her pussy.

She was moaning, “Babe, insert it fast I can’t wait for yours in me.” I slowly started inserting my dick in her pussy. But it was not going in as her husband didn’t fuck her. I poured some Hershey’s on her pussy and gave a hard stroke. I entered the love hole forcefully.

She was crying loudly as I gave a hard stroke. She asked me to remove it as its paining. But I didn’t remove I started giving strokes. Slowly she was moaning and forgot the pain. I started increasing the phase and she again released her love juice after 15 minutes.

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But I didn’t stop. I increased the pace faster and after 25 minutes I cummed in her love hole. I removed my dick from her pussy and now we came into the 69 position. We were licking each other. After 5 minutes my dick came into position.

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