Journey to Chandigarh : son & his friend have a nice weekend ( part – 3 )

A nice luxurious room with an additional bed as I can see a refrigerator in the corner with attached washroom and a king size bed ,so service guy put our luggages in the corner of room near to wardrobe. (Read prev story Journey to Chandigarh : son & his friend have a nice weekend ( part – 2 )

Nancy ,a 37 years gorgeous lady with her attractive chest as busts measures 36 inches with height of 5’6 feet is sitting on sofa as both guys are talking to service guy


” serve bottles of beer with snacks and a packet of cigarette 555
(Me) have a packet of condoms also “and both guys as well as service guy is too shocked and my son with his friend are bit guy left room ,Rohan pushed the door and looking at me he asked “mom are you mad ?
(Me)but what happened my son
(Rohan)asked for a packet of condoms to a service guy ,isn’t unethical ?
(Nancy)ok ,now change your dress and have some talks.”

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And things changed as Rahul took out his shorts from his bag and pulled down his jeans as he removed his shirt also ,so he is looking smart in his undies as well as vest and there door bell starts ringing ,so Rohan moved towards door as Rahul frisked inside washroom. now service guy put bottles of beer with all items on table as I can see packet of condoms also and now he took out glasses from a shelve as he put it on table ,Rohan locked the door as it’s 07:45 pm and than I starts removing my long skirts with tops as I am feeling my vagina too sticky and now as I am in my panty only as my brasserie got removed and put it in my purse ,I felt like a hungry as Rahul came back there , looking at me he smiled

“oh ,it’s amazing ! a nice boobs to love as panty have covered my lover’s cunt
(Rohan have pulled down his jeans and now removing his shirt)Rahul ,it’s my turn so you can enjoy oral sex only but no fuck
(Nancy sits on sofa)you both are fighting for my vagina’s fuck but
(Rahul and Rohan sits to my left & right side)mom ,your preferred penis
(Me)put beer in glasses as you both are equal for me and I know my capabilities of getting fucked
(Rahul put his arm in my shoulder and kissed my face)so what darling !can get dozens of cocks whole night
(Rohan putting beer in glasses) my sexy mom is a slut lady and I know we both guys are not enough to satisfy her hole
(Rahul squeezed my breast hard)oh ouch !be slow while pressing it
(Nancy)listen my plan for tonight ,you both are bit exhausted and now we will have drinks ,than will bath together as you both are free to love my sexy body but both will get chance to fuck me
(We three starts drinking beer as Rahul is pressing my breast )mom ,your son will not love your glory hole but will make your anus hole hot.”

And as drinks are in process ,Rohan lit a cigarette as he is smoking it and his hand is rubbing my sexy thighs .so Rahul finishes his drinks as Rahul starts removing my panty ,a bastard son can’t wait to see my cunt as I am completely nude but as I put my empty glass on table ,I smiled “my sons now show your cocks “and as Rohan have put his hand on my vagina to rub ,Rahul starts kissing my neck to face as I hold Rahul’s bulge on undies feeling it hard and than Rohan as well as Rahul took out their undies and both guys are nude as I am sitting in between I hold Rahul’s cock as it’s in withered position and while pressing it in my palm hard I am going to make it hard .

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So Rahul now hold my saggy breast as he swallowed it to suck and my son Rohan is too hot as he sits on his legs Infront of me ,now as my legs are bit wider ,my face is towards Rahul and now he is sucking my breast hard while squeezing other one’s and Rohan than put my both legs on sofa as he made my thighs wider ,now my dry hole is getting kisses as son took bottle of beer and drops some on my vaginal zone ,it’s his hand rubbing it for a while as I am screaming

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“uh ah oh lick it soon my son ,uh um Rahul now leave my breast “and than Rohan have put his crossed fingers as he pushes his tongue in my hole ,now Rahul have took my right breast as my hand is jerking is cock and I am feeling too hot as my mouth is sounding sexy

“uh ah um ,ah Rohan fuck fuck me soon it’s itching “and Rahul is in fire as his hand is on my back .

So I can feel my clitoris getting Rohan’s tongue hits as my legs are shivering while body is aroused and than Rahul left my boobs but my son starts sucking my fleshy labias and now Rahul stands there as my face is bit lateral ,so Rahul hold his penis as my hand is on his waist and now he starts rubbing it’s glans on my lips ,now I opened my mouth as Rahul hold my long hairs and shoved his cock but it’s 2/3rd only in my mouth as my throat gets his glans touches .now my vagina is going to cum soon as I have already cummed twice inside car and Rahul starts fucking my mouth as it’s thickness is is making me bit uncomfortable but it’s a guy’s penis and I love it to suck ,so I starts spinning my head fast and my cunt got fluids in it ,son loves it’s tastes ,so he licked it and walked towards feeling my mouth watering ,I took out his wet penis but I am still loving his cock as my tongue is rolling on it and than my son Rohan came there as he sits beside me and now starts pressing my breast hard ,so Rahul’s cock is in erection as Rohan penis is bit hard and than my motherly love starts dominating my mind and I moved to washroom.
Nancy is back as she stands Infront of Rahul and while looking at me ,Rohan said “you slut lady ,now suck my cock as I want to fuck you soon
(Me)no let me enjoy your friend’s cock first .”and so Rahul stands Infront of me as he put my one leg on bed’s corner and as my legs are stretched ,he hold his cock and starts pushing it in my wet vagina , slowly it vanished as I can feel it’s hardness and last 19-20 years of marital life have made my glory hole too flexible with it’s hole having dark black patches on it ,a sign of sexually activity .

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So Rahul now puts his leg on bed and while holding my waist ,he starts pounding my vaginal depth and feeling it’s hardness I am on top but my son Rohan is not a comfortable guy now as I can’t see him on sofa and as I looked back I can see him looking inside refrigerator .Rohan is in search but what’s missing and than he came back as he sits behind me while Rahul is fucking me hard like a roaring tiger running inside cave ,I can feel Rohan’s tongue rolling in my ass hole ,it’s a little wider hole as lot of anus fuck were done with guys and my hubby but it’s a period of getting laid with lot of appeals to lover to fuck my cunt or /and vaginal hole as I can feel Rahul’s hard cock hitting hard and now we have hold eachother’s as my boobs are pressing hard on his chest while my wet cunt become firesh ,I am in sensation as I am rubbing Rahul’s back while kissing his neck to face and than my sexy voice starts making both guys hot

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