Journey to Chandigarh : son & his friend have a nice weekend ( part – 2 )

It’s previous story have been published as I know guys will enjoy my stories and will jerk his cocks as imagination of a hot matured lady Nancy will be in their eyes ,so gals and ladies will finger their hole after thinking of Rohan and Rahul’s strong physique.

So it’s in continuation to previous story ………it’s 03:00 pm as driver took our trolly bag and both mom & son walked out if home as I am in a long skirts with tops ,so a sandals is on legs and Nancy is moving towards parking lot as maid and caretaker of home is there ,so I opened my purse and took out three notes of hundred as I give it to them


“take care of your boss and of home also
(Maid)a week plan madam
(Me)no ,will be back after three days.”

And Rohan as well as Nancy sits on back seat as driver drove car out of home ,so looking at me Rohan asked “will call Rahul or I have to do this
(Nancy)let me talk .”and he took out his mobile as he ringed Rahul ,so I started talking “are you ready my son ?
(He)yes ,will reach at civil lines market area in 5-7 minutes.”

And as both are sitting while maintaining a distance ,lancer car have enough space on back seat for three persons .so Rohan is looking smart in his black denim jeans with a blue striped shirt as his body is smelling like a rose fragrance ,I just moved closer and I have planned to make Rahul sit to my right side as Rohan will be in my left side ,so windows are closed but curtains is still missing there and now it’s not possible to maintain secrecy as well as our illicit affairs from the eyes of driver.lets wait for Rahul as we are too away from him ,so after a while Rohan said

“Nilesh ,move first towards civil lines and than take your route “as I can see Rohan putting his hand on my thigh and it’s not possible for driver to see my left thigh getting rubbed but no need to be impatient as we three have three days to enjoy together .so as car reached near civil lines market area ,my eyes are looking for him as I asked driver to stop and so near a roadside he is standing with his bag in hand ,as I opened the glass of window ,he got my look and he came towards me as I opened the door ,so moving left to Rohan as he moved also and Rahul got space to sit beside Nancy ,a 37 years gorgeous lady is sitting in between two guys and my son & Rahul are of 18-19 years as both are smart as well as strong but Rahul is so handsome that he have made me his slave on bed but it’s a month only as our sexual affairs have began .so as our arms are touching and now Rahul have put his arm on seat’s back ,his hand is gently rubbing my black hairs as Rohan is rubbing my thigh but he is lifting my long skirts also .now as I have put my head on seat’s back with eyes closed ,I am waiting for things to happen as both guys are just inciting me for sex and I can hear

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“driver , sunrays is making me feel uncomfortable but haven’t you put curtains in place

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(Nilesh)sorry sir ,just a minute.” and I know it’s my son’s safe sex approach as inside moving car I love physical activities but not putting my dignity or respect at risk ,so I have still closed my eyes as I can feel Rohan’s hand touching my genetial parts and it’s a cool zone right now but he is bit crazy as Rahul is just kissing my face and now I opened my eyes as I looked at Rahul with my smily face .now he hold my hairs as he put my face straight to his face and kissed my lips ,so as my legs are bit stretched with Rohan’s hand rubbing the vaginal zone ,I just hold Rahul’s lips in my mouth and starts sucking .car is now on highway as it’s in great speed and Rahul just took out his lips as he starts licking my lips with his tongue and my son Rohan is now eager to make my vagina nude.nancy is now in fire as her mouth swallows Rahul’s tongue and while sucking it hard ,I can feel his hand holding my left breast as he is squeezing it softly but my bastard son is getting aroused as he unhooked my panty and took it out of his paradise’s as I am feeling Rahul’s tongue in my mouth and it’s watering with alcoholic flavour ,I am completely under their control and after a while ,Rahul pushed my head back as his tongue is out and now I can feel Rohan’s finger rubbing my wider hole ,it’s in between my labias as he is trying to push his long finger inside my as I am sitting on seat with my head on seat’s back ,I stretched my legs and my skirts is on waist as Rahul is lifting my tops up to neck ,while fingering my dry cunt hard ,Rohan starts kissing my face and than as Rahul put his hand on my back , unhooked my brasserie and took it out as it’s a strapless brasserie with a single straps binding my boobs to back and now both guys starts playing with my boobs as it’s long brownish nipples have erected ,a sign of sexual pleasure and bit orgasm .Nancy is too horny as I can see Rahul unzipping his jeans and as I turned my face to my son ,he have already made his cock nude ,now both guy’s cocks are nude with semi erection as Rahul hold my right breast and Rohan hold my left one ,so both guys opened their mouth as they swallowed my soft boobs ,nothing new for me as I have enjoyed sex with three persons at a time but having physical love with son & his friend is a new chapter in my sexual breasts are getting sucked as I have made my body in a semi sleepy position and both guys are sucking my breasts like a kid getting milks from their mom’s milk tank but Rohan’s long finger is making me too hot as it’s rubbing my soft vaginal path and I am screaming “uh ah um ,it’s a nice journey suck suck hard ” and my sexy voice can’t be heard as light music is echoing there ,so I am bit aroused and after a while both left my breast with it’s surface wet.

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Car is approaching towards panipat as looking outside window I can see too many pickle shops ,an indication of reaching panipat market area soon .so I whispered in my son’s ear……”I am dying for cold beer
(He smiled)ok sexy ,just put your clothes intact .”

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And after a while as guys put their hard tools inside their undies covered with jeans ,I am bit relaxed while putting down my skirts with tops ,so my brasserie with panty is in purse as I am feeling too horny but drinking beer soon can make me more aggressive and sexy with both guys ,so as car is moving in slow speed ,Rohan asked “Nilesh ,stop the car near any market complex ” ,so he did as he parked the car inside a marketing complex with less people there ,it’s 04:00 pm and heat as well as humidity is dominating the condition ,so both guys walked out as driver opened the windows .now feeling hot but relaxed as I am sitting near right side of windows ,Nilesh is back there soon as he have hold a cane of beer and as I took it ,I felt bit shy but I know he knows my love and addiction for wine or beer ,so starts drinking it as no one is there and I opened the door also as my eyes are looking for both guys and than I took out a cigarette as love drinking and smoking simultaneously ,so as my drinks finishes soon ,I am feeling too sexy and after sometime both guys are there as driver locked the doors and windows ,so while sitting to my right side Rahul gave me a choco ice-cream and as I starts licking it with my tongue ,he said

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