Sinnndy’s First Time

My first experience was when I with a friend of my fathers who was 35. I was a very horny girl, I had been playing with myself at an early age and had given blow jobs to my older brothers friends, but I was saving my cherry for a more experienced guy, I wasn’t expecting him to be that much older, but I’m glad it was Jim.

I was at home alone, my parents were on vacation, and my older brother who was supposed to be watching me, was staying at his girl friends house, I was busy playing with my pussy when the door bell rang. I pulled up my thong bikini, that’s all I ever wear, I love my body, and I love showing it off, and I answered the door, it was Jim looking for dad, he was in the neighborhood, and decided to drop by. I told him dad was on vacation.


Jim was and still is a damn fine looking guy, whenever my dad and mom have parties, he would always show up with a different stunning looking woman, they were so exotic. He is about 6-3 200 pounds of pure muscle, he looks a little like Tom Selleck, only better looking, really he is. Looking at him got my juices flowing. He asked if he could use the phone, I said of course, and showed him to it shaking my thonged ass while walking in front of him. While he was on the phone, I bent over like I was looking for something giving him a great shot of my very fine ass, I stayed that way for quite a while, I was sooooo hot for him.

After he got off the phone he looked at me and said “Cindy, what kind of game are you playing with me? I’ve been around the block a couple of times, I know when I’m being fucked with” I gave him an innocent look and said, “I don’t know what you mean Jim” He said “cut the shit, I’m on to you. I’m your fathers friend, how would your dad feel if he found out that I fucked his daughter. “Well” I said, “it would be our secret. He won’t be home for a week, and I’m not going to tell him” I reached out to grab at his cock through his pants, but he pushed my hand away. “You are too young for me” he said, I told him that I was ready for sex, and that if it wasn’t him, it would be someone else, but it was going to happen soon, and I wanted it to be with someone experienced.

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I pulled my bottoms down, turned away from him, and showed him my pussy and ass, ” doesn’t this look like the pussy of a cock hungry woman?” He thought about it, and I guess he figured that I was going to get laid, he was now horny, and it might as well been him who gets some hot young pussy. He told me to come to him, he pulled down his pants, and said lick my dick. I started licking his head, moving my tongue around it, licking his shaft on both sides up and down. I went back to the head and shocked him my taking his whole cock down my throat, using my tongue on his shaft, swallowing his whole cock. I moved his cock in and out of my mouth, he asked me where a young girl like myself learned to suck cock like that. I told him that I had been sucking cock for two years already, he told me that I was almost as good as any of the hot women that he had been dating, that excited me, and I started sucking his cock for all I was worth, sucking hard up and down, stroking his shaft with my hand, it only took about two minutes, before he started grunting, he tried to pull his cock from my mouth, I guess he wasn’t sure if I was ready to swallow, but being the cum whore that I am, I grabbed his cock, and feasted on the wonderful cum that he shot down my throat, ummm, it was yummy.

I wanted to make him cum before he fucked me, so he would last longer. I let him catch his breath, and led him into my bedroom. He started french kissing me, then nibbling his way over to my ears, then my neck, and down to my nipples, none of the boys that I played around with did any of that, they would lick my pussy and play with my tits, but this guy was very good, he knew what he was doing, and kissed my body with passion that I never knew existed, my pussy was soooo wet. He licked my nipples and sucked and lightly bit them, ohh myyy it felt wonderful, he slowly kissed his way down to my thighs, then I could feel his warm breath on my pussy, he gently started licking my pussy all over, planting small kisses and licks, it felt so good having a man who knew how to eat pussy eat mine.

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He started teasing my clit while two fingers slid inside my pussy with ease, and started fucking it. This man had a great tongue, I never imagined anything could feel this good. He could tell by the way I was squirming, that I was close to my first orgasm ever, he shocked by sticking his finger into my asshole, that took me over the edge, a new and unbelievable feeling deep inside me. I was screaming and pushing down on his head, what a feeling. Without a warning, he put his cock against my wet virgin pussy, and slowly slid his cock into my pussy with ease, there was no pain, blood or hymen to stop him, I had been playing with a dildo for over a year already, and was ready for his assault. It felt so good having a real cock inside of me, he started picking up the speed, fucking me hard in the missionary position. He stopped and pulled out, I was wondering, is that it?

He told me to get on my knees, he wanted to look at my ass while he fucked me. I got on my knees, and he stuck his cock into my pussy, ohhhh yesss, that felt great, he started fucking me hard. He told me to reach back and play with his balls while he fucked me, he said it would help him last longer, but he lied, I could tell by his grunting that he was getting closer, I told him that I was on the pill, and I wanted to feel his cum deep inside of me. He let out a big groan, and then started to spasm and moan, I could feel the warm liquid filling my pussy up.

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He pulled his cock out, turned me around, started kissing me, and put his softening cock inside of me. The smell of sex was around us, I loved the aroma. He laid on top of me, his soft cock still inside, e kissed for awhile, I could feel his cock hardening, so could he, because he grabbed my legs, put them on his shoulders, and fucked me hard and deep. It was even better than the first time, as he was getting close to cumming, I told him I wanted it down my throat, he pulled his cock out, and started fucking my face, filling my throat with his cum, I swallowed it all, and kept his cock inside my mouth, sucking and licking it clean.

We laid there for a while, kissing some more, he told me that he had to leave, and this could never happen again, I knew that was so, there were so many new cocks to fuck and suck, and although Jim is still friends with my father, we have never slept together again, but every time he comes over, I tease him by flashing my tits or pussy, or by bending in front of him wearing tight pants, I know it drives him crazy.


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