My Uncle

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Hey everyone! I’d like to share my story with you. This is the first time I’m writing a story like this and English isn’t my mother language but I’m trying my best. Please let me know what you thing about my story and tell me if you want to read more about it. Enjoy!

I was actually living in Europe but for some reason, my family (parents & siblings) and I moved to my origin country. There lives the rest of my really BIG family. I have 9 uncles. I know that’s a lot. However, I never saw any of them before. They were all new to me. I loved every family member but I loved my uncles the most. My uncles are so caring. in fact, they’re like this to everyone, but to me, they were just sooooo much caring and acted like I’m in their age. I don’t know if it’s whether I was new to them, so they wanted to be friendly, or if it was because I myself was so nice and friendly with them.

However someday in 2017, we went visiting my grandparents and my youngest uncle, his wife, and his 1-year son. They all live in the same house. One night it was just me, my sister & my grandfather, who’s unfortunately blind, in the living room supposed to be sleeping. Since in my origin country, things like internet are so rare, but surprisingly my grandparent’s house had had internet, I was always up during the night watching movies on the internet. However, my uncle came into the living room. It was about 04:00 a.m. My grandparents and my little sister were asleep in the living room. The other family members were asleep in other rooms. My uncle had to get up at this very early time because he has to work for the military about 5 days a month. However, when he came in I was so in a panic to get my phone away because in my country a girl shouldn’t be on her phone at this late time of night. So I put my phone under the blanket, headphones still in my ears. My heart was racing. I was so afraid that my uncle who’d see my phone and my headphones still in my ears and that he would think “look at that girl, in the middle of the night still on her phone..”. However he came nearer and nearer to me. Bend on the floor (in my country you usually sleep on the floor) and liftet the blanket a bit, so that he saw I still turned on the phone on my chest. I thought “NOOOOO, he saw my phone!!“. My eyes were still closed, pretending that I was asleep, my heart beating fast. Then he took my phone away from my chest and placed it next to me. I thought that was it. BUT.. something happened I would never ever had even dreamed of it… He put his hand under my pullover.. under my bra… AND HE SQUEEZED MY TITS! MY UNCLE!! After that, he pulled away and gave me a kiss on my forehead. Then he went to work.

When he came back in the afternoon I hugged him as usual and acted as nothing happened, so did he. After all he thought I was asleep and wouldn’t have noticed anything. During the day things happened like: I was vacuuming, then my uncle’s little son asked for a kiss, then I kissed him on purpose on his lips while my uncle was watching. I swear my uncle made a “damn, why couldn’t I be right now in the place of my son“-face. Also, my uncle told me that he came last night into the living room and wanted to wake me up, but I was sleeping so peacefully, so he didn’t. And I was like: Oh you should have! I would have hugged you and told you goodbye, be careful at work! I asked him if he goes to military the next day too and he said no. Then I asked if he goes to normal work the next day and he said no. Then I asked what he will do the next day and he answered: just hanging at home. I was kinda disappointed because ei though if he doesn’t need to go somewhere he would sleep until late midday after everyone in the house is awake, and then he wouldn’t touch me again, because everyone’s around. Turned out I was wrong.

The next morning at about 07:00 a.m. he came again into the living room. I pretended to be asleep. This time he really played a lot with my boobs. He squeezed them, kneaded them, grabed them hard yet softly. I enjoyed it. My heart was beating way too much. I would be dumb if I say he didn’t feel my heartbeat through my chest to his hands. Then I opened my eyes. I looked at him. He looked at me. Neither of us was saying something, just looking at each other. Both of us continue with what we were doing before, he playing with my tits, me enjoying his big hands. I don’t know id I’m allowed to say that but at that time I wasn’t 18 yet. My uncle was 13 years older than me. But believe me, he looks GORGEOUS!!! He’s tall, has strong arms, many muscles, he even carries me sometimes in his strong arms, but I’ll tell that another time ;). However, during the day everything was normal.

The next morning my uncle came into the living room at about 06:00 a.m. He had to go to normal work. I was pretending to be asleep. Actually I was always pretending to be asleep because of two reasons. First, I didn’t know what to say if I opened my eyes. Second, I was afraid he would stop touching my body if I opened my eyes. However, he played with my body. My breasts, then slowly tracing a line down my body, until he reached my pussy. It was unshaved because of a stupid reason. I was screaming in my inner body “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TOUCH ME THERE EXACTLY AT A TIME WERE I’M NOT SHAVED?!“ Then he got up and changed his clothes for work (he wasn’t dressed yet). After some time he came back into the living room. As he entered the room my eyes were wide open. He said goooodd mooorniingg ☺️. And I said morning too. Then he came right next to me and played with my boobs. I was really enjoying it. The funny thing is that my grandfather was next to us also awake and he was talking to my uncle, but he didn’t know what was going on because he’s blind. So that means, that my uncle was teaching me in front of his father, who he was talking to, and next to my sleeping sister. He suddenly kisses my lips! Just a small kiss, but IT WAS A KISS! He whispered “I gotta go. Do you need anything?“ I responded “No thank you. I just want you to take care of yourelf.“ Then he kissed my forehead and went off.

The next morning it was about 08:00 a.m. when my uncle entered the room. My eyes were closed again. He laid next to me. He was touching my breasts, playing with them. He gave me small kisses on my lips. Then he began to touch my pussy. AGAIN unshaved 😤, but I hadn’t my razor with me… 😭 Anyways he stopped. I was laying with eyes closed for about 5minutes. Nothing happened. I thought he went back to sleep. I opened my eyes watched the clock. 08:30a.m.. I saw to the left: My little sister sleeping. I saw right: My grandfather wasn’t there, probably on the toilet. I saw behind me to check if my uncle was there: nope. Then I saw in front of me in the corner: There my uncle was laying on the sofa watching me. He must have known that I was just pretending to be asleep. He said good morning and came laying next to me. He began to touch my body and say things like “You’re so beautiful. You do smell so got.“. I was telling him “thank you. you too.“. Then he asked “Should I eat you a bit?“ and I said “no“. He asked “why?“ and I answered, “because I don’t taste good“. With that, he lifted his head, pulled my pullover a bit down and sucked one of my nipples. That was the first time having someone sucking my nipple. It felt so good. Even now I’m getting wet at the thought of it, while writing it down. Then he got back in his position and asked “Did you like it or not?“. I just smiled and said “Did I like or not like what?“ Then he touched my pussy. MHHMM… I like him touching my pussy with his big fingers… Then OMG all out of nowhere HE TOUCHED MY BUTTHOLE!! I was suprised but hell I even liked that! Then he said, “I’m going to sleep, wake me up at nine“. I said “but that’s only in 30 minutes!“. He smiled “UUhh, that’s even too much!“. I sensed that he only wanted to have me in his room. Oh, I gotta say his wife was at the university avery morning (not as a teacher, but as a student, his wife was 24 years old at that time).

So when it was time to wake him up my mom came into the room and said I should get dressed to get home (we lived in another city than my uncle’s). It took me 20 minutes to get dressed. I dols my mom that I should have woken up my uncle 20 minutes ago because he wanted me to wake him up.. she said I should wake him up, while she’s packing our bags. So I went upstairs to my uncle’s room. It was him asleep on a big king-sized bed with his son asleep in his own little bed. I sat next to him on the bed, took his hands and said “Uncle”. He opened his eyes and said “welcome“ and I did respond with “thank you“. He opened his arms wide, telling me I should hug him. I did hug him for a long time. Still holding me in his arms he whispered “Will you sleep next to me for a while?“ I sat up straight and answered “Sleep? I can’t we gotta go. My mom is already packing.“ He looked a bit sad & opened his arms again, inviting me into his embrace. I hugged him again, then he whispered “Sleep next to me a little bit“ I laid myself next to him under the blanket. He was laying on his side, face to me. I was laying on my back. He said calmly “Turn around, “ I said “what?“ He said “turn around, so I can have you“. I turned around, he hugged me. Now we were spooning. He reached for my skirt and pulled it up. My heart beating fast. He pulled my panties down. He was EXTREMLY SHAKING. I asked if he’s cold but he said no. Suddenly I felt something it my butt. It was filling me up. I thought “IT CAN’T BE, CAN IT??!!“ My uncle’s dick was in his 13-years younger teenage niece. He whispered in my ear “I love you so much“ and I said “me too“. He asked me “Do you like it or not?“ He said that because he really cares about how I feel about all this. I really liked it but I couldn’t say that then. I thought that I would have sound like a slut if I would have said that then. So I was like “Mhhmmhmm…“ He asked me again. I told him “I won’t answer such meaningless questions“ then he pulled his dick out of my butt. He must have thought that I didn’t like it. After that, we went together downstairs and normally we would take a cab to get home, but my uncle insisted to take us home in his own car. So he brought us home and went right back to his own city. I wanted to tell him that I liked it, but I couldn’t and also I hadn’t the opportunity to do so.

So that was my story. It was maybe a bit too long. Sorry if you got tired. My uncle and me have created soo many wonderful and HOT memories afterward during the next years. If you want to read it tell me. Tell me also how you found this story, what you did like, what you didn’t like, what I could do better. I think I should probably describe the hot scenes more in detail. By the way, it’s very important that you know, my uncle isn’t a bad person. He’s not just after some young girl. He really loves me and I love him too. And really I don’t see a normal uncle in him, because like I said I haven’t seen him before. He’s just a new person in my life with who I’ve fallen in love. I love him sooo much. Oh and if you ask yourselves, why he did put his cock in my butt but not in my pussy.. it is because I’m a virgin and not married yet. In my country you have to stay a virgin until you’re married otherwise you will get terrible problems. My uncle didn’t want to ruin my life. See how much he loves me?

’till next time
Added by LittleAngel

ps: My uncle always calls me angel, so that’s why I did chose that username.

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