My brother

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Hi guys this is my first story so I would love some feedback….. Also please do not post my story anywhere else much appreciated…

So this story starts whith me I’ll explain myself my name is Damian and ever since I was little I have never really been very boyish and I’ve always leaned towards girly things and as I grew older I started growing out my hair sharing everywhere on my body to look as much like a girl as possible. By this point I feel as though I should have been born as a girl and because of me being slightly over wieght it made me look like I have tits well that pretty much all me so now onto my brother my brother Chris he is a tad younger than me and he is decently built but he is the son of my mom’s boyfriend and he only moved in recently and when he walked in the door I froze and I can’t believe it but I blushed he was in my eyes so hot so I started to get to know him and I slowly fell in love with him so I decided to open up to him about my gender and my feelings about wishing I was a girl and he was surprisingly ok with it and I asked him not to tell anyone and he said ok and I said thank but the worst thing happened my parents started asking me questions about it I was disappointed and angry I couldn’t even look at him the same so I stopped taking to him for the most part……

So now i find out that me and my family are going camping and to my luck I’m sharing a tent with Chris I was angry but I dealt with it. When we headed to the campsite it was a nice drive at this point in my life I looked like a girl so I was wearing a skirt and in the middle of the ride Chris put his hand on my leg whith his fingers going down to my thigh I was blushing and I grabbed his hand and just put it on top of my leg instead of my inner thigh and he left it there and was slowly rubbing my leg I looked at him and whispered to him to stop but then he whispered to me why it’s fine isn’t it and I just sighed and looked away i didn’t know how to tell him to stop so I just ignored it…

When we got there we went straight into setting up camp all the tents were fairly separated mine and chris my mom’s and dads and my sisters due to my strength me and my brother went to go get fire wood so we walked a way off to where there was some good fire wood when we got over there he stopped me and he suddenly grabbed me in a bear hug and started groping my ass so I pushed him away and slapped him so he stood up straight and grabbed my wrist hard enough to make me neel I started crying it hurt so bad then he pulled me up to him and he said sorry and then we went and got firewood and brought it back while we were eating dinner while mom and dad were talking to us he kept on touching my leg and ass so my mom asked him why he was doing that and he said no reason so mom said ok sure after dinner mom pulled me over and asked if he did anything and I told her that he had kissed me so I slapped him and then she said she couldn’t believe he would do that and then I told her that I think everything is fine now so she said ok and then we all headed for bed my sister had already been in her tent so I walked over and told her goodnight I entered the tent and Chris was already in there laying down he said hey as I laid down and I didn’t answer I just got comfortable and after about a minute of silence I asked him why he was doing that even mom was asking why you were touching my leg there was a long pause and I started crying then he wrapped his arms around me and held as I was crying in his arms I asked why now huh why not before you betrayed why not then why now when I hate why do you do this why why and he just held me tighter and slowly I got comfortable and stopped crying for the most part then he started patting my head my and running his hands through my long hair and then he tilted my head up and looked down at me and he kissed me softly and I slowly responded and then he backed off and said I’m sorry for hurting you I just love it so I won’t be able to stop myself then he lifted my shirt and found my nipples he grabbed them with his hands and squeezed a little I was surprised and slightly yelped.

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