Best Friend’s Sister

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This happened a few years ago right after my high school graduation. My best friend “Jon”s family invited me to their cabin on the lake for the summer. I couldn’t wait, it was even better when I found out that Jon’s sister “Jane” was going with! Jane was 2 years older than me and VERY SEXY!! I couldn’t help myself but to stare at her 34D boobs, and her size 5 ass, I know I used to sneak a peak at her panties! And that is how this awesome story came about.

We had been at the cabin a few days and Jon’s parents wanted to go to town for groceries. Jane had been gone all day so I figured it would be a good time to sneak into her room and find her panties!! I’m a per that way, I will sneak into any girl/women’s house to find out what kind of panties she wears. So I played sick and stayed home. After they had been gone a few minutes I ran up to Jane’s room and started digging around, and I found some of the best panties ever!! I never knew she had such panties!! I ripped off my jeans and underwear and started trying her panties on, thongs, boyshorts, string bikinis, she had them all and they were very sexy!!!!! I was just starting to rub my cock and I heard the front door shut! I heard voices and it was Jane and a guy. I grabbed my stuff and hid in her closet. No sooner I got the door shut and caught my breath she walked in with some guy that I had never seen before.

The guy was very large, I mean like 6-6 260, and ripped!! And that is when I got the shock of my life. The big guy asked how much? I couldn’t believe it my best friends sister was selling herself for money!! OMG!! I was biting my lip when she started taking off her clothes, down to a sexy leopard bra and matching gstring. She got down on her knees and started to take off his jeans and pull out the biggest cock I had ever seen!! It was like 10″ long and bigger round than you would imagine. Again the guy looked down at her and asked “how much”, Jane looked p and said “$300.00 and you have to wrap it up.” The guy looked down and smiled and said “get your rubbers out I’m to fuck the shit out of you!”, Jane stopped and said “you don’t have a rubber? It’s not like I keep them around here for my parents to find are you nuts?” The guy just stood there and said” what are we going to do? I don’t have anything.” Jane looked up saying,”I really need some cash, you can fuck my ass bareback for half price. Is that OK?”

This is when I about shot my wad!! She was going to take that massive cock in her ass? No way! I was going to have to see this, not like I had a choice being stuck in the closet. The big guy whipped out his wallet and threw a bunch of cash on the bed and told Jane to get ready. Jane stood up and took of her bra showing her beautiful tits, then she pulled off her gstring and showed us her shave tiny pussy. I was in heaven, best summer ever!! And it wasn’t even over!!lol

Then she reached in her bag and pulled out some lube and handed it to the big guy, he quickly lubed up his cock, it smelled like cherries, guessing it was flavored lube. Jane got up and bent over the bed, the big guy walked up behind her and started to shove it in her ass, Jane stopped him and said to go slow she had only been ass fucked one time before. She reached back and grabbed his cock and guided it to her ass slowly rocking her ass back and fourth letting him in, it was a awesome sight! As she let go and worked her ass back he grabbed her hips and pushed in, she screamed like I have never heard a girl scream before! He started pounding her ass harder than I have ever seen in a porn!! A did manage to look away from her ass for a second and she had tears running down her face, I am guessing he made it fit, but man, it was awesome to watch.

He fucked her harder and harder must have been about ten minutes he said he was getting close to cumming. I had to give the guy credit I had already cum twice just watching, this guy was amazing to last this long!! As he pounded her she suddenly told him not to stop that she was going to cum to! He must have gave her two pumps and she started to squirt all over!! He started to moan and ripped his huge cock out of her ass grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face to his cock. Jane closed her mouth and her eyes, he stopped and said “open your mouth bitch!!” Jane started to open her mouth and he shoved his cock in her mouth straight from her ass!! I couldn’t believe my eyes, is this really happening? I could see Jane starting to gag at the taste of her ass. The guy started jerking off in her mouth and must have cum a gallon! It started running down her face and all over her big tits, he then pulled out of her mouth slapped it on her chin and pushed her to the bed. He quickly put his clothes on and bolted to the door, Jane just layed there, cum on her tits, and a shit streak on her chin. And I just stood there on the closet waiting for her to leave or something, then I got the second biggest shock of my life! Jane looked at the closet and told me to come out. I came out with nothing on but her gstring and a awkward smile.

Jane looked me for a while and just smiled. I didn’t know what to say, I just stood there dick in hand with the biggest hard-on ever. After all I had seen and all she had done all she said was I looked sexy in her panties and that her secret is out. I was at a loss of words, what is there to say? My best friends sister just got her ass pounded right in front of me. I did get out the words, “How did you know I was in there?” Jane smiled at me and said she had seen her parents in town and they told her that I was going to be at the house. Jane looked at me and asked if this was going to stay our little secret? I said um, I guess!lol Jane said I could fuck her ass as a deal sealer but there was no way she could take anything up her ass till it heeled up from being destroyed by the big guy.

I have yet to get the fuck to keep my mouth shut but hey! I got the show of a lifetime!!!! I am happy with that!:)

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