Two Aristocratic Bengalee Families : Ch 5

The long pink dildo slid easily in and out of the great Bengalee Authoress Rukshana Begum’s 49 yrs. old pussy. Lying spread-eagled on her bed, she massaged her half-inch clit with her free hand. She could hear the moaning of her elder grandson’s masturbation in the next room as she thought about the first time she had had sex with her baby grandson.

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Since her arrival Hafiz always pictured his widow grandmother admiring her full breasts and plump arse and hoped his erection wasn’t too obvious to her. But later he realized that she had noticed him eyeing her figure and had enjoyed the attention. That night he couldn’t get his Naanee ( grandmother ) out of his mind, and he masturbated several times thinking about all the dirty things he wanted to do to her.

He particularly enjoyed coming down to the kitchen for breakfast each morning, when his Naanee would invariably be dressed in only a knee-high white maxi that offered him numerous glimpses of her legs and cleavage. On one occasion he came down to find her wearing no more than bath-towel, her pale flesh coated with a thin layer of moisture after a bath.  Rukshana herself always appeared at ease around her kid grandson, and he consequently felt at ease around her.

Nevertheless the first two days passed relatively uneventfully and Hafiz wondered if his fantasies would stay just that. Then one day he noticed that his secret drawer where he kept his pornographic magazines and mini-laptop, loaded only with Indian porn, were in a different order. Who may be, he guessed, his parents were out early in the morning for TV serial shooting, brother Hanif was in the boarding house of Pune.

There was no doubt that his grandmother was coming into his room and looking at his porno collections. It turned him on big-time, the thought of her Naanee coming in and thumbing through the images of hardcore sex. Now feeling daring, Hafiz decided to up the stakes still further. Up until now he had kept the kinkiest and most extreme material locked away in his Almirah. But now he decided to put those in the drawer, leaving it unlocked.

This meant that if his Naanee checked the drawer, she would be able to find his dirty magazines and laptop specifically dedicated to anal sex, golden showers, and cum-swallowing, as well as plain old vaginal sex. Hafiz also owned special type of some Bengalee hardcore porn magazines and videos dedicated to older and mature Tollygunge film-actressess like Sreelekha Mitra, Indrani Halder, June Malya and Rachana Banerjee, and surely his Naanee would see those also.

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That afternoon he almost ran home, so anxious was to see if his grandmother had discovered the full extent of his nasty pornography collection. Rukshana greeted him normally, and offered to make him a cup of tea while he put his school-bag away in his room. He got into his room and checked the drawers. Sure enough all of the magazines had been tampered with, and he noticed that a couple of the videotapes had actually been played in the laptop.

Hafiz was now certain that his famous Grandmother was a dirty slut, and he felt sure she was ripe for seduction. The following Sunday he came home to find her watching television in the lounge as usual. She was wearing a short-sized night-gown and was curled up on the sofa.

“Hello Hafiz sona,” she said pleasantly as he entered. “Want to watch a little television with me?”
“Sure,” said Hafiz and sat down on the sofa next to her. They watched television and made conversation, but Hafiz made his lustful glances at her body a little more obvious than usual. Rukshana seemed to notice and her complexion became visibly flushed.

Her bare feet were tucked up alongside her and she squeezed her toes nervously. Rukshana had once or twice complained of aching feet, and Hafiz had suspected that she might have been fishing for a foot massage. Perhaps now was the time to offer her one.

“Feet aching again, Naanee ?” he asked casually.
“Oh, yes,” said Rukshana with a faint smile, “They do ache a little.”
“Would you like a foot massage?” enquired Hafiz carelessly. “Yes please. That would be nice.” She flicked off the television with the remote control and stretched her bare legs out towards her grandson, leaning back into the corner of the sofa for complete comfort.

Hafiz sat up and faced her, and gently lifted her right foot onto his lap. He then began massaging it slowly and luxuriously, kneading the sole of her foot with his thumbs. Rukshana’s breathing became a little heavier as she watched him rub her foot erotically. She moved her left foot against his leg and began slowly rubbing her toes across his thigh. That was the green light as far as Hafiz was concerned.

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Still gripping her right foot, he lifted it to his mouth and gently kissed her big toe. He kissed each of her other toes and then sent a trail of kisses down her sole and back up to her toes again. He looked at his grandmother’s face and her eyes were closed, a look of breathless pleasure on her face. He then took her big toe into his mouth.

“Ohhhhhh,” murmured Rukshana as she felt her grandson’s wet, warm mouth engulf her toe. Hafiz sucked each toe for a minute or so before lifting up her other foot and performing the same ritual again, until the toes on each of her feet were moist and reddened. Then his mouth began to move from her feet to her ankles and up her pale legs. As he reached her thighs he gently untied the belt of her nightgown and pulled it open.

For the first time he saw her body naked, and it was an incredible sight. Her breasts were large and full, with ripe, erect nipples, and clearly visible beneath the dark curls of her public hair were the pink lips of her pussy.

“I love you, Naanee, I want to marry you, have you as my wife !” said Hafiz huskily, “I want to do everything to you!”
Rukshana’s dark eyes were alight with abandon, “Yes, Hafiz sona ! You can have me! You can do anything you like to me! I want you to use my body any way you like! I want you to treat me like a slut and fuck me stupid ! But I can’t marry you, you’re  my grandson and don’t want to commit sin and crime by marrying you.”

Saying this the great Bengalee Authoress pulled her grandson to her and their tongues entwined violently as they kissed. Hafiz’s hand cupped her breast, and she moaned and made a grab for his crotch, fondling his erect cock through his half-pant. She then pulled her lips from his.

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“Let’s go up to the bedroom,” Rukshana whispered, and they almost ran up the stairs to her room. She removed her already open nightgown, leaving her completely nude, and began tearing off her grandson’s clothes too. When he too was naked she knelt at his feet and took his erect cock in her hand. She kissed the tip of it gently, then opened her mouth and took the length of it into her mouth.

Hafiz groaned as his respected widow Naanee sucked voraciously on his cock. She had probably not sucked any cocks in last two months, he guessed, but the way her tongue flitted over his knob as she sucked suggested that she had been quite a blowjob queen in her younger days. He was afraid of cumming before fucking her, so after a few minutes he pulled her too her feet and kissed her again, gripping the cheeks of her fat arse with his hands.

“You can suck my cock again later, slut!” he told her. Then he pushed her onto the bed, which was thankfully a double, and turned her onto her front, and moved her legs until she was on her hands and knees. He knelt behind her and put his head down to face her pussy, which was wetter than he could have hoped for. He pulled her pussy lips apart and delved his tongue deep inside her.

Rukshana Begum groaned deeply as her grandson’s tongue explored her soft cunt, withdrawing occasionally to flick over her clitoris. After a few minutes he stopped and pulled her plump buttocks apart. Her arsehole was a reddish-brown and looked like a small rosette. Inhaling the musky smell deeply, Hafiz pushed his face between his Naanee’s ass-cheeks and licked her sphincter. She whimpered slightly as he moistened her soft arsehole, and then released a deep moan of pleasure as his tongue pushed past the outer tissue and inside her anus.

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