Mom’s Stockings: My Son’s Cum Bucket

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I have wanted to fuck my son for a while, ever since he graduated high school this year and really buffed up over the summer working construction.

It was then, one random day, while he was in swimming trunks to go for a dip in the pool that I noticed that my son had turned into a man.

In fact, my son had grown into a very handsome man, a virtual replica of his deceased father (who died serving his country two years ago).

I didn’t only want to fuck my son, no, I wanted to be his submissive fuck toy.

When I first had these feelings, I went online. First I read a lot of erotic stories of moms seducing sons, of sons seducing moms or, even better, sons dominating moms. I am completely submissive, always have been, and all my fantasies have always revolved around complete submission.

The more I read, the more intrigued I got. And although I knew these were just fantasies and likely mostly written by men, some were written by females, some read by females and thus I wasn’t the only one.

It took some doing, but I also found websites that had women talking frankly, and although I didn’t join, I read the many comments and was both surprised and excited to learn that incest was much more common than one would assume.

Although the idea of fucking my son made my kitty purr, I had no intention of doing anything about it.

Then one fateful early morning, December 19th, 2015, an inconvenient pee wake-up call triggered the shift from fantasy to determined reality.

I got up and was heading down the hallway to the bathroom when I heard my son question, rather loudly, “Ready to suck my cock, slut?”

Hearing my son’s voice, sounding like his father’s, and saying words similar to what his father would say to me back when he was alive had me freeze in the hallway.

“What about Elizabeth?” A voice questioned… a voice I recognized instantly. It was Mrs. Young, his girlfriend’s mother and a complete bitch who lived across the street from me.

“She’s a sound sleeper. Plus, you didn’t seem concerned about my mother when you texted me begging for my cock.”

“I needed your big dick in me,” she purred, before she added, “I thought we would be fucking in the garage as we usually do.”

“Didn’t your small dicked husband satisfy you?” My son asked, his voice so firm and authoritative.

“You know his tiny dick can’t get me off,” she said, bashing the husband she always raved about at our weekly women’s night.

“I guess I have widened that old cunt of yours and gaped your ass so much you probably don’t even feel his needle dick,” my son continued, ridiculing the husband.

I couldn’t believe Mrs. Goody-Goody, Mrs. Gossip Queen, Mrs. Prude was not only in my son’s room, not only willing to be his slut, but also took it in the ass.

Instantly, my long neglected back door was calling me as I remembered getting ass reamed by my husband regularly back when he was alive.

She laughed, belittling her husband, “I need a real man, with a real cock.”

“Is that why you’re texting me at 2am, sneaking into my house, and on your knees eager to suck my dick with my mom in the next room?” He questioned, loving to humiliate… just like his father… always pushing the submissive to the extremes of submission.

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