Helping Mom around the house gets sensual

This story takes place a little over ten years ago.  I was in my mid-thirties living the single life after a hellish divorce. My ex and I had called it quits about four years prior and I had decided to start a new life. I moved back to my old home town just to be

Mummy chud gayi mere dost se

Hello dosto mera naam naveen hai aaj mai aap sabko apne upar gujri ek sachi kahani batane jaa raha hu ye kahani me meri mummy ke sath hue kuch vardat ke upar hai jo mai aap sab se share karne jaa raha hu. Vaise agar mere nazariye se aap dekhe toh ye ek sharamnak bat

Michaela is fucked by Justin (Her son)

It’s Thursday evening and the family is all having dinner when the phone rings Michaela answers the phone and hands it to her husband Mike, Michaela and Justin her 26 year son continue with eating their dinner. At the end of the call Mike informs Michaela that he has to go away on a business

Mom and son find the truth

“I can’t tell you,” Gail whispered. Gail paced faster, then faster across my kitchen floor. “Then don’t,” I laughed and pretended to get up from the kitchenette. “Sit right back down there, Miss Cynthia, Cyndy Ghaworski!” she whispered. “Why the whispering?” I used a mock loud whisper. This had to be serious. She never used

Mom pleasures both of her sons in a threesome

It all started when the boys, 18 year old non-identical twins, decided to play a trick on their mother. Some would say it was a cruel joke, but they didn’t think it was at the time. What they decided to do was tell their mother that they reported her to her superiors (for whatever made-up

A mother and son experience

When Andrew was younger everyone said he looked exactly like his father but this wasn’t necessarily true. Sure, he shared his Dad’s general build, his impressively wide shoulders, but now at eighteen it was increasingly evident that he got the lion’s share of his looks from his mother, In particular her eyes and high cheek

In the Shower with Mommy

The warm water poured over me as I lathered my body with soap. It was morning which meant that mum would be out at work. Or so I thought. A loud knock brought me back into reality and I quickly switched off the water. “Yeah?” I shouted. “Are you going to be much longer?” It

Hypersexual Mother — New medication leads to mother-son incest

My mother was all smiles after we arrived to our camping destination. We found a nice spot on top of a hill, which overlooked the forest and a nearby river, and we set up our campsite. What made this simple trip such a big deal was that she had been taking a groundbreaking new pharmaceutical

I Finally Got To Fuck My Mom

Incest stories, I Finally Got To Fuck My Mom… At twenty-two years old, I’ve thought about a lot of girls. I’ve masturbated to a lot of girls. I’ve thought about having sex with a lot of girls and just hoping that one day I could finally be able to get the chance to do it. But the

Mom and son, Alicia buys some sexy lingerie to please her well-hung son

Sex stories, Mom and son, Alicia buys some sexy lingerie to please her well-hung son, incest …  Zach had set his cell phone to go off fifteen minutes before their usual wake-up time. He knew that in his mother’s condition when he put her to bed last night, she was in no shape to remember

Mother and son spend Christmas alone

Sex stories, incest, mom and son, Mother and son spend Christmas alone…The white snowflakes whirled against the darkness, caught in my headlights, and rushed up against the windshield of my car. I was perhaps driving a bit faster than I should have, considering the weather, but I was anxious to get home. The winter holidays were

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