My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 6

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Next morning when I woke up at 8am Neetu was not in bed. I went to the hall and found her lying on the sofa smiling at me. I looked at her, she said “Raja came today morning while you were sleeping and I made sure he used condoms”.

I asked “how many times”? She said “his usual three times”. He wants to come again like yesterday and is also bringing me a surprise”. I asked “you must be very tired then”?

She said “not at all and surely not for you my baby”. I said “Neetu get some rest while the maid finishes and leaves”. She said “fine dear, don’t forget I am going crazy waiting for you”.

She remained lying on the sofa while the maid finished her duties and left. I took my coffee and went to my room where I went thru the recordings from today morning when Raja came.

Today he was very different, as soon as she opened the door he carried her towards her bedroom where I was sleeping. Neetu said “Raja, lets enjoy in the hall because I saw yesterday you get a bigger thrill doing it here”.

He smiled and rested her on the sofa. She was still wearing the same babydoll nighty from last night. He got on top and they smooched for a long time while his hands were busy squeezing her boobs.

After kissing for some time, he went down to her neck stopping at her nipples. He was about to rip off her nighty when she stopped him and said “you don’t have to tear my clothes everytime” and she removed her nighty.

Raja removed all his clothes quickly and mounted her sucking her nipples like crazy for a long time making her moan. He went further down raising her legs with her knees touching her shoulders and put his mouth to her holes.

He was alternating licking and fingering her pussy and butt till she had her first orgasm. He got up bringing his cock near her face and she automatically took it in her mouth giving him a blowjob.

She was deep throating his full length without using her hands much. A few minutes later Raja held her head and started pumping his cock with force in her mouth and she handled it comfortably.

This continued for a long while till he came in her mouth and she drank every drop of his juice sucking him dry. He sat on the sofa while she went to her bedroom where I was sleeping.

She brought a few condoms and put them on the table. Raja said “Darling I want to fuck you without condoms because it feels so much better”. Neetu replied “I am sorry darling, I cannot afford to get pregnant”.

She lay on the sofa while he used a condom and mounted her. He pushed his cock in her pussy in one hard stroke while Neetu screamed in pain which he ignored and continued humping her furiously.

After a few minutes, Neetu asked “why are you behaving like an animal today”? He said “I am unable to control myself since yesterday evening when I wanted to fuck you but you did not let me come”.

She said “my son was with me and I already told you that earlier, so how could I have called you”? He said “Darling don’t worry about him at all”. She remained quiet while he continued to plough his cock in her pussy.

Soon the feelings of her body took over and she started enjoying the fucking session moaning again. Raja went on for a long time as always and both orgasmed together.

He lay on her catching his breath before getting off. He put the spent condom on the table and sat next to her on the sofa. He resumed sucking her nipples while fingering her pussy.

Neetu started letting out moans again soon, he made her lie on her chest and mounted her about to push his cock in her butt. She turned sideways saying “please use a condom dear”.

Raja said “how is fucking your ass going to make you pregnant”? Neetu said “if you want to enjoy sex with me then you have to use condoms always”. Seeing the conviction in her voice he quietly wore one and mounted her.

Raja just kept fucking her butt nonstop giving her many more orgasms. Neetu was also thoroughly enjoying his big cock throbbing in her ass moaning loudly. After 30mins of this fucking Raja stiffenend and unloaded his cum in her ass.

While he lay on her panting, He asked “so how did you like it this time”? Neetu said “Darling you already know the answer, you are really awesome”. Raja got off and put the second spent condom also on the table and sat down.

Neetu also got up and sat in his lap, she placed his one hand on her pussy and other on her boob signaling her intentions. He took her nipple in his mouth nibbling on it while he squeezed her other boob.

His hand was already fingering her pussy and Neetu was moaning in heat pressing his face harder to her boob. I saw Raja’s cock was getting hard again, Neetu opened her legs and adjusted his cock between her thighs.

While she was doing this Raja made her sit with her thighs on either side of his. Now her boobs were almost in his face, he cupped them with his hands squeezing them hard while chewing her nipples.

Neetu got aroused again and started moaning much louder this time. Raja said “control yourself or you will wake up your son”, she said “I don’t care, I am going to cum so you don’t stop what you are doing”.

In a few minutes she closed her eyes while her body trembled with her next orgasm and she suffocated his face hard between her boobs. Raja grabbed her butt cheeks pulling her on to him.

I guess he was trying to push his cock inside her before she realized. Surprisingly Neetu began rocking her bottom riding his cock which only meant she was already aware of his actions and was enjoying it too.

She opened her eyes and held his face and smooched him. She asked “are you happy now darling”? He smiled and said “yes, very happy”. Neetu continued riding him for a long while still keeping track of time of his release.

She stopped after sometime and raised her butt and pushed his cock in her ass and continued riding him. She kissed him again and pushed her boobs in his face.

Raja cupped them nibbling her nipples making her moan with pleasure. In-between chewing her nipples, he said “dear, I want to come again later in the morning to enjoy with you”.

She said “yes my love, I too want to enjoy with you. Let me manage a few things and call you, then you come”. He grabbed her butt cheeks hard thrusting into her from below while she pushed her nipples in his mouth expecting more pleasure.

Soon the intensity of his thrusts became harder, she asked “darling are you going to cum”? He said “yes dear I am very close”, she got off his lap and started deepthroating his cock.

Raja held her face fucking her mouth pushing his cock fully inside. A few minutes later he groaned and released his cum down her throat. She drank all his juice and continued sucking till his last drop.

Both sat on the sofa catching their breaths, Raja said “dear today when I meet you, I want to bring you a surprise which you are really going to enjoy”. Neetu asked “what surprise you want to bring for me darling”?

He said “see it for yourself when I come, if I say it now then it will no longer be worth the surprise”. She said “I will eagerly look forward to your surprise”. He said “make sure you have atleast three hours for me and dress up like yesterday”.

They put on their clothes and he left after delivering milk and Neetu lay on the sofa after locking the door. Then the maid came and some time later me. I was also wondering what surprise he had in store for her.

Anyway the maid had left by now. Neetu was lying on the sofa with her legs spread fingering her pussy while squeezing her boob with her other hand. I went to her and gave a kiss on her lips.

She pulled me on top and started kissing me crazily saying “I am dying for your cock, give it to mommy quickly. The wait is killing me”. She had already pushed down my tracks and undies freeing my cock.

I was hard and erect with morning wood while she pulled my head to her boobs and I started sucking her nipples hungrily. Neetu was moaning loudly as if this was her first sex she was enjoying today.

I went down to her pussy and saw she had already washed and cleaned and only the musky fragrance of her pussy juice was emantling. Within a few minutes of eating her pussy she had another orgasm.

Neetu screamed loudly pressing my face hard against her pussy clamping it tight between her thighs while her orgasm passed. I licked her pussy clean and got back on top and she guided my cock inside her.

I asked “so are you thinking about the surprise Raja is bringing for you which made you so horny”? She said “no my love, I am only thinking about you and that is enough to make me horny like mad”.

I got on top bringing my lips close to hers, Neetu said “please do it quickly, my pussy is on fire waiting for you”. She opened her legs wide and guided my cock at her entrance and she closed her legs around my back pulling me more into her.

I gave slow pushes till I was fully inside, Neetu said “now fuck mommy like there is no tomorrow, fuck me hard son”. I increased my pace enjoying the feeling of her convulsing muscles around my cock while Neetu continued moaning loudly.

Because I had already seen her sex footage with Raja and now this, I was not able to hold very long and soon the pressure in my balls peaked with my release just in time when she got her next orgasm.

I lay on top of her and said “I am sorry mom, I could not last long enough to make you happy”. Neetu kissed me and said “please don’t be sorry beta, I got what I wanted”.

I remained lying on her catching my breath when her phone rang. I gave her the phone and she answered the call, it was Ramesh uncle, Dad’s business partner. After the call Neetu said “Ramesh wants to come at 11am today, he says he wants my signatures on some documents”.

I said “good then”, she said “no we have a big problem. Raja was supposed to come at 11 with the surprise for me. Now I will not be able to enjoy with him at all”.

I said “don’t worry. Call Raja and tell him you have unexpected guests today so you will call him after they leave”. Neetu called Raja and told him depending on whatever time the guests leave she would call him to come.

She hung up the call with Raja and said he was very upset. I said “don’t worry over time God willingly you will have so many options that this will become a regular thing”.

I asked “what kind of a man is Ramesh”? Neetu said “he is a nice man, very overly friendly and supportive and has been helping us a lot since dad left us”. I asked “is he also among any of the men who have been lusting for you”?

Neetu took a deep breath and said “yes, he has been after me all these years but I have managed to dodge his passes and his double meaning invitations”. I asked “when he comes today and he tries again, would you still ignore him”?

Neetu stared at me and asked “what do you mean by that. He will surely try everything he can and you want me to let him do it? Are you out of your mind”?

I said “if you find him good in bed and he gives you all the pleasures you want, then don’t you think it is good for you. You can use him just for your satisfaction and nothing else. I am not asking you to marry him anyway”.

Neetu said “no I don’t think I can do that or sleep with him”. I said “go with an open mind and try him once and see if he is able to satisfy you. If you don’t enjoy it then don’t do it again”.

Neetu said “fine, but I am scared what if something goes wrong”? I said “just relax, you have my number on speed dial so if something happens then just call me, I will come immediately to you”.

Neetu asked me to check the fridge for soda and ice because Ramesh always wants drinks when he comes. I found enough ice and soda in the fridge and more than a dozen bottles of scotch, rum and vodka in the bar.

I said “everything is there so don’t worry”. I asked “have you ever worn western in front of him”? She said “only once I had worn a long black skirt with a red top but that was for an office party, many other people were there including Ramesh”.

I asked “did Ramesh say anything that day”? She said “yes he complimented me repeatdly saying I was looking very gorgeous and sexy”. I said “Neetu it is obvious he likes you wearing western so you wear western only”.

We collected our clothes and went to her bedroom. I said “go take a bath while I select the dress for you”. She said “why should I bathe alone when you are here”. She held my hand and pulled me inside.

We took a bath together soaping eachother and this got me hard again, she saw it too. She held my hard cock stroking it in her hands and said “mummy needs your cock again”.

I came behind her while she lifted and placed one leg on the tub armrest, I asked “where”? She said “you will always belong in my pussy” and held my cock and guided it inside.

I held her hips and started fucking her slowly. I hugged her from behind cupping her boobs while taking her puffed nipples between my fingers. Neetu started moaning loudly saying “yes son, this feels so good. Fuck mummy harder with your beautiful cock”.

I increased my pace while she turned her face sideways and held my head and we smooched for a long time continuing the action. This being my second time I was able to last longer and felt the pressure build up in my balls again.

I said while interrupting our smooch “mom I am going to cum”, she said “cum inside me darling, you don’t need to ask me ever”. A few minutes later I released my seed inside her pussy and she too orgasmed again same time.

We finished our bath and after towelling dry came to her bedroom. I selected a pink push up bra and panty and gave it to her, she stood still as if I did not exist there. I understood and helped her wear it.

I gave her a hot pink top with a teal green mini skirt and helped her wear it. I gave her matching pink stilletos to go with it. I said “now do some good makeup like preparing for a date”.

Neetu looked at me saying “are you sure about this”? I said “yes dead sure. Remember today you are no more the old Pooja, now you are a seductress. So don’t hold anything back and go for the kill without any second thoughts”.

Neetu hugged and kissed me saying “I am very nervous but I will do whatever you say”. She did her makeup while I wore my clothes. She turned to me and asked “how am I looking”?

I said “if I was Ramesh then just looking at you would give me an instant hard on. You are looking hotter than Pamela Anderson, god have mercy on Ramesh today”.

She finally smiled and relaxed and hugged me tightly. She was about to kiss me when I stopped her saying “your lipstick will get ruined”, I left to my room wishing her good luck.

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