My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 6

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Next morning when I woke up at 8am Neetu was not in bed. I went to the hall and found her lying on the sofa smiling at me. I looked at her, she said “Raja came today morning while you were sleeping and I made sure he used condoms”.

I asked “how many times”? She said “his usual three times”. He wants to come again like yesterday and is also bringing me a surprise”. I asked “you must be very tired then”?

She said “not at all and surely not for you my baby”. I said “Neetu get some rest while the maid finishes and leaves”. She said “fine dear, don’t forget I am going crazy waiting for you”.

She remained lying on the sofa while the maid finished her duties and left. I took my coffee and went to my room where I went thru the recordings from today morning when Raja came.

Today he was very different, as soon as she opened the door he carried her towards her bedroom where I was sleeping. Neetu said “Raja, lets enjoy in the hall because I saw yesterday you get a bigger thrill doing it here”.

He smiled and rested her on the sofa. She was still wearing the same babydoll nighty from last night. He got on top and they smooched for a long time while his hands were busy squeezing her boobs.

After kissing for some time, he went down to her neck stopping at her nipples. He was about to rip off her nighty when she stopped him and said “you don’t have to tear my clothes everytime” and she removed her nighty.

Raja removed all his clothes quickly and mounted her sucking her nipples like crazy for a long time making her moan. He went further down raising her legs with her knees touching her shoulders and put his mouth to her holes.

He was alternating licking and fingering her pussy and butt till she had her first orgasm. He got up bringing his cock near her face and she automatically took it in her mouth giving him a blowjob.

She was deep throating his full length without using her hands much. A few minutes later Raja held her head and started pumping his cock with force in her mouth and she handled it comfortably.

This continued for a long while till he came in her mouth and she drank every drop of his juice sucking him dry. He sat on the sofa while she went to her bedroom where I was sleeping.

She brought a few condoms and put them on the table. Raja said “Darling I want to fuck you without condoms because it feels so much better”. Neetu replied “I am sorry darling, I cannot afford to get pregnant”.

She lay on the sofa while he used a condom and mounted her. He pushed his cock in her pussy in one hard stroke while Neetu screamed in pain which he ignored and continued humping her furiously.

After a few minutes, Neetu asked “why are you behaving like an animal today”? He said “I am unable to control myself since yesterday evening when I wanted to fuck you but you did not let me come”.

She said “my son was with me and I already told you that earlier, so how could I have called you”? He said “Darling don’t worry about him at all”. She remained quiet while he continued to plough his cock in her pussy.

Soon the feelings of her body took over and she started enjoying the fucking session moaning again. Raja went on for a long time as always and both orgasmed together.

He lay on her catching his breath before getting off. He put the spent condom on the table and sat next to her on the sofa. He resumed sucking her nipples while fingering her pussy.

Neetu started letting out moans again soon, he made her lie on her chest and mounted her about to push his cock in her butt. She turned sideways saying “please use a condom dear”.

Raja said “how is fucking your ass going to make you pregnant”? Neetu said “if you want to enjoy sex with me then you have to use condoms always”. Seeing the conviction in her voice he quietly wore one and mounted her.

Raja just kept fucking her butt nonstop giving her many more orgasms. Neetu was also thoroughly enjoying his big cock throbbing in her ass moaning loudly. After 30mins of this fucking Raja stiffenend and unloaded his cum in her ass.

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