My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 5

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Neetu lay on the sofa and called me. I went and sat at her feet. Neetu looked at me saying “I am sure you can guess what happened”. I said “yes you had another wrestling match”. She blushed and said “yes and with the same person”.

I said “you look tired”, she said “ofcourse I am tired, he wrestled me so many times today in many positions and every room, I am happy I even survived it”. I asked “most importantly did you enjoy”, she said “yes”.

I lifted her feet and placed them on my thighs massaging the undersides. Neetu closed her eyes while I did it. She said “this feels so relaxing. I don’t know what you will think of me after everything I have done today with Raja”.

I said “Neetu as long as you happy, I don’t have any problem. I know how physically frustrated you have been sacrificing your own needs over taking care of me. I am very happy you finally gave your own needs some priority”.

She said “I don’t have words to thank you for your understanding and support. You are so much more than just a friend. Imagine which son will tolerate his mom enjoying sex with another man and be normal about it”.

She slid closer hugging me and resting her head on my chest silently weeping. I held her chin raising her face and asked “why are you crying now, what happened? Did I say anything wrong that hurt you” wiping her tears.

She held my face kissing everywhere, after the kiss I repeated “what made you cry”? She said “your future wife is going to be the luckiest woman on this planet. You are the ideal man”. I asked “are you drunk”?

She smiled for the first time now and said “no”. I said “when I have the world’s most beautiful and sexy woman already with me, why would I need a wife”. She cried again burrying her face in my chest and said “I want to sleep, please help me remove my clothes”.

I removed her top, made her stand up and removed her skirt and stockings. She was fully naked now. I helped her to her bed and covered her with a blanket. She said “wake me at 6pm so I can prepare dinner”.

I said “you don’t worry, get good rest. I will handle everything and we will party tonight to celebrate your experience today”. She stared at me while I bent forward kissing her on her lips and she kissed back full of enthusiasm.

I switched on the AC and left closing the door. I went to my room and jacked off once more recollecting her second marathon sex with Raja. He fucked her like a sex machine and even though she enjoyed it, it was clearly more than she could handle.

I got ready and went shopping. I bought some condoms, a few Anti pregnancy pills, some beers. I put the beers in the fridge and left the rest of the stuff in the hall because I did not want to disturb her sleep.

I went to my room and worked till 7pm and then went to her. I found her sleeping, she woke up with just my touch on her hand, I told her to freshen up and come to the hall. She showered and came wearing a baby doll nighty without underwear and sat with me on the sofa.

I gave her the packet of condoms and the pills. She said “how thoughtful of you to bring this” and went to her bedroom to keep it. She asked “what has my friend planned tonight”? I said “nothing much, we will drink to celebrate, order food and just chill watching some TV”.

She gave me her mobile saying “raja called many times begging if he could come again now, I refused telling him to come tomorrow morning only when he delivers the milk”. I said “you don’t need to tell me everything, it’s your life, you are free to do what you want”.

Neetu said “no, you are still supporting me despite knowing everything, you only have the right to know. You are much more than a friend for me. Now go get the drinks”. I asked “you want to have whiskey or beers”?

She said “I will have the same thing you are having”. I brought two beer pints with some snacks and kept it on the center table. I sat on the sofa and we said cheers and sipped our drinks. An English movie was playing full of nudity and explicit sex, maybe a step less than porn.

Neetu slid closer placing her legs over mine, I asked “should we watch a different movie”? She asked “are you uncomfortable watching this with me”? I said “no, just asking”. She asked “you saw me naked so many times today, did you not get excited”?

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