Unexpected Sex With Dhanu

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read Bouncing Sony before starting this.

Next day we went to institution and everything is going normal. Staff scheduled a extra class for improving the communication skills on next Sunday and they said everyone should attend the classes mandatory and they merged our course students with other courses students to improve the communication skills and they asked us to go to the other courses buildings for attending the classes.

We got disappointed with that extra classes that we can’t have sex this week. We have seen the merged courses students list to check with which courses students they merged with us for that communication skills classes. Vandana and Sony felt happy by seeing the list. I didn’t understand why they are feeling happy and asked

Me: Why you both are feeling happy?
Vandana: There are two friends of us in the list from other course.
Sony: We won’t feel any bore. We will spend the time with them during the classes.
Me: You both are having your friends there to spend time. What I need to do?
Vandana: Don’t worry. Your name is also there in the same list. You can sit nearby to us and we can spend time without feeling bore.

We all felt happy and laughed at each other. On Sunday we went to the another building for attending the classes. We went too early to the class to have some sex if we find some time there. Luckily by the time we went no one is there in the class. We three sat on a bench and I am sitting in between they both sit on both sides of me. I dragged both of them closer to me by holding their waist and hugged them. They moved nearer to me and hugged me from both sides. I am squeezing their boobs and waist. They are kissing all over my face. Suddenly a girl came into the classroom and saw us and got shocked and starred at us. I too saw her and got shocked and frightened and not understand what to do and told to Vandana and Sony. They both looked at her and felt happy and went nearby to her. I didn’t understand what they are doing. They both went and greeted her. But she is still in shock and not saying anything. I got relaxed by knowing that she is one of those two friends. They are calling her as Dhanu. Finally she came into conscious and came in anger to me and asked

Dhanu: What are doing with my friends?
Me: Nothing we are just sitting here
Dhanu: Do you think I didn’t seen anything?
Vandana and Sony tried to calm down her. She is not listening and trying to scolding and shouting at me. Vandana and Sony hold her tight and making her to calm down. Dhanu looked at both of them in anger and in requesting and childish manner and said
Dhanu: You both are enjoying sex with him. I too want that. I waiting to have sex with someone from long time.
Vandana: That’s it right. Ok no problem. We will help you to have sex.
Sony also accepted for that and immediately Dhanu said
Dhanu: This is not safe place to have sex. I knows a place let’s go there.

She asked us to take our bags and follow her. She took us to the 5th floor and no one is there in that floor. She said that no one will come there and anyhow today is Sunday and the people who are having special class will come to the institution. Mostly there is no chance of knowing about this place to them. So no one will come and find us. Even though she given assurance of that no one will come this side we are having some fear and asked either of Vandana or Sony to stand outside and signal us if someone comes. Vandana went out and stood outside. Me, Sony and Dhanu went inside the room. The room is having one more cabin. Sony said she will stay there and asked us to go inside that cabin and fuck Dhanu. Me and Dhanu went into that cabin. That cabin is having full of old record books and old papers. Only some space is there and we are only able to stand there in that cabin. We closed the cabin door and Sony is standing outside the cabin door and Vandana is standing outside the room. Dhanu is 5’7″ height with figure 30-24-34 and little bit dusky. We both are starring at each other and at once I dragged her and hugged her and looking into her eyes. She is also looking into my eyes. She asked my name. I said my name and immediately given liplock to her. She is also responding well. I am squeezing her boobs and waist. I inserted my hand inside her kurta pant and started to do rub her pussy. She is looking at me and moaning umm, umm, umm, umm, umm………………….. I started to kiss her and she is holding my hair tight and dragging me more closer to her. I am smooching, licking and kissing on her neck and cleavage.

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