USA story reader ni meet ayyanu finally she is my childhood friend baga massage chesi dengi satisfy chesanu

Hi all readers Andharu ela unnaru nenu mee raj idhi na second story and jarigi chala roju ku ayyindi story USA lo na childhood friend ni anukokunda meet ayyanu rough sex chepinchukundi nenu ela dengano e story lo chepthanu Na peru raj age 27 6 feet slim 6 inch dick size Virginia state lo untanu … Read more

America lo Car ride kavali ani pilichi last ki nannu ride chesindi (Indian)

Hello andharu ela unnaru idhi na real story ki koncham spice add chesi rastunnanu hope me andhariki nacchutundi ani anukuntunanu Boys please ammalia details Kosam message cheyyoddu enduknate nenu ivvanu and valla safety manaku mukyam and  Meru girls kuda me personal details nammevaraku bayatiki cheppakandi or else Asalu cheppakandi evarina meet avvali anukunte public place … Read more

Maid from Heaven – Part 39

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 38 ). Now let’s continue Raja had a big fat tongue, so when he was eating my pussy it literally felt like a cock was rubbing against it. After a few minutes I lost it and firmly impaled my cunt on his mouth because … Read more

Maid from Heaven – Part 37

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 36 ). Now let’s continue I only smiled stubbornly and nodded convincingly at her. She stared at me for a moment then finally gave in. she placed her hands on the wash counter pushing her butt out while I got between her legs with … Read more

Unexpected Sex with younger Sister Sonam

Life is Complex and Desires are endless. Hi I’m Arun Dikshit (Name Changed Ofcourse) I’m Male 26 from Pune (Location Changed too). Right now I’m a Freelancer and has experience on multiple field professionally and accademic. My Family consists of My Father Mohit Dikshit a cool dude who had his share of fun when young, … Read more

Telugu – America lo na story reader tho sex chesanu part-1

Hello andharu ela unnaru thanks for your feedback and support. Chala mandi message chesaru. Inka evarina feedback ivvali anukunte or meet avvali anukunte direct ga email or hangouts lo message cheyyandi. Na old story chadivi oka Telugu virgin ammai message chesindi. And thanu ela romance chesindi. And chivaraku ela sex ki chepinchukoni enjoy chesindi anedi … Read more

Indian students rough sex in America

Hi friends, This is the real story and added some fantasy to make it more spicy to had enough for both men and women to get pleasure while reading, Readers this is just for pleasure just read and enjoy and leave it. And this an adult story is about sexual life if anybody doesn’t like … Read more

Secrets of Chowdhury Family : 1

Sweat was pouring from Pritam’s body as his cock pounded in out of his wife Supriyadevi’s squishing cunt. His hands clung tightly to her hips only letting go long enough to give her rump a playful swat. It had taken him several months to get her to try sex in doggie style and a couple … Read more

The Divorced Aunty’s Delight

Romeo, the infamous college-going student from Delhi, had a reputation for his uncanny ability to satisfy women. He had recently been approached by a divorced woman in her early fifties, who had been a regular reader of Romeo’s erotic tales in various platforms.Her name was Meera, a 52-year-old divorced woman who had been craving the … Read more

The Great Sen Family : 17

Just for readers’ convenience, I think it would be better to introduce the main characters of recent developments ( even in upcoming incidents ) once again. 1.Munmun/Mona : 28 yrs, actress2.Manish : 30 yrs, businessman, Munmun’s husband.3.Chitradevi : 48 yrs, Munmun’s mother4.Prankrisno/Kesto : 25 yrs, Munmun’s Odisan Cook/Driver,/Gardener… all in one5.Parveen / Paru /Mala : … Read more

Elder Sister’s Deal with twin brothers – Part 1 – The Deal

Hello readers,I have decided to write about this is a true incident from my life, thanks to my best friend Swathi.It is gonna be a long one but it will be worth it . I would start the story with a small advice, incase if anyone is attracted to their brrother/sister, just request them for … Read more

First time with professor

This is the story of the first time I was fucked,  I lost my virginity to my school science professor I was a good student scoring good marks in every subject but science was never my cup of tea but I used to manage to get passed somehow but I was failing this time nd … Read more

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