Family fun with another family

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Family fun with another family, This is something I had to get permission to post since it also involves two other people that share in the same lifestyle that my son and I live. They asked me to change their names so I will. They will go by David, who is 43 and the father of Tasha, who is 19.

To describe them, David is roughly 6’2″ tall, average build, salt and pepper hair, and has an average size cock. His daughter Tasha is about 5’6″, medium length dark brown hair with blonde highlights, fairly skinny, and has a b cup with really small nipples. Both are clean shaved even David’s chest and stomach.

It started with them emailing me and after a few weeks of talking we shared where we lived. Turns out that we lived only 30 minutes away from each other. So David and I decided to meet in person and talk about our lifestyle.

A few hours go by and I invited David over to my house to meet my son Erik. He accepted and wanted to know if his daughter Tasha could come as well which of course I said yes. So we went back to his place and he picked up his daughter and followed me home to my place.

By the time we arrived at my house, it was a little after 5pm, so I offered to order pizza for all of us and we could continue to get to know each other.

While eating dinner, Tasha had told us that she was the one who originally saw one of my stories and told her father about them. Her and her father and been living the same lifestyle for just over a year, and they hated how they had to keep it a secret, and told me that I was the bravest person they had ever met since I was so willing to share and be crucified over it.

After Tasha was done telling me more about her and her father, I looked at them both and said “I’m sorry, but I’m not use to wearing clothes around the house, so please excuse me while I get comfortable.”

In front of everyone I took off my blue button down blouse and baize skirt. I was standing there in a mesh pink G-string and a lacy purple bra. I reached around and unfastened my bra and let it slightly drop still covering my nipples.

“You don’t mind that I’m getting comfortable do you?” I asked them just to make sure I wasn’t stepping over any boundaries with them.

I could see the shocked look on both of their faces since they were seeing all that I had been telling them was true.

“This is your house Jessica, do as you want.” David replied.

Tasha just sat there in silence too stunned to talked, but watched my every movement. I slowly let my bra fall off of my hardening nipples and threw my bra over to Erik.

As I turned around to walk into the living room, I looked back over my shoulder and said “Make yourself feel at home, anything that happens here stays here.”

David replied back “Will do.” with a fairly big smile on his face.

When I sat down on the couch, Erik was already completely naked and had started to follow me into the living room. David was in the middle of taking his pants off, and Tasha was in her bra and taking her jeans off.

Erik sat down next to me and put his arm over my shoulder. Tasha and David had just started to walk into the living room together. Tasha was still wearing her black bra, and boy shorts that where white with blue strips, while David was completely naked and was half hard.

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