My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 2

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Today when I met her in the morning for coffee, she was lying on the sofa with one hand fingering her pussy. Only two below buttons of her top were closed barely covering one nipple. Pooja seemed to be in an extremely great mood full of excitement.

Her visible nipple was erect and other making a tent thru her top. Also all her clothes were very crumbled, she removed her hand seeing me come. I asked “what is the reason for being in such great mood today”?

She said “Sonu I finally got something after many years”. I said “I am very happy to hear that, but why are your clothes so messed up? Looks like you have been to a wrestling match”. She blushed saying “nothing like that happened, I woke up like this only”.

I could not avoid staring at her naked boobs and nipple. She saw me staring at her exposed chest too but did not say anything or cover it. I had a gut feeling the pills worked as her erect nipples indicated her state of arousal.

I took my coffee and went to my desk to check on recordings from all cameras. I saw from the camera focused on her bed, last night she was very restless and sleeping naked. I was thrilled to see her fully naked body even though it was in black and white due to night mode.

She was massaging her boobs and fingering her pussy. This went on for some time till she orgasmed, after which she slept. Oh boy I was on top of the world because the medicine worked as expected. Now she had much stronger sexual urges.

Never before did I see her masturbate at night, so the first stage of my plan was successful, I waited to see what would happen next. I wanted to check the cameras to see if anything new happened between her and Raja this morning.

Like every day he came and even before he knocked on the door Pooja opened it standing outside. He smiled and excitedly hugged her and today she held his face kissing him mouth to mouth. I was surprised she kissed him today.

After the hugging and kissing she took him inside. While she was closing the door, Raja hugged her from behind cupping her boobs and humping his cock into her butt. Pooja closed her eyes leaning her head backwards on his shoulder.

I thought like always she will let him enjoy for a while and then stop him but today after a long while also she did not. Now he pushed his hands inside her top cupping her bare boobs and she herself removed her top.

He held her naked boobs and squeezed them pressing her erect nipples between his fat fingers for some time. Pooja started moaning and gyrating her butt against his cock. After a while he pushed her against the wall and both lip locked again.

All this was surprising but very exciting making me horny. I started stroking my cock watching Pooja’s live sex show. After lots of smooching he sucked her nipples while squeezing her boobs and her hands were pressing his head harder against her boobs.

We have a 3-seater couch in this entrance room. He pulled down her pajamas and she stepped out of them standing fully naked. He held her butt and lowered her on the couch while Pooja held her hands around his neck for support.

Raja opened her legs and put his mouth to her pussy licking it. He said “darling your pussy is so tasty just like you”. Pooja moaned louder which he silenced with his hand, within few minutes her body shuddered as she got her first orgasm.

While her orgasm subsided, he continued eating her pussy. He removed all his clothes revealing his huge cock. It was very thick and long. She sat up and held his cock running her hands along the full length. Pooja stroked his cock using both hands saying “Oh my God, this is so huge”.

Raja said “Dear, wait and see how much pleasure this is going to give you”. Pooja said “Raja treat my pussy like a virgin because I have not had sex since my husband left years ago. I am scared your huge cock will tear my pussy”.

Even before she could finish talking he held her face pushing his cock in her mouth. He said “Dear please give me the pleasure your mouth first”. Pooja was choking pushing back but he had firmly impaled her pushing deeper.

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