Raging Sex With Rishi

Hi All. I am KKD. Read Unexpected Sex With Dhanu before starting this.

Next day after coming to institution staff said there is one more special classes for communication skills is going to happen on next day Sunday again. We got extreme anger. But we can’t do anything. This time we planned to come to institution more early on Sunday and have sex and sit in the same class. All the week went normal and Sunday came.

On Sunday as planned we all started early to the institution. But on that day I got stuck in the traffic and went little late than them. By the time I went to the class they are sitting in the class and waiting for me. I had seen one more girl sitting along with them. She is sitting on the bench by showing her back to me. By seeing her from back I remembered Navya. She looks same like Navya from backside. I got excited and went nearby and started to give liplock to her without seeing her face. I am kissing and biting her lips. She is beating me on hands and trying to push me away. Vandana and Sony are dragging me back to separate us and Dhanu is dragging her. I am still holding her tight and not leaving her. After sometime they are able to separate us.

After getting separated I had seen her face. She is not Navya. But almost looking like Navya. They all started to scold me. I explained them even though they are not listening to me and scolding me. I stayed calm by listening to their scoldings. She is bleeding on her lips. They all went to her by saying her name Rishi and asked her what happened. Rishi is 5’8″ height with figure 32-24-34. She got extreme anger by seeing blood and came to me and started to bite my lips. I am enjoying with that and kissing her back. Again Vandana and Sony dragging me back and Dhanu is dragging Rishi back to separate us. After sometime we got separated and she bite on my lips and made me to get blood from lips. Still her anger didn’t get reduced and looking at me in anger and I am looking at her. Suddenly she came on to me and trying to beat me. I don’t want to hurt her and trying to defend. She is still trying to beat me and both of us fell down on the floor. We both fell on each other and rolling on each other and fighting like a small kids in the classroom. We rolled and I am enjoying her body on me and squeezing her waist and ass cheeks. After sometime she made me laid down under her and wrapped her legs around my back and made me without moving anywhere from her and sat on my dick which is already erected and trying to beat me. In anger she is not feeling anything under her ass. When she is trying to beat I hold her hands and started to rub my dick to her pussy over the dress by giving the strokes upwards towards her pussy. She got shocked and moaning Aah, Aah…………. and looking around like not understanding what to do and looking at me. Immediately Vandana, Sony and Dhanu came and took her away from top of me. I stood up and stand in front of them. Still Rishi is looking anger at me. They decided this won’t stop if try to separate them and we need to discuss about this and took Rishi to the same room which me and Dhanu had sex last time to discuss and calm down the dispute between me and Rishi. They asked me to take all their bags and come to that room. They took Rishi with them. Even when they are taking Rishi with them she is still shouting, scolding and trying to get away from them and coming to beat me.

We all went to that room and started a discussion and I am already saying sorry to her but she is still shouting and scolding me. I stayed calm and even Vandana, Sony and Dhanu also got fed up with our discussion and stayed calm without saying anything. Suddenly Rishi came to beat me and I pushed her on the wall and started to give liplock and squeezing her boobs. Vandana, Sony and Dhanu are just looking at us but they are not trying to separate us. After sometime I stopped kissing and left Rishi. She got shocked and looking at me in anger and said

Rishi: How dare are you to kiss me?
I got anger and again pushed her to the wall and went nearby to her face and said
Me: If you didn’t stop the dispute I will fuck you
Rishi: Will you fuck me? Will you fuck me?……………..
Me: Yes, I will.
Rishi: Then fuck me. Then fuck me………………
She dragged me towards the cabin room in anger and pushed me inside and she came inside and closed the door. Vandana, Sony and Dhanu understood that we are going to have sex and Sony and Dhanu went outside the room to inform us if someone comes and Vandana is standing outside the cabin door.

We both are kissing each other with full anger and squeezing each other and trying to remove each other dresses. I lifted her kurta up and she removed my shirt buttons. We removed each other dress. She is on her bra and I am squeezing her boobs and licking and smooching on her neck and cleavage. She is enjoying it. I am squeezing her waist and removed her bra. I am squeezing and biting her boobs and she is moaning and shouting in pain. I didn’t stop and continued licking and biting her boobs and nipples. She is moaning more and shouting loudly. I am licking and smooching on her navel and biting on her waist. I kept my hand inside her kurta pant and rubbing her pussy. It is already wet. I loosened her kurta pant and removed it. She is on her panty now. I started fingering her pussy. After sometime I removed her panty. She is completely naked and I am fingering her pussy and smooching and biting her boobs. She is rubbing my dick over the pant. I removed my dress and become completely naked and now we both are naked and I made her to sit on her knees and inserted my dick inside her mouth. I started to give strokes and fuck in mouth. After sometime I tried to lick her pussy. But space is not sufficient and I opened the door. Vandana is standing outside the cabin door and she got shocked by seeing us completely naked and she is also feeling horny. I took Rishi outside and laid her on the floor. I started to lick her pussy and she is moaning Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah……………. Vandana came and biting Rishi boobs and Rishi is squeezing Vandana boobs and they both are kissing each other. I licked Rishi pussy for sometime and turned her into 69 position and licking her pussy and fucking inside her mouth. I am licking her with full force and she released orgasm in my mouth. I continued licking her pussy and she released another orgsam. My face is fully drenched with her orgasm. I stood up and looked at them. They both laughed by looking at me. I dragged Rishi and applied all the orgasm on my face on her boobs and started to lick and bite them. She is moaning and shouting with pain. I made her into missionary position and pointed my dick towards her pussy. She immediately asked

Rishi: Are you going to fuck me?
Me: Yes, I am going to fuck you.
Rishi: Fuck me hard.
Me: I am going to tear your pussy.

I pushed my dick inside her pussy. It is tight and not going inside. I got a doubt and asked her whether she is a virgin. She said yes. I slowly inserted tip of my dick inside her pussy. She is feeling pain but she is trying to control her self. I inserted my dick more deep inside and she is unable to bare the pain and pretended to shout and immediately Vandana given liplock to her and squeezing her boobs. After sometime she is not feeling pain and started to give strokes. I fucked her 20 mins and released sperm inside her pussy. We took sanitotry pads from their bags and cleaned all the orgasm and blood stains on the floor and came outside of the room. By the time we come outside of the room Sony and Dhanu are kissing, hugging and squeezing each other body parts and enjoying themselves outside of the room. We all kissed each other and went to attend the class. It happened same like last week and we all splitted and went into different classrooms and got attendance. But we didn’t get a chance to meet again on that day. Later on we used to meet each other whenever we find time and I completely forget about Navya and not at all thinking about her.

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