Mistress maid part 2

This is shabir ahmed and this is the story of howy relationship with my mistress maid Maria continued. One morning when i woke up i saw Maria sleeping naked hugging me closely. Its been one month since we started having regular sex.

Her 6 day period was like 6 weeks for me. It was a cold Sunday morning with rains outside she woke up my phone ringing. It was from my daughter who informed me that she will be visiting my home Ponani next day. My daughter’s flight reaches around 10 in the morning in calicut. I convinced Maria that we should go to Calicut that evening and stay in a hotel. We got ready and went to Calicut.

We wandered around Calicut like Husband wife. That evening she wanted to go to beach. She said she will be wearing a saree to beach. We played in the beach and got drenched. We returned to hotel around 7 in the night. We had food in the room and her 5 year old son was eating and playing games in my mobile in half sleepy. It was 3 star hotel and she was about to have shower before having food. Her wet saree had water dripping around her face. Her son continued playing in mobile while she went to bathroom. I also followed her. Once inside the bathroom.

Maria- You what are you doing here you naughty boy.
Me- lets have shower together.
I ripped her saree off and caught her blouse.
Maria- my son is there what are you doing.
Me- he won’t know these things.

I lifted her petticoat and took her blouse. I got myself naked and switched the shower on. Water was making her drenched and i took her black petticoat and black bra. She had a pink panty. I removed her panty as well. We both were naked hugging in the shower. She slowly caught my dick and started sucking it. After sucking it for 10 mins she bend herself around the side. I slowly inserted toungue in pussy from behind and started tongue fucking her. She had her orgasm. She said enough for now and gave me blowjob. I cummed in her mouth. After that we came out. She was in her towel and changed to a saree. I wore my lungi and slept. Around 2 in the night she was hugging me. We both woke up around 2 and saw her son was sleeping showing his back to us. She was half sleep. I slowly caught her saree and removed the pallu. She asked me what am i doing.

Me- i can fuck you today only. Once my daughter is here i will miss this for 20 days. So please let me fuck you now.

She immediately smiled and removed her blouse. She was topless and with just her petticoat inside the blanket. I went down and sucked her pussy by lifting the petticoat.She moaned heavily that i had to stop her by closing her mouth. Since she was lacating i also drank her milk as always while sucking her boobs.

After 15 minutes of sucking she asked me to fuck her. I slowly inserted my cock in her pussy. I slowly fucked her without giving her a break. She arched her back and came on my cock. I fucked her without protection and she was sweating heavily. We didn’t even care whether her son is there we fucked like rabbits. After 15 minutes she was tired and had another orgasm. My pressure was building down and i was about a cum.
Maria was moaning.

Maria- sir i love you i love you you are so good fuck me fuck me.
Me- oh maria maria i love you too you are mine always. I am sad that I won’t be able to fuck you for 20 days.
Maria- its okay sir we can find a way.
Me- oh maria i am about to cum.
Maria- sir i am not in safe period and birth control.
Me- i want to cum inside you. I want babies from you. I love you. I will marry you.
Maria- sir you will pour lots of semen in me we were safe til yesterday but I don’t care it. I am not in birth control i am you whore i am your wife i am your everything.
Me- Maria i will cum inside you.
Maria- Ikka give it to me. Pour it in me i want to bear your next son.
Me- you just called me ikka. Where did you learn this.
Maria- your daughter adddress her husband like that. Even i want to address you like that. Cum in me and make me yours. Give me children breed me. I will be your mistress wife whore and slut. Last one month you shown me heaven.
Me- Maria my mistress take this seed. Give me a son or daughter.
I came a huge load in her. I lay on her for 10 mins and felt my juices in her.

I went aside and maria was just in her petticoat. She went to bathroom and wore her saree and came back to hug me. We slept and woke up around 7. We went to check out and have breakfast. Picked my daughter and came to ponani.

Maria somehow got periods and when asked she said she is not ready to have a child now. But soon she will have with me. As i said in my earlier stroy around 2022 she became pregnant and gave birth to a girl Baby. Till today she is my mistress and we are planning to get married soon. Next story I will share how i bred her.

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