My Wife My Life-4

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better… I got dressed again without panties and decided that for me the night was still young and I was going to fully enjoy it. I stepped out of my room locking it and went to the … Read more

America’s Watching

It was six years after the show and five years after the divorce. Life went on. Lynn had just put her baby down for a nap when the front door bell rang. She quietly walked through the house hoping that whoever is at the door is not so impatient as to ring the bell again … Read more

Friends become Lovers

This story is about me and my school friend, Keerthi (name changed). We were in the same school from 2nd to Xth standard. Being the only 2 north Indians…

Two married couples become even closer on a Friday evening

Usually when real life keeps me from being able to write as consistently as I like to, I get back into the rhythm of writing erotica by churning out a short story like this one. Usually I don’t bother to publish these quick stories that have little plot except for people in them fucking, but … Read more

Seduced delivery guy

I am 22 years old with big tits of size 34dd. I like to show my creamy and white mounds to people around, but my family is conservative and I am not allowed to wear short clothes. Last week my family had gone to my hometown and I was alone. I decided to fullfill my … Read more

The Great Sen Family : Ep-3

Episode : 3***********Prankrisno was a 25-year-old young stud of 6′ when he started to work at the great Sen Family’s house as a Cook cum Gardener first time in Kolkata. Since he was a unmarried young guy without any girlfriend, his sex was on his mind always. The only way to get some relief was … Read more

Priya’s sexual journey

Chapter 1: The Phone sex This is a real sex incident in the life of Priya, a divorce who is sex deprived, happened to found by her girl bestie Aishwarya and how it changed her life. Hi Guys this is my first story here which happened in my life recently. I’m Priya, aged 26 and … Read more

The General’s Wife

This story is completely unrealistic, written just for fun and is 180 degrees from my first submission. Please leave feedback so that I can improve. All comments are welcome. offkilter123 The General’s Wife Executive Offices Ascendent Entertainment Enterprises Hollywood, CA Doug Showalter, CEO of AEE heard the faint “ding” heralding the receipt of a Teams … Read more

Married brother desides to visit his sister over the weekend

VISITING MY SISTER STEPHANIE It is Thursday night and Becky, my wife, was away on one of her business trips and wouldn’t be home until Monday late so I called my sister Stephanie and asked if she wanted some company over the weekend. Stephanie was thrilled I called and was excited I was coming for … Read more

My wife’s sister

Fictional stories are very artificial which are recognizable .But I have had similar real events. Due to the fact that since childhood my penis size was bigger than the normal size, interesting things happened to me, the most important of which are recorded in my memory. With my sister, with my aunt and with some … Read more

Big-titted Asian teen gets nailed by 2 handimen

My work partner and me had been able to double-fuck a few horny sluts over the last couple of years, but this big-titted, 18 year old was the hottest of them all. Willy and me, we’re a two-guy “handiman service.” We can fix just about any small project in a house — electrical, plumbing, painting, … Read more

My ex lover desires a hard fuck

Hey eyeryone, my name is Arjun, and I’m here to share a beautiful story from Chennai that is based on a real encounter that I had with my girlfriend Sandhiya. She is married and have a couple of kids.A voluptuous woman who every guy would want to date paid her a visit in a renowned … Read more

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