Maid from Heaven – Part 28

Please read the previous part here (  Maid from Heaven – Part 27 ). Now let’s continue

Papa’s new gentler side was a pleasant and welcome surprise and I was already at my peak arousal now. Then he continued kissing downwards on my neck before stopping at my boobs.

I said “papa please hurry up, we don’t have much time”. He very calmly replied “why the hurry now darling, who is going to interrupt us now in the middle of the night”.

I said “Krishna is very unpredictable and might get up and come to drink water from the fridge”. Ignoring me completely, papa began massaging my tits now while enjoying himself.

He said “darling your boobs are so big and soft yet so firm. I have never seen such beautiful and delicious looking boobs except in movies”. Then he put his mouth to my boobs and began planting wet kisses in circles on the outer circumference and slowly moving inwards.

While kissing his fingers were expertly manipulating my nipples making me go insane with pleasures. I was at the peak of my arousal breathing heavily and desperately wanted to shove my nipples in his mouth but restrained myself with great difficulty.

Papa did not seem to be in any hurry as if he had the entire night with me. Finally, my prayers were answered when papa brought his mouth to my erect nipples and began sucking them alternately.

He said “Uma how I wish I could drink your milk from your tasty big nipples”. I didn’t say anything and closed my eyes arching my back and leaning my head backwards enjoying papas love making.

Soon papa’s experienced squeezing of my tits and nipple sucking pushed me over the edge. I grabbed his face burying it hard between my boobs with both hands and shuddered with my thundering orgasm.

I don’t know how long I too to come back to my senses but even then papa remained in the same position maybe even suffocating too. When I realised my actions I immediately released my grip, I said “I am sorry papa, I did not mean to…”.

He looked at me and smiled, he said “I know you had an enjoyable orgasm just now”. My face turned beet red with shame and I turned my face away because I did not want to meet his gaze.

He then pushed me back slightly making me rest on my elbows and placed his hands under my knees and opened my legs wider. He grabbed my butt and pulled me to the edge of the kitchen counter making my pussy come within easy reach of his face.

He said “your clean shaven pussy looks really beautiful and inviting”. Saying this he began probing with his fingers while his mouth was less than an inch away and his nose blowing hot breath on my engorged clit.

I was again going mad with my own arousal now. Luckily this time without wasting time he began manipulating my sensitive clit with his tongue while pushing his finger inside jerking it slowly.

This feeling made me jerk my body with uncontrolled pleasures. Papa said “darling your beautiful pussy is so tasty too. I wonder why I did not taste you before I fucked you the first time”.

Papa’s experienced oral love making on my pussy was driving me nuts and my next orgasm was quickly building. I was dying for papa to fuck me before I cum again.

I said “papa please hurry up, we already have been at this for half hour”. My words seemed to again fall on deaf ears. Papa unrelenting continued his oral love making for some more time launching my next orgasm.

This time too I grabbed the back of his head and pushed hard against my crotch till my orgasm passed. When I released my grip, papa stood up stroking his hard cock glistening with his overflowing precum and smiled at me.

Now I was bloody horny and past the point of no return so I shamelessly held his cock taking over the stroking from him. Now we were both staring at eachother with animalistic lust in our eyes.

I wrapped my legs around his buttocks pulling him closer to me while guiding his hard throbbing meat, to my pussy. I was overly lubricated with my two intense orgasms already and my crazy state of arousal made me pull him fully inside me with shameless conviction.

Papa too grabbed my hips and leaned forward to kiss me once more very passionately. Then he started pumping me slowly but being in a similar state of arousal as me, he quickly graduated to a steam engine on full throttle.

I looked into his eyes and his real animalistic side had taken over. He was pounding me crazy with the vigor of a young man. I had to frequently adjust myself on the kitchen counter to avoid banging my head against the wall tiles because papa’s every incoming thrust was rocking me like a weightless doll.

Soon papa paused, he pulled me on my feet making me bend over on the same counter, before resuming pounding my pussy from behind. I was surely having the fuck of my life now and thoroughly enjoying every second of it.

I was really fascinated by his strength and vitality even at this age because he was no less than my He-Man now. His powerful and never ending pounding made my orgasms crash like tsunami waves every now and then.

Finally, after what felt like eternity, I felt warm fluids flood the insides of my pussy and papa too slowed down and stopped after a few more strokes. I knew papa had cum now and was super happy because if he lasted any longer then I would have passed out due to sexual and orgasmic exhaustion.

Papa collapsed over me and we remained like that recuperating our breath for a while. His quickly softening cock was still buried deep inside my pussy still making me feel good with pleasurable sensations.

After a while we both disengaged and straightened up. I let go of my nighty to cover myself. I turned around and hugged him lovingly in a very warm embrace. Papa whispered in my ears “I hope that I did not ravage you this time”?

I partially disengaged from his hug and gave him a long smooch. Then I said “thank you papa for the most memorable love making of my life”. Papa grinned at me, he said “I am sure Krishna is even better than me”?

His words set off alarm bells in my head, there is no way I was going to let him know about us. So I said “papa please do not insult Krishna sir by saying such things. He is my god sent master and has given me a new life. He has not even touched me till now”.

Papa with a surprised look asked “I don’t believe you, how can such a sex starved woman like you stay without sexual satisfaction and that too with a young and virile male in the same house”?

I pulled up his undies and night pants while I said “papa you are the first man after my husband to do this with me. You see there are lots of carrots and cucumbers in the fridge if I have to ever take care of my needs. Please do not say such derogatory things about Krishna sir”.

Papa seemed to somewhat believe me now, then he said “but there is no way a woman like you would have survived even five minutes before someone would have banged the daylights out of you anyway”.

I said “yes you are right papa, but that is why you have guardian angels looking over you”. Papa said “well now that we both understand each other’s needs properly, when am I going to get another chance”?

I shyly smiled and said “papa you are here for two more days, so I am sure we will get another chance. By the way what did you do to mummy that night that she woke up in so much pain”?

Papa said “well, that night I was mad thinking about you, so I fucked her imaging I was fucking you”. I laughed and said “that’s ok, but what did you do to cause her so much pain”?

Papa giggled and said “well I fucked her once imagining you but was not fully satisfied, so then I fucked her again and again till early morning when I could not anymore because she was complaining of too much pain”.

I stepped forward and kissed papa’s lips once more, I said “please to back to your room now otherwise I am sure tomorrow morning I will also wake up in pain and not be able to walk again”.

Papa naughtily smiled at me and left to his room and then I went to mine and settled in my bed after cleaning up. Then I called you on your phone and you came to me. Rest you already know”.

We were now lying naked in each other’s arms on her bed with her face on my chest. I asked “so Uma, have you made up your mind to continue with papa”? She said “yes Krishna, see when papa is gentle, he is very good. And this way mummy will also not have to suffer any more pain”.

To be continued….

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