Social Teacher Tho sex – Part 1

Hello Sex4stories readers ki swagatham. Nenu rasina anni stories ki hillirious public talk vastundi inka kuda nannu support cheyyandi nenu. Last time rasina docter lanjetho group sex degudiki chala manchi public talk vastundi. Inka kuda naku mails vastunnay. Nenu ippudu cheppa boye story chala super ga and thrilling ga untundi chadivi enjoy chesi meeru kuda … Read moreSocial Teacher Tho sex – Part 1

Sex With Other Hot Colleague

Hello, this is Manish and today, I am narrating you my experience with Tanisha. I happened to meet her at my office. I worked closely with the team in which she is working in my office and she was the go-between. At 31 and basically from Bangalore, Tanisha always had a smiling face and a … Read moreSex With Other Hot Colleague

Awesome dreamy night with my innocent sexy mom

Hi friends,Its me sujit from Kalimpong, West Bengal.I have been the reader of this site since long back. I am going to tell you about my first sexual encounter with my mom.In my family we are four,me mom dad and and my my brother and dad stay out of our village. my brother stays in and … Read moreAwesome dreamy night with my innocent sexy mom

Sex Alchemy- Part 4 (In the Toilet- Conclusion)

To Read part 3: Sex Alchemy – Part 3 (Theatre nipples cum naked) She walked in shame. Nobody paid any attention , but she felt like a thousand eyes were on her. Her navy blue jeans had a dark enough shade so as not to attract any attention. Her hand clung desperately onto her shirt, … Read moreSex Alchemy- Part 4 (In the Toilet- Conclusion)

My hot wife

I’m kiss & said let’s get clean. We’re playing since yesterday. She nodded and smiled. Sam went to the kitchen preparing coffee for both. I too followed her grabbed her breasts. She moaned softly and said wait, today is our day. Whats the plan sexy. I said nothing, you decide. She got up & brought … Read moreMy hot wife

From a Boy to a Housewife

Hi guys, I am Tanisha(my 2nd name), I was born as a boy but gradually as I grew up I started liking the female life. My voice was not somewhat like female but my body shape was feminine. When I turned up 14 I started wearing female underwear and dresses and started putting on makeups … Read moreFrom a Boy to a Housewife

My reportee Arthi…

Hi All , My name is Harish and I am a midlevel manager working in an Indian MNC . Average looking and decent build . This story is about an encounter between me and my hot reportee Arthi who came to onsite . For the past few years I have been working from Stockholm in … Read moreMy reportee Arthi…

Sex Alchemy – Part 2 (Theatre – Boobs, Thighs, and Shirts)

To Read Sex Alchemy – Part 1 (Intro) : After I realized my powers, there was no end to my perversion. One time, I took her to a movie. I booked an under-performing movie in the middle of the day, so there wasn’t much crowd. She, a sexy-tan 21, with round C-cup tits and … Read moreSex Alchemy – Part 2 (Theatre – Boobs, Thighs, and Shirts)