Seduced by old driver

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This is my first sex story i am writing after my friends suggested this site. It is about how i was seduced by our auto driver Mohammed Basheer.

I am Kavya in late 20s working as a teacher in reputed private school near Kasaragod by staying with my mother. My father passed away after 3 months of my marriage. My husband works in ships and he comes once in 6 months to stay for 21 days. Those 21 days were heaven for me. I was staying with my mother following disputes with my in laws. In 2015 i got married and by 2016 I gave birth to a child.

About Basheer ikka- we address him like that. He is basically an auto driver. He was 50+ years old that time. He has 2 wives. Both of his wives are own sisters. He married his wife’s elder sister after she became widow.

This incident begun during 2019 when mother had to travel to Delhi to my brother’s place.
Since i cannot leave my kid alone I decided to put her in pre-kg in my school. From that day i switched from scooty to Auto. Basher ikka usually picks us and drops us. Sometimes his either of refered auto wala pick and drop us. This went on and basheer ikka also do the farm work that is around my house. Mostly Banana spinach and few basic things is what we have. One day while he was working he asked for water. Since this is first time he is asking for a water i called him inside. He said my mom never lets inside and is hesitant to come. I said i am not that kind of orthodox woman you can come in.

From that day onwards he use to come in to ask water. We became close and spent more time around evening when he comes to check the plants and ride us in auto.

In Mar 2019 my husband didn’t came as his leave was extended for 4 more months.In April summer vacation was announced and however for 2 weeks i had to visit some other school for paper correction. Basheer ikka dropped me and picked me. He also use to take me to temples.

One day during summer holidays i accidentally saw him cleaning himself in farm. Since mine in 3 bhk home my room and guest room are on first floor. He was using the pipe outside and bathing there with his undies. I accidentally saw his cock. It was 2 times bigger than my husband. No wonder he has From that day it became a routine. I also started missing my husband and In few days he started showing his dick more. I started to masturbate more. A week later when i was having bath i felt someone peeping through my door key hole. I knew it was Basheer ikka as he was only one present in house. 2 days went and in middle of conversation he said his kids and wife are going to native while he will be alone.

Few days later i had to attend a wedding reception at night and wedding early in thr morning. I asked Ikka to drop me. After he dropped me.
Me- Ikka you also pls come and lets have food
Ikka- no mole. If someone sees us together it will be bad also i just came to drop you. I have prayers now will go and come.

I didn’t see him in dinner lounge and around 8.45 i started from the place.
Me- Ikka did you have some food
Basheer – No mole. I will have in some shop.
Me- Ikka you are doing a mistake lets go home i will cook something for you. You don’t have to go and cook at your home.

Ikka was happy and after we reached i prepared him Dosai and Egg chamandi.
While preparing he came into kitchen. That was first time i saw him entering inside. He was checking me out and i also wanted to see how far it will go. I asked Ikka to switch on the TV.
Ikka- Onnu TV on cheyo (pls on the TV)
Me- ok mole i will do it and come.

Ikka came back and started staring at my hip. For the function i was wearing Kerala saree and he was seeing my hip continuously.
After sometime he regained consciousness and went to hall.
After serving him food and i went to change my dress. I wore a silky satin sleevles nighty.
When i came down he was about to finish his food. He was chatting with me and also said what time he shoots come tomorrow morning to pick me up.

Me- Oh ikka i forgot about that. .you come around 4.45 then only we will be able to reach by 5. Since temple is far away.
Ikka- Ok mole i will go and come. Morning please wake me up.
Me- ikka better you sleep here.
Ikka- no mole what if someone sees.
Me- Ikka its a 2 acre land no one notices anything here. Its already past 10 if you go now and comeback it will disturb your sleep. You sleep in the guest room l.
Ikka- No mole i will sleep here but on the couch. Just give me a pillow and blanket. He used the washroom in guest room. I went to the guest room to take pillow and blanket. That is where he was naked and changing into his lungi. His dick came in to my mind again. After we went to sleep his dick came i decided to masturbate. I checked on my kid and she was fast asleep. I went to guest room and started touching myself.

Since i was wearing a nighty i touched myself and fingered. Around 15 mins later i realised someone is watching me. To my surprise the guest room door which i closed while entering inside was open. I knew it was him.

In pretext of checking whether he slept i went with a jug to fill the water. When i switched on the hall light he was sleeping with cock popping out.

I filled the jug and while going ikka asked for the jug. After he drank the water i saw his cock poking out in lungi. I was blushing seeing it.
Suddenly he grabbed my hands and said

Kalli stop pretending i knew you were masturbating and seeing my cock for last 3 weeks. You want a man in your life and its been 6 months since i fucked my wives.
Me- ikka no you misunderstood me i am not that type of woman
Ikka- just look at this and decide.
He pulled his lungi down by saying that.

I was surprised by the length. He came near me and lifted me nighty. He said on the couch and i was sitting on the floor. I sucked the penis continuously. It was hairy but I was horny and buring inside due to no sex for almost 10 months. He was shirtless already and i was in my nighty. He fucked my mouth like anything and filled my mouth with cum in 25 minutes. All my nighty and couch were full of his sperm.

He later removed my nighty and I was in just bra. He threw my bra away and took me naked to the guest room.

He put me down and started sucking my boobs. I already surrendered to him and didn’t care about anything. Everything was new to me and his Black muslim body was tasting my white hindu body. He fingered my pussy with one finger and then later did with 2 fingers. He took his third finger and put inside which gave me an orgasm. He put 3 fingers and fucked me with fingers. He later started to press my boobs and licked my pussy. Since both was happening at same time i lost my orgasm count.

He then positioned his penis near my vagina. He slowly entered inside and started to fuck me slowly. His 8 inch cock took around 20 minutes to enter. He was fucking me like anything and found the rythm. He also turned me fucked me in doggy style. He fucked me for 45 minutes to a hour.

He removed his dick and filled my mouth. I had the best sex of my life. I hugged him and slept follwing the sex. My white body was Hugging his Black body. I thought how come a 50s man will have this much stamina. That night again he fucked me and this time he came on my boobs.

Next day morning we didn’t go for wedding. We fucked again and this time he filled my mouth again.

Our relationship began there and it is still continuing. Nowadays we are having love making. During covid lockdown we had best sex marathon. He never uses condom and never cum inside me. Maybe one day he would do that and i may get pregnant. But so far we are happy with things that are happening. My husband or mother never identified it. When my mom use to stay with me he never comes inside home. Nowadays I miss his sex. We are finding ways to have sex he has fucked me everywhere in the house. He also broke my anal virginity.

I love him nowadays more than my husband. Soon i am waiting for the day to get pregnant by him.

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